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Are Americans Catching On, Waking Up, Unplugging?

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Paul Craig Roberts
Activist Post

In response to the question in the title I can report that most of my readers are. Almost everyone got the point of the last column. They see the absurdity of the government’s claim that the identity of the tough, macho Navy Seals, who allegedly murdered Osama bin Laden, has to be kept secret in order to protect our fierce warriors from reprisals from Muslim terrorists, while those government officials responsible for the torture and deaths of large numbers of Muslims can walk around, identity known, unprotected and safe.

A few members of Congress are also awake, but not very many. Indeed, we are losing two of the most aware – Dennis Kucinich and Ron Paul. Kucinich was redistricted in order to get rid of his independent voice. He carried 75% of the votes from that part of his old district that was included in his new one, but the new voters lacked the intelligence to vote for him. Ron Paul, in our time of tribulation, tried for the Republican presidential nomination on a platform of saving the US Constitution, but those who voted in Republican primaries weren’t interested in saving the US Constitution.

Now we are down to US Rep. Walter Jones.

Initially, Jones was a member of the warmonger crowd. He was angered when the French government cast doubt on the George W. Bush regime’s reasons for the need for war in Afghanistan and Iraq. Jones said at that time that he was renaming French Fries “Freedom Fries.”

Jones unplugged from the Matrix and has been sentient for some time. Recently the tyrant Obama and the government operative Panetta, a political whore who has been in a variety of government positions and is currently Secretary of Warmongering, announced publicly that, the US Constitution notwithstanding, the executive branch no longer needed the authority of Congress to go to war. In our globalist existence, the authority for the US to initiate hostilities against another country comes from the UN, declared Obama and Panetta. If the executive branch can persuade or bribe the UN to give a war OK, Congress is no longer relevant.

This was too much for the awakened US Rep. Walter Jones. He has introduced House Congressional Resolution 107, which clearly states that the president’s use of US military in an act of aggression without the consent of Congress is an impeachable offense.

There is absolutely no question whatsoever that Rep. Jones is correct. However, you can bet that the Obama regime already has a John Yoo-type hireling busy at work in the Department of Justice (sic) writing a legal memo that the US Constitution gives no authority to Congress to declare war.

A person would think that members of Congress would flock to Rep. Jones’ resolution.

After all, it is Congress’ own power that is on the line. Normally, organizations defend their own power. Strangely, the US Congress has not defended its power since Roosevelt’s “New Deal” in the 1930s. Because of the crisis of the Great Depression, Congress gave up its law-making powers to the executive agencies created by Roosevelt to run the country.

Congress pretends to still be in control by having “oversight” over the ruling executive cabinet departments and agencies. Cabinet secretaries, assistant sectaries, and CIA directors have to go testify and be questioned before congressional committees and all that, like the Federal Reserve chairman who has unaccountable power over interest rates and inflation, but the laws are made by the executive branch.

Ever since the 1930s, when Congress passes a law it is merely an authorization for some executive branch agency to define the law by writing the regulations. As the executive agency also enforces the regulations, we have the beginnings of tyranny as the same agency both makes the law and enforces it. (See, for example, Paul Craig Roberts and Lawrence M. Stratton, The Tyranny of Good Intentions, Ch. 11, “Abdicating Legislative Power.”)

The roots of tyranny in america go back to the 1930s and even further back to President Lincoln. The decline of Congress, which was created by the Founding Fathers to be a powerful political institution, has been a long term process. However, in recent years the decline of Congress’ power and relevance has accelerated. The Democrats are as responsible for this as Republicans. If US law had been enforced, and Democrats could have enforced the law, George W. Bush and essentially the entirety of his appointees would be in federal prison.

But the Democrats sacrificed the people’s power over government in order that the executive branch could protect us from a terrorism for which no evidence exists. No terrorist events have occurred since September 11, 2001, except for FBI orchestrated plots that “never endangered the public.” As for the government’s 9/11 story, thousands of experts have their doubts.

So, the US Constitution has simply been discarded on the basis of fear. First, the fear of the Great Depression, and secondly, the fear of Muslim Terrorism.

The United States of America is the Constitution. If the Constitution no longer exists as an enforceable document taken seriously by political elites, the United States no longer exists. Some other entity has taken its place.

Think about that. Describe to yourself the characteristics of this new entity. This will be easier for older people than for the young, who have been born into the new tyranny.

For the young, tyranny is all they know. For the young, tyranny is normal.

How old does a person have to be to remember when you boarded an airliner without any security? In previous columns I have pointed out the tiny, essentially insignificant infractions, that led to the resignation of President Richard Nixon in order to avoid impeachment. Compared to Bush or Obama, Nixon was flawless in his observation of US law and the US Constitution. No one of my generation can possibly imagine Nixon saying that the UN could replace Congress’ authority to initiate war, or that he could strip US citizens of their liberty and lives on suspicion alone without evidence or due process of law, simply on the basis of executive decree. All Nixon did was to lie about when he learned of a burglary of which he had no prior knowledge and no involvement.

The loss of our liberty is where we are today. Rep. Jones wants to retrieve Congress’ war-making power. He says that those americans who wish to support this goal should inform their Senators and Representative and local newspaper of this fact. He provides the telephone number of the congressional switchboard which can connect you to the three offices that, allegedly, represent you. The number is 202 224-3121.

As you know, I keep trying, and so must we all. If we don’t keep trying, it means we accept our loss of our liberty and accountable government. If we give in now, what was the point of resisting the Soviet threat, other than profits and power for the military/security complex?

The US government and its media whores, presstitutes as Gerald Celente calls them, show increasing contempt for the intelligence, or lack thereof, of the american public. Even americans spaced out on alcohol, drugs, junk food, television and sports events remember the name Osama bin Laden. This person, formerly an operative of the US government against the Soviet Union, was, we were told, the embodiment of total evil. He was responsible for 9/11.

President George W. Bush declared that Afghanistan’s refusal (apparently another Bush regime lie) to deliver Osama, the alleged (no proof) perpetrator of 9/11, to US authorities was the justification for attacking Afghanistan, a country at that time, as now, with two separate governments at war with one another. Shortly thereafter, Osama became, magically, the reason to invade Iraq, an old US ally who had attacked the government of the Iranian Revolution at Washington’s behest.

Suddenly america’s Iraqi ally had nonexistent “weapons of mass destruction” that threatened american cities, in the words of Bush’s moronic National Security Advisor, with “mushroom clouds.”

How did all this absurdity occur? Yes, what Gerald Celente aptly designates as “the presstitute media” played a role. However, the whores were serving their customers, which are the government and private interests that benefit from war. The American public could have rejected the spin, but they put yellow ribbon decals on their SUVs and supported the troops.

If americans were puzzled when the US government abandoned its position that Osama bin Laden was responsible for 9/11 and announced a new “mastermind,” Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the presstitutes didn’t mention it. Khalid Sheikh Mohammed was designated the “mastermind of 9/11” because the US government had in custody this hapless individual, perhaps sold to them by warlords for the bounty paid for “terrorists.” There’s no good in having a mastermind of 9/11 whom you cannot catch. So Khalid Sheikh Mohammed became the Mastermind of 9/11.

Once designated the Mastermind, the CIA torturers went to work on him, illegally, of course, but who cares, here was the Mastermind of 9/11.

After Khalid Sheikh Mohammed was water-boarded 183 times with the only evidence against him being coerced self-incrimination, both the former chief US prosecutor at Guantanamo, Colonel Morris Davis, and Admiral Donald Guter, Judge Advocate General of the US Navy, dismissed the Guantanamo military tribunal trials as show trials or “circuses.”

Indeed, the american trials of alleged “terrorists” are even less lawful than Stalin’s show trials of the Bolsheviks, who created the Russian Revolution in 1917, and Hitler’s trials of the German military who attempted to assassinate him in order to save Germany from destruction.

We will protect your privacy...guaranteed!

When america’s own chief military prosecutors denounce trials of alleged “terrorists,” the media and the public should take notice. But not in america where the government believes its own lies as fervently as the brainwashed public believes the presstitute media.

Astonishingly, before a show trial could dispatch Khalid Sheikh Mohammed as the Mastermind of 9/11, the US government has produced a new culprit. It was not Osama bin Laden nor Sheikh Mohammed, but Iran that is responsible for 9/11. In a US federal court judgment issued in December 2011, Iran was found guilty of the 9/11 attacks (ref).

So who is responsible for 9/11? If not bin Laden, why did the Navy Seals allegedly murder him? If not Sheikh Mohammed, why is he being put on trial after being tortured for years?

The answer is that the criminals in Washington, who control our lives, no longer care about any of their previous propaganda. They now want to attack another country on totally false pretenses, as does the extreme right-wing Israeli government, the cancer of the Middle East.

Some of the Israeli military brass and much of the Israeli security/intelligence brass oppose an attack on Iran as an act of insanity. Yet, little, if any of the Israeli opposition to war has been reported in the US presstitute media. In order to negate internal opposition, the Israeli prime minister has formed a unity government with the main opposition party, as AIPAC stampedes the US Congress into voting for war with Iran (ref).

If the unaware american population can be programmed to believe that Iran is the 9/11 culprit, then Washington can initiate yet another war that enriches the military/security complex with money and power.

Will bin Laden’s family now sue Washington for blaming Osama for an offense which Washington now acknowledges he was not guilty? Will Sheikh Mohammed be found guiltless, because a US federal court now says it was Iran that was responsible for 9/11?

These would be the results if america had a justice system that was independent of the needs of the political elites and the private interests that they serve. But today in america the ruling interests produce by hook or crook justifications for war that serve the power and profit of the military/security complex. Whatever the mainstream media tells you serves this interest.

So, how do we rescue America from its government and from the corrupt media that serves as a Ministry of Truth for a corrupt government?

This article first appeared at Paul Craig Roberts' new website Institute For Political Economy.  Paul Craig Roberts was Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy and associate editor of the Wall Street Journal. He was columnist for Business Week, Scripps Howard News Service, and Creators Syndicate. He has had many university appointments. His Internet columns have attracted a worldwide following.


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Anonymous said...

Thank you, Dr. Roberts....people are waking up.
The theft of billions from the U.S. economy is taking a heavy toll. Thanks to the many who continue to express their opinion in writing and video! Iceland has set the example we must follow, arrest the bankers and bring the Federal Reserve back under control of the people. Vote out the congress and elect new leaders that are not bending over for the Israeli leaders.
Best Wishes, Doug

Anonymous said...

Not one person in a thousand is aware of the self-evident truths discussed in this article. Luckily, such a small percentage of the population is more than enough to act as the catalyst for a return not just to honest and ethical government, but to simple human decency and common sense.

Anonymous said...

Ron Paul is not out. Wait for Tampa if you are not keeping up with the news (youtube the delegate counts... Don't believe ANYTHING the MSM says. He's in it to win, just completely cut off by executive order from Obama.

Anonymous said...

"This was too much for the awakened US Rep. Walter Jones. He has introduced House Congressional Resolution 107, which clearly states that the president’s use of US military in an act of aggression without the consent of Congress is an impeachable offense.
There is absolutely no question whatsoever that Rep. Jones is correct. However, you can bet that the Obama regime already has a John Yoo-type hireling busy at work in the Department of Justice (sic) writing a legal memo that the US Constitution gives no authority to Congress to declare war."

"THEY" can "SAY" whatever they want. It doesn't make it "TRUE."

"The United States of America is the Constitution. If the Constitution no longer exists as an enforceable document taken seriously by political elites, the United States no longer exists. Some other entity has taken its place."


Who do "THEY" think "THEY" are to try and abolish the Constitution? WHO gave them the authority?

Spartacus Jones said...

"WHO gave them the authority," anonymous?
No one.
The don't have that authority.
But they do have the power.
So they TOOK the authority
Why not?
Who's going to STOP them?

liberty & justice,


DL said...

Funny...the power elites are acting as if there is no law, in other words, the US is a lawless society, which it mostly is. When the people see (as eyewitnesses, hearing from family members and old friends--because the media will never tell...) that lawlessness is king, then folks like those who maim others Black Friday in Walmart for cheap crap from China will begin to maim the lackeys of the elites, and, if they can get their hands on the elites, them as well. Of course, some will take Obama's cue for a race war, but lawlessness will bite the elites who created it as well.

Very Dumb Government said...

If you look back at history, the laws of nations has always been the use of violence. This is why nothing gets solved. You can talk about the constitution all you want but the real authority is violence; violating God's commandments. This guarantees the failure of those who run these governments and those who are caught up in it.

The major flaw in the constitution is the oath. They never keep it, but people shouldn't be taking oaths for any reason.
The oath puts everything on the dark-side.

They are making life miserable for themselves and everyone else who has to endure such nonsense. This isn't anything new, it's just that people are starting to notice that things are the way we were taught in school.

Anonymous said...

Congress does not care if the power to make war is stripped from them, because they believe the U.S. can win any war. They don't care. As long as the money keeps flowing and they maintain control over their individual states, they couldn't care less if the power was given to the Supreme Court, the Prime Minister of Isreal, or a ham sandwich.

Ben Marston said...

God gives us over to tyrants when we give ourselves over to the enslavement of our passions. Americans have lost the spiritual battle, and the political is symptomatology.
If a Teaparty Congress refuses to step to the plate as this Congress is, who will?
I suggest finding the Secret Place of the Most High, as that will be the only shelter in the Storms beyond imagining are to Come, give cups of cold water to those in need, and say no to the Nebuchadnezzar when he demands worship of the Idol of Gold. In time, there will be a Darius the Mede, knocking at the door, to deal with this tyranny, but not before we return to a broken and contrite heart that desires righteousness more than life.

Anonymous said...

republics inevitably degrade to empires. governments can never be 'for the people'
restoration to that golden age of idealism is impossible, it never existed.

want order? dominate.

want world peace? kill all humans.

want freedom? it is an illusion.

ideas have consequences, this distopian world we live in is just one of those.

Anonymous said...

1871 UNITED STATES INC. is established under its charter NATIONAL CONSTITUTION. The De-jure constitution is ignored since 1860 when the setting Congress, confederate states walked out creating no quorum, adjourned Sine Die. With no date to reassemble the Constitution was null and void. 1861 Lincoln declares National Emergency and Martial Law. That is still in effect today with the Lieber Code to follow in 1861. That is where it all started.

Anonymous said...

Both Nixon (secret unauthorized bombing of Cambodia) and Reagan (Iran Contra dealing with Contra terrorists in Nicaragua against the will of Congress) were clearly guilty of waging war against innocent countries, and were war criminals who should have been impeached. They were both given a pass by the War Party.

Anonymous said...

I don't get it. In the opening paragraph, the author asserts that Amerikans are waking up. Immediately thereafter, and paragraph after paragraph, he denies that statement and shows how the sheep are being led by the ring on the nose on both sides of the spectrum. Mental masturbation at its best. Talk about irony!

Anonymous said...

First, they (Obama and his administration) are breaking OUR laws.

Their crimes fall into the civil, criminal, and political categories.
"We the People" can do nothing about the political offenses, that is for those within the legislative branch to do (I feel they have not because of crimes they knowingly committed in that branch also).

"We the People" can do something about the offenses that fall under the criminal and civil sections of our Constitutional laws. We need to arrest them NOW, and hold them for prosecution.

How many of you are aware of: May 18, 2012
In a move eerily reminiscent of the Soviet Union and East Germany, multiple activists were arrested and literally disappeared just days before the NATO summit.
RT article quoted a National Lawyers Guild spokesman in regards to the pre crime arrests: Hermes also said to the Tribune that “there’s absolutely no evidence of wrongdoing,” and that law enforcement officers were simply trying to make the activists “disappear” days before police expect major anti-NATO protests in Chicago.
“We were literally calling all morning and all afternoon to try to contact these people,” Hermes says. “That’s why we used the term ‘disappeared.’”
In a separate statement offered to an NBC News station in Chicago, Hermes added, “The city has so far not indicated the reasons for the raid, what they are charging the protesters with, nor provided any evidence of wrongdoing” and that the NLG was still seeking a copy of the search warrant used in the raid.

These plans are very telling, especially when you consider Obama recently condemned Iran and Syria for carrying out similar actions. Obama has used our military to "assist" the protestors in foreign countries yet uses the same abuses used on peaceful US protestors, here on American citizens in the USA, that he used as an excuse to get our military fighting in foreign nations.

Meanwhile, security services (the FBI and Secret Service) are planning to jam cell phone towers throughout Chicago in order to disrupt first amendment protected protests.

It seems we now live in a country where the FBI and Secret Service are used to disrupt and hurt peaceful American citizens who are are planning to express their first amendment rights by protesting. (Alex Thomas,

Read the FBI list of PRIORITIES below. They are NOT doing the job they are hired for, and "We the People" can have them arrested and prosecuted - yeah, prosecuted.

Yet the FBI on its web site:
Under "Jobs" at the FBI web site they post (
"About the FBI", "What is the role of the FBI?"
Our priorities are to:
Combat public corruption at all levels,
Protect civil rights.

Then under "What is the FBI culture like?"
Rigorous obedience to the Constitution of the United States,
Respect for the dignity of all those we protect,
Uncompromising personal integrity and institutional integrity,
Accountability by accepting responsibility for our actions and decisions and the consequences of our actions and decisions...

The three branches of our government, the military, all law enforcement, the heads of the States, all federal employees are required to take an Oath to support and defend the Constitution and NOT an individual leader, ruler, office, or entity. Once given, the Oath is binding for life, unless renounced, refused, and abjured. It does not cease upon the occasions of leaving office or of discharge.

“Bound - Being under legal or moral obligation"

"Solemn: “legally binding; Common legal phrase indicating that an agreement has been consciously made, and certain actions are now either required or prohibited”, “The other requirement for an agreement or contract to be considered legally binding is consideration - both parties must knowingly understand what they are agreeing to”; marked by the observance of established form or ceremony.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, that stuff about Lincoln, 1861, and the 1871 US incorporated was VERY Interesting. I will check that further because it is likely we were screwed since then as the law may not have been changed and WE are the LAST to find out about it. I KNOW that there is NO Income Tax Law and that ALL Income Tax is Illegal (Ha Ha Jokes on Us AGAIN) but this is TRULY FOOD FOR THOUGHT. I will be looking into that if possible and do THANK YOU for the Post. It would sure as Hell expolain the Magical Back Door todays Politician Whores seem to be sneaking out of all the time these days. Thanks said...

For more data on Lincoln and 1871 and UNITED STATES INC. lieber code see below.

ermanno said...

Alas my poor country what has befallen thee? God help the last vestiges of freedom that still exist amongst us, voices such as Paul Craig Roberts", Gerald Celente, Judge Napoletano, Sheriff Arpaio, John Corsi, Vincent Bugliosi....wait a there a reason why most of these patriotic Americans have Italian names ? Perhaps! Is it because it's only American Italians who have the balls to stand up to power? Is it because they have inherited the large balls of their Roman ancestors who once ruled the entire known world without phones, guns and on foot or horseback? Perhaps! My sincerest belief is that this is so because,they are thankful for the opportunity our once great country gave them to enjoy a better life in another world and having taken advantage are now universally thankful and wish to give something of themselves back. These great Italian/American individuals named above and there are many others just like them have pledged their total loyalty to their adopted country, our own US of A and to our country alone and today are speaking out in its defense as its Institutions are being eroded. Italian Americans do NOT lobby our government to fight wars for the benefit of Italy and to thus sacrifice the lives of our our young men as well as waste our domestically needed national treasure. They do not lobby our Congress to lavish billions of dollars annually and military assets sorely needed for our own national well being for the benefit of Italy. No, Never, to these loyal Americans of Italian origin the interest of America is first and foremost.
If all other nationalities who have been served as well by this our currently much maligned and sorely abused nation spoke up and stood up to power then perhaps we would stop the financial hemoraging and regain our pride in ourselves, and restore the prestige we once had in the eyes of a perplexed world. Wake up fellow Americans strike a blow for your country, regain your Bill of Rights, Restore the Constitution so bravely fought for and earned by the blood of our courageous veterans throughout the course of our history, wake up now, your country needs you or be forever lost.

Anonymous said...

well, it is in the hands of vets, national guard, police - as individuals. one vet said already our military knows the paramilitaries are against them and might be preparing to fight it out. i don't see a tiny minority of conscious people effecting change when THEY have so many weapons. i have unplugged and am planting potatoes. i know the dominating power elites see overpopulation, but there is still money to be made as we consume. the dollar is very precarious, and soon we may not consume much, so our time is come. i intend to survive the collapse and my children too, but i will not win a fight

Anonymous said...

I read most of the comments, and now I know that over forty years of trying to tell an American public the truth about their demise has been a losting battle. I am a USS Liberty survivor and I chose to love my country even more then my own family. I have stood for what I thought to be right, even as my own family turned against me. I once thought that the USS Liberty survivors would be vindicated for standing for the truth, then I began to realize this great nation as I once knew it, cares little about the truth. So now I am to trust in God that the people who are trying to rule this whole world will be stopped. Americans just don't listen anymore. Did anyone notice that George Washington University students walked out on Michael Oren (Israels Ambassador to the US) just this last April? Is this the beginning of some common sense that will someday change the direction of this country. Is it too late? I wonder????

American Freeholder said...

Anyone currently wishing to stop being a slave and wanting to step out of our fraudulent, corrupt system should head over to notice-recipient(dot)com and get their paper work submitted. When you get our Estate out of the 14th amendment you stop funding the system and all the pain, war, and death that goes along with it. Isn't it about time to claim your birthright, get back under God in Original Jurisdiction (pre-14th amendment), get out of debt, and be free from the system of slavery? What else has to happen to get you to wake up and free yourself? The keys to freedom are waiting to be used, you just need to pick them up!

Anonymous said...

Thomas Jefferson knows how to rescue a government from tyranny.

Anonymous said...

This site has some good stuff at times, except for the spam adds always on the right side of the page -------------->

Weltgeist said...

Sure, think positive.. However, I disagree, people are NOT waking up.. Not enough in mass at least.. Most Americans are gullible, naive and dumbfounded, down just as much as they ever were. If America is going to survive any longer, new Government is in order.
"That whenever any form of government becomes destructive to these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their safety and happiness."
Damn right. Thomas Jefferson knows how to rescue a government from tyranny. Reestablish the Constitutional Republic it was founded on!

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