Friday, April 27, 2012

Syria, Waco, Occupy, and Los Angeles: Correlations They Hope You Never Make

Tony Cartalucci, Contributor
Activist Post

Image: While the UN demands that Syria not only allow admittedly armed terrorists to roam freely through its cities, but that they also capitulate to their demands, the West has driven peaceful "Occupy" protesters from the streets of their cities by force. One wonders what events would have followed if protesters being sprayed and beaten in the streets pulled out assault rifles and fired on police. Would Washington withdraw security forces and entertain their demands? 

While the West demands Syria pull its security forces from cities where roving bands of terrorists are on record committing widespread atrocities including the kidnapping, torture, and murder of civilians, as documented by the West's own Human Rights Watch report, "Syria: Armed Opposition Groups Committing Abuses," it has denied its own citizens the right to even peacefully assemble at "Occupy" protests to address their grievances back home.

Syria's government has been threatened continuously by the West to begin a process of political "transition," or more accurately, to submit to Western-backed regime change, in the face of armed militants, while the West itself maintains a strict policy of non-negotiation with terrorist demands.

Image: Homs, Syria? No, this is Waco, Texas after a combination of military and federal security forces raided, burned down, and killed nearly every man, woman, and child in this sprawling complex located on private property. The US will kill its own citizens with weapons of war just for breaking their laws, mentioning nothing of what they would do should Americans take to the streets and carry out a campaign of terror while demanding the government step down.

As the West conjures up a myriad of excuses to sweep prolonged "Occupy" protests off the streets of their biggest cities, they insist that the Syrians not only tolerate an armed "occupation," but capitulate immediately to their demands. But one must wonder just what any given Western nation would do if protesters demanded the nation's leadership to stand down, and did so through armed violence.

Video: Hardly unarmed civilians, meet Syria's tank-driving, rocket-firing, Kalashnikov-waving rebels. Had rioters in Los Angeles raided government armories and patrols, capturing armored vehicles and rocket launchers, or had violence escalated to the point where such weapons were crossing in from Mexico, surely Washington would have mobilized armored divisions, gunships, and aircraft to crush them and would be considered negligent if they failed to do so. 

In Europe there are the Basque separatists of Spain - considered terrorists across the European Union, England, and the United States. The Irish Republican Army likewise was considered a vicious terrorist organization the United Kingdom sought to crush with a brutal military campaign of their own, turning entire cities into Syrian-esque war zones.

In the United States, there have been no real organized armed uprisings, yet the government has still mobilized its military to slaughter its own citizens as seen during the siege in Waco Texas in 1993. Scenes of tanks and helicopters against the backdrop of a Texan landscape and the subsequent destruction of the Branch Davidian compound are on par with anything allegedly unfolding in Syria, including the murder of women and children.

However, unlike in Syria, where terrorists are actively carrying out widespread violence, including bombing campaigns, targeted assassinations, and kidnappings, the people of Waco, Texas were on their own property attempting to mind their own business.

Image: Not tanks headed for Hama, Syria, but rather tanks waiting in a Texan parking lot for their chance to roll over men, women, and children barricaded on their own private property. The siege at Waco, Texas illustrates that federal authority will not be challenged and that the penalty is certain death - even if a column of tanks must be mobilized. The cheap veneer of civility across Western civilization is peeled back at times like this as is the hypocrisy of their international "responsibility to protect."

When armed groups do take to the streets, such as during the 1992 LA Riots, the government was far from "withdrawing" security forces from the city and accepting demands. In addition to the police who were gunning down both armed threats as well as looters, thousands of National Guardsmen and Marines were also mobilized to restore order. Unlike in Syria, where rebels are armed with rocket propelled grenades, tanks, French-made missiles, assault-rifles, machines guns, and mortars, the rioters in LA were armed with pistols, rifles, shotguns, or simply their own cars - yet still the military was mobilized, and indeed killed Americans in their own streets.

Image: Not Syrian soldiers in the suburbs of Damascus, but rather National Guardsmen and Marines amongst thousands brought in to restore order in California's city of Los Angeles during the 1992 riots. Such a mobilization of military force represents astounding hypocrisy when the Syrian government is then told to stand down in the face of Syrian rebels openly waging war against both the government and minority ethnic groups.

It is sensible for a government to restore order in their own country, preserving the life and liberty of the vast majority of citizens not taking to the streets to carry out theft, violence, and mayhem. The people of Los Angeles, had the government not acted and had the violence continued to spiral out of control, would have begged for security forces to restore order and viewed the government as negligent in their duties should they have failed to do so. They also most likely would have taken the law into their own hands, just like thousands of Syrians are doing now against NATO-backed death squads.

So why is the West holding Syria to standards they themselves have demonstratively rejected? It goes beyond hypocrisy - it is a declaration to the world that the "international rule of law" exists solely as a means to justify the expansion of the West's global hegemony. It is naked military conquest hiding behind the fig leaf of "humanitarian concerns." Syria, as does any sovereign nation or individual on Earth, has the right to defend itself and restore order within its realm.

The United States, England, and France would never withdraw security forces from their own cities where militants were armed with rockets, tanks, and machine guns while killing security forces and civilians alike and they certainly would not step down from power in the face of such armed threats. In fact, after invading foreign nations on patently false pretenses and stirring up warranted armed resistance, they then use such violence to justify perpetual occupation. They promptly label these people "terrorists" and then execute a bloody campaign to eliminate them.

The depths of depravity, the hypocrisy, the illegitimacy flaunted by the United Nations and the Western interests pulling its string, demanding Syrian troops to withdraw from cities plagued by terrorists, but making no mention of the terrorists themselves or their own serial violations of the "peace plan," even as they drive tanks around on camera in front of the world, forever renders moot this latest attempt to assert the "primacy of international law" over that of the nation-state.

What Wall Street and London do through their "international institutions" from this point forward, is done as poorly disguised imperialism with their "humanitarian concerns" nothing more than the weakest sort of rhetoric in the long history of weak rhetoric used to propel the interests of empire.

Obama's 6 Hypocritical Guidelines For Peaceful in Foreign Countries

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Anonymous said...

Most yanks are well reaction to being threatened by anyone, no matter who they are, or the consequences, is to shoot the jerk. Are ALL yanks that gutless that they are afraid to do same? If so, they deserve all they get.

Anonymous said...

really, a pattern, ya don't say, possibly a resemblence to sum scientic mathmatic of somme kind, maybe ? the book on commen sence's votes natural law the ultamite authority instead,oo,,,?, ya ever aca dama nut that, huh! , funny stuff, lol, over

Anonymous said...

Bravo! Excellent article! To my knowledge, not one of the 'major' media or news outlets has made this apt comparison, nor reminded their audiences that those Syrian 'freedom fighters' are terrorists, many from Libya, armed and sent to Syria by US. And all the while, our preposterous election show goes on, and most Americans carry on, business as usual. If not for Activist Post, I think I might go insane. The betrayal of the so-called 'leftists' or 'progressives' is particularly upsetting to me, which only shows how naive I've been. Yet, if I could become enlightened, there's still hope that America can awaken from its collective denial. Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

the blissful sheild of certain, specefic "technocracy", taught early on, as actually a form of "canibolism" rather than the grandour pursuits, like say, freedom iether democratically or constitutionally,,, "grounded",,, eih, oo, over

Anonymous said...

I can't help drawing a parallel to Israel here. It's become the universal knee-jerk reaction to condemn Israel, especially in the 'alternative' online press. It's relentless, and getting more vicious by the day. Israel's side of the story isn't even presented any more. If Palestinians send 100 rockets into Israeli territory, everyone makes excuses for them (if it's even reported) and blames Israeli policies. If weapons really were found on those 'humanitarian' Turkish boats, no one believes it. Etcetera. And not only current events, but the entire history of the PLO, going back to its Nazi roots, is shoved aside.

It was pointed out to me recently that American foreign policy has been pro-terrorist, pro-Iran, and pro-Islamic-fundamentalist since Bosnia! 'Evidence' against the Serbs was fabricated. The Muslims were not the victims; in fact, most weren't even inhabitants of the area. They were trained terrorists, brought in from Afghanistan.

Similarly, the Iraq wars benefited Iran! Could that have been an accident? Iraq was Iran's worst enemy in the region. Now, Iranian proxies are in charge in Iraq. So, too, Egypt and Tunisia, where suddenly the Muslim Brotherhood are called 'moderates' by the Western press.

And have you checked the meat department at your local supermarket lately? Now, every package states that the animal was butchered according to Muslim law. Not even Kosher meat was ever given this much consideration.

I'm sorry if this sounds off-topic. I really don't think it is. Who but the Islamic fundamentalists will take over Syria if the current government falls? Sure, the West may think it can control these terrorists but isn't that short-sighted?

Anonymous said...

It is interesting to note that Wikipedia names the title of Zionist Terrorism as "Zionist Political Violence" while naming "Islamic Terrorism" as it is. Why doesn't Wikipedia treat them them same?

Leslie said...

Anonymous at 1:02 am,

"The Muslims" aren't the enemy, any more than "The Jews" are. Our enemy is the insatiable appetite of the ruling class for more bloodshed, fear, and power for themselves. Our enemy is fed by people who accept the ludicrous notion that we will only be safe and prosperous when "_____" (fill in name of imaginary, trumped up enemy here) is slaughtered and removed from the Earth. The ruling class has been playing this game with the rank and file for centuries, since Biblical times, NEVER with a resulting peace. The only winners when people buy into the "so-and-so is coming" chicken-little-ism are the elite, who will happily sit in their plush offices and watch us rabble eviscerate each other, physically, mentally, and spiritually. Peace happens when we see others as merely extensions of ourselves.

Anonymous said...

I agree with " I can't help drawing a parallel".

Anonymous said...

I find it a tad hypocritical for the author to make a false comparison between Syria and the US. You wanna make an honest to godness comparison? How about substituting Yemen and/or Bahrain for Syria? Only then, will it be a credible critique of the US hypocrisy. Till then, it's only the hypocrisy of the Left Wing speaking out. And I say this as someone who is not a Right Winger (heavens forbid!) and who lived more than half his life in a dictatorship akin to that of Syria. Just sayin' you Amerikans can't tell your ass from your elbow if the shit hit you on the face.

Anonymous said...

Well, it's a good thing that more than half of all USans are armed and ready to defend that Second Amendment.

Hark, hark, hark! As Anon #1 said, y'all are full of shit, brainwashed and cowards. You only pull the trigger when you know it's safe to do it on innocents but don't have the balls to fight against your oppressors.

Anonymous said...

We Believe It Important To Look At Both Sides Of Any Situation. This We Believe Would Stop Much Of The Death & Wars, We Post This Article We Do Not Ask You To Agree With It, Just Think Of It, Instead Of Just Believing All The Biased Press & News Reporting,
Peter Boxall #RAS

Ayelyah said...

In the face of what appears impossible ALL things are possible. Our global family are one against the same criminal cabal network that are in the midst of their global rollout of world domination, same show, different nation and coming to a city near you. We stand as ONE against our common enemy, and our fight is NOT against nations, race or religion, ALL these barriers HAVE fallen, and we MUST stop compliance in invading other nations under complete false pretence. Criminals with titles includes the British ‘Establishment’, zionist planted puppet Presidents and Prime Ministers who have reached their positions of power through fabrication, manipulation, lies and deceit. These International Judicial systems they themselves set up and control to give them a legal facade of ‘respectabilty’.Witnesses can be bought, evidence can be fabricated, this is not true justice.
Our oppressors are the same zionist cabal network that operates in every nation. Understand this and understand it well….they will not settle for a part of anything….they want ALL of EVERYTHING. We have NO quarrel against our global family members who all basically desire to live in freedom, peace, truth and love. Understand these criminals must divide to conquer. We must stick together like glue and continue to speak out for Iran for Syria who are in their line of sight. USA HAS been hijacked. Advance and TAKE the territory…

Anonymous said...

Hypocirsy of west has always have been visible, they don't even try to hide it because they know no one can do a thing to them, no one can question there move or decision or policies. West is the ultimate danger for the wolrd peace and security. West must be brought down on the ground for the sake of Humanity. People all over the world needs to stand firm against these evil powers and do what ever they can in order to achieve thier right.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone heard of what they are doing to peace loving, environmentally conscious rocker/genius Ted Nugent? The federal gov't is working hard, attempting to silence a very vocal citizen who is well within his constitutional right to speak out against the tyrannical actions of "our" government. We are in serious trouble folks!

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