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Electrogravitics – A Simplified Description

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Electrogravitics. This technology was being developed and tested in all major aerospace companies in the 1950s.  Martin, Convair, Lear, Sperry, Raytheon, and many others all were eagerly studying electrogravitics.  But in 1959 or early 1960, the technology became highly classified and the path to energy abundance was stymied.  Here is a basic description of electrogravitics:

First, One has to understand that the model offered by Einstein is flawed . . . there are other models.

The model, which I say is a far better one than relativity, is subquantum kinetics (SQK). Its developer, Dr. Paul A. LaViolette (an interesting character, to say the least), started with chemical kinetics (as above, so below?) and came up with SQK after becoming very concerned by its gravitational predictions. He had not heard of the Biefeld-Brown Effect, nor the work of T. Townsend Brown. He struggled with these predictions until he encountered Brown's work, discovering that SQK predicted exactly what Brown was showing experimentally.

Why is SQK better than relativity?

It takes no element on faith: Einstein's relativity is based on the faith that matter somehow "bends" space-time. Nowhere does he explain (or even try to) how or why this might be. One just has to take it on faith.

It explains things without the need for "renormalization;" relativity ends in infinities without this mathematical fudge. 

It integrates EM with gravity. Einstein himself died still trying to do so.

And it still predicts things like the lensing of light, the apparent time dilation, and all other predictions of relativity, plus more -- all of which are testable (string theory is 100% untestable).

In fact, many of the mysteries of Einsteinian mathematics are predicted in SQK.

I recommend reading a book called Secrets of Antigravity Propulsion, by Dr. LaViolette, for more on the Biefeld-Brown Effect, Brown's work, electrogravitics, SQK, and more.

In SQK, positively charged particles have a positive gravity potential "well."  (Positive particles have positive gravity.) Negatively charged particles have a negative gravity potential "hill."  (Negative particles have negative gravity.)  The positive particle's "well" is just the smallest fraction bigger than the negative "hill," accounting for the apparent weakness of gravity, where essentially even amounts of positively charged and negatively charged particles make up common matter, and in quantities as big as the earth, say, offer a slight "well" overall, thus explaining why we are aware of gravity at all.

The Biefeld-Brown Effect was discovered when it was noted that a dielectric with electrodes attached at either end would apparently lose weight when charged if the positive pole was pointed upwards on a scale, and apparently gain weight when reversed, when placed on a scale.  It was soon discovered that it was not a weight loss, but a movement in the direction of the positive pole.  Higher voltage increased this effect.

Further study showed that the higher the K of the dielectric, the more pronounced the movements became.  Asymmetrical electrodes contribute to the increase of the effect, as well.  Also, a non-linear dielectric produced greater movement than a linear one.  With high K, non-linear dielectrics, a substantial force could be observed, even to the point of levitation with a local gravity field induced.

If, say, four devices were placed on a cross, each oriented 90° to the center and pointing in the same direction relative to that center, and a shaft was set at center and into a generator, when small amounts of energy are used at high voltage on the units, the resulting rotation will induce a greater output at the generator than the input to the units.  Overunity (as energy is drawn from the zero point field) is achieved. 

A petition for the release of electrogravitics from black projects has been started; please sign this petition and spread the information.  If We can reach the tipping point of awareness, We can demand this technology: 

Money is Not Needed with Energy Abundance
The End of Entropy: A Look at Our Entropic World and the Evidence Supporting How We Could Change This


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Anonymous said...

The Bjerknes book exposed Einstein, plagiarist. Einstein was early 1900s. The previous "star scientist" invented persona was Darwin. His rehash was not original even in England and parallels Hinduism.

And still we suffer! Such obscure, corrupt figures were sponsored celebrity demigod genius mastheads for engineered plebe science mind prisons. Uni profs not working directly under PTB Plan in occult sciences must bow to their demigods or be ridiculed.

Anonymous said...

First of all, Modern Physics treats the electron and proton as 0-dim or mathematical points, even though they mostly comprised all of our 3-dim physical universe. This is why Quantum Mechanics was created, using probability as an approximation to the wave effects generated by a self interacting, spatially extended electric charge. This point particle theory is completely flawed and heavily littered with physical contradictions, fudge factors and outright lies.

Much more real theories, such as those presented by and treat the electron and proton as 3-dim entities and show that gravity is a fourth order effect of classical electrodynamic principles. The usual and much stronger effects of everyday electrodynamics are based upon the second order effects. Both of these theories point the way to actual anti gravity technology, while Modern Physics is lost in space.

Anonymous said...

Everything will be invented will be used against humanity, believe it or not. One example the TSA at airports or scanning you while you are on the freeway on on the way back from work.If the science went so far why we still burning the gas? at a price that you have to give up your job, It make sense?

Asaru said...

Great reference to Paul LaViolette. His books found at are great insights not only into modern physics but with ancient history.

Anonymous said...

In the summer of 1997 I saw lights on the horizon that were inexplicable -- each a different color doing manuevers not accountable by any normal explanation. Then I saw a craft coming just over the trees -- from where the lights had been -- the lights had been on the craft. It flew slowly over the trees and was a perfect equilateral triangle. The craft flew so close I could have hit it with a rock but I didn't dare take my eyes off it. The craft made a humming noise but there was no fuselage and it looked heavier than air -- not a blimp at all.

After researching my experience I discovered this same equilateral triangle had been sighted in my area several times around the same time period and had been seen accelerating faster than is possible -- basically disappearing. This fit the Belgium sighting of this same craft and then Nick Redfern discovered sightings of this triangular craft on a U.S. military base in the U.K. in 1952.

So then a local journalist gave me all the local news stories for a sighting of strange craft in our area in 1978 -- and the local journalist said we lived in a "military flight test corridor."

I definitely think the military has electrogravitic technology and this equilateral triangle craft is one example. Some call it the TR-3B and discuss the electrogravitic technology used but it's not been clarified nor proven.

Anonymous said...

Haha, another "Einstein is wrong" comment.

If you're such a big fan of LaViolette why not post a list of things his theories predict that the current physics can't explain? Are you afraid of ridicule?

Where's the beef?

ambady said...

mainstrem peoples dont want free energy and anty gravity cause they are zOMBIES

linoavac said...

ANTI-GRAVITY is anti-vortex by electrogravitics based on
triangle high-voltage on square discharge. (lifter-electrogravitics)

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