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States Vote to Ban UN Agenda 21 Policies

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Susanne Posel, Contributor
Activist Post

The New Hampshire House of Representatives voted to ban UN Agenda 21 polices.

This legislation will prevent local, county and state governments from adopting the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI) programs.

ICLEI is a UN agency that provides “local” community plans, software and training to towns and cities that pay their dues. Other private organizations in league with ICLEI are:

• National League of Cities
• International City/County Management Group
• National Governors Association
• American Planning Group

“I know it is totally against our Constitution from reading the U.N. biodiversity assessment,” Rep. Anne Cartwright (R-Alstead), the primary sponsor of the bill. “It’s through local initiative that it is being implemented in bits and pieces to erode our property rights.” Cartwright believes ICLEI is attempting to remove individual property rights through sustainable development.

Cartwright said: “They are very slowly implementing rules and regulations that have not reached a high level yet. They are implementing it through zoning, planning and regional planning things that impact our property rights.”

NH is not the only state to pass anti-Agenda 21 legislation:
  • In Kansas a resolution was approved that quashed Agenda 21 from taking over the state.
  • Tennessee also resolved an anti-Agenda 21 resolution that failed to receive Governor Bill Haslam’s signature.
  • The Arizona House of Representatives voted down a ban that resembles the NH ban.
  • Louisiana and Alabama have resolutions against Agenda 21 that are still under consideration.
  • Irving, Texas Mayor Beth Van Duyne and city manager Tommy Gonzalez pushed back by withdrawing membership from ICLEI.
Agenda 21 is a comprehensive plan of action to be taken globally, nationally and locally by organizations of the UN, Governments, and Major Groups in every area in which human beings impact the environment.

The Agenda 21 plan is to assist in social and economic issues by providing maintained healthcare and vaccinations, implement controls on how to govern the populous and make decisions for the people of the world through actions taken by the UN.

Their plans are to focus on the global impact of use of land, education and depopulation through control measures.

Through the elimination of personal property rights, private education (including homeschooled children) and eugenics (forced sterility), the globalization of the planet can be achieved.

The UN plans to take over conservation and management of resources for their developmental purposes. By abolishing personal property rights, the demise of rural area living, removal of personal ownership of natural resources, they will take away the power away from individuals are place it firmly in the hands of governments who have agreed to these controls.

Financial independence will be eliminated because dependence on the government keeps the population under its grip. Through monitoring energy usage, behaviors, big brother style controls, and re-education (brainwashing with propaganda); as well as restricting local governments by installing their own leaders voted into office by a coerced consensus.

America 2050, an organization sponsored by the Rockefeller and Ford Foundations, lists 11 megaregions in the United States and Canada. A megaregion is typically defined as a chain of roughly adjacent metropolitan areas. The concept is based on the original Megalopolis model.

• Environmental systems and topography
• Infrastructure systems
• Economic linkages
• Settlement patterns and land use
• Shared culture and history

Megaregions are needed because the US will be reduced to only 11 regions that will be habitable for humans by the UN’s design. These mega-cities will be connected through railways. The general public’s access to free movement across megaregions will be severely restricted. Trains will also be used to transport the food and supplies to these areas.

Currently, federal government agencies are working with corporations like Amtrak, the housing and urban development authorizations and farm policies to connect and restrict the needs of the cities. A high-speed rail system is needed to meet the growing movement across the country. This provides freight systems to move directly to ports, pick up their goods and transport them. Truck Only Tolls are designed to discourage individual movement of goods. The need for traditional truck driving will be a distant memory. Trains are more easily controlled by the governing agencies in charge of managing the population of these areas.

As states become aware of the underlying meaning behind Agenda 21, they are putting in place legislation to prevent this takeover of our rights as Americans by the international United Nations.

President Obama, a big supporter of the UN’s Agenda 21 initiative, signed the executive order Establishing a White House Council on Strong Cities, Strong Communities where he outlined plans to partner with local communities and the US government to “provide them with comprehensive technical assistance to use and compete for Federal resources”.

The US government will then “enable them to develop and implement economic strategies to become more competitive, sustainable, and inclusive”.

Obama claims that only with regional collaboration and comprehensive planning with the US government will stabilize economic growth, create jobs, and lead to sustainable redevelopment of our American cities. This rhetoric is nearly copied directly from the Agenda 21 documents from past Earth Summits.

Obama wants to gain governance over resources and implement US government objectives under the guise of suggestive communication with state and local governments. Simply put, when the US government provides the financial backing, they can create any outcome they desire. By using the cloak of sustainability and economic growth, the Obama administration is seeking to obtain voluntary control of our towns and cities from our local governments.

As with Agenda 21, this governmental intervention will take all the power out of the local residents of towns and cities. The US government will have supreme control by way of financial manipulation. As the local level is forced to change independent strategies, the government will assist the supposed failing local governments with predetermined and sustainable economic opportunities . . . as long as the local governments do as they are told by the Obama administration.

Susanne Posel is the Chief Editor of Occupy Corporatism. Our alternative news site is dedicated to reporting the news as it actually happens; not as it is spun by the corporately funded mainstream media. You can find us on our Facebook page.


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Anonymous said...

Too bad the Constitution isn't still in effect. You know, that goddamn piece of paper that says the people and the individual states are the real power in America and the federal government is limited.

Now that the judiciary is part of the executive branch of government, can anyone guess how the ban on Agenda 21 is going to end up? Enjoy the bans until after the "election" (wink, wink)

independentamerican said...

People had better start waking up now is the time to fight for our children and grandchildren
We need to send a message, everyone stop paying the credit cards, house payments, any loans from
the banks or the government no more paying taxes
If we do this they will listen stop paying for your own slavery.. WAKE UP NOW!!!!!

Anonymous said...

This is very informative. I plan on looking into it here in Oklahoma. But, I have noticed in this article and one other that "Anonymous" uses the name of God in vain. If you new the ramifications from such ignorance, you would not do it. Ether not knowing, or just don't care.

Anonymous said...

Not sure if any of you noticed, but it also takes away the individuals right to own property.

Anonymous said...

The Constitutionally invidious preclusions to once sovereign NON Corporate autonomous state Nations precisely ENTERING into entangling alliances with Foreign Nations, [as the Rockefeller/Rothschild Zion-Nazi contrive United Nation's New World Order Soviet styled Global Communist/Talmudic International Tyrannical Terrorcratic demoniztion, by One world Slavery under Satan, Must be stopped to Halt the quickening Race to Communist World Slave Plantations Elite v. Sheeple/Goyim. Pray to the FATHER to Deliver U.S. from EVIL

Anonymous said...

Oi! Just in case you weren't lucky enough to see the BIG ASS AMERICAN TREE this came from .... Article 21 and it's decades old creators actually ARE a part of the laws that govern you in the Constitution, ... because they're part of the historical forefathers that DRAFTED A COUPLE OF THE LAWS ON YOUR BEHALF! Ask a scientist, a civil rights attorney, or any former office holding patriot. Or read the damn laws as they govern you and assume that if this has been a legitimate option for 100 years, it is more than likely why no one questions it's VALIDITY AS AN HONEST SOLUTION FOR PATRIOTIC PEOPLE THAT LIKE AN ANSWER AS AN INALIABLE RIGHT.

GEEZ, you people need to appreciate your ancestors. China looks more Democratic than your ignorant and overfeeding asses!

Oh, which Amendment or Bill promised us that obesity and foreclosure was part of our open pursuits? China didn't seem to agree with us on that one. Go figure.


Anonymous said...

To Anon May 23, 8:36 AM

Maybe another option could be LOVE IT BUT FIX IT!

Long before Agenda 21 was the Magna Carta and Habeus Corpus. Why did we lose that? How about innocent until proven guilty? Why should Agenda 21 be carved in stone but everything else the country was built on be turned to sand?

It's time to read Animal Farm again but this time, pay attention!

Anonymous said...

New Declaration of Independence Now!

Anonymous said...

What can a person do when the local government has somehow obstructed legal representation in the entire state (and beyond) and all other assistance whether private or governmental agency and then filed civil actions over a course of years taking his property, where the person barely made it out of high school over 40 years ago, is disabled with serious heart problems and neurological conditions that significently impair his cognitive function including memory, and therefore (plus the collusion behind the scenes) has not been able to effectively defend in court?

I'm able to show up (very ill) and that's about it.

Writing is almost impossible for me to do.
I wanted to get my story "out there" but don't know how and I have no family or friends left.

The City is not accountable to anyone and just does whatever it wants to do.

The judicial system is not independent and both political parties and possibly local federal employees may be involved.

I already filed a disability complaint with HUD a few years ago but they wouldn't do anything and the DOJ had too many other cases.

The City then said it had a plan to take everything that I owned and has been doing just that and has just started another legal proceeding where it will take the last I own.

One of its aiders just sent something certified too that I didn't get yet.

Its inspector saw a bird fly into the eves of my house and now it is "required" to enter my house to inspect. I don't want that but I don't know what to do and at this point, my health is very bad and I think if I try to fight them much more it will kill me.

I did own 6 houses and 2 acres of bare land after a lifetime of hard dirty work but the City and its allies had better plans for MY property and just stole it all - no compensation. They left me with $350.00 a month from social security retirement.

This situation is not too far removed from some foreign countries one hears about in the news.

Any suggestions?

Soar Project said...

Alabama just did it!
See our new stunning documentary-

Wake up America to the solution for the dark cloud of tyranny over America.
The TENTH AMENDMENT is still the Gateway to LIBERTY.
Rich Hayes
SOAR Project
Save Our American Republic
Executive Producer - "NULLIFICATION: The Rightful Remedy"

Monica said...

Several of my friends and acquaintances think I am coo coo and tell me to stop posting this information on Facebook. I am a Christian and they say this, in a sense, is fear mongering. I beg to differ. I learned about Sustainable Development/Agenda 21 in 1994. I was taking a college class called BIOL 6 — Humans and the Environment BIOL 6L — Humans and the Environment Laboratory. I learned about Agenda 21, then simply called Sustainable Earth Worldview. Actually, the same year I took this class, was the same year Agenda 21 was written by the U.N. I was 22 when I took this class..I had no idea what it meant then I mean I was in my 20s and just wanted to take a class other than biology.

I am looking at my college book right now called: Environment Science: Sustaining the Earth/G. Tyler Miller, Jr./Fourth Edition/1993. I thought I took this class in 1992, I was mistaken. If the book was published in 1993, I could not have taken this class before then. It has been 20 years since I took this class, but I still have one of my books.

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