Friday, April 27, 2012

Tony Robbins Puts National Debt in Perspective



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lonegranger said...

This man is obviously an economic illiterate! His whole presentation depends on lifestyles remaining constant....which they wont!

Soon, correction by deflation will reduce people to work 14 hour days at a the equivalent of a 2013 dime an hour, live in caves, and forage for food.

After populations and cultures are decimated, governments, laws, and economies will reform and begin a new cycle.

Have a swell day .... and remember, the next time you're at the airport, give a TSA agent a hug to show your support for their diligence.

Anonymous said...

it's not going to be paid back... it won't ... So.. Why bother?.. Default!!!.... Walk away... cut Government down to the bare bones of what the Constitution says and default on the rest... Then weather the storm that follows... That is what Iceland did... and their economy is going great guns now... it took them less than 2 years to get things moving again...

Anonymous said...

tax big govt! tax the tsa! tax dhs! tax the cia!

Anonymous said...

The way out is through an equity based currency: base it on actual goods, services and commodities!
In addition, add Barter : YOU WILL HAVE TO GET RID OF THE BANKING CARTELS FIRST - AND THEIR LAPDOGS - THE GOVERNMENTS, and revert to local sovereign entities: see

The Global Financial Crisis has forced a major changes upon whole populations (such as in Greece): barter, in combination with traditional money, is beginning to take pace already in local communities: Barter extends this trend to the internet, and hence to both local and international usage;

Mixing barter with money transactions, offers flexibility not available in a changing, worldwide shift from ‘fiat’ currency systems:

Collateral backing money (fiat currency) is lacking – people are losing faith in the USD, based as it is on printed paper, and the promise of taxing a nation with impossible burdens. Apart from a gold standard, a new economy can only be backed by real collateral in the form of skills, services, actual goods and existing possessions;

The older generation can no longer rely on pension savings, and are reverting to trading skills and possessions for their survival.

Anonymous said...

The debt was created out of thin air.Pay it back the same way.

carroll price said...

Most of the suggestions from commentors sound real good (declare bankrupcy and move on etc.) but nothing constructive will happen until the people throw the Zionist bankers and money changers out of office and take full control of their government. Why would those who are getting fabously wealthy off the present system do anything different unless forced to do so at the point of a gun?

Anonymous said...

Tony does not ask who this money is owed to...and how it was calulated. Most of it is owed to private for-profit banks that literally created the principle amount out of thin air. And most of the amount "owed" is compound interest. Check out the state of North Dakota that has its own public bank and has a sound economy...almost no debt.

Anonymous said...

It wasn't just the government that was borrowing and spending heavily but also households and corporations, the first in order to support a middle class lifestyle and the second to make even more profits through financial speculation.

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