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Remember Who You Are: Writing Contest

Madalena Costa
Activist Post

I decided to participate in this writing contest, not because of the prize there is to win. I intend to be at the Wembley Arena on the 27th October and I don’t mind paying for it. I consider a privilege to share the same space with Mr. David Icke, especially at an event that is going to ignite the memory of our long-forgotten past.

I’m participating in this contest because I feel like sharing my own truth and opinion about this Man’s incredible journey.

I got in touch for the first time with David Icke’s work on the summer of 2008, when I watched on YouTube his presentation at the Brixton Academy 2006: “Freedom or Fascism”.

I had been following my own spiritual path since 1998, one that led me to be initiated in Reiki and in a Hermetical Order. So everything I heard from Mr. Icke was no surprise, except for the reptilian part. All my life I had been feeling that there was some kind of evil force ruling the events on this planet, but I couldn’t figure out what it was, until I heard him. And suddenly it all made sense....

I started devouring his presentations and interviews on the Internet and I was moved to tears when I watched “The Turning of the Tide”, from 1996. What a presence, so enlightened, but still so human. In his own words, Infinite Consciousness experiencing itself in a physical body.

I was at the Brixton Academy in May 2010 at the event “Human Race Get Off Your Knees” and the energy was so amazing that I decided to repeat in Lisbon in October the same year. Since I’ve been following David Icke’s work I come across three major arguments from his debunkers that tend to discredit his lifetime investigations. I will enumerate and comment on them as follows:

1 – “He claimed to be the Son of God”.

So what? Haven’t all Christians been told in Sunday school that we all are children of God? Isn’t he living the same kind of experience Jesus Christ did? David Icke is a revolutionary proposing a new form of thought that defies the establishment, and he’s getting abused and ridiculed for it. Sounds familiar? History is always repeating itself as long as there are people who are ready to crucify those who come with a message of love and freedom for mankind. Plato’s Allegory of the Cave at its best.

Anyone who has been through a spiritual awakening, and we are so many now and growing by the hour, starts vibrating in a whole new frequency that leads us to follow our intuition and heart. Doing this, we realize that the path has already been set up and we just have to follow the clues and coincidences, and guess what? Miracles happen! We feel guided, we feel we’ve been chosen, we feel like…sons and daughters of God! At this time of mass awakening, if you haven’t felt like this yet, you should start worrying. You are behind schedule and might not make it in time for the shift.

2 – “If everything he’s telling is true how come he’s still alive?”

Same old formula: “A good prophet is a dead prophet”. So, in order for you to believe him he has got to be killed. “Crucify him! Crucify him!” Sound familiar? 2000 years later you have learned nothing yet. Are you claiming for the blood of an innocent? And what if he gets killed? Are you going to cry over his dead body, found a new religion based upon his sacrifice and start it all over again? This is just another proof that David Icke is right. We are trapped in a time loop, repeating again and again the same behaviour patterns, until we step out of this vicious circle embodying a new attitude.

But there’s a simple explanation for the fact that he’s still alive. When he started his journey 20 years ago, he was so ridiculed that he posed no threat to anyone. To eliminate him now that he is a living legend, with thousands of followers all over the world, would confirm every single word he has been saying all along. The Illuminati are not that stupid. It’s just common sense. David Icke is untouchable, protected by his own path.

3 – “A reptilian race manipulating the events on this planet? Where are they? On the Moon?!”

Do you want to see reptilians? Just open an illustrated Bible. Can you see Eve in the Garden of Eden, standing by the Tree of Knowledge, being tempted by the Serpent? You can go as well to a catholic church and look at the image of the Virgin Mary with a snake coiled around a crescent moon at her feet. Or the Archangel Michael holding the sword in his hand, defeating the Dragon.

Serpents, Snakes and Dragons…What to these figures have in common? Exactly…They are reptilians!

This religious iconography and Mr. David Icke are telling us one and the same story. The story of our long forgotten and traumatic past. How could we have survived our Fall from Grace (the Schism in his own words) into the slavery of the Ego if it hadn’t been for our amnesia? David Icke is telling us a modern version of the same old story. This information that is buried deep down our collective unconscious is passing from generation to generation through these symbols and archetypes.

Yes, the reptilians do exist, they are a product of our sick, divided and fractured minds and we allow them their physical existence because that’s how powerful our minds are. Powerful enough to project and create outside what we carry inside. Reptilians are the so called Archons, the demons who pollute our minds, feeding off our energy, low emotions and fear.

The best way to defeat the Dragon is to acknowledge its existence and then raise our vibration. In the higher realms of Consciousness Archons have no power. It’s just a choice between Love and fear. And remember: You are Infinite Consciousness.

THANK YOU, Mr. David Icke. We owe you our awakening and our freedom.

See you at the Wembley Arena. Let’s ignite the memory of our past and regain our

Madeira Island, Portugal, 15th April 2012

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Joe ~S~ said...

David is a special person, no doubt about it. His work has opened my eyes to the point where they're almost falling out of my head!

But hey, such is the reality in which we live; it's crazy out here!

Funny thing about the reptiles running the show and people not understanding how that could be, when they themselves have a brain that is part mammalian and part reptilian but they call themselves mammals is comical.

Who was it that said "Let us make man in our image, in our likeness!"

I would even go so far as to say the "original sin" we're all said to be born with is the R Complex itself! Without it, maybe we'd just be mammals, no fight, no flight, living just right!

When you point out the obvious such as the references in the biblical writings and in pictures and art and people still don't see it, it's because they aren't ready to shake their core beliefs on the matter.

When the research is done and you find that there are many stories handed down through the ages from virtually all of the indigenous people around the world about a time before the moon, the deluge, a time when the sky looked very different, you understand why the Brits when around the world killing and enslaving the shamans, and all others who carried in their hearts the true history of our planet.

They needed to wipe the slate before rewriting the story. People have just been told the same story over and over again through the ages to the point where now it is the accepted tale according to the main-streamers.

David's friend Credo is a shining example of a knowledge keeper that slipped through their fingers.

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