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Woman with cerebral palsy arrested in foreclosure fight with Wells Fargo

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Joe Wright 
Activist Post

The crimes of the banking system continue to mount across the board, but perhaps nowhere are the crimes more blatant and outrageous than what has resulted from the foreclosure scandal.

It has been repeatedly exposed that people are being booted out of their homes despite banks lacking the proper documentation to do so.  People have had their homes broken into by banks, even when occupied, and foreclosure fraud whistleblowers have been found dead -- all while Wall Street and the White House blames homeowners.  Clearly, the area of home foreclosure is the bottom of the barrel, even among banksters not known for their sound moral compass.

However, the latest story of a California woman with cerebral palsy facing wrongful foreclosure might just signify an all-time low.

The story of Ana Casas Wilson is one that contains a similar report of abuse that we have heard coming from just about every state in the union.  According to Wilson, she was first denied a loan modification by Wells Fargo, then processed for foreclosure even after she had caught up on her payments.

To make matters even worse, Wilson alleges that the bank has refused to accept her payments, which has erroneously put her 16 months behind, according to bank records.

With very little recourse, homeowners facing wrongful -- or at least dubious -- foreclosure have started to take matters into their own hands.  We have seen activists take on Bank of America by filing civil actions in cases of bank-induced mortgage defaults; activists have set up websites like and to assist those in need; and activists have even turned bank ATMs into truth machines in protest against predatory banking.

Ana Casas Wilson also has decided not to roll over to predatory banking.  She shows her tremendous courage in the video below where we see her break through a police line to deliver a check directly to the door of Wells Fargo CFO, Tim Sloan.  Sloan had already been the target of peaceful protest in the past; and as proof of the fear of exposure, a neighborhood anti-picketing ordinance was imposed that served to keep protesters at a distance.

While we certainly should support the rights of privacy and safety on one's own personal property, when the blatant crimes of the elite continue to go unpunished, or are deliberately covered up by the very government that is sworn to protect its citizens, more incidents like this one are bound to happen.  Therefore, it would be in the best interest of those like Tim Sloan and the police enforcers who are beginning to feel threatened, to have a conscience instead of seeking further ways to isolate themselves from the affected public.

The quote by John F. Kennedy regarding redress of grievances cannot be stated often enough: Those who make peaceful revolution impossible, will make violent revolution inevitable.

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Anonymous said...

While perfectly able lazy americans watch sports and sitcoms all day. The country should hang its head in shame for not mobilizing against these demented criminals. No violence necessary, but neither should we stand on the sidelines they create with their "free speech zones" and stupid town ordinances. If people dont stand up now with all the crap going on, then we all deserve what we get.

Mfskinner said...

Americans what are you thinking? You like it like this? You must you invite more everyday!
We are a joke now, what are you going to do about it?

Anonymous said...

Only thing I can think of people are just scared, everyone is waiting for a leader to emerge

Very Dumb Government said...

A few of us have been telling people not to take out any more home loans. The bankers have as much mercy as Satan has when one is in hell and asks for a glass of water.
Even when this poor lady tried to pay the back money she owed, they went through with the forclosure.
SOP. Don't use anymore interest loans and then watch the prices go down.

Anonymous said...

Wow, big banks, home foreclosure syndrome that just reached the media a few years ago has been going on much longer.There were no extension, bailouts, media coverage for me and my family. We were lied to, swindled, betrayed, never informed, yet kick out into the streets, February, winter time northern state. No one came to help us, no one provided shelter, not even churches nor Christian families. Now everyone seems to be loosing their homes and it is big news. Wake up... there was a plan, its been going on longer than reported..
Never ever buy anything that you can't pay for out right, not even a home. Its not like our Grandparent's day nor our parents. You never know when they change the rules.

kjunme said...

First of all I have lost a home. I am amazed at how people cannot take the blame for there own demise. Admit it you bought a house that you couldn't pay for with one 40 hour check and you lost it. Get over it and be smarter the next time. As i said earlier I lost one too and the one I am buying I saved up enough to put down to make my payment low enough to pay with one unemployment check if need be. As for the banks forcloseing on her when she caught up on here payments, well I say hang em high.

David McElroy said...

America is lawless! This poor woman's plight is yet another example where the big boys can enforce or ignore contract law with impunity. The little guy must abide by every jot and tittle of the contract with no wiggle room, no renegotiation of terms. But the "too big to fail" can change the terms arbitraritly, or disregard them, not even produce documentation for foreclosures! We see this not only in mortgage contracts, but Social Security, employment contracts, auto loans, the US Constitution itself! As the old Roman Tacitus said, "The more numerous the laws, the more corrupt the state." God's Ten Commandments are all the law needed. The USA is not a nation of law, America is a nation of thieves ruled by pirates!

Anonymous said...

kjunme, you don't get it do you? The bank committed a crime against this woman; she tried to pay the bank but they wouldn't let her. what part of criminal action do you not understand? You have absolutely no compassion and are as evil as the banks. What the bank did was evil and criminal and they need to be prosecuted. People like you are what is wrong with America. Are you a shill for the banks?

Anonymous said...

A mortgage is a legal contract. The bank, the mortgagee, owns the house and they are letting the person who took out the loan, the mortgagor, live it in with the understanding that he/she will pay back the loan with timely rent payments. If you don't have the deed to the house then you don't own it. People keep saying the bank took his/her house. No! The bank always owned the house. They just kicked out the tenant who stopped paying the rent.

In order for a bank to initiate a foreclosure, the mortgagor must miss between three and six months of payments! If you were renting out a house or apartment and had bills to pay, what would you do if a tenant missed at least three months of payments? Would you not begin eviction proceedings?

The person broke the contract when they didn't pay. After that the bank had ever right to try to find a tenant to live in the house who will pay the rent.

And before you start complaining about the greedy banks, ask yourself when was the last time you paid the bills for a neighbor for three months?

There's a real easy way to prevent banks from foreclosing: don't miss a mortgage payment.

Anonymous said...

You must learn that you do not have a government protecting you. What you have is organized crime protecting itself. The bankers don't lend money as counterfeit scraps of paper, as in Federal Reserve Notes, is not money. These banksters, the legislatures, the police, and the courts are your enemies waging war against you. Seek the truth, the truth shall set you free.

Anonymous said...

The banksters and our corrupt government have no power do these things with out co-operation. Save your wrath for authority's junk yard dogs, the police and the court system. They are the ones we should be rallying against. You are wasting your time if you think you are gong to morally reform those who think they are the elite and we are nothing but cattle and cannon fodder.. Remember all wealth and power comes from the proletariat.So the next time you see a cop or a government official spit twice, like the Jews do when passing a Christian church, instead of kissing their ass.

Anonymous said...

jeez, can I pretend to have ceberal palsy and get welfare and buy a big house in california too? And then when I dont pay my mortgauge and my house goes into foreclosure will hundreds of people come protest for me?

Vonnie said...

Please sign and share this petition to help Ana Casas-Wilson keep her home!

Anonymous said...

The banksters have no mercy on any one.Its all designed this way by the globlist they want total controll of everybody and thing, so you will run to the government for help why do you think they have consentration camps or fema camps set up all over the u.s.a they want us all together so they can kill us off like Hitler did. all the down spiral of the housing market is just the beginning,they can foreclose on your home even if it is payed for because of the mishandling of the paperwork by the banks.American people does not have a clue as to whats going on in this world wake up people and lets take this country back.

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