Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The UN and Other Governances are Preparing for an Alien Invasion

Susanne Posel, Contributor
Activist Post

Could disclosure be imminent?

Within the United Nations is a governing body that has been preparing for possible contact with an extra-terrestrial race.

The UN’s Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space (CPUOS) was created in 1959. Their purpose is to facilitate matters of international concern within outer space, as well as deal with any legal issues that may arise from space exploration.

Professor John Zarnecki of the Open University and Dr. Martin Dominik of the University of St. Andrews say that societal uprisings could be avoided if there is global cooperation in forming an international political body to oversee the communications between humans and aliens. They both agree that the UN’s CPUOS will be that facilitator.

In 2010, the UN’s director for Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA), Mazlan Othman, said that “statistically, extraterrestrial life is a possibility.”

Othman referenced that scientists are finding more and more Earth like planets in “habitable zones” that most likely facilitate life. She believes that the world must “come together to lay out a plan” for dealing with discovery of alien life. Othman also asserts that the UN should be the sole direct contact and governing body in charge if and when the aliens arrive on Earth. As the appointed international body on Earth, the UN would formulate laws and guidelines on how to expedite peace with the aliens.

Astronomers have located a new planet twenty-two light years away, in the “habitable zone” that could sustain life.

The planet has been named Gilese 667Cc. It is orbiting a red dwarf star. Scientists are sure it is made of rock and not typical gas as would normally by orbiting a red dwarf.

The European Southern Observatory is double checking their data about Gilese. Scientists from the University of Göttingen and the University of California surmise that Gilese receives 10% less light from its star than Earth from our Sun.

Steven Vogt, an astronomer from the University of California, said: “It's the Holy Grail of exo-planet research to find a planet orbiting around a star at the right distance so it's not too close where it would lose all its water and not too far where it would freeze. It's right there in the habitable zone – there's no question or discussion about it. It is not on the edge. It is right in there.”

Because the light emitted from the red dwarf is infrared, Gilese would be as energized as Earth and the possibility of water on the planet is great. The researchers also suppose that surface temperatures could be comparable to Earth’s.

Astronomers are quite excited about Gilese.

Guillem Anglada-Escudé, of University Göttingen, Germany, said:
With the advent of new generation of instruments, researchers will be able to survey many dwarf stars for similar planets and eventually look for spectroscopic signatures of life in one of these worlds.
While UNOOSA denies that Othman is the official ambassador for Earth in future alien contact, the Royal Society published papers of a meeting that showed Othman participating in an expert panel discussion about alien life, contact, and even possible contamination here on Earth from extra-terrestrials.

Scientists for the Royal Society published papers referencing all aspects of alien existence, surmising that this issue must be addressed as a serious possibility within scientific and governmental circles.

“Will a suitable process based on expert advice from proper and responsible scientists arise at all, or will interests of power and opportunism more probably set the scene?” asked Zarnecki.

In his paper, “ The detection of extra-terrestrial life and the consequences for science and society ”, Zarnecki stresses humanity “needs to be prepared for the consequences” of alien invasions.

Simon Conway Morris, a professor of evolutionary palaeobiology at Cambridge University, asserts that aliens would be hostile and preparations should be focused on this probability. Morris clarifies that alien life would have “similar biological molecules” to humans and extra-terrestrials may have our “tendencies toward violence and exploitation”.

Ted Peters, professor of systematic theology at Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary in California supposes that alien contact would drastically affect the world’s religions, possibly creating a collapse of “conventional wisdom”.

Peters asks:
  1. Will confirmation of extra-terrestrial intelligence (ETI) cause terrestrial religion to collapse?
  2. What is the scope of God’s creation?
  3. What can we expect regarding the moral character of ETI?
  4. Is one earthly incarnation in Jesus Christ enough for the entire cosmos, or should we expect multiple incarnations on multiple planets?
  5. Will contact with more advanced ETI diminish human dignity?
He goes on say that the Bible supports aliens as part of God’s creation and “will be seen as the gift of a loving and gracious God”.

Even the US government is preparing for alien contact . . . or invasion.

Last Easter Sunday, the Pentagon, headed by Professor Paul Springer, conducted a beta test alien invasion scenario.

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Is The Establishment Preparing to Unveil Aliens?


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Anonymous said...

Project Blue Beam?

Anonymous said...

The so-called Elites have their wetdream of "representing" mankind when ET is "officially" here, thereby cementing control of this planet. Problem is, the ETs themselves ARE here and they seem to have taken to contact with individuals (abductions / contactees) in all countries of the world, including a few government leaders. This has already been ongoing for decades and decades, if not centuries. It is the hubris and stupidity of these NWO idiots that have them fantasize that the ETs will do as they are instructed. When ETs decide to "go public" (if that ever happens), then i would say that we need to bypass the Status Quo like they are the plague (they are) and go it alone or in groups, whatever the ETs allow.

Anonymous said...

"Astronomers have located a new planet twenty-two light years away, in the “habitable zone” that could sustain life."

This type of quote is both ignorant and incomplete. The addendum of ".... sustain life LIKE ours." To suggest that life can ONLY exist in our form is to be beyond arrogant. If life developed this way, it could have developed in another way. Yet if you say this in a room of experts of the entire universe the room gets quiet.

Anonymous said...

IF anything ET knows the criminality and gross incompetance
of world leaders.If they don't then its all fake.It was the UN that decided to make mankind the enemy with its green scams and lies while corperations wrap everything in garbage for the landfills.They taught you to consume and collect stuff to be somebody.To dance and not think.To accept the oligarchy of slime wannabe gods.If aliens deal with them,the universe is anti-life.Wake up the leaders are evil and most people are stupid.

Anonymous said...

So once again the bible has to be reinterpreted. God did it, he just chose not to tell us.\
Religion is clutching at straws right now. Alien life will just put the last nail in primitive mans ancient superstitions.

Anonymous said...

Project Blue Beam (Serge Monast) is a must read for anyone interested in this stuff.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

imminent alien invasion? I find that hard to believe. Perhaps I'm not as gullible as most, or perhaps I have a hard time believing anything nowadays. Either way, I think its just another hoax to sway sentiment or a means for further transfer of wealth.

it doesn't really matter if it true or not. Whattya gonna do?

John Stone said...

There is going to be an alien invasion and it is the same satanic miscreants that the globalists are taking their orders from, the greys, reptiles and annunaki etc. Wake up sheeple read the prophecies about the alien invasion at many people are being warned prophetically in dreams as well. Many preachers and televangelists are going to promote it as the return of Jesus for His faithful, don't buy the lie when it happens.

Anonymous said...

Aliens? I think the aliens that are pulling all the strings right now on earth, are easily identifiable. They are the ones that have the economic and political power here on earth. These are the "evil" aliens amongst us !!

Rob said...

Watching to much star-wars.

harry mobley said...

No.. they are preparing to pretend that there is an alien invasion said...

"Will confirmation of extra-terrestrial intelligence (ETI) cause terrestrial religion to collapse?"

No not really. At least in the context of Islam.

In the first surah or chapter of the Qur'aan it says...

"Praise be to Allah, Lord of the Worlds"

World(s) plural. Muslims recite this in every one of the 5 daily prayers. They have known that there is more than one world for a great many years. I'm sure they would be as surprised as everyone else at an alien visit, but to cause the collapse of their religion? No.

sandy faith said...

Hahahaha oh yes , this old chestnut , grasping at straws now ye old elite , the " final card " alien invasion. Classic problem , reaction , solution . Remember and peel the factory stickers of the bottom of the flying saucers now . They can't blow up a couple of buildings and blame bad guys now , they already did that

sandy faith said...

Hahahaha the "final card" remember and take the made in taiwan stickers off the bottom of the saucers !! They must think we're stupid

Anonymous said...

Politicians just don't want to held accountable (for anything basically) and after watching Independence day, Mars Attacks, MIB they feel that can really happen. But it looks like they have decided on the Stargate Manual, just hope those pesky Aliens bring their own Stargate, otherwise this isn't going to work.

Gemma said...

"Astronomers have located a new planet twenty-two light years away, in the “habitable zone” that could sustain life."

Well that is an interesting statement. I will add that 22 light years is quite a long way away. Remember that a light year is a little further than a stroll to the village shops (yes, we still have them in Holland). Even a millionth of a light-year would - if inspected - be jaw-droppingly huge*. Even to a scientist who regularly uses the term without any further thought.

Let us remember that a scientist cannot actually define what life is yet. They wash it away by saying "well, um, er, you see it either is or it isn't" and with the usual insight of the scientist, leaves it at that.

If you want to see some real wonders, try standing right where you are and look at a plant. Wonder why a scientist can capture that beauty by dissecting it, measuring it, putting all their "raw data" into statistical tables. The one thing they missed was the life of the plant. Somehow that slips through their fingers.

The sadly anonymous blogger above is right in what he (or she) says about life forms. His remark does show how arrogant a scientist can be when they are about to capture the elusive Higgs Bozon and prove their theories correct. After all, when you dig down into the realities of their world, they have a belief system just like anyone else. The problem is that they have rationalized it to the point of nothingness - that their belief structure is infinitely small does not mean that it is not a belief structure. A belief structure is not something that you can measure in physical terms. There are things you cannot stand on a pin-head.

(*The distance is a little further than Mars by the way, a little more than a walk in the park).

Anonymous said...

Alien invasion? Are you people goofy?

Anonymous said...

Its crazy (and arrogant) to think that aliens would wait all this time (possibly millions of years) to invade earth for resources. I know the powers that be would love us to believe we are in a hollywood movie, but it just isn't the case.

We have been studied for only god knows how long. They look at how unconscious we are and only have compassion for us. They know that the second they revealed themselves to us, we would try to blow them to bits. If the "aliens" i.e. the ones who have been helping us for millennia covertly, are going to show themselves, they are going to wait until we have the consciousness to see that they are coming in peace.

The ones that are the bad guys - the reptilians, they greys etc, have also been there for millennia. They don't need to invade, they already run the place covertly.

Yep, there is other life out there & in here. There is a whole galactic agenda that we have NO IDEA about. We will see it one day, when we know what peace and consciousness are. Until then, the only threat that the earth faces is the dudes who run it.

Anonymous said...

Wow, some people will do anything for web traffic... like writing a sensational article title which has little or no relation to the actual words written within the story. The story is just old info cobbled together, probably from a wiki page, and the author has done absolutely no meaningful research to obtain one word of it or put it into a meaningful context. This is why people don't you guys seriously - don't cut corners, don't be evil, don't be sensationalistic. You borke all three.

Anonymous said...

If they found other life and the light skin people governed them, then the politicians would want to hide this, but if the dark skin people were the rulers the blacks could say we are all equal.

Anonymous said...

First I go to Gordon Duff at to get concrete, provable evidence of what goes on and, I find it! But I get more than what I expected; ET's/ED's in control of this planet for decades! Crickey! Second, I ask an old Special Air Services mate about this and I get a second verification. I get back-winded with these credible sources, blowing out my old sails and, find I have to get new ones and, change course. It is bloody true!

Anonymous said...

I do accept the possibility that there might be intelligent biological alien life living far away on other Habitable Planets in the Universe.

All coins in their own categories are Identical, and we know that this is because those Coins were Deliberately Designed and Created by Humans.

Every Electron in the Universe is the same size, the same weight, and the same electrical charge, and All Electrons in the Universe are of equal and opposite electrical charge to All Protons in the Universe, and logically, this is because those Electrons were Deliberately Designed and Created by God.

Most Scientists know that God Created the Universe, and they know that God Created the Matter to Create the Universe from Energy, because Matter is a form of Energy.

The Bible tells us the things that God definitely Created, but God may be keeping us ignorant on intelligent biological life on other Planets.

This is because we do not need to know these things, because, as sinners, we might become jealous that there is one or more Planets were there is Peace and Prosperity, and we might foolishly or ignorantly blame God for our predicament.

If there are intelligent biological aliens on other Planets who know that God exists and that He Created all things, because it has been reveal to them by God much like it was revealed to Adam and Eve, then they would be God’s servants.

If they were God’s servants, then they would like to help the Human Race, but I cannot see what possible help they could be, since God has given the Human Race His Word the Holy Bible, with all of the instructions that Humans need.

God would not have to send one or more spacecrafts with supplies, because God Created the Earth from Energy, and He Created the first man from the Chemical Elements in the ground, and God did this from Heaven, which is far away from the Earth.

God did not need to use intelligent biological aliens with spacecrafts for any of this in the past, and He does not need the help of intelligent biological aliens from distant Planets today to help the Human Race.

The Bible tells us that God is Eternal and that He is Invisible, just like gravity and the Earth’s Magnetic Field is Invisible, and that there are intelligent beings Created by God, and they are the Invisible Angels.

A UFO simply means an Unidentified Flying Object, and there are thousands of satellites in orbit around the Earth that sometimes reflect moonlight, and there are thousands of Liars, Pranksters, and Gullible People walking on the Earth.

If intelligent biological aliens do in fact exist, then they would have to be God’s servants, because it is the Planet Earth where, according to the Bible, the problem of sin originated.

God does not need a spacecraft, and so if He sent intelligent biological aliens in spacecrafts to this Planet, then it would be to do more than just avoid Humans, and it would be to help Humans, but as we have already seen, they can not offer any help, because only God can do all of the things that are needed.

God would not send intelligent biological aliens in spacecrafts to tell Him what is going on in the Earth, because He could send Invisible Angels for that, but God see everything that is happening on this Planet, and so He does not need to send anyone to inform Him.

Deuteronomy 29:29, which says that God has Secret that He keeps to Himself, and years ago, I scoffed at the thought of the possibility of there being intelligent biological aliens on far away Planets, because I thought that the Bible tells us all the things that God Created.

While it is true that God’s Word the Bible, tells us Things that God Created, I have no proof that the Bible tells us everything that God Created, and now I concede that it is possible that there are other Planets where there is Peace and Prosperity.

Anonymous said...

A far as Many People are concerned, they would be happy if there were intelligent biological aliens on other faraway Planets, but no Humans have any proof for that.

I believe that IF intelligent biological aliens do exist, then I do not believe that any intelligent biological aliens in spacecrafts have ever visited or will ever visit our Solar System, and neither have they ever visited or will ever visit the Earth.

Any biological life in outer space would need to be in near a star, and nearest star to our Earth is 4 light years away.

Any biological life would need to be in a solar system, even if that solar system had only one Planet, and it could not be too cold or too hot because otherwise the Planet would be frozen or boiling, and no food could grow on it, and no biological life could exist on it.

Light travels at a speed of 300,000 kilometres every second and 4 years is the distance that light travels in 4 years and that is 40 Trillion kilometres, and a Trillion kilometres is a Million times a Million kilometres.

Even the thought of People travelling from Earth to Mars that has an average separation distance of 220,000 Million kilometres, is complicated because of what happens to biological life in zero gravity, the trip could take up to a year of travelling time.

If intelligent biological aliens could travel 100 Million kilometres a day, it would take 10 thousand years to come to the Earth, and another 10 thousand years to return home.

The only Planet that has intelligent biological life in our Solar System is our Earth, and it would be good if there was more intelligent Scientists who know that God Created all things.

The Bible provides an accurate way to calculate that Adam and Eve were Created a little over 6 thousand years, and if any intelligent biological aliens in spacecraft began to travelling toward the Earth immediately after Adam and Eve were Created, then they are 4 thousand years away from reaching the Earth.

In the interests of True Science, these are the things that needed to be made known, because these are the Facts.

I think that there is more than enough evidence to prove that God exists and that He created all things.

We need to realize that we cannot look at People who claimed to be Atheists like Joseph Stalin and Pol Pot, proved that evolution was wrong, because evolution is proved wrong, because it is a Lie.

If a few Drivers do not follow the Road Rules, then that does not mean that the Government does not exist, or that it does not want that the Government does not want Road Users to obey the Road Rules, because it is in everyone’s interests to fallow the Road Rules.

If some People do not do what God wants them to do, then that is because they have misused the freewill that God gave them, just like the Road Users who have freewill did not use it properly and wisely to follow the Road Rules.

After considering the Evidence, we can see that any biological aliens in spacecrafts are Part of God’s Creation, and it would seem unlikely that they have ever been anywhere in our Solar System, or near our Earth.

Amos 3:7, which tells us that God will not do anything unless He has revealed His Plans to His Prophets, and they have recorded it in the Bible.

A matter as big as intelligent biological aliens coming to Earth with spacecrafts would most definitely have been made known if they were God’s Plans, and I heard that the American Government has the technology with special light projecting machines and even a man made flying saucer to fool People that intelligent biological aliens are visiting our Planet, but I will never believe that intelligent biological aliens in spacecrafts ever came anywhere in our Solar System, for the reasons I have mentioned.

Anonymous said...

Say, sheep, if ever we were attacked by a legion of flying saucer-shaped electromagnetic anti-gravitic devices with "USAF" stenciled on the side, wouldn't we be kinda forced to band together to fight them off?
And then, if successful, we could see that uniting under a one world government ruled by our "military technocratic elites" who saw us through the whole thing from the safety of their underground bunkers would be the best thing for all mankind.
Wouldn't that be just peachy, sheep?

Anonymous said...

I'm embarrassed to even be viewing this website after reading the following comments by other followers here. Bible prophecies, greys, reptiles.. Grow up people, we have enough "human made only" problems here, let us not get sidetracked with superstition now.

yvelinemarie said...

Best to get closest to the source (besides your internal connection). Check out Alex Collier's Defending Sacred Ground, Tanaath of the Silver Legion (very new on the scene), Tolec (one Terran spokesperson mouthpiece of the Andromedan Council), and John Kettler Investigates. They all have telepathic sources with 4D and above contacts. NOT channeled. Get to know our galactic history. Project Blue is NOT going to happen. The quarantine has been lifted. We are getting massive assistance.

Anonymous said...

I would rather create new better reality without these all rubbish that people believe in it...

I will do it now...

P.S.ET's would never ever abduct to any human beings - only MILITARY love to do this!!!

Anonymous said...

Can anyone say....bullshit! Another scare tactic for the NWO

TG said...

More cabal BS. The only thing I'm waiting for is to exhale after all these idiots are Fema Camped. It's so embarrassing to even be on the same planet as them. And didn't those ET's hit the nail on the head years ago when they warned of a future false flag "alien invasion" scenario that the cabal was going to TRY and play out?!

Isis Baha Allah Baha said...

This is like a big case of true lies … the invasion has already happened eons ago when a diabolical species of reptilian conquered the celestial world of the heliosphere behind the veil … then about 2000 years ago they became allies with a satanic elite and together they invade and conquered the Pleiadians star colonies then the millennium time line ascension, then the celestial U.N. occupying the city hidden in the vicinity of the sun, and then the Mother Earth … this was something the diabolical reptilians had not the knowledge to do …

And since then the celestial world unknown to mainstream and the mainstream has been governed by the diabolical reptilians and the satanic kind …..

So this report is both true and false .. because the invasion has already happened … and now we are in times of change since those celestial mightier than them have reclaimed seats behind the veil …

Anonymous said...

THERE ARE NO ALIENS. Oh Brother, people will fall for anything!

sue said...

They are coming soon! They are called Anti-Christ and his demonic hoard!!!

Anonymous said...

I wish there was a way to reply to each poster here. The people who ridicule the Bible for instance have no idea what it says in the bible to start.
Try reading just Genesis then Jude, then try reading the book of Enoch and it's clear who and where "aliens" come from. Yes they do exist, but they are not the beings you think they might be.
"Alien technology" has been around a long time, and has even been back engineered, people need to do the research and learn about history, and also learn about how much of history has been altered to suit text books etc.

And one comment was spot on here regarding Project Blue Beam with Serge Monast, do the homework and see where things are going. There are "forces" at work here, both here and in the 1st and 2nd Heaven, but it's the one we wait for from the 3rd Heaven that will come back to set the records straight.
People prepare yourselves, prepare your children for "staged attacks" and for the deception that will play out, the ones who know secrets of old, have been deceived themselves and they are in this to a degree, a big degree, but they in turn will to be punished for their part and their torturous ways.

Be Prepared, But Be Ready with a Righteous Heart.

Jude 1:18
18 They told you that near the end of time, selfish and godless people would start making fun of God.

Psalm 14:1
No One Can Ignore the Lord

14 Only a fool would say,
“There is no God!”
People like that are worthless;
they are heartless and cruel
and never do right.

Unknown said...

Habitable zone is a subjective term. With all the life out here, bacterias tolerating arsenic, if not based on it, are living in the mono lake. Anyway, every time humanity has found some new something, that something ended up involved in war somehow.

It is naive to believe that an alien society would ever come to greet us knowing about that. How many worlds you think a advanced race may have found out there? They might have tons of protocols (or not) even an council for that just as we have UN. UN is doing right, we need to be ready even if it isn't needed right now. And if you all want a contact, we better go find them to prove we're worthy.

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