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First Ever Blueprints for World Government Revealed

One world and not the globalist worldAndrew Puhanic, Contributor
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The Campaign for World Government (A Globalist backed institution) created a manifesto in 1942 for how a World Government is to be formed.

Written by Rosika Schwimmer (born on September 11, 1877, a self-labeled socialist) and Lola Maverick Lloyd (self-proclaimed pioneer of the movement for world government), with the aid of the Globalists, tried to establish World Government in response to the failures of the League of Nations.

In 1937, both Rosika Schwimmer and Lola Maverick Lloyd formed the Campaign for World Government in order to achieve a society that is fee of borders, centralized and controlled by the most powerful and elite "experts".

There is no doubt that the Globalists are actively seeking to introduce World Government and we now have evidence of what could be described as the first written record of how the Globalists are planning to introduce World Government.

Blueprints for World Government - Immediate Action

The main lines of this blueprint for governmental or unofficial action to organize the world were drawn in 1924. We revised our work and published the present pamphlet in 1937. This is the fourth edition. Believing government initiation of world union to be at present not only hopeless but even undesirable, we wish to emphasize the part of our plan designed for unofficial action. Immediate action along unofficial lines is imperative.

We have seen our globe in no time turned into one armed camp. We can transform it as quickly into a fit home for the human family. Self-made governments in exile have for military purposes been grouped with the greater powers into the “United Nations”. As the first step in peaceful achievement of world union, we urge the immediate creation of the self-made Provisional World Government to take all the unofficial action recommended in our original plan. Its world-wide announcement must include an appeal to all people to lay down their arms and prepare to participate in creating the new world order.

The only chance of creating the long-overdue federalized world government, all inclusive, non-military and democratic in its structure, is to stop this war before either belligerent is exhausted. Men and women of supreme integrity and imaginative daring must rise and lead mankind into their new safe road. Good plans have long been ready.

Internationally controlled demarcation lines must be established between the hostile forces, immobilizing them. They can cooperate in local reconstruction work until world organization has reached the stage where its own federal commissions can supervise their systematic demobilization and immediate absorption into planned creative work on a global scale.

The Provisional World Government in continuous session with full publicity shall draw up the World Constitution. Simultaneously it shall be prepared to assume the impartial administration of scientifically planned emergency relief of starving populations. It shall also receive complaints, accusations and claims against individuals, groups and nations for proper preparations and submission to courts to be established under the World Constitution.

If we fail, the war leaders will carry on to the exhaustion of one or both sides. After exhaustion will follow chaos, revolution, dictatorship and recurring global war until the human family destroys itself.

The prerequisite of Provisional World Government is headquarters and a fund of millions to begin unofficially on world organization, the only hopeful basis for immediate cessation of hostilities and a warless future.

There must exist men and women able to provide the means who sincerely and passionately desire world peace.

The life of mankind is at stake.

Lola Maverick Lloyd and osika Schwimmer
November 11, 1942

The Plan

The following outline for international action is addressed to all those who agree that we must stop theorizing about peace and put the best existing theories into practice. It offers an answer to the question, “How can we start practical action to establish world peace now?” It presents the preliminary steps necessary for a representative World Convention to draft the best possible constitution for an all-inclusive, non-military, democratic Federation of Nations.

Plan for Governmental Action

The President of the United States or in other countries the comparable governmental authority shall invite a small group of experts in voting methods to formulate the best practical method for the democratic election in all countries alike of delegates to a World Constitutional Convention. The Committee of Experts shall meet not later than four weeks after appointment and at the earliest possible moment make their recommendations simultaneously to the governments and the public, using the most effective channels of communication to reach all the people.

Congress or the parliaments at the same time that they adopt the report of the Committee of Experts shall legislate to start the recommended machinery for the organization of the World Constitutional Convention. Not later than three months after the law is passed delegates to the Constitutional Convention shall be nationally elected.

No member or departmental head of the military or naval forces or of the national governments of any nation shall be eligible in any capacity whatsoever for participation in the preparation or the proceedings of the World Constitutional Convention.

As soon as at least six nations have elected and officially appointed their delegates to the World Constitutional Convention, the delegates shall assemble and open their sessions without delay; the delegates from the other countries to join them as soon as elected.

The convention shall meet in the country which first invites it.

If Governments Do Not Act

If neither the President of the United States nor any other government acts, organizations or individuals shall raise the necessary funds and invite a small group of experts in voting methods to formulate the best practical method for the democratic election in all countries alike of delegates to a World Constitutional Convention. The unofficial Committee of Experts shall be regulated as to time of meeting and other duties by the rules given above for the official Committee of Experts except that they shall prepare two plans for the World Constitutional Convention, one for governmental action, if at that stage governments are ready to act, and the other to be used if government are not ready to act.

In case world organization must continue unofficially, international-minded individuals shall be chosen as delegates by the method recommended by the unofficial Committee of Experts. The delegates shall meet and function as an unofficial World Constitutional Convention. They shall draft a complete Constitution regulating the federal life of the human family in a superstructure where the states are free to develop independently, their national sovereignty being unlimited except where their interdependence requires federal regulation.

The duty of the Convention is to draw up a detailed plan for the political, economic, and social cooperation of all the nations. It shall also propose a place for the permanent location of the world parliament and an equitable division of its expenses. Within one year it shall simultaneously publish its plan and present it to all the governments of the world.

The World Constitution shall first be urged on all governments for adoption. After one year, if no government has agreed to initiate the recommended steps, unofficial steps must be taken by the people to inaugurate the all-inclusive, non-military, democratic Federation of Nations.

Tentative Plan for the Federation of Nations

In order to clarify and offer our demands in such a shape that they can serve as a basis of discussion for the World Constitutional Convention, we submit the following outline of the Federation of Nations:

The individual development of member states is left to their own decision except where it may conflict with world welfare. The world government must control the international relations between states. This situation will be similar to that between the states and the federal government in the United States of America, or that between the cantons and the federal government of Switzerland.

All the sixty-four states of the world are to be admitted immediately and unconditionally. There shall be but one class of membership.

The Federation of Nations must be a democratic league controlled by direct representation of the peoples and not by governments and bureaucracies.

To achieve the direct representation of the peoples to the Federation of Nations all states shall adopt for the election of their delegates the voting system recommended by the Committee of Experts on voting methods.

The organs of the Federation of Nations shall be a World Parliament, an Executive Board, and a Permanent Secretary.

Each state shall elect ten delegates and ten alternates to the World Parliament for a term of ten years. They shall be subject to recall by their own electorate.

The votes of the delegates in the World Parliament shall be counted individually and not by nations. Delegates from any state may differ among themselves on any issue and will find similar differences in other delegations. Every important group in a nation can be represented among its ten delegates, and will find like-minded groups from other nations in the World Parliament, where divisions will consequently occur along lines of opinion, not lines of geography. No unanimous vote on any question shall be required from a national delegation.

The delegates shall organize the World Parliament and elect a president, a vice-president, an executive board and all the necessary commissions, employing the voting system recommended by the Committee of Experts. Temporary or permanent vacancies shall be filled by the originally elected alternates.

The World Parliament shall be in session the first three months of every year. Sessions may be prolonged or reassembled by vote of the delegates to the World Parliament.

All sessions of the World Parliament must be public, and an official summary of its proceedings must be furnished daily to the press.

The Executive Board and the Permanent Secretary shall carry on the business of the World Parliament and shall reside permanently at its sear. For administrative purposes regional headquarters shall be established on all continents. Regional secretaries shall be chosen by the World Parliament. These continental offices will have direct communication – telegraph, telephone and wireless – and a central broadcasting station will be operated.

The commissions will be entitled to employ experts and any other help necessary to the extent of the appropriations voted them by the World Parliament

While every delegate shall have the right to use his own language in Parliament, for the auxiliary world language we recommend English, as it is already used as auxiliary language by a larger number of people than any other language.

While every nation, race or religion is free to use its traditional reckoning of time, we recommend that the World Parliament count its official time from that year in which world unity shall be attained. The consummation of world unification, the most important date in history, will be the point from which an adult world will reckon time.

Federal Commissions to Be Organized - I. Economic

A) Commission to plan industrial, agricultural, technical, engineering, scientific and other work extensive enough to absorb the millions liberated by the abandonment of the war system and also to take care of all the unemployed of the world. The abolition of armies, navies, air fleets, armaments and munition factories in all the states of the world will release for this vast reemployment scheme the scrapped war material and enormous sums heretofore provided in open and concealed war budgets.

B) Commission to plan the regulation of the world’s production of raw materials and the control of its distribution according to the needs of all nations, thus removing the excuse for forcible conquest of territory and for continued existence of empires, colonies, mandates.

C) Commission to plan the abolition of all tariffs and customs and the establishment of free trade between all nations and to act as Arbitration Board in trade disputes between member states.

D) Commission on transportation and communication for international control of traffic between states by railways and waterways, by automobile transportation and aviation, and of the postal, telegraph, telephone and radio services.

E) Commission to plan the regulation of world finance and to evolve a uniform monetary system.

II. Legal

F) Commission to prepare the code of international laws and to plan executive machinery for their administration and courts for their adjudication.

G) Commission on international relations for reorganizing the existing machinery (Diplomacy) of political contact and intercourse between nations.

H) Commission to plan and set up national arbitration bodies for the settlement of internal disputes which may cause civil war, and to set up a federal body to which national arbitration cases may be appealed.

I) Commission to plan and carry out the elimination of capital punishment in all states, and to set up institutions in which criminals formerly subject to capital punishment shall be incarcerated for scientific study and treatment.

III. Population Questions

J) Commission for solving population problems by planned relief of overpopulated regions and thus removing an excuse of aggressive militarists for wars of conquest.
  1. By transfer of population to undeveloped territories and under-populated regions, migration never to be compulsory but induced by making the under-populated regions and undeveloped territories offer better opportunities.
  2. By legalization of birth-control.
K) Commission on world citizenship to regulate the rights and duties of citizens of the Federation of Nations. In addition to equal world citizenship each human being shall have the rights and duties of a citizen of the nation where he resides.

IV. Miscellaneous

L) Commission on education to plan educational opportunities for all children. Textbooks and other materials for education shall be based on unbiased facts, and history shall be taught from the world point of view, emphasizing the moral, economic, scientific and artistic contributions to mankind’s progress and happiness by all nations, races, classes, creeds and both sexes.

M) Health commission for scientific and practical research into all hygienic problems and for planning adequate health service.

N) Commission to prepare international legislation to safeguard historically truthful presentation of news by the press, screen and radio and to protect the honor of nations and individuals through national and international Press-Juries, Courts of Honor and similar forums.

Other commissions shall be organized by the World Parliament as needed.

We cannot overemphasize the importance of choosing at every stage of procedure the right personnel. We must not repeat the mistake of the Hague Conferences and the Disarmament Conference of 1932 where high international aims were frustrated by delegates who lacked the world viewpoint. Only international-minded men and women can be trusted to reorganize human society on a safe basis.

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4Nv1L said...

With emphasis on the right people to man the system of world government, the tendency in "nature" towards greater complexity of systems must ivariably lead to at super-complex regulating mechanism. The problem is to develop or locate the right people for any type of office. The idea is sound, the people ar rotten. The system of war and nation states is so far an interlude between empires - like an interglacial period. So far, world peace through unity is an admirable idea when the present alternative is inter-state anarchy or the empire of UN.

Anonymous said...

Always with the best of intentions, best laid plans, 'they mean well' and all that...Well, we know how the road to Hell is paved. I just love the parts about disarmament; sounds like some fairy tale world and er'thing's all well and peachy-lovey. And:
" a superstructure where the states are free to develop independently, their national sovereignty being unlimited except where their interdependence requires federal regulation." (and) "The individual development of member states is left to their own decision except where it may conflict with world welfare..." all "publicly" overseen by Committees of Experts, of course. A lovely and tranquil utopia. Nice try, but human nature being what it is, may never be able to adopt, or adapt to such a centralized hierarchy. Neither, should it have to. But then, all experiments in government rule wind up having the same effect, when "experts" implement their plans, don't they?

Anonymous said...

To hell with these commies, I'll govern myself, thank you!

Anonymous said...

Decent people do not need a Government, Police force, Military,royalty, or any dispot.
We need as humans to look at the social structure of the last few thousand years a see that it does not work...
We are all equal, we all have basic needs, a home, food, energy.
There is plenty for every one and not just the 1% who have it all and still want verything, including our total slavery.

4Nv1L said...

All around us systems form, bloom, wither and die, or take on new forms that bloom, wither and die etc. That is true of plants, animals, humans, planets and stars - even galaxies and supposedly black holes follow this path of development - so too cultural systems follow this path as well. Look to history and identify like patterns of development: empires, paradigms, fashion etc. All of them develop or mutate over time - so too the goodwill of Rosika and Lola. Hierarchies, or systems, are all around us. All that is left for us to do is paticipate in the development or mutating process if you like. True, decent people don't need governance, but who, then, should take action towards the indecent ones? Yourself? In an an-archich, non-governed world/society there would be no law but the law of the strongest or most violent. Is that preferable? We are all equal, but someone always need/want more than the next person. Is it at good thing to tolerate the intolerant? Family and friendship is a system too - like it or not. Humans self-organize into systems by "nature". You can't talk about self-govenance outside an us/them paradigm, meaning an exclusive and prejudiced world wiev, like the present one. Emerge from your cultural/historical us/them-paradigmatic schooling background and look for ways to enter into a more unified and un-biased future of mankind. There was a time before the nation-state and even before the kingdom or principalities. That was the time of cosmic empires. History repeating?

david llewellyn foster said...

Interesting comments, and a thought provoking post. Social engineering is as old as time, so before we reinvent the "planetary wheel" and its arts of governance, perhaps we should reflect on the origin and function of wheels, and consider whether nature actually moves in circles. Human beings seem to have allocated to our species a disproportionate sense of self-importance. Maybe we could learn more from other organisms, indeed maybe we should entertain the possibility that super organisms exist, exercising universal consciousness, possibly operating on planes about which we can only speculate and struggle to imagine. The challenge, then, for us precocious tool makers, is to grow up enough to aspire to communicate with such "beings" in responsible intelligent and effective ways. This will require a visionary philosophical attitude that is prepared to learn about ethical discipline, how to develop cognitive ingenuity and entheogenic understanding. There is a real social need social need for such evolutionary "ecodelic" insight. These are developmental ideas and re-conceptualisations that are not likely to be introduced into mainstream school curricula any time soon - unless we can be disabused of the corrupting legacy of our religious assumptions and accept the wisdom of informed, critical thinking. The human mind and its sciences must be re-invented before we can tinker responsibly with the knowledge-wheel that those sciences have bequeathed us. Mysteries surely exist ~ perhaps none more curious than our capacity for self-reflection ~ but political sophistry and dogmatic mystification only serve to obscure the view, whether looking out and forward, or contemplating the infinite within. It takes courage to be a human being.

Anonymous said...

All such attempts at global utopia fail because they ignore one crucial reality, that of human nature! Human nature is inherently base and corrupt at it's core. One need never teach a child how to lie, take from another child, hit another child, etc. EVERY child is born with that self-destructive capacity! The human brain reasons structured controls, in the form of rules, laws, "Government", to neutralize this self-destructive nature. These human effort based "structures, govt.s" have been successful enough throughout human history to allow technological advancement of the species, but pathetic failures in terms of taming the nature of the species; hence, the wars, atrocities, genocides, famines, and epidemics viewed on flat screen TV's, the Internet, and hand-held i-phones! With few historical exceptions, America and it's Judeo-Christian based Constitution being the most successful! A pack of dogs can establish a pack structure and pack hierarchy, but they cannot transcend their animal-nature so as to advance their survivability or meaningfully interact with a higher order of being. The dog needs dog trainer to do that! Like wise, man's solely humanistic attempts at transcendence will also fail! man, like the dog, also needs a trainer. That trainer is JESUS CHRIST!!!! All other "Trainers" or "gods" have been man's attempt, man's effort, to reach up! JESUS is GOD'S SUCCESS in REACHING DOWN!!Those nations with all of their faults and failures yet whose roots are founded in Christianity, are the most advanced with the most freedoms and equality. Those nations whose roots are founded in humanistic philosophy (Marxism), Nazism, etc.) or humanistic spiritualism involving man making himself acceptable to his "god' through works or sacrifice( Buddhism, Islam, cults, etc) result in tyranny, oppression, poverty, disease, and people running around pissing in their drinking water! A one world govt. by the hand of man will be no more successful than a one world dog pack! Bow wow!!

Blair T. Longley said...

I have always been in favour of global government, and will continue to be so, in principle. The PROBLEM is that the current system is based on a globalized system of privatized fiat money-as-debt, which is electronic fraud, backed up with nothing but the threat from atomic bombs, etc.. Therefore, the ACTUAL tragic trajectory we are on is for the already established Huge Lies, (backed by nothing but mass destruction weapons) to drive us through psychotic collapses, since those Lies can never be made to become true by the violence that temporarily backs them up! I am in favour of profound scientific intellectual revolutions, as the basis for any future emergent global government. Unfortunately, that appears to only be possible AFTER the established systems of electronic frauds, backed by atomic bombs, mostly destroys itself due to its runaway insanities. I do not believe we will so easily get more "order out of chaos" since the chaos being caused will be ASTRONOMICALLY SIZED!

The basic problem is that science and technology has made us become billions and trillions of times more powerful, but our severely sick and stupid social pyramid systems can not adapt to that. There is nothing in human history to compare to the development of atomic energy. The only thing that provides some similarity was the development of photosynthesis. By the time we have global government, I expect that cyborgs would also be a common reality. We are creating our own "aliens" by developing computer/machine entities that could become smarter than we are. Future global government is probably going to have to include them, not just us old-fashioned human beings. ... First we have to go through the science fiction nightmares, before maybe we survive to evolve some of the better possible future science fiction possibilities. The only certainly now is that things are changing at exponentially accelerating rates!

Anonymous said...

You people are posting what you say is a link to the document, but apparently you haven't tried it. There is no link that will get you the document.

Anonymous said...

Here is link direct link...

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