Thursday, April 19, 2012

Head Of Jewish Defence League UK Supports Anders Breivik, Says Victims 'Not Innocent'

Brit Dee, Contributor
Activist Post

Roberta Moore, who was intimately connected to the anti-Muslim English Defence League (EDL) and continues to run their Jewish Division's Facebook page, has expressed her support for Norwegian mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik - and described his teenage victims as being "not innocent".

In a post made on April 17th to the Jewish Defence League UK Blogger site, believed to be run by Moore and supported by comments posted in her name on Facebook, she describes the Norwegian court as a "kangaroo court", asks whether a "man like Breivik in a case such as this surely deserves a better trial than that?", refers to the "Leftist slander constantly being thrown to undermine him and his views", and defends him against charges of child murder by parroting Breivik's defence that his victims were young adults, attending an "indoctrination camp", and who were "not innocent". A comment attributed to Moore states
I hold the same amount of sympathy for the (sic) those on Utoya as I would if somebody committed this act on a Hitler Youth camp in the 1940's, or were they just 'children' as well?
Such offensive comments will no doubt prove awkward for the EDL, who have recently been attempting to change their image as a group of thuggish racists, by repeatedly stating that they stand firmly against violence and extremism.

Whilst Moore claimed to have left the EDL in June last year, she was until then closely connected to the group's leadership and inner circle, with whom she apparently maintained contact after her departure. She even reportedly helped EDL leader Stephen Lennon (a.k.a. "Tommy Robinson") attend an EDL demonstration in September last year - from which he had been banned, resulting in his arrest for breach of bail conditions - by smuggling him in dressed as a rabbi.

Moore is also said to be friends with shadowy EDL financier and strategist Alan Ayling (a.k.a. "Alan Lake"), a wealthy businessman who was recently suspended from his management post at a major international development bank, after the discovery of his real identity. A disaffected founding member of the EDL named Paul Ray has confirmed that Ayling was present at the first 2009 meeting of the group, which actually took place in Ayling's expensive London flat.

Ayling has admitted funding the EDL, and whilst he publically condemned Breivik's attack he also described it as "chickens come home to roost". Other disturbing comments made by Ayling on his "4Freedoms" website include his suggestion in July last year that David Cameron, Nick Clegg, and the Archbishop of Canterbury, be executed.

If Moore is no longer connected to the EDL, then it is surprising that the Facebook page she operates still carries their name, being titled as it is "EDL English Defence League Jewish Division (Official)".

Presumably Moore could change the name of the page (as you are entitled to do on Facebook if your business name changes), and if not, surely the EDL could get the page shut down if it is illegally using their organisation's name?

The EDL do not appear to have yet distanced themselves from Moore's latest comments; no statement has been issued on their website, where the last news post is entitled "Why David Cameron Is Wrong About 'Islamic Extremism'" and dates from April 18th, the day after Moore's offensive blog post.

It is odd that an organisation who claim to be peaceful and against violence seem not to be attempting damage limitation by disowning Roberta Moore, and distancing themselves from her offensive opinions - especially when in one Facebook comment she chillingly states that
Breivik won't be in prison for long and there will be others who will make Breivik look like a walk in the park.
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Anonymous said...

OK, inclusion of this story at Activist Post know convinces me that this site has some kind of editorial schizophrenia. Anders Breivik would be OK cool with such sites a "End of the American Dream" a racist site for extremist Christian cranks which FREQUENTLY has stories re-posted at Act. Post. I give up on you people.

Anonymous said...

The timing of events has little to do with coincidence in Continental Europe, that is Dominated by Germany, and some have called it Fourth Reich Europe.

There are three Elections in Europe that will take place within the next three weeks, and they are the French Presidential Elections, Serbian Presidential, Parliamentary, and Local Elections, and the Greek Parliamentary Election.

The French Presidential Election looks like it will go to a second round on 6 May 2012, and the Serbian Elections, and the Greek Election will take place on that same date.

Germany wants Nicolas Sarkozy re-elected, because the next five years are crucial for the Fourth Reich, and Sarkozy is vulnerable because of the Euro Zone Crisis, where they wanted any new Greek Government not to default before the second round of Presidential Elections.

The French People are an Honourable People, and Sarkozy has Dishonoured France, and he has Dishonoured the French People by supporting Albanian Separatists, and so this is why the Serbian Elections are on the same day as the second round of French Presidential Elections.

We know that Breivik may be looking for better treatment, and so if he can help Sarkozy, or help the Fourth Reich, which Norway as a Nordic Country naturally belongs, then they would give him better treatment, possibly even weekend passes.

On 18 April 2012, Breivik told the Court: “I was in Liberia at a meeting with a militant extremist, a Serb. I will not reveal his name. I do not want others to be arrested.”

Western Media speculate that the man could be Milorad Ulemek aka Legija, a former commander of the Serbian secret police special unit, the Red Berets, who ordered one of his soldiers Zvezdan Jovanovic, to assassinate the Serbian Prime Minister Zoran Dindic, who was a Political Ally of Serbia’s current President Boris Tadic, who is a Candidate in the Presidential Elections on 6 May 2012.

The current Serbian Government who are Puppets of Germany is willing to give Kosovo independence to create a Mono Ethnic Greater Albania, which can only help the Fourth Reich on Continental Europe.

Zoran Dindic was a friend of President Boris Tadic, who wants sympathy Votes, but there has be no sympathy shown to the Country that trusted him to look after Serbia, rather than Germany, and their own seats on the fourth Reich gravy Train.

Zoran Dindic was assassinated on 12 March 2003, and his funeral that was attended by world Leaders, including Muslim Leaders was held on 15 March 2003, and the Muslim Leaders were told how good America is to Muslims on that day, because President George Bush was planning to invade Muslim Iraq.

Two days later, on 17 March 2003, President George Bush gave Saddam Hussein 48 hours to leave Iraq, and on 19 March 2003, America and a few Allies attacked Iraq, and occupied Iraq.

We see that Germany is a big influence in Europe, and Sarkozy they did want a Greek Election to influence the French Presidential Election in the second and final round of Voting, and Germany wants to help their Puppets in Serbia win the Elections, in order to reward the Albanians because they were one of the World War 2 Allies of Third Reich Germany.

Rufus said...

Excellent article. It is increasingly obvious that the Butcher of Oslo is being used to silence opposition to Zionism. It is amazing that the JDL openly state that they would have loved to murder children who were in the Hitler Youth (a compulsory organisation which can be compared to the Boy Scouts).

The first commentator obviously didn't understand the article - or has swallowed too much Zionist kool aid!

Anonymous said...

The other comment I wrote really is just additional information or opinions that I posted on the story Titled: Anders Behring Breivik: Shades Of Gladio, ‘Deep Events’, that was published on Activist Post on 18 April 2012.

I said information or opinion, because it is difficult to prove a Conspiracy while or wile it is happening.

Imagine a hypothetical situation where two People at work whose conversations concerning coming back after work that day to steal from the Company is overheard by an Honest Employee who informs the Manager.

Imagine that one of those two Dishonest Employees happened to overhear the Honest Employee informing the Manager, and he tells this to his Dishonest friend.

The two Dishonest Employees if they had average intelligence, would either modify, abandon, or delay their scheme to steal from their Company, and if asked they would deny ever having any such intentions, and would say that the Honest Employee is either mistaken, delusional, or a deliberate slanderer, because they would not Confess for the Obvious reasons.

It is the same with analysing a current situation, and any amateur analyst realises that the same applies with the culprits and with the amateur analyst.

It is good if the France and Germany modifies, abandons, or delays their scheme, and I can live with being regarded as mistaken, delusional, or a deliberate slanderer.

It is much easier to look back in time and look at History, and then give an analysis, because you only have to correctly assume that the Conspirators acted logically, either for Bribes, or for the mind set of their Country.

If we look at the History of the Germans, they have always wanted to and they have always tried to Dominate Continental Europe.

Obviously, the Fourth Reich cannot be what the Third Reich was, but to the extent that Germany can Dictate to Continental Europe, they will and they need France to help them Dominate Continental Europe.

If we have not heard of the term Merkozy, then we could look it up on the Internet, and it means the Team of Merkel and Sarkozy.

History has taught us that every German Reich has been a diaster for Continental Europe, and even for Germany who went scheming any German Reich.

There are many People who do not think that the Euro Common Currency with its current Architecture will solve the Euro Zones financial problems, but it will help Germany Dominate Continental Europe.

Anonymous said...

Here's what I already knew on july the 22nd last year, that the real-life Knight Templars would try their best to lull anything to do with that, and now, in the court, the prosecutors who are supposed to defend the AUF victims (youth who wanted a free Palestine, google Nazi Israel Coin..) are forcing the child mass murderer to "admit" that the Knight Templars is only his imagination! WTF! Just goes to shows who the real mass murderers are (freemasons/Knight Templars, NATO, zionists, bankers, other pure psychopaths...)
Strange and a bit disappointing how nobody else has picked up on this most obvious cover-up, not on henrymakow, not on davidicke. Oh, well, stuff like this happens every day I guess.

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