Monday, May 7, 2012

Romney Supporter Caught Handing Out Fake Ballots in Nevada Wearing a Ron Paul Shirt

Eric Blair
Activist Post

As Ron Paul continues to rack up delegates leading up to the national convention in Tampa, several mainstream media outlets have finally begun to pay attention, but most articles and news casts stress that Congressman Paul still has no chance at winning the nomination.

If Ron Paul doesn't have a shot, then why is the Romney campaign and the establishment GOP freaking out?

Last week, GOP Chairman Michael McDonald threatened Nevada that if Ron Paul delegates take over national convention slots, they won't be invited to Tampa.  If these mafia tactics weren't enough, the Romney campaign resorted to the lowest form of dirty tricks at the Nevada convention.

The video below shows a provocateur, presumably working for the Romney campaign but wearing a Ron Paul shirt, being caught red handed distributing fake ballots to Ron Paul supporters.

Despite these despicable efforts by a seemingly desperate Romney campaign, Paul supporters delivered a dominant 22 Nevada delegates to Ron Paul, leaving Romney with only 3.

Nevada is now the 6th state where organized Ron Paul supporters won most of the delegates.  A majority of delegates from Iowa, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Minnesota, and Maine are now firmly in Paul's corner with many other caucus states expected to follow suit.

This trend appears to show that the contest for the GOP nomination is far from over.  Ben Swann from Reality Check explains why it is just heating up in the video below:

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Anonymous said...

Added a link to this story on GREAT WORK!!!

Anonymous said...

Videos are not working for me, just black screens.

Political Atheist said...

They did the same thing at our Colorado County convention. But it didn't work. The support for Ron Paul over Obamney was overwhelming. The Obamney campaign are just towing the establishment line. they have no passion or excitement for real liberty. And that's the gamechanger and they know it.

Apolitic Theist said...

Obamney. Political Atheist. You are so brave.

jcjetusa said...

As We near November elections keep a lookout for Obama Police state thugs posing as Republicans and Romney supporters.
The Obamies it seems commited mass
illegal voter registrations or votes.With the help of organizations like Acorn and the S.I.E.U Global Union.The Holder Justice Department is fighting every states efforts to stop voter fraud. And George Storer Organizations are filling States Attorney General posts with Leftists.

Anonymous said...

Of course, do you expect them to play fair?

These are totally ruthless people, Romney has already demonstrated that. He worked on Wall Street for Christ sake

Of course they cheated

Anonymous said...

The Mormons teach that their god wants them to control the entire planet and that all means are justified.

In the past, the Mormons murdered families headed west, stole their livestock and supplies and then blamed it on the Native Americans.

That was the big reason the US federal government sent the army west to wipe out the Native Americans.

When people recognized the Mormons with other people's property, they claimed they had traded with the Native Americans to get it but they were eventually uncovered and they blamed it on actions by young men 'not authorized' by the church elders but they never paid restitution to the families of the people they murdered.

Zippy D Pinhead said...

The funny thing about it is the man the TV says is Obama can't even prove who he is! He get's to go again as a serious "candidate"?
Now don't mention that he has everything sealed up and presents fake documents,was trained by Alinsky (Rules For Radicals),and Alinsky was trained by Capone.
The city they say he learned everything this fellow who alleges to be the President is full of foreign heavily armed NATO troops,(for a meeting that's all!)and for the first time there is one of those No Fly Zones that usually precede a NATO citizen attacks in foreign countries is now for the first time over US soil!Shoot to thrill they say!
People may need tot become NATO refugees and relocate in case NATO gets the fight it hopes it can get (a show)the ACORN protesters and useless eaters that buy into protesting NATO!
He's a dog eater they say !
That's always a good thing.
So let's pretend the dog eater in Chief who has made the communist May Day officially loyalty day is a real President,and is the man to beat in the real elections!
Then if the republicans lose when they count the votes in Spain we're in big trouble LOL

Anonymous said...

I trust the Mormons more than that Muslim we have now.

Anonymous said...

The Obama campaign will try desperately to turn people against Mormons and use Ron Paul as bait to divert votes from Romney. They forget that Harry Reid is a Mormon. Did he try to take over the world? Bottom line, Romney is on the side of the best interests for America.

djohnston said...

"Bottom line, Romney is on the side of the best interests for America."

Sure, he is. Just watch this 30 minute movie on how much good Romney will do for America.

Anonymous said...

Who is this guy Obama? Oh wait, you mean Barry from Kenya!

Anonymous said...

The kingofbain link doesn't work but you can watch it on youtube

djohnston said...

"The kingofbain link doesn't work but you can watch it on youtube "

Hmmm. That site isn't responding now. Thanks for the link.

Anonymous said...

I think we should keep the religious comments and accusing Obama of not being a citizen out of discussions. We don't want to help the idea that Ron Paul supporters are crazy and it won't help us in our cause to restore America.

Anonymous said...

I don't trust anyone who puts their religion ahead of the better good of the country.

Anonymous said...

The colonists tried having an official religion, both Puritan and Pilgrim. It didn't work because there's a freethinker in every crowd.

Anybody who says that the president should put God above country is a loser in my book. If we wanted a TPer Pope we would have it in the Constitution.
The pres. should put God before county is just one anti-american comment from a TPer on radio today.

The weaklings still ranting the same old same old anti-Obama propaganda tripe are maybe not crazy, but definitely pathetic and ridiculous. When the radical right gets through using their anger to pad the election results for the R's, they will be useless and no more than dirt on the bottoms of the shoes of the right-wing corporations pushing the anti-Obama & radical right's complete takeover of our government.

Anonymous said...

Don't you even think about calling me a loser! I do insist that God be put first before country, citizens, family and anything else that comes before God! He is the creator of this universe, the creator of this world, and the creator of you! We all have one ruler to look up too, even the president of the USA, and that is God. Our Nation was founded on God, our Constitution and Bill of Rights were founded on the Christian religion, and our principles were founded on the King James version of the Bible. Whether you like this information or not, it is truth and part of our national history, and there are still plenty of true Christians in this country to stand up and fight for our truth, freedom, and our country. Ron Paul for President 2012!!!!! He'll get it straight!

Anonymous said...

anon; our constitution and other such documents were based on the iroquois constitution. ben franklin studied and based on what he learned from the native people, except for the women being in charge and given equal standing, is where the inspiration came from. the christian religion is not very old, and was derived from pagan and other sources. only the names were changed. get your facts straight before you make ron paul supporters look like morons. god is not a he nor can god be defined.

Amaterasu Solar said...

Funny how Paul comes in with very low numbers only in states with voting machines... Hmmmm.

Speaking of voting machines, why would the software need to be proprietary? A kid could write an honest vote-counting program. Short and sweet. But They're not hiding anything, I'm sure.

And while We're on the subject... Why in the aich ee double ell do We accept proprietary software for a public vote!?!

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