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‘Rare variant’ of mad cow disease discovered in California, one of many mysterious cases this year

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Madison Ruppert, Contributor
Activist Post

For the first time since 2006, it has been announced that an American dairy cow in California has been found to be infected with mad cow disease, formally known as bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE).

The form of BSE found was a ‘rare variant’ which The Washington Post reports is “not generally associated with an animal consuming infected feed.” While unrelated to mad cow disease, there have been a number of mysterious viruses which have emerged this year including an incurable hand, foot and mouth disease strain (HFMD) in Vietnam which has already killed 19 children and a new mystery virus has resulted in the deaths of thousands of heads of livestock in Europe.

Similarly, an unidentified disease has killed over 20,000 chickens in Nepal and horses and cattle are dying in Maury County, Tennessee due to causes of death which “cannot be determined at this time.”

Detective Terry Chandler of the Maury County Sheriff’s Department said, “It is a mystery. We don’t know what happened.”

As previously mentioned these cases are not cases of BSE or linked in any way to the aforementioned California case as far as we know, however the sheer number of cases of mysterious diseases across the world over the past few months is odd indeed.

Please understand, I am not intending to draw spurious links for no reason, I am just pointing out that we are seeing a great deal of these strange deadly diseases spring up seemingly out of nowhere in locales across the globe.

According to government officials, the animal was not slaughtered for food so they say it poses no danger to humans.

However, that hasn’t reassured foreign nations like South Korea where one major retailer has already suspended sales of U.S. beef.

My guess is that they do not trust the word of U.S. government officials who have, over the years, proven themselves to be just about the most unreliable and untrustworthy people on earth.

After all, if we can’t trust the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to tell our first responders they need to wear protective gear when saving peoples’ lives, can we really trust our government to tell us when our food supply has been contaminated?

The federal government’s collusion with Monsanto (which produces dangerous genetically modified seeds and equally dangerous pesticides) makes me think the answer is a clear no.

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) – which oddly enough awarded a contract last year for 326,000 various rounds of ammunition – said that the infected cow never presented a risk to human health or our food supply.

The infected cow “was never presented for slaughter for human consumption, so at no time presented a risk to the food supply or human health,” USDA chief veterinary officer John Clifford told reporters, according to Press TV.

“There is really no cause for alarm here with regard to this animal,” he added.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) added that they have pledged to “work with the USDA to fully investigate the feed supply as part of the epidemiological investigation.”

Keep in mind, this is the same FDA which allegedly spied on whistleblowers for revealing that the FDA approves products which are potentially incredibly dangerous and harmful.

Oddly, even though it has been reported that the atypical L-type BSE found in this cow is not generally associated with infected feed, according to experts consumption of infected feed is the only way cows can get the disease under natural conditions.

“In view of what we know about BSE after almost 20 years experience, contaminated feed has been the source of the epidemic,” retired scientist from the National Institute of Neurological Diseases and Stroke Paul Brown told The Washington Post.

This is because BSE is, as far as we know, not caused by a microbe of any kind. Instead, it is caused by the prion protein of the brain being folded in an abnormal manner.

The prion protein is a normal constituent of tissues in the brain and elsewhere and if a disease variant of the protein enters the brain in one way or another, it can eventually cause all of the normal proteins to become misfolded as well.

Brown says that while it is theoretically possible for the disease to arise spontaneously, no such case has ever been recorded.

While the meat industry has used this case as an example of how rare BSE is and how the control measures in place work well, I see this as yet another case of a mysterious mutation of a virus or disease cropping up this year.

Hopefully the EPA, USDA, and FDA are all being truthful about the lack of danger posed by this, but honestly I don’t trust them enough to risk it at this point.

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Anonymous said...

Every time you hear a government official say they dont know or use the word "mysterious", they are LYING. They are creating these diseases to wipe out humans and the animals that humans consume for the coming extermination of most of humanity. They are doing it all because of the approaching Planet X. These are the end time pestilences and the end will be the same day as the next false flag to invade Iran when Russia, China and the SCO annihilate America, or the Mountains of Israel.

Anonymous said...

it's those evil banksters again... one day Mother Earth won't tolerate them anymore...

Gemma said...

It was 1922. In answering questions from the audience the gentleman talked about the need for a cow to have a vegetarian diet. This he said was what the animal needed for its health.

What he said next was startling. Remember this is before television.

He said that if you fed meat to a cow, it would become ill and its brain go spongy. He then went on to describing in some detail how the infectious elements went about their business, though he did not call them prions. They would not be "discovered" for another 75 years.

So in response to the anonymous, fearful writer above, it is quite possible for a government official not to understand what prions are, or what they do. They are shadowy, mysterious things that masquerade as innocent proteins in our body.

Nor were they invented by some government for malicious purposes. They are the result of treating animals as a commodity. Remember that many of the animals grown for food will have been sold by the farmer before they are even born. That is the futures market. They will have been sold on weight, not quality. The money will have a value but no worth. The animals are treated accordingly.

If you want healthy animals, you must respect their needs as animals. You cannot expect an animal to be healthy otherwise. It really is that simple. Treat an animal as a pack of steak and not as a cow - - - and the bitter end is BSE.

Anonymous said...

I quite agree; it's all part of the elites' plan to reduce human population by destroying the food source.

Anonymous said...

So how does Anonymous above know that these prions were not created in a lab? We KNOW that AIDS was. We KNOW that Lyme was created at Plum Island biowarfare lab. We also KNOW that the bird/spanish/pig flu was also created in a lab. The CDC told us they were digging up an Alaskan woman to retrieve the virus in 2004. Then a few years later, mutants of the same virus were released. We also KNOW that Baxter Pharmaceutical released a particularly deadly strain of it in Ukraine after we were warned by Israeli microbiologist Joseph Moshe. In my opinion, Anonymous above is either stupid or a government liar.

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