Monday, April 2, 2012

Secret Freedom Fighters Working to Unseat the New World Order

Eric Blair
Activist Post

There have been recent reports in the underground alternative media that a secret group of well-placed, high-ranking freedom fighters are working tirelessly to free humanity from the clutches of the evil cabal that goes by many names: the Illuminati, the New World Order or, simply, the international banksters.

On the surface, the average conspiracy researcher may feel that this seemingly all powerful cabal has nearly reached their endgame goal of full spectrum dominance of the planet.  After all, the past decade has seen a massive consolidation of power for this cabal through endless aggressive wars, financial bailouts, legislation to destroy personal freedom, and so on.

However, according to reporting by David Wilcock and Benjamin Fulford, there is an equally powerful force of good working behind the scenes to combat this cabal.  These freedom fighters, sometimes referred to as "white hats" or "gnostic Illuminati", are said to occupy positions in banking and finance, military, law enforcement, media, and government at all levels, as well as other key posts in corporations and institutions.

In a new article on Wilcock's website he writes:
A highly secretive, highly coordinated operation -- working for the good of humanity -- is about to make its move. 
The Pentagon 'good guys' are now in full political and logistical cooperation with a remarkable 134-nation alliance -- to bring the perpetrators to justice and free our planet. 
The security around this enormous operation has been vast. Even those who will be affected by it -- and arrested -- have no idea of the staggering scope of what is about to be revealed before the eyes of the public.

To many this scenario may seem like wishful thinking.  But the fact is, in nature, every action has an equal and opposite reaction.  Additionally, since there are far more good people in the world than the few sociopaths who run the cabal, it's not a stretch to believe there are many good people also in influential positions.

Yet, because "good" people aren't ruthless, they were reportedly prevented from forcefully stopping this cabal until their chess pieces were in place to conquer them with the least amount of disruption and violence possible.  Well, apparently, the good guys now have enough tactical positioning to begin a global transformation plan, starting with cleansing the current system of the bad guys.

Wilcock's recent article points to many indicators that this cleansing has already started.  Events like mass resignations of executive-level people in the finance industry which Activist Post has covered here, here, here, and here.  He points to J.P Morgan's divorce from Vatican bank accounts due to fraud; Goldman Sachs' market cap plunge after an executive blew the whistle on "Muppetgate;" the absolute collapse of Rupert Murdoch's media empire in the U.K. and the resignation of its chairman James Murdoch (Rupert's son), and many more examples of hidden knowledge being exposed at an increasingly quickening pace.

This plan of redemption, according to Wilcock, will be swift and may seem shocking to the general public, especially for those who have been asleep.  He lays out what we can expect to see:
  • Mass arrests of cabal members.
  • Personal freedom restored around the world.  A return to Constitutional government in America or, in other words, a return to common law.
  • New plans and technology for energy, agriculture, and the economy that will also free humanity from resource control and manipulation.
  • Change from the dollar (Federal Reserve Note) as a "debt instrument" to a new currency that will be an "equity instrument."
Most of this seems like a dream come true for humanity, but it may come at a price of temporary disruption.  Although the insiders "authorized" to disclose elements of this plan say that it will be done with extreme care not to cause disruption or chaos, the cabal's reaction will be somewhat unpredictable.

Therefore, this secret group playing for the good team are reportedly taking many precautions and using military and law enforcement in a coordinated effort to guard critical facilities and round up the criminals.

Wilcock admits that it's only natural for conspiracy researchers to be cynical about this news, but assures his readers that these forces will indeed be arresting the proper criminals and accountability will finally take place.
If the rumors I am hearing are true, we will soon see mass arrests of many key conspirators in government, military, finance companies, defense contractors, media, pharmaceutical corporations and so on. 
The evidence that will be presented will leave no conceivable room for doubt -- except, perhaps, for those most addicted to 'fear porn', who automatically assume whatever they see, hear and read must be the opposite of the truth -- regardless of the evidence. 
Wilcock interviewed a new insider last that confirmed these plans are underway.   I encourage you to listen to the entire testimony of this warrior-for-good starting with the clip below or in MP3 format here:

The insider from the above interview, Drake, admits that there is potential for disruption of supplies and perhaps even some sabotage committed on the part of the desperate criminal elite.  They recommend to stay calm during this cleansing period while these thugs are arrested, but to be vigilant in having 30-180 days of basic supplies to stave off any hardship that may be caused during this transition.

Wilcock reassures the understandably-paranoid truth movement that this coming avalanche of change will all be for the best:
The people who are about to do this are well aware of every concern you have -- as an informed reader of truth websites and materials. 
Martial law will NOT be declared when this happens. 
The military will NOT take control of the government. 
Innocent civilians will NOT be imprisoned or harmed in any way. 
Any troops who attempt to carry out unlawful orders of this sort, on behalf of the 'bad guys,' will be outnumbered and resisted. 
Every effort will be made to focus on eliminating the problem -- and immediately returning the power to the people in an orderly fashion. 
New elections will need to be organized, considering that many, if not most politicians in the United States could be found culpable -- either directly or through failure to have taken action. 
This alliance intends to break out free energy and many other technologies that were stolen from us. The fossil fuel economy ensured that occult global control and the systematic killing of our planet would continue.
Although there certainly are some signposts that the victories are beginning to pile up for humanity, this level and speed of coordination to bring down the seemingly all-powerful elite cabal appears unrealistic.  That said, I encourage you to read through all of Wilcock's recent work and listen to the whistleblower testimony mentioned above before you jump to conclusions.

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Anonymous said...

The problem with Ben Fulford's stuff is that there is zero corroboration. For example, there is no other supporting info regarding the "The arrest of Bill Gates", arrest of "George Bush Senior", and even the existence of "The White Dragon Society."

Fulford is the sole source. Perhaps his source is his imagination ...

Anonymous said...

Benjamin Fulford is an idiot and has made claims in past years that never come true . . . like Japanese ninjas going after all TPTB. Pffffffffffffffft, take anything he says with a grain of salt. Listening to him is like listening to Sorcha Faal. Complete BS.

Liam said...

Both of these commenters have refused to even put their names out when speaking critically of someone who's 'fake' in their eyes, yet ben fulford has taken a stand and given more hope to people than these fear mongers...i think we need to stop saying bs immediately, especially when some of us don't even leave the computer...

Amie said...

I've seen Ben Fulford on the Galactic Federation Of Light pages... If this UFO cult is the who that is going to save us... Were in trouble. If any of that happens to be true... Well then... Don't believe it, I accidently stumbled on it and looked into it. Too much heavy symbolism like someone's trying to play the good guy and the bad guy at the same time if you catch my drift. Your headed straight back to your shackles if not worse. *Sidenote* the newsmedia IS blacking out certain events! Sheriff Joe and his Food Case Posse have been doing an ongoing (and very fruitful) investigation on the documents provided by Barack Obama. The birth certificate released on was proven to be a faux file (they won't even call it a document). There are 9 layers on it, it was a cut/paste job done by 2-3 different typewriters, and the seal and green safety backround can be moved around on the "document". His selective service card was also a fraud. The postal stamp was marked July (date) 08- legal documents by the govt always have a 4 digit year (ie would have been '1980' not 80)! The press conference has been released on as well as on YouTube. No other major media companies will touch it. Maybe the same is happening- however all thus was supposed to be TELEVISED which leads me to my latter conclusion... That Fulford is once again part of that GFL UFO cult and is partially a nutterbar...

Anonymous said...

I would really like to believe this as well but I admittedly am a bit skeptical, but not dismissive of the possibilities.

If artists like Lowkey and the other GlobalFaction artists who make use of the same 'Illuminati' symbolism are telling the truth then as stated in 'Soundtrack to the Struggle' - "I am a product of the system I was born to destroy".

It would stand to reason at least a few on the 'inside' would dissent and oppose such things.

The thing is if there are different groups then they mostly would have the same symbolism so telling them apart would be difficult also.

For now I'm just looking at the context the symbols are used in by various people/groups and hoping that indicates their true intentions.

We need to keep up hope and to that end I recommend the musical works of artists like Lowkey, Logic, Akala, Nate, Cyclonious, Caxton Press and many others who provide a more intelligent and compassionate context to their music.

Check out some of them at GlobalFaction's Youtube channel:

Anonymous said...

If Fulford and Wilcock are telling the truth then we will start to see some their statements showing merit in the not-so-distant future and some of the heartless old white men that run the Western world dispensed with and the ushering in of a new stage in human evolution.

If they are pawns in the heartless old white mens' scheme to bring about their New World Order and depopulation and characters like Wilcock and Fulford are being used to 'neutralize' some (I would have to say very small) portion of the resistance then everything you've been doing in your own life to resist the criminal elite and protect yourself and your family from this recent onslaught becomes that much more important.

Anonymous said...

The thing that sticks on my mind are the words of Lenin back oh so long ago about defeating opposition by controlling it.

There is no possible way to have any kind of power system without having some opposition to it.

Thus the goal is to ensure constant control so that most of the opposition is kept from doing anything that could actually upset the power structure.

To that end I'm skeptical of everything, even ActivistPost. As everyone should be.

But we just have to judge all info presented to us with intelligence and commonsense based on our own experiences.

To be discouraged by it and give up hope is not the solution.

Anonymous said...

Wilcock and Fulford are government-sponsored shills - they are both intelligence agents (or puppets thereof) all the way. Sorry to burst your bubble but these guys are both working for the wrong side (and it's a very well-known fact among people who have done their homework). Basically, they want you to believe that some benevolent beings "out there somewhere" are fighting for your cause. This is not true. The idea is to make you sit on your ass and do nothing to improve your situation. Very effective. Which makes them no different than any other high-profile individuals who have websites that allegedly promote fighting evil. Personally, I am not against the NWO. If you are for or against either side of the equation, you miss the point. No matter who "wins", you will still be trapped here on earth, in your body, stuck in a dual world. And there is a lot more to be had, if you know how to climb the mountain. Have a nice day.

Anonymous said...

I am not holding my breath on this. Sure if it happens it would be nice but don't drop your guard, not even for a second. Don't let this post change anything about what you do or how you think, question everything.

Battlefield USA said...

Pardon me... but who is going to worship the Beast? And since America is the modern day Babel, how will it be destroyed and how would the merchants lament its destruction if the white hats save us?

Anonymous said...

This is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay out there. What color is the sky in your world?

Anonymous said...

IF the white hats want to do some thing take down the F'N dam IRS ! they have been robbing the people of an illegal income tax since the 50's they shut down small business and force millions on welfare so they can continue to BK the Gov just as Obama as he shovels as much wealth into his fellow buddy corporate hands as he can ! its the IRS that represses the people Shame on the political scum that dont do anything to get rid of this big FAT lie ! makes me hate this place and I cant wait til the coming big Sun blow out and they go underground where they all belong we will park a garbage truck infront of the door.

Anonymous said...

From what I've heard, Mr Fulford is being fed false information. Also Mr Fulford seems to think of himself as being more influential and powerful than he really is.
Remember, the Illuminati always have a plan B, or even plans C or D should their plans backfire. This is just one way to provide an "out" for them should things go really bad for them and people are calling for their necks.

Unknown said...

Well maybe these secret patriots can assist Sheriff Arpaio in expediting the procedures to eliminate the Usurper currently known as Barry Sotero..C'mon, we all know who faked these docs, we all know we're being truly railroaded and conned here. We want America back!!!!

motomojo said...

I love the way there is never any time frame for any of this stuff.
Soon, Sometime in the near future,
Right around the corner, etc...
yeah right more BS from folks who I am sure have a new book or video or something they want you to buy and amazingly enough there will be hundreds falling for this BS and filling old Ben and Davids bank accounts with plenty of loot.

Oh yeah when all these (good) Illuminati do not do even one thing these clowns have predicted you can bet they already have the excuses lined up and the next lie buttered up and ready for you to swallow to forget about this lie... of course it will be in a new book or video you will need to purchase.
seems it's permanent nap time in amerika the land where stupidity rules the day.

Anonymous said...

The author here says "in nature, every action has an equal and opposite reaction." I guess the conclusion to drawn be from such a ridiculous premise is that ultimately neither progress nor regression is possible.

Anonymous said...

Fulford may suffer a few inaccuracies, but to call him phony is not realistic. He knew about the cause of the tsunami in Japan, has broken open many stories later confirmed true, and actually has a little clout. When I approached the Japanese embassy in Mexico City, they let me in on his word alone, with NO ID check, no scanner, NO QUESTIONS ASKED. IF he was BS that would have NEVER happened.

I doubt the million ninja thing, but from what I have seen Fulford is about 70% accurate, which is a fair shade better than the likes of CNN and FOX!

Fulford actually does have a few insider ties,

I hope this is all real.

motomojo said...

And on a humorous note the title
"Secret Freedom Fighters Working to Unseat the New World Order"
reminded me of and old Carlin quote.

"Well, if crime fighters fight crime and fire fighters fight fire, what do freedom fighters fight? They never mention that part to us, do they?"
- George Carlin

Anonymous said...

Hahaha! And you believe this "secret plan" that is now being let out in advance to the general public?

Can you spell "d.i.s.i.n.f.o.r.m.a.t.i.o.n. o.p.e.r.a.t.i.o.n."?

There are quite a few MAJOR holes in this "story" (disinformation campaign). But the real purpose of letting us peons in on the "scoop" is to encourage the rest of us to do nothing while we wait for our "secret rescue".

What crap. It stinketh and should be shit-canned.

I agree with the other disbelievers here (including noting the endless stream of b.s. spewed forth by Sorcha Faal) -- do not believe one word of this garbage. Why you even bothered to post this crap is the real wonder -- why would you do such at thing?

Are you really so desperate for readers and commentators as to bother putting up this kind of absolute garbage? If so, shame on you.

This is what I really HATE about the so-called truth movement -- you people are so unbelievably side-tracked and misled with false flags, false stories, rumors, and absolute bullshit crap. Mix that in with misguided "patriotism" (paper worship), religious indoctrination and rumor-mongering b.s., and you're all worse then useless. My 12 year old daughter is smarter then most of you put together -- she doesn't believe any of this crap and neither do I.

Your IDIOTS. And I mean true morons, easily misled and misguided into believing the most outrageous, unverifiable crap. No wonder this "movement" resembles my morning visit to the lavatory.

Either start posting something actually USEFUL or lose this reader forever.

Hugh said...

Christopher Story desserves much of the credit for unraveling this multi-faceted, complex crimes against humanity. In fact, he may have paid the ultimate price for his journalistic integrity, his life. Controlled opposition he's not.

Scroll down and begin reading the December 28th report.

Whiskey Six said...

Yeah this is a psyop. 'Neural Linguistic Programming'. You don't need violence to get justice...use the legal system to separate the States from the Federal Government. Yeah right. Just sit on the couch while the 'white hats' handle everything for you. Brilliant. Don't fall for it...keep stacking guns, bullets, beer and silver. When they come to frog march you off to the FEMA camp, you'll know the White Hats are just the PR department of the Black Hats and you'll know what to do.

Anonymous said...

There is only one guy in a white hat fighting for our freedom, RON PAUL .

Anonymous said...

People, focus. Here it is. Are you being stalked, harassed, chemtrailed or mind controlled? Can't figure out what is going on? This is what they are doing, and this is how they do it. Open your eyes.

mocschnell said...

First people I thought we were suppose to be the ones who believed in Freedom. So don't get annoyed if someone wishes to take this to heart,but as another commenter said wisely true or false never let your guard down. I have been involved in the movement for 30 years now, and believe me I have heard it all. None of us know what is going to happen from one day to the next. The thing we all do know is things are getting worse,and we need each other to get through it. Take everything with a gran of salt, if this were to happen wow,and if not so what we go on doing what we're doing to be prepared for a reckoning.

Anonymous said...

Bewildering ignorance and wishful thinking.

You know what is wishful thinking? To think that only a few people in the world are evil.

The vast majority of people in the west are, evil or not, stupid. And stupid is MORE dangerous than evil.

No, the enemy of mankind isn't the "elite". The enemy of mankind is people.

Anonymous said...

"Free" and "truthful" sites as this are always afraid of comments, which have always to go through approval while corporate information sites like CNN do NOT apply this censorship.

These sites are way less truthful than

People are stupid and unhonest. Most of them except a minority.

Johnny Genlock said...

Championship Wrestling with a New Age Touch. That's what I think of Wilcock and Fulford. Sad thing is someone behind the scenes believes there is a market for this Punch and Judy show.

Anonymous said...

Anyone else see the Fulford intv with family friend David Rockefeller where Ben looks like a cowed, fawning boy in the presence of a VIP? Or the one with he and P2 Masonic Lodge Grand Master Leo Zagami trying to convince viewers to sign on to the 'good' version of the Masonic NWO? The Zagami one has disappeared but the memory is clear. Hegelian stroke: the bad guys out by the White Dragons to 'save' us- but they're also, still Dragons...

Anonymous said...

Goddamn!! sombody has to save us!!

Anonymous said...

Consider what we know. Consider what we don't know. Do we know based on what we feel inside to be true, or what the contrived matrix and others TELL us is true? Look within for the answers; do not rely on the illusion that surrounds our shell. It does not matter what color 'hats' are worn or what 'order' (new or old) is "on the way." We ARE the way--Now.

Anonymous said...

If this is so secretive, why then have you published this article for ALL to see?

I live in hope they will bring the bad guys down, but won't be holding my breath.

Mike Land said...

While this information stretches credulity to the limit logic dictates that yes, there are more good guys than bad ones in the military and police forces. The bad guys became too confident and went too far with 9/11, the illegal wars and trillion dollar bailouts.

It is equally incredible to believe that good guys in positions of power would sit by and do nothing. Also reasonable is to believe their reaction would be well legal, well planned, and total.

As far as leaking information concerning a secret plan, thus not keeping it secret, think about it. Only those of us with our "ear to the tracks" will give the story any credibility, and when it takes place we become the voices of reason. It becomes our duty to lend credibility to what will seem like an overthrow of a legitimate incumbency.

If Wilcock and others are full of bullshit, then we can give freedom a final goodbye kiss. The noose around its neck is that tight.

Anonymous said...

Yeah....a real secret plan. Ha,Ha..It`s not like "the powers that be,"wouldn`t be reading this crap too. Oh yeah, the part about "there are very few evil people in the world" made me laugh. The truth is, there are very few "good" people in the world.....with the u.s being the worst

Virtual said...

Ha! If you people actually believe there is a secret good guy group inside the Pentagon, I have some beach front property in Nevada you might be interested in.

If there was such a group, Barack Barry Setoro plant Obama would be in chains or dead by now. So would the last 3 living President traitors. When I see that happen, I'll believe it. Until then, you'd be a fool to believe this bullshit.

Anonymous said...

It sounds alot like they are SHEEP! being led to the SLAUGHTER! REMEMBER only a HIGHER LOVE can truly save us, not man. Is it not possible that these" do gooders" might FIX THINGS then the real " ANTICHRIST" comes and doops ( the blind ones)
Whoever or wehatever that term really means, But it is universal.

Anonymous said...

I believe it, those that don't should listen to Lindsey Williams where he tells all about the elites plans to kill us off. So far that have done a good job of controlling our minds. Then look at the symbols all over America, start with the Denver Airport, then go to the Georgia Stone, then listen to Drunval Melchizedek's video Birth of a New Humanity. We didn't fall we were pushed and controlled thru religion, education and of course the fiat money. Also you might like to know if they fail we all die. Wake up and do some reading. Start with anicent history, that is how I first found out the bible and the religion they gave us is a lie. All of our history is a lie. Just like 911.

I am Sancho said...


Dena said...

I'm glad to see somebody's tryingto do something. I love thatwe are doingthis the right way too. That's what needs to be done in the first place. To I am Sancho all I can say is that it beats nothing, living under satanic rule and not followingthe RULE OF LAW! Which is actually going to WORK despite what oyu think. We need to realize that Mr. Obamam can "try" to do what he darn well pleases but it's up to us to take action and do something because if we don't do this NOW we're all dead and I for noe would prefer to have somebosy actually get involved and do something to help make things better. Yes sin is a big cokmponent here, but it is at a point withthe people we are talking about that DON'T CARE ABOUT US! I submit to you Michael Jackson was DEFEINTELY RIGHT ABOUT THIS! wE EITHER DO SMOETHING NOW OR WE ARE DEAD! His religious beliefs have nothingto do withthis, he was KNOWLEDGEABLE ABOUT WHAT WAS GOING ONAND WAS TRYINGTO WARN HIS FANBASE The fact he barely had a fanbase in the U.S. tells you how destructive the NWO and the Illuminati were over here are the time during the early '90's and even before they went public. Now they have to hurry to do what they were plotting and planning nad now everybody nkows and the RULE OF LAW is best when it comes tothe Occultists and criminal elements out there and we need ot stop evil at every turn.

Anonymous said...

These secret freedom fighters wouldn't be of the lizard, inter-galactic or invisible kind, will they? Cause if they are, then, I need to grab my tinfoil hat before I can proceed to read the contents of this article.

Anonymous said...

LOL @ the comment from Anonymous April 3, @ 8:26 a.m. Gotta love religionists! So, so blind. The only thing religion is good for is a good laugh.

Claire said...

So you like the plan where nothing changes but the names at the top? Since Benjy told you they are WHITE hats, you are confident they will be good and benevolent TYRANTS? All this technology, I wonder how much these new GOOD guys will charge us for it? You are being set up to fall for the next sweet talker in line for the throne to "King of the World" and I am really saddened to see you snookered by someone as obviously shilling as Fulford. ANyone who tells you the plan is to sit tight while your hero rescues you is NOT your ally.
Learn aquaponics, learn to feed y ourself and your family. There, I have done more to free you than Fulford ever will. You will probably ignore what I said, I don't have the flair for the dramatic that Benjy does. Oh well, your loss.

not anyonymous said...

Lots of negativity in the comments. What is that about, I wonder? I rarely ever read a post I don't altogether agree with and then proceed to spend my time posting about how much I disagree. Leads me to believe most of those negative posts are people who want to believe it, but are in denial. Open your mind, if you can. Truth is stranger than fiction, so they say.

Anonymous said...

allright AP, approve this comment or not I don't care.

one more bullshit psyops article like this and I'm deleting you guys from bookmarks.

NO ONE is going to save us, get this through your thick skulls. no new age aliens, no secret societies, no government people, no one.

you are losing serious readers with articles like this, unless you're another psyops disinformation front.

and no, approving this comment won't show that you're not one. at least not to the aware.

Semi-Anonymous said...

@ not anonymous @ April 3, 2012 2:14 PM -

I think everyone with a heart wants it to be true as to avoid unnecessary bloodshed and destruction is only a natural desire of good people.

The problem is that our society is so bad now because they have made a living telling people what they WANT to hear and doing the exact opposite.

Hence the deserved skepticism.

Often times if it is too good to be true it simply is too good to be true.

Anonymous said...

You are all puppets; only I possess the truth

Dawah said...

White Hat, Red Hat, Tin Hat.

Search Imran Hosein, get away from conjecture and disinformation. Rothschild et al are not the top of the pyramid.

Look at who the NWO are hell bent on destroying and begin to ask yourself why.

Anonymous said...

We are the ones we are waiting for!

Anonymous said...

`what would be the point of leaking this if it was true?warning the nwo?
everything by this will cock makes my bs detector go off.....

Sylvian Knolls said...

Drake: A Male Duck
The Creator said one word to me: DECOY
This is a staged arrest by tptb to draw the whistleblowers out, thinking it's safe, only to be massacred! This galactic federation of light is working with the demonic realms and the fallen. This is the trifecta. They are going to pose as the good guys to save humanity.

It sounds exactly like the story that got the dragon family in trouble in the first place. Japan, bought and paid for by the rothchilds, harrasses and steals chinese gold. The chinese call the u.s. for help, also bought and paid for by the rothschilds, to come and secure their gold! How simple, how clever!

I researched the nanobot/chemtrail link from above. Life has become as ash in my mouth. The level of control is astonishing. This plane is crashing folks.


I am not anonymous, I am sylvian knolls. I am on facebook.

canobs said...

Wishful thinking___The coup made by the banks (privatized fed)on the affiliated government of Bush jr. and now Obama will never be punished, nor the crimes of the BushCheneyRumsfeld, or the non-respect of the constitution or Geneva convention_____Honesty depends on two conditions, the chances of being caught and the amount offered, Nobody will take the chance to end in jail for a few thousands dollars, BUT will shure take a chance for a few millions. With the amounts offered these days___Honest and uncorruptable people is now very difficult to find.

Dont Be Fooled said...

People, this is total bullshit.

There is no "good guys" or any of that nonsense that are going to "save" you.

Keep getting armed and trained.

We're on our own, period.

Stay neutral on any actions taken against these psychos as well.

Benjamin Fulford is part of the same cabal, all of the idiots are.

There's one million inside the United States, not 3000 central bankers to start with...

They all are frauds, and their lies are why we made a Federal Reserve to start with.
See that yet?

They're all the same communists, leeching off the Fed & "good" people have long since expired: replaced with greedy, squabbling slaves to the Fed.

Prepare for government collapse as it may be a requirement to hold a constitutional convention...

Anonymous said...

the change you describe is on the horizon, yet not in the manner set in this false flag story of the "good guys rushing to save the day". time is the peoples allie, real power rest in the hands of those that dont even reconize it "yet" the world has seen phase 1 with out so much as a blink, phase 2 will have both eye's blinking. await....

Anonymous said...

If you belive in a Outside Heroic force that wil rescue us, you are a drulling idiot.

The fu.. truth is that WE must walk that walk. The grand ilution of the religious drivel about a divine entety is just that, bullshitt.

Galactic whatever is even more packed with bull and the Niburu is the absolut topp of the shittlist, with forgerys so lame and stupid that one has to wonder, do anyone realy belive this.

The sad part is that this is just another way of puching our selfresponecebility to ACT at others.

Well, if they came, you may bend over, I will not.

Anonymous said...

So far I do not see any evidence that supposed "White Hats" are having any effect.

Those creating this fake reality have not missed a step as far as I can tell. The fake events and news continues unabated. I can rest assured every day that there will be fake lone gunmen stories, fake pilot gone crazy stories, fake boats sinking and killing people, fake Syria and middle east stories, and the sham that is the presidential election among others.

I have to say that I am impressed how many fake events the perps pull off. I'm in awe how they are able to do it. A lot of this had to of been planned years in advance.

I agree with a number of the other commenters that this is disinfo. We are like the frog put in the pot and the flame has been going for a while. We are sensitized, distracted, and overwhelmed at the same time.

We have to realize that the perps anticipate those of us in the opposition. Many of the people that seem to lead the movement are actually saboteurs taking us off course and giving false hope.

I think the best way that we can overcome the bad guys is by connecting with other enlightened people in our own community. There are lots of us that are smart who can figure this out.

If you are like me you have had enough and your ready to fix it.

Anonymous said...

a lot of you are misunderstanding. it is not the so-called "ufo cult" or the white hats who are enacting this plan, but a resistance organization with the aid of the military.

Anonymous said...

okay I'm waiting and I'm on standby

Anonymous said...

Any action that promises minimal disruption is bullshit. If you dont cause disruption in the resistance of the nwo, you can damn sure bet they will cause disruption to defend against you. The fight for or against the nwo will be long and very bloody. There is no way to fight anything without violence. It is coming, people. Might as well get prepared for it. Like it or not. You have few choices. Either conform to their will and probably die, take up arms and fight with those of us that revolt and probably die, or sit back and take neither side and definitely die. Will you live on your knees as a slave, or die on your feet as a free man?

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