Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Real Cost of the Australian Carbon Tax

Andrew Puhanic, Contributor
Activist Post

On July 1, 2012, the Australian Government will introduce a Globalist-backed carbon tax. The carbon tax will begin at a fixed price of $23 per tonne of carbon dioxide emitted into the atmosphere.

Cloaked by the lies and deception of the science that has persuaded the Australian Government that climate change is real, the Globalists have now began to change the fundamental structure of the booming Australian economy. The real cost of a carbon tax on the Australian economy and how it will affect Australian families directly was hidden by the Globalists and the Australian Government when they were selling the carbon tax to the Australian public. Now that Australia is about to introduce a Globalist carbon tax, Australian businesses have begun to change the way they do business in Australia and this is now impacting ordinary Australians.

Firstly, the immediate impact of a carbon tax will be felt by charitable organizations. The Salvation Army, one of Australia’s largest charitable organizations, has revealed that a carbon tax will cost them an additional $3.5 million dollars and that this could impact on the services they provide to about 300,000 people a year of which includes emergency accommodation and drug and alcohol counseling.

Secondly, to make matters even worse for charitable organisations and ordinary Australians, electricity companies are refusing to tell struggling families and businesses exactly how much the carbon tax will add to their power bills.

The Australian federal government estimates electricity prices will increase by up to 10 per cent when the tax kicks in on July 1, 2012, however there have been reports that electricity prices will in fact increase by up to 20% and more.

In Canberra, the cost of electricity is set to increase by about $244 per household, or almost 20 per cent, with the Federal Government’s carbon tax making up more than 75 per cent of the jump.

Thirdly, and even more disturbing, is the fact that the introduction of this ;Globalist-backed carbon tax will make Australia one of the most uncompetitive countries in the world. At the moment, Australian business already pay 130 percent more for electricity than Canadians, according to new research, which will rise to 250 percent once the carbon tax and locked-in price increases take effect. The average New South Wales household’s annual cost for electricity would fall from $1700 to less than $700 if their prices were the same as in Canada.

Finally, not only will the cost of living go up; the cost of doing business in Australia will go up and result in a nation-wide wage freeze. It has been recently reported that the Australian Industry Group (AIG) has asked Fair Work Australia (Australia’s workplace industrial tribunal) to restrict the next rise in the minimum wages to $14 a week, less than the rate of inflation. There are also many unconfirmed reports that negotiations between employees and employers in large Australian corporations (Telstra, BHP and Rio Tinto for example) have already begun to factor in the cost of the carbon tax for their next set of enterprise agreements.

So where is the Australian Government receiving most of its advice about the supposed effects of climate change, and why Australia needs a carbon tax? The supposed “authoritative” voice comes from a man named Tim Flannery, who is Australia’s Chief Climate Commissioner. Tim Flannery, a self-proclaimed Globalist and another supporter of global government, was appointed to the position of Chief Climate Commissioner only because he shares the same misguided beliefs about climate change as does the leader of the Australian Greens party Bob Brown (Self proclaimed globalist and supporter of global government) and the leader of the Australian Labor party, Julia Gillard.

Unbelievably, Tim Flannery has been caught on record exaggerating the supposed effects of climate change. Over the past 5 years, he has been recorded as saying: (Remember, this man is advising the Australian Government about issues pertaining around climate change)
  • “Picture an eight-storey building by a beach, then imagine waves lapping its roof.” (The Age, 2006)
  • “Anyone with a coastal view from their bedroom window, or their kitchen window, or wherever, is likely to lose their house as a result of that change, so anywhere, any coastal cities, coastal areas, are in grave danger.” (WWF interview, 2007)
  • “I think there is a fair chance Perth will be the 21st century’s first ghost metropolis. Its whole primary production is in dire straits.” (The Sydney Morning Herald, 2004)
  • “The water problem is so severe for Adelaide that it may run out of water by early 2009.” (Jetstar magazine, 2008). Adelaide’s water storages are now 53 per cent full.
What future does the Australian economy have and how can we expect the Australian people to continue to prosper when one of the most influential Australian Globalists, Tim Flannery, is advising the Australian Government about climate change and why Australia needs a carbon tax?

There has also been debate though the community that the introduction of a carbon tax might be unconstitutional. According to the Institute of Public Affairs (IPA), the introduction of a carbon tax may actually be unconstitutional because carbon dioxide emissions are state property which can’t be taxed by the Commonwealth Government of Australia. They claim that the Commonwealth Government of Australia can’t impose a carbon tax and related penalties within the same piece of legislation nor use the external affairs powers of the Australian constitution.

All Globalist-backed carbon tax initiatives should only be regarded as transfer payments from your pocket to the pockets of the Globalist elite, large corporations and government. A carbon tax will not make one single digit of improvement to global air quality, climate change (if its real) and will make any country that adopts a carbon tax uncompetitive and destined to fail.

If your federal or local government is about to introduce a carbon tax, get them to look at how much it is going to affect the Australian economy and don’t stay silent on the issue.

Andrew Puhanic is the founder of The Globalist Report, a website designed to provide you with the information you need to make informed decisions and understand world events and how they affect you. The Globalists, and those who support world government, can only be halted when their plans for world domination are made public.  You can contact Andrew directly at Andrew @ The Globalist Report.


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Anonymous said...

As an Australian it should be noted after reading this piece that the Gillard Government (current federal government), is heading for electoral oblivion at the next elections. The prime minister Juliar Gillard (now known as JuLiar), is grossly unpopular, has been proven in many instances to be a liar and fraud and will be noted in Australian political history as the PM that destroyed not only the federal labor party but also demonstrated how corrupt, ignorant and arrogant a governemtn can be.
On the positive side it wll also demonstrate the power of the people by the destruction of this political party by the voters.
For those that dont know the PM stated only days before the last election in very clear concise language that "I will not introduce a carbon tax", this statement alone led her to claim victory and come to power.
It goes to show how some people will do anything for power.

Anonymous said...

This is nonsense!

Anonymous said...

JuLiar's carbon tax is the biggest scam of the 21st century. In the mean time, China just built another coal fired plant while I was writing this.

Anonymous said...

>As an Australian it should be noted after reading this piece that the Gillard Government (current federal government), is heading for electoral oblivion at the next elections.<
And the next bunch of crooks will come to power, right?

Freedom Fighter said...

So the Liebour Party is out at the next election. Will the incoming party repeal the Zionist-NWO-One-World-Government-Communist carbon tax?

I don’t think so. The devil remains in power, only his mask is changed.

Australians deserve this anyway. They spend all their spare time watching children’s games like footy and cricket and are incapable of real political thought and analysis. The ancient Greeks coined the term “idiot” for one who was incapable of contributing to or understand ideology, i.e. politics. IOW, Australians are just idiots.

Anonymous said...

What a joke, its a round robin exercise in futility
The Govt takes money from the electricity company, the electricity company passes that on to the consumer, the govt gimes "some" of the tax back to the consumer, who gives it to the electricity company.
The only change, is money changing hands, with the govt skimming a bit out for themselves.
Keeping in mind Australias projected population growth will wipe out any carbon "savings" this tax allegedly makes.
The labour party no longer exists in queenland, they lost the state election so badly they no longer qualify as a political party.
Bring on the next federal election, and we'll bury them in canberra too. RIP the ALP

Bernie of Melbourne said...

Hey Freedom Fighter, please not one brush for all. I'm an Aussie and I hate footy and cricket (and golf as well).

One correction to the article however. Gillard does not believe in AGW, or so I've deduced. She's just a gutless twit with zero principles and cares only about holding on to power. She's stuffed up everything she's touched, she lies routinely and never answers a straight question.

This carbon tax is the height of insanity yet she always presents it as a doorway to a great big beautiful new clean-energy world. And we're stuck with this idiot for another eighteen months.

Anonymous said...

Hey Freedom Fighter: Re your comment Australians are idiots. Pull your head in. What have you ever fought for....a place closer to the McDonalds counter? Stop the big talk and do something about the NWO if you are that worried about it.

Anonymous said...

Hey Freedom Fighter,

There are only 22+ million Aussies out there and they are pretty good at a few things.

If your reading this on a devise that has WiFi, then you have to thank the team at the CSIRO in Australia.

Now back to the post... I think Bernie of Melbourne has said it perfectly "This carbon tax is the height of insanity". Only insane politicians and their "crazy moral beliefs" would concoct such a crazy scheme.

Anonymous said...

Nolan's transport (last years "Business of the Year" award winner) in Gatton, Queensland is one of Gillard's 500 companies earmarked to pay the $23 per ton. They have been deemed to be responsible for 144,700 odd tons of carbon in one year. This would amount to a payment over $3.3 million per year and would break the company along with their 265 employees. Their contracts could easily then go to smaller transport operators who do not pay the levy (those under 25000 tons)and exactly the same amount of carbon would be produced. This is just another example of the stupidity of this Labour Govt.

Don't scoff Bob Katter Australians!He is a politically hardened passionate patriot who will stop the carbon tax, CSG fracking, and restore our farms just for starters. READ HIS POLICIES! We have been watching USA GOP electoral fraud and seen Juliar and Obama walk arm in arm. We need Bob Katter like the US needs Ron Paul.

Anonymous said...

Let’s face it, if our country was not full of mindless sheeple, maybe we would have a Government for the people.
But unfortunately, we are doomed, to slavery, led by power hungry cretins;
So-by the time the ankle grabbers wake up, it will be too late;
As the majority of Australians only think of themselves, not of the future they are leaving there children. Just-SHEEPLE.

Anonymous said...

Ju--liar will get an absolute flogging at the next federal election. Yes Tony Abbot ( opposition leader ) has declared that his Gov't will repeal the Carbon Tax when elected. Bye Bye Ju--liar.

Anonymous said...

It is interesting that big business will not print the carbon tax component, and that somehow the big business 'compensation' does NOT translate to predicted increases but huge yearly increases, compounding.

The debate here - its whether the steel industry will close down - as it must with this tax.

Fine then. I will buy a LNG or uranium oxide micro generator from China and sell the power to myself to avoid the 'game' .

Right now, the big players don't see that the alternatives are looking good.

Joe Gause said...

I feel sorry for you mates. You're blazing the trail toward your own ruin. I hope your unfortunate demise will guide us less intelligent souls toward a different course.

Anonymous said...

I think that the Ctax is deliberately designed to bring down the only economy to survive the GFC, and ANY sacrifice - including political parties - will be made to achieve it. Co2 is only 2% of the atmosphere, and only 2% of that 2% is man-made CO2. And Australia only contributes 2% of the 2% of the 2%. BTW there is NO scientific definition that states that CO2 is a pollutant. But taxing "Carbon" is a great way to tax Nature isn't it !? Viva revolution !! Let the games begin.

Anonymous said...

The Australian Government are the People I dont think the Australian Government where advised the Administration and the handlers were told this is what you do dont ask the people (legal Government) just do as your told and everything will be okay you will still be able to rob them and thats alright Please support the Money Machine there running behind schedule they need another Trillion beforte they start the next Economic Destructive War on The Slaves (People) of The Planet

Anonymous said...

The carbon tax component as i believe for electricity will be on every bill. We need to stand as one unit and all refuse to pay this crippling tax. If we all stand together and refuse to pay the power companies will not have the guts to cut us all off. The problem though is apathy the biggest disease of the 20th and 21st century for humanity. We are fractured and most people do not have the will to stand agianst this sort of agenda. I urge all people of nations to oppose this and refuse to comply, but we must do this on mass. They whoever they are want us divided

Anonymous said...

Have any of you actually read the bill? This person is making claims without any sources or references to parts within the bill.

Don't make fun of people who watch sports and other tv when this article doesn't even reference its claims.

Get educated and READ IT

Aussie Mal said...

The idiots in the Labor Party are match by the idiots in the other parties. Tony Abbott is very unlikely to repeal the illegal law. However this idiotic idea did not originate with politicians, but with the criminal global zionists, who will make bigger fortunes if these tax credits become global.

ozspeaksup said...

no ones mentioned that the LIAR also made it Illegal..yup..for ANY business to advertise a price rise due to the carbon tax..
fines of some crazy amount like a million for anyone daring to tell the truth.
and while powers gone up for me to double in just 4 years, we have the state of Victoria deciding, against its own attorney generals advice, to go ahead with Mandatory Smart meter roll outs. hidden costs there of 100 for installing meters + an extra 80+ a year on fees and charges, PLUS the cost to all the providers to buy /run masses of new computers to handle the incoming 30 min data packets.
a small list of Labor screw ups.
KRudd ratified KYOTO,
that allowed greendictatorship to make farmland with any young/ regrowth trees subject to govt controls over use. cant graze,use it, but you pay the land taxes anyway. for NO result what so ever.
the LIAR whiteanted KRudd.
then we got imported pink batts and housefires and rorting.
then imported solar panels and wind turbines also rorted and subsidised and doing naff all in truth for power or saving anything.
and while turbines shred rare birds..they dont seem to get sparrows or starlings:-(
people in debt to buy solar systems that wont last as long as the debt.promised well over the price of supplied power costs, then find out the subsidys lowered, (serves them right) but the debts still there..
the biggest gainers of Carbon Lies are the banks they! get the trading profits and the debt accrues to us all.

pity we handed our guns over:-(

tony abbott would not Dare! to not repeal all the insane carbon lies.
repeals of a lot of the green insanities are a priority..if they do not?
might just be the revolution aus has needed for some time.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad someone in the comments mentioned fracking.

Cause if that doesn't stop nobody will be around to pay $23 a ton for this global terrorist carbon tax.

Perhaps with NASA's latest condemnation of AGW it might just be the hammer needed to pound the heads of this GreenTarded BS.

That's not to say don't clean pollution or become independent of this "Stupid Smart Grid" Clean the pollution. Find the best batteries for your solar panel. Yeah, even I have now learned the nasty secret of solar, you need batteries to store the energy, EXPENSIVE batteries. A dollar a watt doesn't take into consideration the batteries or other electronics like voltage regulation, frequency and load control, grid tie, or just the copper wire.

Anonymous said...

In the US, our elections let us choose the "lesser evil" which then turns out to be the greater evil. I suspect you Aussies will have the same experience. I certainly hope not, since Australia is one of my favorite places.

Anonymous said...

but will JuLiar go to jail for her lies?...she should spend atleast 20 years in hard servitude for lying to the people.
all of her cronies should go to jail with her....let them lick her hands there!...and her arse!

Boldarn said...

Here is some education on WHY this is happening as it is all part of the endgame :

Will people wake up on mass before it's too late ?

Anonymous said...

We have had near or more than record rainfall across much of Australia recently. And the storage in that area only hit 53%?
We are one mega drought away from severe social and economic dislocation.
Flannery is right in this at least.
And what is worse, a globalist world.Gov where Australia is a minority shareholder and told what to do....or the current system, where Australia is a minority shareholder and told what to do by the US and Big Business? Frankly, from down here, it doesn't seem much different to me.
Drew from Oz.

Anonymous said...

People, we need to organise somehow. Sites like this one ( will make a carbon tax obsolete anyway, we just need to start manufacturing these deveices and forcing our governments to allow us to legally own them. We're getting close to critical mass where the people are getting pissed off enough that we may be able to unite and do something useful and productive. Stay informed, and keep fighting for freedom people, we still have the time!

Hans said...

Evil government is at work in Australia. Greens and Labor are cancers on the society and need to be cut out and destroyed. The 'scientists' are to be put into the mines by a 12 hr shift to work and not dream up on tax money salaries such crap.

ozspeaksup said...

as a follow up..Bob Brown the greens leader quit yesterday..which is good news.
his replacement Christine hard line green socialist and a gore ite to the hilt.
we won't be any better off:-(
the LIAR did the about face on Carbon tax to gain power as the votes were split and the greens vote support+ 3 bribed independants were all that got the LIAR into the seat.
Aus did NOT elect her at all
shes in power by default.
funny bob left Before the insane TAX which HE forced on us in the deal to support labor...why would that be:-) ??
and todays radio is pushing the "generosity" of the lying bas**rds who say we will be getting money handed out to us in May and June to prepare us for the raised costs..
ha ha ha ha, No Way will what they pay out be anywhere near the total hikes in everything.
they really DO think they can buy their way into favour..
WRONG, ms LIAR..we have long enough memories and the ongoing price hikes will refresh our Loathing of you and yours.

Jazzcat7 said...

It's wonderful living in Australia in many ways but when it comes to the "Climate Change" debate it's not easy. The media is extremely biased & will shoot down anyone who tries to question the science & not give them fair airing. People who question it are made to look stupid. There's a lot of bullying going on & a lot of deliberate propaganda.
Which makes it very difficult to discuss it socially even because people have been sold that rubbish.
Economically the country has been doing extremely well considering all that's been going on, but with this Carbon Tax the uncertainty is rising. I myself am struggling a bit at the moment as it is & I'm not excited at all about our electricity bills going up soon. It's going to send some people under I'm sure.

Julia Gillard can't be trusted but then so many people swallow the party line. The media pick their favourites when it comes to politics as well. I'm very suspicious about where the "carbon tax" money is going to go.

If you can at all avoid going down the road of a "carbon tax" then fight it.

I know here it will just make the poor, poorer.

Anonymous said...

It is good to see that the Gillard/Green Gov’t will achieve its role of reducing Australia’s carbon footprint quicker than anyone in the world could ever imagine.

Think about it, the Carbon Tax in conjunction with the Mining Tax These are the two pieces of legislation that not only will bring or economy to its knees but at the same time raise costs in all aspects of manufacturing.

Manufacturing / production requires two things, raw materials and electricity. One of the largest consumers of electricity outside of domestic is manufacturing and mining. Steel plants, aluminium smelters mining operations all require electricity and if you are a miner you have hit a double whammy Carbon tax and mining tax ! Lucky Lucky Lucky.

(As a side note I bring up mining tax for one very good reason, and it’s not that I am against tax, the ALL companies are required to pay tax on profits, and that is a good thing. Not only that but mining companies must also pay royalties to Australia for the raw materials they extract, this is also a good thing. If the Gov’t really wanted to do its part and give Australian’s a bigger slice of the mining boom then they should have changed the royalties structure, this would have achieved exactly the same result. Instead it introduced a tax which on the surface is only applicable to the mining sector but when you dig deeper can be used against any sector of manufacturing that profits from working in Australia i.e. Farming, manufacturing and yes any small business that has a building on Australian soil. While this is not the immediate aim of the legislation it can, and will, be massaged over time to achieve this goal. Face it, everybody hates those big companies that make millions of dollars so if they can all be singled out easily then no one would complain if they were taxed heavily would they? Oh I forgot, these are the companies that manufacture the raw materials for housing, dig up the copper that goes into making electrical cables and those pesky farmers that bring you all the fresh fruit, veg, milk and meat…..)

(as a side, side note, if no one has guessed already the Gillard Gov’t needs the mining tax desperately for one reason only, it’s the only way they could ever have expected to get the country back into surplus after they threw away the 26 Billion dollar surplus when they came into power ! This is why it’s so important to their Gov’t, no other reason. It would have taken too long to fiddle with royalties to achieve the same goal and this gives them future ability to increase the taxes scope in one fell swoop.)

I used to own my own company, I built it from the ground up and without any Govt help whatsoever, and I can say from experience that costs WILL go up dramatically. A a manufacturer you must look at the best way to minimise costs while trying to keep your head above water. I am not talking about the massive companies that make tens of millions of dollars a year (they have to as well) but those that make 10M or less a year and are scattered throughout the country to keep it running. Their raw material costs are going to go through the roof along with the price of electricity, fuel, water etc etc...and as a result some will be forced to closed their doors and move offshore while others will just simply shut down.

Part 1

Anonymous said...

Part 2

But this is not a bad thing, with the closing of more and more businesses will come the inevitable loss of jobs. With the loss of jobs will come the reduced interest (By those who used to work and are responsible people) in the little luxuries such as electricity, food etc. that we have all come to love and enjoy and as a result we will produce less carbon… win for everyone.

Here is a question you need to ask yourself, when has ANY Gov’t given you any money back (on mass) and not wanted triple back in return ???? The answer is never. Do you really think that any treasurer in their right mind would ever give back BILLIONS to the tax payer and not have a way to get it all back with interest? If you do then seek help…really , you need to right now.
I am all for clean living but we have a really big problem here, YES we need to reduce our carbon footprint, YES we should be lead the world by example but NOT AS A POLITICAL STUNT !! The reduction needs to be done in a sustainable way that does not destroy our economy. It takes careful planning and clear heads. I like many Australian’s have installed solar panels for power and solar hot water. I have also commissioned a 80,000L water tank so I do not use any water from the council. We produce enough electricity to 100% offset our power and also feed back into the grid. So tell me how many more Aussies are out there doing the same ? And of those that can’t afford to would in a heartbeat if the Gov’t made it easier ?

The issue of global warming is bigger than one tax that is intended to force “Big Companies” to be more efficient. The problem is the making of every single person on earth and it will take ALL of us to make a difference. Taxing for the solution is not the way to achieve the required outcome. Incentives (not cash incentives) are what should be used and more importantly EDUCATION. It is the next generation of people on this earth that will make the difference. If they are educated and have the incentives to work to a solution they will find one without destroying the country in the process. Australian engineers and researchers are the most sought after commodity around the world and receive the highest respect, Australia should be doing everything in its power to entice our best minds to stay and work here to solve our issues as well as the worlds needs.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous (April 17, 2012 11:06 AM)

Well said...

Government rarely return taxes. Once the carbon tax is introduced, its all over red-rover

Anonymous said...

The AUstralian LIEBER party. Well im sitting here in Melbourne,I'm freezing my tits off.Global warming should HURRY THE HELL UP,OR SHUT UP......98% of POLITICIANS ARE LAWYERS and Australia, is the only country on Earth where they are indemnified against workplace malpractise.....Foreign agents that have sworn an OATH of ALLEIGANCE to foreign country.B.A.R. British Accredited Registry.I can now see where and how the LIEBER CODE has come into effect in Australia and WHY the Politicians are getting away with all their LIES and DECEPTION. AUSTRALIA IS UNDER MARTIAL LAW.

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