Friday, April 13, 2012

Washington Leads World Into Lawlessness

Paul Craig Roberts
Activist Post

The US government pretends to live under the rule of law, to respect human rights, and to provide freedom and democracy to citizens. Washington’s pretense and the stark reality are diametrically opposed.

US government officials routinely criticize other governments for being undemocratic and for violating human rights. Yet, no other country except Israel sends bombs, missiles, and drones into sovereign countries to murder civilian populations. The torture prisons of Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo, and CIA secret rendition sites are the contributions of the Bush/Obama regimes to human rights.

Washington violates the human rights of its own citizens. Washington has suspended the civil liberties guaranteed in the US Constitution and declared its intention to detain US citizens indefinitely without due process of law. President Obama has announced that he, at his discretion, can murder US citizens whom he regards as a threat to the US.

Congress did not respond to these extraordinary announcements with impeachment proceedings. There was no uproar from the federal courts, law schools, or bar associations. Glenn Greenwald reports that the Department of Homeland Security harasses journalists who refuse to be presstitutes, and we have seen videos of the brutal police oppression of peaceful OWS protestors. Chris Floyd describes the torture-perverts who rule the US. 

Now Washington is forcing as much of the world as it can to overthrow international treaties and international law. Washington has issued a ukase that its word alone is international law. Any country, except those who receive Washington’s dispensation, that engages in trade with Iran or purchases Iran’s oil will be sanctioned by the US. These countries will be cut off from US markets, and their banking systems will not be able to use banks that process international payments. In other words, Washington’s “sanctions against Iran” apply not to Iran but to countries that defy Washington and meet their energy needs with Iranian oil.

According to the Christian Science Monitor, so far Washington has granted special privileges to Japan and 10 European Union countries to continue purchasing Iranian oil. Requiring countries to shutdown their economies in order to comply with Washington’s vendetta against Iran, a vendetta that has been ongoing ever since the Iranians overthrew the Washington-installed puppet, the Shah of Iran, more than three decades ago, was more than Washington could get away with. Washington has permitted Japan to keep importing between 78-85% of its normal oil imports from Iran.

Washington’s dispensations, however, are arbitrary. Dispensations have not been granted to China, India, Turkey, and South Korea. India and China are the largest importers of Iranian oil, and Turkey and South Korea are among the top ten importers. Before looking at possible unintended consequences of Washington’s vendetta against Iran, what is Washington’s case against Iran?

Frankly, Washington has no case. It is the hoax of “weapons of mass destruction” all over again. Iran, unlike Israel, signed the non-proliferation treaty. All countries that sign the treaty have the right to nuclear energy. Washington claims that Iran is violating the treaty by developing a nuclear weapon. There is no evidence whatsoever for Washington’s assertion. Washington’s own 16 intelligence agencies are unanimous that Iran has had no nuclear weapon’s program since 2003. Moreover, the International Atomic Energy Agency’s weapons inspectors are in Iran and have reported consistently that there is no diversion of nuclear material from the energy program to a weapons program.

On the rare occasion when Washington is reminded of the facts, Washington makes a different case. Washington asserts that Iran’s rights under the non-proliferation treaty notwithstanding, Iran cannot have a nuclear energy program, because Iran would then have learned enough to be able at some future time to make a bomb. The world’s hegemon has unilaterally decided that the possibility that Iran might one day decide to make a nuke is too great a risk to take. It is better, Washington says, to drive up the oil price, disrupt the world economy, violate international law, and risk a major war than to have to worry that a future Iranian government will make a nuclear weapon. This is the Jeremy Bentham tyrannical approach to law that was repudiated by the Anglo-American legal system.

It is difficult to characterize Washington’s position as one of good judgment. Moreover, Washington has never explained the huge risk Washington sees in the possibility of an Iranian nuke. Why is this risk so much greater than the risk associated with Soviet nukes or with the nukes of the US, Russia, China, Israel, Pakistan, India, and North Korea today? Iran is a relatively small country. It does not have Washington’s world hegemonic ambitions. Unlike Washington, Iran is not at war with a half dozen countries. Why is Washington destroying America’s reputation as a country that respects law and risking a major war and economic dislocation over some possible future development, the probability of which is unknown?

There is no good answer to this question. Lacking evidence for a case against Iran, Washington and Israel have substituted demonization. The lie has been established as truth that the current president of Iran intends to wipe Israel off the face of the earth.

This lie has succeeded as propaganda even though numerous language experts have proven that the intention attributed to the Iranian president by American-Israeli propaganda is a gross mistranslation of what the president of Iran said. Once again, for Washington and its presstitutes, facts do not count. The agenda is all that counts, and any lie will be used to advance the agenda.

Washington’s sanctions could end up biting Washington harder than they bite Iran.

What will Washington do if India, China, Turkey and South Korea do not succumb to Washington’s threats?

According to recent news reports, India and China are not inclined to inconvenience themselves and to harm their economic development in order to support Washington’s vendetta against Iran. Having watched China’s rapid rise and having observed North Korea’s immunity to American attack, South Korea might be wondering how much longer it intends to remain Washington’s puppet state. Turkey, where the civilian and somewhat Islamist government has managed to become independent of the US- controlled Turkish military, appears to be slowly coming to the realization that Washington and NATO have Turkey in a “service role” in which Turkey is Washington’s agent against its own kind. The Turkish government appears to be reassessing the benefits of being Washington’s pawn.

What Turkey and South Korea decide is basically a decision whether the countries will be independent countries or be subsumed within Washington’s empire. The success of the American-Israeli assault on Iran’s independence depends on India and China.

If India and China give the bird to Washington, what can Washington do? Absolutely nothing. What if Washington, drowning in its gigantic hubris, announced sanctions against India and China? Wal-Mart’s shelves would be empty, and America’s largest retailer would be hammering on the White House door.

Apple Computer and innumerable powerful US corporations, which have offshored their production for the American market to China, would see their profits evaporate. Together with their Wall Street allies, these powerful corporations would assault the fool in the White House with more force than the Red Army. The Chinese trade surplus would cease to flow into US Treasury debt. The offshored-to-India back office operations of banks, credit card companies, and customer service departments of utilities throughout the US would cease to function.

In America, chaos would reign. Such are the rewards to the Empire of globalism.

The White House moron and the neoconservative and Israeli warmongers who urge him on to more wars do not understand that the US is no longer an independent country. America is owned by offshoring corporations and the foreign countries in which the corporations have located their production for US markets.

Sanctions on China and India (and South Korea) mean sanctions on US corporations. Sanctions on Turkey mean sanctions on a NATO ally.

Do China, India, South Korea and Turkey realize that they hold the winning cards? Do they understand that they can give the bird to the American Empire and bring it down in collapse, or are they brainwashed like Europe and the rest of the world that the powerful Americans cannot be resisted?

Will China and India exercise their power over the US, or will the two countries fudge the issue and adopt a pose that saves face for Washington while they continue to purchase Iranian oil?

The answer to this question is: how much will Washington pay China and India in secret concessions, such as eviction of the US from the South China Sea, for their pretense that China and India acknowledge Washington’s dictatorial powers over the rest of the world?

Without concession to China and India, Washington is likely to be ignored while it watches its power evaporate. A country that cannot produce industrial and manufactured goods, but can only print debt instruments and money is not a powerful country. It is a washed-up two-bit punk that can continue to strut around until the proverbial boy says: “the Emperor has no clothes”.

This article first appeared at Paul Craig Roberts' new website Institute For Political Economy.  Paul Craig Roberts was Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy and associate editor of the Wall Street Journal. He was columnist for Business Week, Scripps Howard News Service, and Creators Syndicate. He has had many university appointments. His Internet columns have attracted a worldwide following.

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Anonymous said...

Today, Dr. Roberts attacks the president and his reckless, malevolent policies forced upon the unwilling nations of the world with powerful arguments which are hard to refute, calling the president "the fool in the white house" and "the white house moron."

Yet it was only two days ago that Dr. Roberts was calling for a health care plan forced upon unwilling victims in this country and devised by this same fool and moron.

Am I wrong in seeing some contradiction here, some fallibility in reasoning?

Anglo Saxon said...

@ Anonymous (8:22 AM). Might it be your reasoning that has failed? Allow me to explain.

Barry Soewtero (aka the fraudulent POTUS with the big-biceps 'wife') does not own copyright to the concept commonly known as a "health care plan". The boy Soewtero is an irrelevance. An ugly bag of bones in an ill-fitting suit who (if rumours are correct) has been a regular visitor to a notorious bathhouse in Chicago to indulge in a "quick bit of perversion" (accompanied by his ballet-dancer Jewish companion, who is now Mayor) ... even before morning coffee.

Universal Healthcare Plans are routine for most Western European nations because they (at least until recently) had racially cohesive populations that were genetically related to each other. Therefore, healthcare plans were considered necessary "social safety nets" for maintaining dignity and equity within their respective societies. They were not really seen as a silent component of enforced Socialism or Communism.

But, because the USA is NOT a real country, but rather a "propositional entity" (actually, by law, the USA is indeed nothing more than a giant CORPORATION, and not a nation) then its population holds no allegiance to each other (i.e., no shared heritage) which is why you all are obliged to hold your right hand to your heart when facing that flag of yours ... which actually originated as the flag flown by the British East India Company (i.e., the world's first multinational corporation).

Once these basic shortcomings (of understanding and clarity) are corrected, then it becomes relatively easy to see why most Americans (even while living under a de facto Bolshevik Tyranny) get livid only when anyone proposes a Healthcare Plan for all ... because ONLY in this case does it seem to you like you are having "Socialism" (aka "Communism lite") fostered upon you, or if you prefer, shoved down your throats.

Therefore, Dr. Roberts is not necessarily advocating an intellectual contradiction. He most likely sees a government sponsored Healthcare Plan as a decent and compassionate thing to have in order to provide the majority (who are currently being an*lly 'shafted' by the crooks running Wall Street) with at least some reasonable chance of surviving those routine or mild infections or maladies that tend to kill only in the Third World.

I would have thought that with the combined perversions and communistic ravaging being carried out daily by your very own DHS, the NSA, Goldman Sachs, CNN, and the atrocious Hillary Clinton ... you have far more things to worry and argue about than some damned Healthcare Plan that should have been offered 40 years ago, never mind now!!

For those Americans who don't want anything to do with any government sponsored healthcare plan, there are plenty of natural therapies and herbs to utilize as a cohesive alternative, including Yoga and Chinese medicine. Probably the first thing those who wish to 'opt-out' need to do is to simply stop consuming anything that qualifies as the current "American Diet". Ergo, if you regularly eat McDonalds, KFC's, Subways, Taco Bells, etc., while washing it all down with a Coca Cola or Pepsi then perhaps you actually deserve to die ... from a condition know as "terminal stupidity"!

Despite the universal deceit of the childish "American Dream, the primary objective for every healthy human is to grow up (emotionally) and thus learn to take full responsibility for one's actions, or the lack of them.

Anonymous said...

Well said, Doctor.

Anonymous said...

To Anglo Saxon:

You say, "(Dr. Roberts) most likely sees a government sponsored Healthcare Plan as a decent and compassionate thing to have in order to provide the majority (who are currently being an*lly 'shafted' by the crooks running Wall Street) with at least some reasonable chance of surviving those routine or mild infections or maladies that tend to kill only in the Third World.

"I would have thought that with the combined perversions and communistic ravaging being carried out daily by your very own DHS, the NSA, Goldman Sachs, CNN, and the atrocious Hillary Clinton ... you have far more things to worry and argue about than some damned Healthcare Plan that should have been offered 40 years ago, never mind now!!"

So you want a health care system for us carried out by the same "perverse and communistic people" who are daily "ravaging" us by our "DHS, the NSA, Goldman Sachs, CNN, and the atrocious Hillary Clinton..."

Your penultimate paragraph is completely nonsensical because the people you describe who eat unhealthy foods are precisely the people who would WANT universal health care paid for by others because they would be the first to need it.

Your last paragraph is even more nonsensical. A person who takes responsibility for his own actions does not rely on health care paid for by someone else.

I think YOU should check and double check your reasoning! !

Michael Hansen said...

If Washington continues to act recklessly with other countries the payback is going to be fueled by a long list of enemies that we have created with our gun slinging approach and the trampling of borders. Our government has become a bully who operates as if the world is ours to ravage. Someday we will be standing alone and when we fall there will be hordes of vultures ready to seek retribution for our sins. So before DHS labels me an enemy combatant for having an opinion contrary to my government, I'm just saying.

Anglo Saxon said...

@ Anonymous (09:16 AM). Why don't you think of a handle to use so we can all identify you conveniently? Strictly speaking, nobody should respond to anyone lazily signing themselves "Anonymous". What are you scared of? Please try calling yourself something that you can reuse and thus be identified by.

Look, you can throw bitchy criticisms at me all day and night, if it makes you feel better. But it won't help you learn the errors of your ways. And further more, it'll likely bore the britches off the readers of Activist Post.

Actually, it is you who has failed to comprehend my earlier post. And now you are sounding off again with your big-man talk along tangents (assuming you are the same 'Anonymous' I responded to initially).

A Universal Health Plan (or Public Health System) --- according to the European and British template --- includes those paying into it who don't use (i.e., who shun) the system, and those who use the system regularly who have barely or, if young, who have never paid into the system.

Perhaps you'd do well to stop trying so hard to "appear famous" just by getting some error filled comment posted here on the Internet, and instead deploy your energy to the task of researching the specific history and characteristics of the UK's National Health System (NHS), and of those others found in diverse nations such as: Sweden, Norway, Denmark, France, and Germany.

Don't be blinded by Barry Soewtero's Wall Street funded version, which will be approved by the corrupt and incompetent FDA. You have a different situation in the CORPORATE entity known as the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA because, as I told you before, you are not a country or nation (in the true sense of the word). Furthermore, what is also clouding your thinking is your complete ignorance of the fact the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA has been administered under a (quietly declared) state of Martial Law for many decades already. Under Martial Law, you don't get what you want or wish for, you get what you are given by your Masters.

What you will get is no mystery to those who can see the big picture; it will be a system designed to benefit (financially) only those who set up and incorporate your "Universal Healthcare Plan". Those who actually (and foolishly) participate in the misnamed Soewtero Plan (as consumers) will simply be prodded, drugged, vaccinated, cut-open, and then billed for the indignity ... until they are dead. The life of a Battery Chicken springs to mind.

P.S. I never declared I 'wanted' anything. I am not an American citizen and thus will not have to face (directly) the consequences of Washington's current administration ~ except those policies passing through Hillary Clinton's office. I am just trying to throw a bucket of reality over you. When you are old and wise (if you are lucky) then you'll thank me. Trust me on that.

Anonymous said...

To Anglo Saxon:

Precisely because I live in a police state, innocent of any wrongdoing though I am, I am intelligent enough not to use a name which will identify me too easily as one speaking out against tyranny. Perhaps you can understand that. You can be sure that this site is monitored by the DHS.

Your response to me is so convoluted and incomprehensible that responding to it would take weeks, so I will not bother to go too much further concerning universal health care other than to say that in Western Europe (where, given your name, I assume you live) its expense is very much one cause (but only ONE cause) of the extreme financial collapse the EU is facing (socialism in general and the banks have a lot to do with it, too).

I'm also assuming that you live in the UK. If so, I can only say that (as you should know) your recent prime ministers have all been the lapdogs of our dictators here in the U.S. and you deserve exactly what you're getting, just as the American people who are clueless sheep deserve what's happening here.

Your socialism is not much different from the USSR's 'communism' which led to the USSR's collapse. Our fascism here in the U.S., which is also very similar to socialism, will lead to the collapse of our horrific empire within a few years, as well. The whole world should be thankful for that.

You may think (with no evidence) I am blinded by anything Obama does or says, but I have been a libertarian (and a supporter of Ron Paul) very likely since before you were born, so I am very much aware of the evils of all governments--mine and yours and everyone else's, much more than you obviously are, given your trumpeting for universal health care run by governments. You make assumptions (e.g., my age) based on nothing but pure ignorance which you demonstrate admirably by venting unsubstantiated platitudes.

I don't believe it is worth continuing this discussion and will not return to this article again because nothing can be gained. I have learned that the only person to argue with a fool is a bigger fool. I will not place myself in that position.

Anglo Saxon said...

@ Anonymous (1:51 PM) ... you can call yourself, "Chump", "Barry the Head Giver", "Mary Poppins", or "Anonymous Number 10" if you prefer. None of these will obscure yourself from your DHS. You are identified by your IP address (and/or MAC number) and not by any online moniker that would only assist proper on-line conversation with your co-commenters.

Reviewing all your comments on this page, I am reluctantly forced to conclude that you are an emotional wreck who has contributed nothing during the past 24 hours except wild emotions and a battery of ad hominem attacks.

Now that you have told the world what you think of "me" and of Dr. Craig Roberts ... exactly what is the intellectual point you are trying to make here??

If you have one, then make it clearly and concisely, while bottling your endless emotionalisms.

Meanwhile, I suggest you take up Yoga or Tai Chi to calm yourself down, and re-centre yourself, as you are in urgent need of it.

Incidently, I do feel your pain as do many others in Europe and elsewhere. Despite the fact that we also acknowledge that much of your pain has been self-inflicted by your cultural addiction to over-indulgence, lack of self-discipline, and the myth of "American Exceptionalism".

But in the final analysis, you Americans should count yourselves lucky that it is not we who have twice crossed the Atlantic (within the space of 30 years) to kill and murder ethnic European males and rape ethnic European women on behalf of the Rothschilds' Zionism, and on behalf of the evil International Banking Cabal that lives (hidden in plain sight) in the City of London, and elsewhere in Western Europe.

Learn some humility ("Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.") and then you MIGHT get some well deserved practical support from your ethnic cousins across the pond.

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