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Pennsylvania Constable to Sign Resolution Opposing the NDAA and Patriot Act

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Pennsylvania State Constable Ed Quiggle, Jr., the elected Constable for the City of Sunbury’s 9th Ward, will sign a resolution in opposition to the National Defense Authorization Act of 2012, also known as the NDAA, on Saturday, May 26th, 2012 at 10 a.m., in Cameron Park directly across the street from the Northumberland County Courthouse in Sunbury, Pennsylvania. The NDAA authorizes the federal government to arrest and indefinitely detain Americans and legal aliens without charge or trial.

On January 17th, 2012 the County Commissioners of Elk County, Pennsylvania unanimously passed a resolution opposing the NDAA, titled “To Preserve Habeas Corpus And Civil Liberties.” Sheriff Mike McMoran, Comanche County, Kansas, Sheriff Grayson Robinson, Arapahoe County, Colorado, and former Sheriff Richard Mack have signed resolutions opposing the NDAA and ordering no one in their department to cooperate with the enforcement of the NDAA. Virginia, Maine, and Utah have passed bills opposing and nullifying the NDAA, and many other states have introduced similar bills. Many local governments and groups have already passed resolutions.

Groups across the political spectrum are supporting the nullification and/or repeal of the NDAA . . .

Organizations include the ACLU, Demand Progress, Downsize DC, Gun Owners of America, Japanese American Citizens League, the Tenth Amendment Center, Oath Keepers, Amnesty International, the Patriot Coalition, PANDA - People Against the National Defense Act, Rhode Island Liberty Coalition, the John Birch Society, Reclaim Democracy, Bill of Rights Defense Committee, People’s Campaign for the Constitution, Unitarian Universalist Service Committee, United Church of Christ Justice and Witness Ministries, United Methodist Church General Board of Church and Society, Physicians for Human Rights, Presbyterian Church (USA) Office of Public Witness, Rabbis for Human Rights –North America, National Religious Campaign Against Torture, the Ron Paul and Gary Johnson Presidential campaigns, and many others.

On Wednesday, May 16th, 2012, Rep. Justin Amash (R-MI), Rep. Adam Smith (D-WA), Rep. John Garamendi (D-CA), and Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) held a press conference about the Smith-Amash Amendment to the NDAA, which would repeal the indefinite detention provisions. On the same day as the press conference, US District Judge Katherine Forrest in Manhattan ruled to temporarily block Section 1021 of the NDAA pending the result of the Hedges v. Obama case. The Smith-Amash amendment failed in the House of Representatives by a vote of 182-236. Both the 10th and 11th District’s representatives, Rep. Tom Marino (R-PA) and Rep. Lou Barletta (R-PA) both voted against the Smith-Amash amendment.

Constable Ed Quiggle, Jr. was elected during the 2011 election as the Republican write-in candidate. He has lived in Sunbury since 1988 and has worked as a freelance journalist. Constable Quiggle says that he is issuing the resolution because he took an oath to the Constitutions of the US and Pennsylvania. He feels the NDAA and the PATRIOT Act violate both constitutions and are in direct conflict with the oath he took and his conscience.

The date of the signing, May 26th, also has some historical significance. “Pennsylvania has a long history of standing up for liberty, and nullifying unconstitutional federal laws,” Constable Quiggle said. On May 26th, 1857 Dred Scott was emancipated. Slaves who were taken to states where slavery was illegal, and could be kidnapped and forced to go back with their masters. There were also kidnappings of fugitive slaves who had escaped to the northern states. One personal liberty law to prevent the kidnapping of fugitive slaves was passed in Pennsylvania in 1847, and is still in effect today. The law is titled, “An Act: To prevent kidnapping, preserve the public peace, prohibit the exercise of certain powers heretofore exercised by Judges, Justices of the Peace, Alderman, and Jailors in this Commonwealth and to repeal certain slave laws.” The Constable believes this act may already partially nullify the NDAA. Also in May 26th history, in 1938 the House Un-American Activities Committee began its first session. The committee would go on to investigate the internment of Japanese-Americans during World War II. The only committee member to oppose the Japanese internment was Rep. Herman Eberharter (D-PA), the rest of the committee seemed to support the internment.

Constable Quiggle said:
I believe I must follow my conscience and my oath to the US and Pennsylvania Constitutions. Opposing unconstitutional laws is the duty of all Americans. We are on the right side, we are patriotic Americans standing up for our inalienable rights that the government does not have the authority to take away from us. I feel all elected officials need to speak out and do whatever possible to oppose and nullify the NDAA.
Constable Quiggle is a member of the ACLU and the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association. Contact information for the Constable is available on the Office of the Constable for the 9th Ward of the City of Sunbury’s website atwww.SunburyPAStateConstable.us, e-mail is the prefered method of contact. A copy of the resolution is also available on the website.

Join the movement to repeal the NDAA at http:www.peopleagainstNDAA.com

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Anonymous said...

State Emancipation from the Federal Government is the only way out!

William said...

To all NWO "team players", 9/11 first-responders, DHS dupes, loyal G.I. Joes, FBI spies, Fusion Center fools, infiltrators, agent provocateurs, snitches, NSA SIGINT/HUMINT guys, DNI dudes, CIA assets, DIA handlers, Homeland Security TSA agent feeler-uppers, cops on the beat, FOX News idiots who still believe the 911 myth, liberal ASSange lovers, Peace activists still working within the duopoly, Zionist infiltrated Tea Party constitution wavers, door-rattlers, neighborhood tattle-tales...blog this: you are being duped!

An elite group of criminals, using false-flag terror (911 inside job), are reshaping the world, your country, into a global gulag. A "wild west" contrivance run by their cabal, their corporations; using privatized armies, privatized central banking, space-based weaponry (drones,HAARP), illegal wars, control of the food and its distribution, all media, the police, the banks to enforce you into slavery and fool you into spying on us. You are not part of "the team". You are a disposable asset. You are only useful as long as you spy on us, control us for their gain. In the end, you, your children, grandchildren, etc...will suffer the same fate as those you have preyed upon. Wake up!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but you're story is all wrong.......

Constables in PA are NOT elected and have ZERO law enforcement powers, in fact, one previous Constable from that very district was employed full time as a Garbage man, working only part-time as a constable serving warrants for unpaid fines and such.

Constables in PA undergo NO academy training and are only employed by local district justices of the peace, not county Judges. Their ONLY duties are to serve warrants for unpaid fines ONLY..... They have ZERO law enforcement powers in PA, are NOT elected and are generally viewed as errand boys for the local District justices, who are elected, however they too can be from any background, no law degree is required for them either.

Please correct this story in order to repair the credibility of your writing.

Anonymous said...

Voting against something like this is only a part of the solution. All these traitors who voted for it, yes even the president, need to be removed from office and thrown into jail.

Montgomery Scott said...

In answer to 'anonymous', 22 May 12, 10:42 AM:

The constable in pennsylvania is a duly-elected department head whose duties include enforcing the laws and carrying them out.


Either you are misinformed (ignorant) or you are a liar.
FURTHER, Constables DO need to be terained in order to be able to assume their duties. REFERENCES:

" He has completed the Constable Basic Training required by Pennsylvania's Act 49. He is also bonded as required by Act 49, and the bond is held on record at the Northumberland County courthouse."

You are a liar, I think, 'anonymous'.


Anonymous said...

I agree. Those congresspersons who voted for this are traitors to the Constitution, and I M H O should be impeached, put on trial for treason, and if and when found guilty ...1) fined to the fullest extent of the law, and 2) become the honorary participants in a necktie party held in their honor. If this happens, it will be a cold day in hell
before those bastiges, or anyone else, would dare try to
trash our Constitution again. Who the hell do they think they are screwing with ?

Anonymous said...

so that's what all those fema camps are for...

Anonymous said...

It's nice but it won't make an iota of difference. Particularly, when the entire Senate just passed legislation to enforce it. They're all whores...weak, sickeningly coward whores!

Anonymous said...

To the idiot who said Constables are not law enforcement officers, read Act 49 of 2009. They can either be elected or appointed by a judge with a petition, in each precinct or ward. You don't know what the hell you are talking about.

Concerned Philly said...

NDAA should be repealed. This is a legislation not well thought of.

Anonymous said...

We are all screwed with this one and others that Obummer has put and will put into his and his masters plans for our enslavement. Our forefathers are turning over in their graves seeing the injustices that have happened to their United States of America.The constitution has been destroyed,and the present puppet has charmed the pants off the idiots that call themselves americans,many of these fools see themselves as patriots,that is mind blowing,in my opinion.What we have is a country filled with idiots and dummies,so dumbed down in so many ways that they may be giving the nazi salute to king Obummer soon. What a fake democracy is the United States,the rest of the world is seeing that more quickly than ever before,and it is all just a matter of time before it just all blows up in the National face,we are doomed if this remains.

Anonymous said...

Constables in PA are police officers you don't know the law. Look it up. Only a police officer can serve a warrant.

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