Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Days of Decline -- Images from an Economic Collapse in Progress

John Galt
Activist Post

The following video contains disturbing images compiled from the streets of Greece as protests, riots, and police response have converged amid austerity brought about by international banksters.

This is a familiar scenario the world over as divide-and-conquer techniques pit police against the very people it is in their best interest to protect ... while the engineers of the collapse sit back and watch from afar. These images have continued to multiply throughout other collapsed economies, past and present, where the First World quickly can become the Third.

The conflagration that could take place in America amid a lethally armed population defies the imagination, which is clearly why the police state is oiling its machinery to take on the outraged and weaponized.  We would do well to keep the following images from Greece as an up-to-date reminder of what violence produces.

Meanwhile, as shown in the second video below, whole communities in other areas of Greece are taking positive action to build something new by devising ways to sell freedom, and thus render irrelevant the system that has led to their decline.

Which of these possibilities contains the most hope for changing the human condition?

Unlike the past, the entire world is now on the bankster chopping block. So, the solutions we choose for what we experience afterward could have similar global ramifications.

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Anonymous said...

That's right: proactive vs. reactive. Reactive gets you a baton right in the mouth. Being proactive takes the baton out of their hands completely. Great first video though, just amazing images.

Anonymous said...

This is spot on! Same thing with the people protesting in Chicago about NATO, like NATO is going to stop because someone holds up a stupid sign. Want to end war? Stop paying your f$*&ing taxes!

Erik said...

Or if the Greeks wanted they could be fabulously rich...How? By offering safe haven to internet companies, artists, and businesses from the U.S. who aren't allowed to make goods and conduct business domestically. Call it a special visa program, open up the drachma to tourism, kick out the Euro-crats- Voila- truckloads of wealth.

Anonymous said...

Everyone who perpetrated these CAPITAL economic crimes against humanity must be prosecuted. Every last one must be run to ground, no hiding anywhere in the world, no hiding even in the "dual citizens" traditional refuge in that genocidal little nation on the eastern Mediterranean coast.

Hold the trials and the punishments in Nuremberg. Never again shall they do it to any of us.

Prosecute the guilty. Leave the innocent alone.

Anonymous said...

1% we are awake! IT IS TIME! Take your trust fund and stick it in your 4th point of contact! We are here! Expect Us!

Anonymous said...

Let's not forget the Keenan Lawsuit that is squeezing the banks via the leins it has placed upon the European G7 Banks and the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank which is composed of 12 or 13 privately owned banks.

Certainly Iceland stands out here with calling the debt they had for what it was: FRAUD and Illegal to boot. Why should anybody have to pay for a lie? Not one word of Iceland in the U.S. media.

My guess is that by June 5th, something has to give. When Greece leaves the other countries will follow, thus the end of the Euro,and then 2 weeks later the downfall of the U.S. dollar. Who wants to be a debt slave in Greece or for that matter anywhere else in the world?

When the bankers warn of how disasterous it will be for Greece if they do leave, it's too late because the populace are wise to the game in Greece and worldwide. To repudiate their FRAUDULENT & ILLEGAL debt, oust the bankers& politicians in Greece who are getting their palms greased with cash, install a political group who will actually act in the best interests of the Greeks, that can be seen all the time in their acts, print their own, interest free currency, return to the gold standard, plus become a member of the newly formed BRICS nations composed of 133 plus nations who want nothing to do with Rothschild debt, is so easy to see coming down the pipe~! BRING IT ALREADY~~~!!!!!

Once Greece leaves, the other nations will follow, who will return to their own healthier currencies and economic policies, which means the end of the European Union and the Euro currency. Shortly thereafter in 2 weeks time, so dies the Federal Reserve bank along with the U.S. dollar.

Remember there are more of us citizens worldwide than there are bankers and politicians. There aren't enough boots on the ground to defeat an armed public like the U.S. And if those said boots aren't going to get paid because of the Keenan Lawsuit in place, then it's only a matter of time until the bankers & politicians fall.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps a compiled directory of bankers, financiers, and other SOBs involved would facilitate their arrests to bring to justice?
They HIDE in their supra-state world, outside of the law that society maintains for civilization...these economic barbarians must be pacified with due diligence and expediency!

Anonymous said...

Very poignant images indeed. Soon, the same will be coming to the US. What am I saying? It already has, at least in Oakland and it will only escalate and spread. All the violence in the world is not going to stop the inevitable, a world-wide revolt. What the oligarchs fail to realize in their infinite greed is that while it is fairly easy for them to unite (NATO) and tackle/attack one or two countries at a time, when the peoples of every nation rebel against their oppressors, it's every nation for itself and sooner rather than later, they will be defeated and made to pay for what they have caused. Where do they think they'll go then? Newt's Moon Colony, perhaps?

Anonymous said...

Regarding the bartering system that is developing in Greece, that is the best and most effective way to starve the beast, literally. Of course, it take times but anyone who is familiar with the history of the Roman Empire and the causes of its fall knows that loss of revenue was one of the pivotal consequences that brought about its demise. Inflation was sky high, unemployment was rampant, therefore, people couldn't pay taxes and starting bartering thus depriving the Empire of much-needed revenue. It is said that at one point things were so bad that Romans were paying their taxes with vegetables which used to be piled up outside the city till they rotted. If the Greeks are smart, they'll concentrate on this rather than the protests and riots which, ultimately, will work to their disadvantage and accomplish nothing to move the mood and determination of their handlers.

Anonymous said...

Save Greece ! Sign and forward the petition

Yoda said...

Well done Mr. Galt:
President Obama’s race war, lay-0ffs, austerity plans, hyper inflation are all potential catalysts for the civil unrest that is clearly coming to a neighborhood near us.

Right on Mr. Galt – WRITE ON

Respectfully, Yoda

Anonymous said...

Take a guess why we see no violent protests in Germany or Switzerland?
Because they don't have a high ration of government dependent parasites in their population like the Greeks do.
The Greeks have a HUGE, bloated bureaucracy that ran huge deficits paying 80K per year for subway workers to tear tickets in half (then getting pensions at 40 for life).
Take a deep breath & smell the new world without free lunchs paid by the more productive in the Euro.

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