Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Pastor Sentenced To 2 Years In Prison For Teaching That Parents Should Spank Their Children If They Misbehave

Michael Snyder, Contributor
Activist Post

Do you believe that parents should be able to spank their children? Do you ever express that opinion to others? If so, then you could be sent to prison.

Sadly, that is exactly what happened to one pastor up in Wisconsin recently.

A minister named Philip Caminiti was sentenced to 2 years in prison for simply teaching that parents should spank their children when they misbehave. Please note that Caminiti was not accused of spanking anyone or of physically hurting anyone. He was put in prison simply for his speech. He was put in prison simply for what he was teaching others to do.

Whether you agree with spanking your children or not, this should be incredibly sobering for all of us. Increasingly, speech is being penalized in the United States. Much of the time, the focus of the attacks by the forces of political correctness is on religious speech. If this trend continues, many of you who are reading this article might be put in jail for the things that you say in the coming years.

When many of us were growing up, once in a while our parents would take out a belt or a wooden paddle and give us a paddling on the behind when we did something wrong.

Was there anything wrong with that?

Of course not.

Yes, there is real child abuse that goes on out there, but in the vast majority of instances spanking does not do any lasting physical harm. Rather, it benefits the child because it helps them learn what is right and what is wrong.

I know that when I got a licking on the behind as a child that helped me to remember not to do the same thing again.

But Dane County Circuit Judge Maryann Sumi was absolutely horrified that some parents would actually use a wooden spoon to spank their little children when they misbehaved.

Perhaps that judge should actually try to spank someone with a wooden spoon some time. You simply cannot do much damage with a wooden spoon.

Instead of going after the parents who were doing the spanking, prosecutors chose to go after the pastor instead. They claimed that Caminiti was "the spoke in the wheel of this conspiracy".

Even after Caminiti leaves prison, he will be forbidden from having any contact with his old church....
Caminiti will be on extended supervision for six years after his release from prison. Despite objections on constitutional grounds by Caminiti's lawyers, Sumi ordered that he not have any contact with the Aleitheia Bible Church and have no leadership role in any church.
What in the world is happening to this country?

Criminal predators are literally eating the faces off of people, and yet authorities want to go after pastors who are encouraging their congregations to follow the teachings of the Bible?

Have we stepped into a really bizarre episode of The Twilight Zone?

Sadly, this is not the only example of how our free speech is under attack these days.

Up in New York, a new bill was recently introduced that would outlaw all "mean-spirited and baseless political attacks".

I think that would cover a whole lot of people that leave comments on my blog.

The following is how a recent article by Kurt Nimmo described what this new law would require....
New York state government is attempting to pass the measure in both the Senate and the Assembly. The legislation has been referred to the Codes Committee in the Senate, and the Government Operations Committee in the Assembly. 
Both proposals are identical and would affect messages posted on message boards, blogs, social networks, and 'any other discussion site where people can hold conversations in the form of posted messages.' The law would require websites to post email addresses for 'removal requests, clearly visible in any sections where comments are posted.' Those demanding the removal of content they find objectionable, however, would have their anonymity protected. 
'Had the internet been around in the late 1700s, perhaps the anonymously written Federalist Papers would have to be taken down unless Alexander Hamilton, James Madison and John Jay revealed themselves,' notes David Kravets, writing for Wired.
Will we soon see laws such as this nationwide?

Will all blogs and websites soon be at the mercy of the politically correct police?

Up in Buffalo, New York it is apparently now against the law to hand out Christian tracts on a public sidewalk. At least that is what one man was told recently when he attempted to hand out tracts outside of an Italian heritage festival. The following is from a recent WorldNetDaily article....
While handing out tracts to willing recipients on a public street during a public festival, Owen was approached by a police officer who declined to identify himself but told him that the Buffalo Police Department is 'the law' and he should stop handing out tracts. 
According to the lawsuit: 'Subsequently, another police officer, Officer Slomka, arrived on the scene. She quickly informed Owen that they could not hand out tracts in the festival and explained that the prohibition was "by our orders." Owen asked for her name, and she replied: "Slomka, write it down." Owen advised that he believed the tracts to be free speech; nonplussed, Officer Slomka reiterated that they couldn’t hand out tracts there and had to go outside of the festival area to continue with their expressive activity.'
Then, 'Owen inquired as to whether they would be arrested if they continued to hand out tracts in the festival area, to which, Officer Slomka replied: "Yes."'
That almost makes me angry enough to take a trip over to Buffalo and hand out tracts right outside the police station.

Even if you do not ever distribute literature, you should be alarmed at how our freedom of speech is being eroded.

The truth is that whenever anyone has their freedom of speech attacked it is an attack on all of us.

If we are not careful, we are going to end up just like Canada.

At one high school up in Canada recently, a student was suspended from school for a week for wearing a shirt with the following message....
Life is wasted without Jesus
The student was told that the shirt was "hate talk" and that he would be suspended for the rest of the year if he tried to wear it to school again.

They are coming for our free speech ladies and gentlemen.

They are not going to be satisfied until they have either shut all of us up or put all of us in prison.

It is imperative that we all stand up for free speech while we still can. Once our freedom of speech is gone, the loss of the rest of our freedoms will only be a matter of time.

This article first appeared here at the American Dream.  Michael Snyder is a writer, speaker and activist who writes and edits his own blogs The American Dream and Economic Collapse Blog. Follow him on Twitter here.

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Anonymous said...

But it's OK that CPS steals children everyday, kids are forcibly vaccinated, police taser children, 5 year old kids get arrested at school and parents drug their kids with medications that are could destroy their lives. Oh, and the divorce rate continues to climb. And THIS guy goes to jail. This society is a disaster.

Anonymous said...

And how the children who are being raped by politicians all over the world and the ones kept as sex slaves in the White House? Is that ok bunch of perverts?

Roland.T.Flakfizer said...

Were you spanked as a 2 month old? Were you spanked before you could walk? Before you could even speak? Because that is what this "pastor" advocated.

Are you seriously suggesting that a parent repeatedly hit their 6 month old child with a wooden rod because they were crying? Because that is what he advocated.

This is the kind of parenting you want?

Anonymous said...

That is actually taking away a guy's freedom of speech. As the article stated, the guy wasn't actually spanking a child, he simply said to. I'm sure people can decide against it if they feel offended, instead of getting a man arrested.

Scott said...

I really don't think the point of this well written "story" is about whether or not you feel spanking is an appropriate method for disciplining your child. The bottom line is: do you want the government telling you how to discipline your child? This story should make us all come to recognize that our rights (far beyond what is detailed in our Bill of Rights) are being taken away from us at lightning speed. The world, post 911, looks nothing like it did up to 9/11/01. We can only hope that more people will come to realize what is exactly happening; that more people will stop and acknowledge the true direction of our broken down society; that people will realize that we are creating a fascist world government; that we are losing our freedom; that we are not guided by our elected officials; that there is a shadow government; that we still have time; that people will finally "react". Let's just hope!

Anonymous said...

"You simply cannot do much damage with a wooden spoon.: This is a FALSE STATEMENT
You may not do much physical damage but you sure can do a lot of emotional damage. I was hit almost every day by my mother with a wooden spoon for several years while I was a teenager. Back then it was called Discipline. Now I would call it abuse.
I do consider myself to be emotionally abused.
Even now - over 30 years later - I absolutely DETEST and Hate my mother. I will have as little to do with her as possibly. I never do anything she suggests or asks me to do.

Anonymous said...

assuming beating someone on the rear end with a wooden stick is considered some sort of battery and the pastor is advocating and teaching a plan to spank children as young as 2 months with said wood stick. This would be plan to commit a crime. No crime is yet committed until someone takes a step toward following through with the "plan". Once you take that step you can and likely will be punished to the fullest extent. People need to start reading other sources before they read some mumbo jumbo from someone who obviously supports this pastor and then jump all over todays society and leaders. Do your research people.

Seda said...

LOL@Roland T. Flakfizer

Let's assume your right. Lets then pass legislation based on how I think you should raise your children, and If I don't like it, I'll take your kid away. Forever.

Anonymous said...

I spanked both my sons when they did wrong, and now there respectable men and Im proud of what they have become.

Very Dumb Government said...

That's because the government is based on the principles of Satan. They are the idiots, non the majority of the American people. The government is destroying itself, but the problem is that will cause suffering to a lot of other people.

They really have no power as they are weak. They have no moral foundation, their only foundation is lies, lies, and more lies. They can't function like that forever. Just stand back and let it rot.

Anonymous said...

I really don't think that anybody should suggest that they would imagine that they could take obami & strip his skin off on international t.v. inch by inch with a dull rusty kitchen knife.

Anonymous said...

Up in New York, a new bill was recently introduced that would outlaw all "mean-spirited and baseless political attacks".

That mean Fox News is history?

jwhitehawke said...

Waterboarding works......

Anonymous said...

Parents should do their best to ignore or resist government decrees or requests that could harm their kids.

Parents should also use the same caution when dealing with religious nuts.
Pastors, Imams, Rabbis are all much like your government. Don't trust your kids to them.

Anonymous said...

Who the hell knows what kinds of sadistic things he was telling people to do? Two things are for sure these days: (1) nothing is what it seems any more; and (2) being a religionist, he is probably pure evil.

dale said...

If you are in a position of authority and trust, as pastors are, you are responsible if you instruct your flock to commit violence on others.

Is hitting children violence? Absolutely. There is nothing more violent than when an adult inflicts violent pain on a helpless child.

Now here is what is left out of those outraged that advocating "spanking" would be a crime.
He told his flock that infants and toddlers were not to young to be physically attacked when they "misbehaved."

So, he told people, meeting in their homes, to use violence against infants. I believe, because of his position of trust, that he committed a hate crime in inciting parents to hit their infants and toddlers.

This is not overreach by the judge; this is a fit punishment for a man who told his followers to strike babies. I find this absolutely evil,and if I ever saw a parent attempt to hit an infant, I would jump in and stop them and call the child protective agency.

Children must be protected against violence, whether it is based on twisted "Biblical" admonitions or any other freakish justification.

Children are not to spank or hit; they are to love and comfort and correct with kindness.

Adults who batter children are venting their own sadistic impulses; there is no excuse, and if a judge finds instructing those who trust you to use violence against their babies, I say: it's about time!

I am 71, a parent and grandparent. My children turned out great without being battered. Don't do it around me!!!!! Babies cannot protect themselves and so it is up to good people to stand up for them. This article twists the facts, accepts hitting children as ok, and otherwise creeps me out. NO!!!!!! You cannot hit children (or adults). Violence, and preaching violence, is criminal.

Anonymous said...

"Philip Caminiti had been found guilty of eight counts for instructing members of his church that infants and toddlers were not too young to be struck to teach them to behave."

Anonymous said...

Good evening to all, this is my first time posting here so here goes.I'm 47 yrs old and a Southerner from Bama. Speaking about our Natural born, God given rights (if you believe), what about separation of "Church & State." What right does a Judge have in sentencing a man of the cloth, without there being an actual crime? Come to Bama Mr. Dale and when these good Ol' Southern Black Ladies admonish or spank their "chiled", go ahead, jump in and tell them who's Boss over "their flesh and blood," your arrogance is represenative of the "Northern-Natural born Fruitcakes, we have come to ignore. Just as in slavery times, it was "do as I say, not as I do, with a barn full up North O' the Mason/Dixon Line.

Anonymous said...

Abuse!? Maybe you should just stop being a.bitch.

Anonymous said...

Because of people like you, kids have turned out the way they are now: disrespectful, bullies, hateful, immoral, unethical, etc. Because of people like you, who think they know better ways to raise other peoples children, parents are afraid to discipline their children. I was disciplined with a switch, paddle, belt, bare hand, out anything else my parents our grandparents could get their hands on at the time. I deserved every spanking I got. Not only did I learn right from wrong, respect, ethics, and discipline, I also knew I was loved! My parents didn't "abuse" me, they disciplined me when I stepped out of line, but they also praised me when I did the right thing for the right reason. They may have kept me from sitting down for a while, but they always reminded me of how much they loved me and of how proud they were of me.

It irks me to no end to watch an insolent teenager walk through a door in front of a 70 yr old lady without even thinking about holding the door open for her! Liberal parents such as yourself are to blame for the way society is today! The teens taking guns to school, the drugs being so prevalent in our school systems, the violence you see on the news every night, teen pregnancies; this all leads back to the lack of discipline, the lack of morals, the lack of respect, and the lack of effective parenting! Time to be the parent first, not their friend first!

Discipline with Love is just discipline. Discipline without Love, without Nurturing, without Forgiveness, without Teaching, that is Abuse.

Anonymous said...

If someone wants to spank their child, no one should be able to stop them legally or otherwise. I see children screaming and yelling at their parents everytime I go to the grocery store. And that's because parents won't discipline. I had children and everyone of them got a switch or the spoon. They love to talk about it now, like it's a badge of honor; it's really a rite of passage. Children need to feel pain to stop bad behavior. Doesn't Cesar Milan sometimes halfway choke disobedient dogs? And then some people treat their animals as if they're human??? And yes, I was abused by both of my parents. I swore I'd do things differently, but it did not mean I wouldn 't discipline correctly. This is part and parcel of the NWO's plan to defile childrens' consciences now so that they will obey later.

DAVID said...

Pro spankers are idiots. Completely. Hitting should not be tolerated.

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