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Methanol: Byproduct of Aspartame Linked to Autism, Preterm Delivery

toxinbottle1 Methanol, Biproduct of Aspartame Linked to Autism, Preterm DeliveryPatrick Gallagher
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One would think that with the extreme and almost omnipresent dangers of aspartame that there would be far less of the substance on the market compared to a decade or two ago. But, with fully sanctioned advertisements telling you just how great products are which contain aspartame, there seems to be no end in sight for this dangerous edible chemistry experiment.

There have been, however, several dozen studies on just how harmful the purely artificial sweetener actually is for the human body, mostly ignored by the general populace who still consumes just as much of the sweetener as before.

Among these studies is a comprehensive one on Methanol, the primary alcoholic component used in the production of aspartame. A retired food scientist and Professor Emeritus of Food Science and Nutrition at the Arizona State University Dr. Woodrow Monte describes how the toxic chemical methanol and its use in the production of aspartame and other chemicals could be a main factor in causing spina bifida, preterm delivery, multiple sclerosis, cancer, and more recently, autism in young children. It is also the primary factor in developing other chronic diseases and health conditions.

In his findings, Dr. Monte evaluates the role of methanol in relation to human health. Since it is only a recent addition to the mainstream diet due wholly to processing and chemical synthesis not in existence prior to the 20th century, it would be fairly important to determine whether or not the chemistry is soluble with the human diet.

What he discovered would undermine aspartame entirely if given enough attention: methanol is formed in the body as formaldehyde, known to cause cancer and generally be highly damaging to human health. He has also determined that methanol metabolizes in many other organs of the body, not just the liver.

He had this to say on his own website,
Methanol is particularly dangerous to humans, more so than any other animal [...] When humans consume low doses of methanol it is metabolized directly into formaldehyde which is a cancer producing agent of the same level of danger as asbestos and plutonium.

Dr. Monte, unlike a great many of his colleagues, is not subject to the influence of high-powered food corporations; his interest comes genuinely to help the people understand what is actually in their food products and to prevent them from consuming this product which can promote widespread illness.

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Anonymous said...

...and aspartame is one of the ingredients in childhood vaccines. Thimerosol, aluminum, MSG, aspartame - all neurotoxins.

The answer: Refuse childhood vaccines.

Anonymous said...

Try finding a gum without aspartame. Its disgusting what has become of our food chain. Read all labels, look to local growers and stop supporting the companies that actually allow this stuff into their product.

Anonymous said...

We were consuming drinks with Sucralose, thinking it was like Stevia, derived from a plant. But nope, this is also just as dangerous and similar to Aspartame. Feel stupid thinking otherwise. Should have researched it sooner. A lot of dangerous crap out there that is unbelievably legal. So wrong.

Anonymous said...

God forbid not more of this crap. Autism is part of the genetic diversity of humanity and has been around for thousands of years. But only in recent time have we become enlightened enough to stigmatize people with it as a bunch of retards, and create a multi billion dollar industry on fear self loathing and stereotypes. In the past they were more often called authors and scientists musicians actors Nobel prize winners and maybe a little eccentric.

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