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India Moving Ahead With Universal Biometric ID Program Despite Growing Concern

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Brandon Turbeville
Activist Post

Only three months ago, I wrote an article entitled “Cashless Society: India Implements First Biometric ID Program for all of its 1.2 Billion Residents,” where I discussed the implementation of a relatively new policy in India geared toward the creation of a massive biometric identification database for all 1.2 billion Indian residents.

The system consists of fingerprints, iris scans, and facial photographs - information which will be attached to a Unique Identification Number to be referenced when combined with the traditional methods of identification and included on the chip-enhanced National ID card.

Thankfully, after some time with little or no opposition, the UID program is receiving a bit more attention in the mainstream press as well as from privacy protection organizations like the Electronic Frontier Foundation which recently produced an excellent article entitled, “Growing Mistrust of India’s Biometric ID Scheme,” which reaffirms everything I had previously written.

Although the program is allegedly voluntary, as I have written on numerous occasions in the past, the mask of being “voluntary” is inevitably removed after the program has been in place for a set amount of time, particularly as more and more people begin to participate or as the government gradually forces more and more to participate for one reason or another. Eventually what was once voluntary always becomes mandatory. In addition, it always carries with it the full force of the State backing the change.

As the EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation) writes, it appears the only reason the program is “voluntary” at all (even though it is voluntary in name only) is because the original statutory mandate for the UID was defeated by the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Finance.

Regardless, the UID plan will become universal if for no other reason than the fact that major banks, government offices, and corporations have announced plans to require the UID for access to services. By its very nature, this will force many of the nation’s poor and working citizens to capitulate.

However, as reported in the EFF article, the Indian Government is not to leave the biometric databasing of its people to the natural pace of destruction that would unfortunately take place as a result of the UID. Instead, India is simultaneously implementing yet another biometric ID program which is virtually identical to the UID. It is called the NPR (National Population Register).

The NPR, which has been moving steadily forward since 2004 with relatively little public opposition, began with an amendment to the Citizenship Act which read that “the Central Government may compulsorily register every citizen of India and issue National Identity Card[s].”

However, Indian journalist Aman Sethi has suggested that the history of the NPR goes back even further than the Citizenship Act. He claims the NPR can be traced as far back as 1992 to a campaign aimed at deported Bangladeshi immigrants.

As Rebecca Bowe of the EFF writes:
The NPR program's stated objectives are to streamline the delivery of government services such as welfare or subsidies, prevent identity fraud, and facilitate economic development, but some critics contend that the plan has its roots in an agenda focused on national security. Indian journalist Aman Sethi argues in a New York Times Op-Ed that the NPR originated with a 1992 government campaign to deport undocumented Bangladeshi immigrants, and that the creation of a comprehensive identity database was intended 'exclusively to assist law enforcement.' And while UID was originally created to target India’s poorest 200 million citizens to facilitate service delivery, it has since been expanded to cover the country’s entire population.
The program most definitely has its roots in the excuse of “national security.” In fact, it has been admitted that the UID program, although supposedly separate from the NPR, will be used by intelligence agencies to monitor, “bank transactions, cellphone purchases and the movements of individuals and groups suspected of fomenting terrorism.”

Note also that when the program began, it was directed solely at illegal immigrants. Gradually, it was expanded to aid law enforcement in specific instances. Eventually, as is always the case, it was extended to include everyone. This is the typical method of gradualism that has never failed to usher in police state measures on an unsuspecting public, regardless of the country. In fact, there are recent indications that this is exactly what is happening in the U.S. under the supposed border control measures implemented by the program Secure Communities.

Considering the open attempts by the United States government to implement biometric National ID cards as well as programs such as IDENT and NGI domestically, such encroachment by stealth, even when across the world, should serve as a dire warning to American citizens. After all, IDENT and NGI themselves have been introduced by using the excuse of aiding law enforcement and Border Patrol in catching and deporting illegal immigrants. How long will it be before the programs are extended outward include everyone else?

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Anonymous said...

If they can get away with this for 1.2 billion, they can get away with it for the rest of the planet. Done deal.

Anonymous said...

india has an uneellcted primemsinter manmoahns ingh a treacherous sokh who was impsoed on idnia simply because he is an american and british spy and is workign to derstroy india as indepdendet country. he is doing everythign what hsi american masteres tell him to do. so much for democracy! yes you will never hear any criticism of this man who is pm without ever being elelcted by indians.!

Anonymous said...

Look at the cabinet composition which is filled with US moles imposed on us, Chidambaram, Sibal, MMS (unelectable), Montek (non-Indian), S.M. Krishna, Deora,

This video with Vishwa Bandhu Gupta may help those surprised by allegations against MMS ... re=related

now the nexus of media, busines class and govt. is open -they have no shame in opening pimping for corrupt people who steal nations wealth and stash in foreign lands./
baba ramdev effort to bring this corruption to attention brings him arrst and disrpition by govt and police.
It is the same unelelcted PM - who has signed a treaty with SWISS Banks that Indian Government will have no right to ask for any account details from them for A/c’s held prior to Mar 2011 - what a shame !! And unprecedented - is any more proof required as to whose interest this government is protecting and for whom it is working
U.S. Charges Swiss Banker For Helping Rich Americans Evade Taxes - Halah Touryalai - Working Capital – Forbes


manmoahn singh is NOT a spinessless puppet -he is the REAL EVIL man who has presided over selling of india to americans because he is an american agent ,
indian are fool in thinking that he is innocent and sonia is evil it is the other way round-he is more foreigner's agent than sonia-if he could get nuclear deal pssed with bribery and in hurry in parlaiment then what stops him from bringing lokpal bill through presidentail decree?
Wikileaks show US diplomats effectively united with their local counterparts against a common enemy: the people – whether the people take the form of anti-war activists, jurors or voters in an upcoming election.manmohan singh and monteck ahulawali a are such traitors in India.

Anonymous said...

they have money for high tech survellance ssytem but not to feed people.

The government of American stooge manmoahn singh often complains that there isn't enough money to feed all the poor, yet will extends corporate tax concessions worth billions of rupees. It talks about having to stop food wastage in order to be able to address hunger, when it allows millions of tons of food grains to rot in warehouses or be eaten by rats. If there is a shortage of food grains, it should halt their export for use as cattlefeed in Europe. Besides, why were farmers pushed from growing grains to cash crops?

The government's attitude to hunger, starvation and famine is to simply deny it.

In Maharashtra, for instance, it sought to end hunger altogether "without adding a morsel to anyone's diet. It simply passed an Act that deletes the word "famine" from all legislation in the state. By defining "a problem out of existence ... a government kills its own responsibility towards citizens, mainly poor and hungry ones, in times of crisis," Sainath argues.

Some years ago, it emerged that poverty stricken tribals in Rajasthan had taken to eating wild grass to fend off hunger but died since the grass was hard to digest.

Anonymous said...

The way things work in India does not make sense. It is very difficult to apply western thinking, criteria and demands on this Nation. It is bound to turn into something previously unheard of, inreliable and chaotic !
Have you heard of State Bank of India ? ... it is the ALL India Bank.... the system is tedious, slow, unnecessarily complicated to do a simple thing like cheque deposit to other account. Even the bank statement requested same day may show wrong amount in the account. This bank has a generator for power, and computers, and ??? they operate like before the era of technology.
I can't see the ID card to be a great success. This UID program may be just another waste of money and just another way to please the global masters.

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