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More Government Crimes Against Schapelle Corby

Schapelle Corby
Simon Langford
Activist Post

A week ago, it emerged that the Australian Federal Police hold a secretly recorded conversation between two known criminals, discussing the collection of marijuana from Sydney airport on 8th October 2004. They have hidden the tape for seven years.

Why have they hidden it?

Because on 8th October 2004, a young woman travelled through Sydney to Indonesia. When she arrived, she found 4.2kg of marijuana in her bag. After a sham trial, in which the judge had never acquitted anyone in over 500 cases, she was jailed for 20 years.

She cried. She refused to make a false confession, whatever they threatened her with. She begged for airport CCTV tapes. She begged for fingerprinting. She begged for the marijuana to be DNA tested for source.

The Indonesians and the Australians refused it all, and provided nothing.

The Crimes of Government

But, behind the scenes, the Australian government had more, much more. Government emails published by The Expendable Project show that her bag was the only one not scanned at Sydney airport. That on the Qantas system, 5kg had been added to the weight of her bag after check-in. The list of eye-popping facts just goes on and on.

But they hid this information. All of it. They suppressed it.

Instead, they initiated a public opinion campaign against Schapelle Corby. Their media turned black into white, with relentless smears and proven fabrications:

They turned her own people against her. They buried her.


What else would it ever be? Commercial and self interest. Money.

The Commercial Prerogative 

Sydney Airport was newly privatised, and was headed by a colleague of the Prime Minister of the time, called Max Moore-Wilton. A scandal like this could have created commercial havoc for it, and would have terrified the public. But there was more. The Australian Federal Police, and New South Wales Police, were actually involved in much of the drug syndication, as subsequently revealed the Standen and Laycock corruption cases, amongst others.

Add a big dollop of Australian investment capital in Indonesia itself, and the wish to appease such a major regional power, and the deck were set from the start.

Schapelle Corby was never going to be allowed to come home. The Australian government knew she was innocent, but she was going to be convicted, vilified, destroyed, so that political and commercial self interest could prevail.

She was Expendable.

Even now, after eight years of mental deterioration, and two suicide attempts, the corrupt Australian regime and media continue to dig her grave. They continue to cover the crimes of their colleagues. They continue to murder an innocent woman.

The Expendable Project

But suddenly there is the slightest glimmer of light... and it comes in the form of a handful of anonymous people dotted around the world. It comes in the form of a three-year effort to research and document the case. It comes in the form of a not-for-profit film. And it comes from YOU.

The reports they have published damn the guilty. They name them and they shame them with their OWN emails and cables. They expose a criminal government. They expose the propaganda and lies of the Australian media. They expose the corruption of the Australian Federal Police.

The reaction by the media in Australia to these revelations?

The Expendable Project does not exist. There has been not a single column inch in any mainstream newspaper. Not a single reference by any broadcaster.

The government's emails and cables are totally hidden. The public cannot be allowed to see them.

The 35 facts below provide a clue why this is:

1. Schapelle Corby’s bags were 5kg overweight on the Qantas system, when she checked in without excess charge ($175). [Transit Report]

2. Neither Schapelle Corby or the court were ever TOLD that her bags were 5kg overweight on the Qantas system. [Supplementary Report]

3. AFP Commissioner Keelty told the media that there was no evidence of airport drug syndication two weeks before the verdict, when this was clearly, demonstrably and utterly false. [Transit Report]

4. Customs Minister Ellison withheld the vital information, that ONLY the boogie-board bag was not scanned, when Schapelle’s lawyer asked, TWICE. [Transit Report]

5. This information was hidden from Parliament, when direct questions were asked. It was withheld from the court. [Transit Report]

6. John Howard, and his friend, Head of Sydney Airport Corporation Ltd, Max Moore-Wilton, kept quiet about it, when they both knew. [Transit Report]

7. The AFP never investigated the reason for this missing screening data. [Transit Report]

8. Keelty, and the AFP, withheld all the other vital support evidence, including the information from the Kessing Reports. [Transit Report]

9. The AFP and DFAT demonstrably evaded the forensic tests Schapelle Corby begged for. [Mutual Evasion Report]

10. DFAT did not invoke the MACM treaty to obtain the sample of the marijuana which Schapelle begged them for, when they could have. [Mutual Evasion Report]

11. Ellison subsequently told a clearly false story about marijuana testing to a constituent. [Mutual Evasion Report]

12. The AFP and Qantas provided wholly contradictory stories about the missing CCTV footage Schapelle Corby pleaded for. [Transit Report]

13. The AFP told Parliament that they couldn't perform marijuana pollen tests, when they could, and indeed, had originally offered to perform them. [Mutual Evasion Report]

14. The AFP refused the services of a forensics expert, who was able to perform them. [Mutual Evasion Report]

15. Foreign Minister Downer and Prime Minister Howard endorsed the original Bali trial, when they were well ware of the multitude of legal and human rights abuses throughout. [Show Trial Report]

16. Ellison endorsed the burning of the evidence, when Schapelle Corby pleaded for it to be stopped. [Mutual Evasion Report]

17. DFAT have, de facto, endorsed and suppressed the ongoing documented human rights abuses of a mentally ill Australian citizen for seven years. [Health Report]

18. ACLEI, when forced to examine the AFP's role, were directly and demonstrably complicit with the AFP in producing a report which was an utter embarrassment to all parties [Whitewash Report]

19. A functionary, at the heart of the Howard regime when the above abuses occurred, was allowed to rubber stamp ACLEI's rubber stamp [Whitewash Report]

20. There a wholly unique flight delay pattern when Schapelle passed through Sydney airport, and whilst her bag was on the same baggage area as the Mocha Operation cocaine [Transit Report]

21. The government forced an Australian QC, Mark Trowell, on to Schapelle Corby, and then hide when he decimated her appeal by attacking her defence team to the media [Insider Report]

22. The precise role of Justice & Customs Minister Ellison, the QC’s long term friend, has never been explained [Insider Report]

23. When the QC subsequently admitted that he was working for the government, and not for Schapelle Corby, the government didn’t comment [Insider Report]

24. Downer and Howard publicly called a standard flour hoax a 'biological agent' and a 'murderous attack', when there was no evidence at all to suggest it wasn’t flour [PowderGate Report]

25. Neither of them said that the note included with the flour didn't mention Schapelle Corby, and was even written in Bahasa, when they promptly blamed it on her supporters [PowderGate Report]

26. Ellison did not alert all parties, to prevent the false (but support-wrecking) story from circulating around the world, when he was informed by email at 6:35pm [PowderGate Report]

27. The government seized Schapelle Corby's book royalties, when she was still in legal appeal in Indonesia, when they knew what signal this would send to Jakarta [Political Seizure Report]

28. They brought the Australian judiciary itself into disrepute, by extending its jurisdiction outside Australia, and holding secret trials, at which Schapelle Corby was not even represented [Political Seizure Report]

29. They denied her the funds for another appeal, and for medicine, even when they knew about the nature of the Bali trial, and about the vital primary evidence they had themselves withheld [Political Seizure Report]

30. The ABC engaged a clear campaign of hostility against Schapelle Corby and her family, which has included a number of known tools of propaganda, and which has even required a formal apology for presenting malicious allegations as fact [Opinion Management Report]

31. The dozens of breaches of the Freedom of Information Act, with respect to requests made on behalf of Schapelle Corby, remain totally un-addressed [FOI Abuse Report]

32. The direct linkage of DFAT funding of ‘scholarships’ to Jakarta, for dozens of journalists, and subsequent hostile reporting with respect to Schapelle Corby, were not been investigated when complaints were lodged with the Attorney-General’s Department [DFAT Network Report]

33. The serious media abuses, submitted to the government in 2011, were excluded from the Finkelstein inquiry, particularly those relating to the unlawful activities of the broadcasting media? [Expendable Documentary]

34. The Commonwealth Ombudsman supported the government with respect to every complaint ever lodged with respect to Schapelle Corby [Quango Report]

35. The AFP withheld a secret recording of two known criminals discussing the collection of marijuana from Sydney airport on the day Schapelle Corby flew [Candidate Sources Report]

The cables and the emails? See them for yourself, in these reports:

Schapelle Corby's Deteriorating Health

This is one of the greatest and most shameful scandals in Australian history, and an innocent woman is already seriously ill, and will die, at the hands of it, unless someone has the courage to stand up and expose the truth.

Her health is rapidly deteriorating:

The fact is that Canberra will have murdered her, not just Indonesia, at the altar of Australian corruption, complicity and appeasement.

What Can You Do?

Familiarize yourself with the appalling truth. Watch the movie. Read the reports. See the cables and emails. Then spread the word. Get angry.... fight for her.

Schapelle Corby could be you, me, your brother, sister, mother, father, daughter or son.

To them, she is expendable and worthless.

To us, all of us, we must draw the line and fight them for her life, without stepping back. It is a fight for truth, justice, human rights, integrity and the innocent being brutally sacrificed.

Watch the film here:

The People For Schapelle Facebook Group:

You can support this information by voting on Reddit:


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Anonymous said...

No comments? Shame on the MSM. You are all responsible.

Anonymous said...

Comment moderation has been enabled. All comments must be approved by the blog author. Critism is not tolerated!! why bother posting when the integrity of the platform is neutered by the same standards which apply and prevail in this travesty of justice(justus),you probably wo'nt post this!,and revise your work,it's grammar is fairly ordinary!!!!

Anonymous said...

Your information is amazing and some of it is well known, but kept hidden.Indonesian Minister Amir Syamsuddin has offered to release schapelle under special conditions.I hope senator Bob Carr can do a deal for schapelle , she is a political prisoner for both countries.

Kim said...

Daily questions about this to Gillard & Carr:


What exactly does Schapelle have to do for the Australian media to report the truth of her innocence?
She can't go back in time to film herself at Brisbane airport, but it would seem that is the only way the media will except her innocence.
We have positive proof that her bag was tampered with, positive proof that her bag weighed more after check in, positive proof that there was corrupt AFP and NSW police involved with corrupt baggage handlers all "working" at Sydney International airport on the 8th of October 2004.
We have secret recorded evidence collected through covert NSW crime commission operations, that have known criminals talking about an upcoming shipment of marijuana coming through Sydney airport from Brisbane in October 2004, before Schapelle Corby was ever heard of.
We also have a former Macquarie Bank executive convicted in cocaine a conspiracy at Sydney airport and the Macquarie bank own Sydney airport.
The Australian media have been putting 2 and 2 together and coming up with 17 for the past 7 years.
There is absolutely NO evidence linking Schapelle with the marijuana prior to it's discovery by customs in Bali.
The media in Australia have protected the Macquarie Bank, Qantas and corrupt government ministers for 7 years.
The truth by it's own definition is self evident and will always, eventually be revealed no matter how determined the powers that control our media try to hide it from YOU.

lonegranger said...

Pragmatically, all government is corrupt at all levels. It really is not much different than the way individuals conduct their lives. It is just that the magnitude of their "oversight" is more damaging to the accused.

"The Letter of the Law" is an illusion. The actual implementation is arbitrary and depends on the context in which the law is applied. The law is all presumption and perception, and it belongs to the presiding authority of a legal event.

Justice is only an illusion!

Have a comfort filled day!

Anonymous said...

International Award winning filmmaker Matt Norman of Wingman Pictures who's feature documentary SALUTE is being released in cinema's across the US and UK in July 2012, is set to direct the film "CORBY" as part of the Human Race Film doco series. Goto

Norman is working with the Expendable team to make the film accessable to a much greater audience.

Jasper Nortin said...

If Schapelle Corby had walked free, reputations and millions of dollars would have been lost for the Howard regimes and their criminal buddies. THAT is what this case is about, and The Expendable Project PROVES it.

An additional saddness is the ignorant brainwashed scum, who bleat the bile which has been poured into their empty heads by the media, all over the internet.

This woman's courage in refusing the false confession outs the sick nation of Australia of shame.

Anonymous said...

Thanks to the Media, we have more brainwashed Bogans calling for Schapelle's blood than their collective IQs.
When a lie is repeated it becomes so embellished from one half wit to another that, in this case, a normal Aussie working class family is made out to be an Aussie version of a Mafia Drug Cartel? Most of these Bogans refuse to see the forrest for the Tree's. Downer & Howard should be sent to the Bali Jail as a swap.

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