Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Texas Tornado Outbreak Illustrates HAARP Signatures

Nicholas West
Activist Post

It is indisputable that weather weapons have been considered as a means for agricultural and societal control.  Elite grand master, Zbigniew Brzezinski, stated in his book Between Two Ages (1970) that "Technology of weather modification could be employed to produce prolonged periods of drought or storm." (Source)  Moreover, it is a stated military goal to "Own the Weather by 2025."

This HAARP facility and its substations scattered throughout the U.S. have been tracked by intrepid weather researcher Dutchsinse who has made some startlingly accurate predictions based on the tell-tale radar flares of these facilities, already linked to earthquakes in the area of the New Madrid seismic zone.

Beyond earthquakes, however, there is an increasing body of evidence to suggest that the injection of frequencies into storm systems can prolong, or intensify their output. The massive system that moved through the Dallas area yesterday seems to bear the signatures of a similar frequency injection that Dutchsinse has used to predict previous tornado outbreaks.  The patterns show up as HAARP rings (circle sweeps) or scalar squares (square waves) which are pinpointed below.

Incidentally, I have two friends who live in the Dallas area and they observed very different cloud behavior than previous tornadic systems. Whether or not HAARP is to blame in this instance, the manipulation of earth's ionosphere should not go without further open-minded study.

H/T - Zen Gardner

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Anonymous said...

Zen Gardner is a liar about HAARP and so is everyone else that says HAARP causes earthquakes. It is nothing more than a large microwave and it can NOT cause earthquakes but it can help to spread the chemtrails that are sprayed every day globally to hide Planet X, which IS causing the earthquakes.

Anonymous said...

It's very unusual that so many touched down all at once, sparing central Dallas while cutting a swath outside it. I don't think that HAARP needs to be blamed for the weather changes around the world. If we are talking unproven things, why not mention Whitley Striber and his mentioning of the severe weather to come in his book written many years ago?

Anonymous said...

There were chemtrails north of San Antonio that Monday. Funny how SA missed out on the weather. Have the pictures to prove it. G'day.

Anonymous said...

I posted about this HAARP induced tornado at local tv stations blogs in DFW area ( I also posted my source which are links on youtube and activist post) but they all deleted my post.

It just shows that local tv stations are controlled by the criminal elite.

Anonymous said...

It is very true that haarp has caused all this crazy weather happening and earthquakes and all the wierd sounds heard all over the country and even parts of the world...come on people how much more evedince do we need.

Anonymous said...

Come on how much more evedince to we need that HARRP is infact why all crazy weather and earthquakes and all those wierd sounds heard all iver the country and parts of the world.go on you tube all the proof that HAARP is happening nothing more to say

Anonymous said...

Beware of Dutchsinse - that is the guy who made the video. Dutch has been proven to fabricate his data freely just to have something to talk about. Go to Youtube and find the "debunging Dutchsinse" crowd - even nich Begich weighed in and decalred this stuff bunk. i am NOT saying HAARP cannot cause quakes - I am saying - take your information from someone else because this guy who made the video is a known fraud.

Anonymous said...

Beware of Dutchsinse? I don't think that Activist Post thinks the same! Wait a minute, who's board are you posting on??


The global elite's agenda is a one world governance and using HAARP for weather modification is a viable and verifiable fact. Flood or drought can bankrupt farmers leaving them destitute thus, placing their land on the ‘chopping block’ to be sold to the highest bidder or perhaps, in some cases, a single bidder.

Last year the Federal Government had sent out letters to all of the flooded out farmers in the Missouri River flood plain notifying them that the Army Corps of Engineers would offer to buy their land.

With the knowledge of a record snowpack last year, the ACoE should have opened the Missouri dam system by starting early in the spring and gradually drawing-down reservoirs to give each dam system enough slack to absorb the snowpack runoff. By intentionally NOT doing this; citing 'wildlife habitat' concerns, they kept the reservoirs full... The only result that one can derive from this is that it was a devious and illegal collusion of corporate and Government; a plan that ensured flooding, an act that led to an unprecedented land grab.

It was almost a year ago that Obama signed Executive Order 13575 - Establishment of the White House Rural Council. Its goal? To take control of public lands and rural areas for development. Interestingly, this aligns with the purposes of Agenda 21, the United Nations environment and development program that negates local and State's say in how lands and farms are to be managed. It's but one of the many roles that this corrupted government plays in the furtherance of the globalist's agenda....

And corporate's role? George Soros - corporate/capitalist/banking representative for the 'Global Elite.' It's through Soros's puppet corporation 'Ospraie Capital Management' (Ospraie is the remnants of ConAgra; later named Gavilon and it was Gavilon who bought both DeBruce Grain out of Kansas City and Union Elevator PNW, the biggest grain elevator company in the Pacific Northwest) in a joint-venture with "Teays River Investments" that America's valuable farmlands are being bought up.

Bottom line? It's not just the Feds helping poor farmers by buying up farmland they flooded, nor is it simply a Soros adventure into the role of the gentleman farmer. It is purely the motive by the global elite to ensure its monopolization of all food; it's the way to control all people. It was Henry Kissinger who stated, 'If you control the oil you control the country; if you control food, you control the population.'

Anonymous said...

Bottom line... God is a Just God and America has 'fallen away'...expect more in the way of earthquakes, tsunamis, drought, famine, fires, plagues, pestilence, signs in the Sun, moon and heavens. The lessons should have been learned from O.T. readings on what happened to 'The Chosen People' when they forsook The One True God. We are living in the Times of The End... It will wax worse and worse... Study The may remove the blinders.

Anonymous said...

Whoever thinks HAARP isn't real is a total idiot. HAARP exists. It's very real, and it's not just a "giant microwave". No religious subcontext or anything like that, it's a giant weather-control device, capable of also controlling the minds of the populous.

Anyone who wants to argue it is blind, a fool, or works for the government.

Anonymous said...

Youtube haarp! Jesse ventura even did a whole episode on it. Do your own research before you dismiss it!

Anonymous said...

Dutchsinse is a proven fraud and so are HAARP Rings. Google HAARP rings debunked. HAARP can not show up on Doppler radar; the 2 systems use different frequencies.

HAARP does not have the capability to create localized weather. It DOES theoretically have the power to create synpotic scale areas of stationary low pressure in the upper atmosphere and therefore steer the jest strem, but it can't simply create a tornado out of thin air. Research it! Even Dr. Nick Begich refutes Dutchsinse's fraudulent claims.

R3zn8D said...

These comments are all over the place, some are just crazy.

Get the facts

Dutchsinse, HAARP Rings, and Facepalms

Everything you could want to know about HAARP

Anonymous said...

Everyone telling you that HAARP causes earthquakes is a paid, treasonous, government liar! Planet X is causing the quakes.

Anonymous said...

Government liars are stupid and so are their arguments.

Paid govt liars:

The REAL cause of the earthquakes and weird weather:

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