Thursday, April 12, 2012

Fast Food America: Hospitals Serving Up McDonald’s to Patients

Mike Barrett
Activist Post

It is no surprise that fast food is extremely unhealthy. On one level, the processed junk food lacks essential vitamins and nutrients, while they are also concocted with numerous health-hazardous substances and chemicals which should not be found in food — let alone be eaten.

Knowing this information, it is no wonder why you should avoid fast food at all costs. It is safe to say that no healthy individual would or should be consuming fast food, and certainly no sick individuals who are depleted of nutrients (as a result of avoiding real food) should be consuming it either.

So what in the world are fast food chains like McDonald’s doing in places like hospital cafeterias?

It is commonly said that if you want to get sick you should go to a hospital, but the fact that fast food resides in these ‘health’ institutions lends even more truth to the humorous statement.

It turns out that some hospitals, such as a hospital in Des Moines, think nothing of the fast food placement. Since 1988, the Des Moines hospital has been blessed by a McDonald’s fast food restaurant, and management seems to want no change.

As expected, the hospital has undergone much scrutiny for its decision to host a McDonald’s in its institution, with some of the disapproval coming from nation-wide junk food critic Corporate Accountability International. Asking the hospital to shut down the restaurant, the group said:
Your hospital is being used as part of McDonald’s comprehensive marketing strategy, a strategy that is clearly inconsistent with your goals as a health institution.

In response, hospital management said:
[McDonald’s is] an alternative to visitors and family members to dine in a familiar environment that can be a comfort, particularly for children, during stressful times. McDonald’s offers a variety of choices, including healthy foods such as salads, and provides nutrition information for its patrons.
McDonald’s salads, often pushed as a healthier alternative as portrayed above, contain two ingredients known as cilantro lime glaze and orange glaze. Within the glaze lies propylene glycol — a chemical that is not legal to use in cat food because its safety has not yet been proven to. In addition, propylene glycol is also used "as the killing and preserving agent in pitfall traps, usually used to capture ground beetles." The salads also contain two ingredients that divulge the presence of MSG: disodium inosinate, and disodium guanylate.

Should sick individuals really be consuming food completely devoid of vitamins and nutrients, containing not life energy but toxic ingredients?

The mind and body operates and thrives on the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients it gets from real food. Fast food will only increase your risk of depression, obesity, or potentially lead to a powerful junk addiction. Such dead foods will not aid in recovery or positively impact overall health.

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This article first appeared at Natural Society, an excellent resource for health news and vaccine information. 


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Ralph Turchiano said...

The fact that the add:

"Coupons for Fast Food & More! Save Money w/ McDonalds Coupons"

Appears in the middle of the article, is totally priceless

Anonymous said...

I've been in heathcare for 25yrs. Years ago I was in MD Anderson(cancer) hospital in Houston. I was an orthopedic rep headed for surgery. I cruised by the public lunchroom. What I saw blew my mind. The worst possible food. White bread with balogni among others. But then hospital biz would go down if there were healthy people.

Anonymous said...

White bread!!! Oh my god!!! They are trying to kill us!!!

Seriously, could you be that stupid? I defy you to name a single ingredient in a Mcdonalds burger that is "extremely unhealthy". Is it the bread? The hamburger? maybe it's the cheese or the pickles? Ahh, must be the ketchup.

Is there any limit to how crazy you food bigots can get???

Anonymous said...

Propylene glycol is actually pretty much safe. It's the same stuff that's used in asthma-inhalers.

Anonymous said...

It would seem a balanced thing that GMO produced sterility will, more than likely, hit the previous two commenters' gene pools as ignorance is quite retroactive to evolution of a healthy society, in general.

apeman2502 said...

Oh Boy!! A triple by-pass to go with that appendectomy!! Don't forget the fries!

Anonymous said...

Creating future customers, I mean patients. Mcdonald's should ask for kickbacks from the coronary care unit.

One of the Last True Patriots said...

Okay, so what I take from the hospital management's statement is that it's not about the nutrition of the food that is's really about the comfort level that it provides to the children? Uh, no he didn't go there! Really? So, it is the atmosphere......right.

Okay.....whatever. We all know that it is really about the profits in the end. This unhealthy joint venture between the hospital & McDonalds is only about money....pure & simple.

Anonymous said...

Hospital food was never good, and never will be, this is no surprise at all. They want to keep you there, to get that much more money out of you...

Anonymous said...

"Propylene glycol is actually pretty much safe. It's the same stuff that's used in asthma-inhalers."

Are those the same asthma inhalers that kill like 300x more people than asthma itself does?

Like so many other things today they're only "safe" if you are stupid enough to accept their BS public relations(propaganda) info.

And if you do that you may as well go back to the 1950's and believe that DDT is safe enough for your children to play in without concern for their health.

Here, do you want a bottle of toxic waste... err, I mean fluoridated water... it's completely safe, I promise.

And the billions of dollars worth of nuclear power plants on the verge of falling apart and potentially irradiating most of North America/the world is also nothing to be worried about, the companies that own them and their highly paid "experts" say so.

Yeah ok, you get the picture... our entire world today is built around killing us slowly... and killing "others" quickly and cowardly from miles away with our latest murderous military technology in order to make or maintain massive profits.

Nobody really cares about your personal safety EXCEPT YOU, thus you should not let anyone else decide for you if something is safe for you.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, you don't have to tell me why fast food is bad for me. Learned this already and in a bad way. In hospitals cafeterias? they've already done this for some time now that I think about it actually. Mainly you see this in universities that focus mainly on treatment and have hospitals built into them but yeah...they have these things already. ALL MCDONALDS foods are poison though, don't care whether it's a milk shake, burger, or even a salad it's ALL poison.

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