Saturday, April 28, 2012

Death of alleged murderer in Washington state highlights media bias against survivalism

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Joe Wright  
Activist Post

A Washington state man suspected of murdering his wife and daughter had been on the run and was being hunted in his underground bunker by SWAT teams until his death was announced moments ago.

The FOX News article which recounts the details of 41-year-old Peter Keller and his hideout in the Cascade foothills pays almost equal attention to his being identified as a "survivalist," as it does the fact that he was a man wanted for a horrible double murder.

Unfortunately this type of coverage echoes a growing chorus of those in major media who are demonizing survivalism, and even prepping, in concert with statements from the Federal government.

FOX News dedicates a fair amount of space to the ideology behind this suspected murderer:
According to court documents, Keller had been preparing for 'the end of the world' and had stockpiled weapons and food in the woods. He was also described by people who knew him as a 'survivalist' with a 'distaste for authority.'
As if that alone serves as any reason whatsoever why he should have found himself surrounded by SWAT teams. The report also indicates some of the equipment that he had at his disposal; again, as an apparent implication of what might have led him to murder his wife and daughter:

Keller owned handguns, rifles, silencers and body armor, one of his colleagues at an IT firm told detectives.
Dating back to reports coming out of offices such as the Joint Terrorism Task Force during the Clinton administration, certain ideologies have been identified as potential threats to the rest of society.  Specifically mentioned are those who believe in the apocalypse and the End Times.  The natural extension to this, of course, is making preparations based on such a belief. (Source)

The popularity of the show Doomsday Preppers has offered a closer look into the "crazy" lifestyles of those who prepare for scenarios ranging from EMP attacks, the End Times, nuclear war, etc.  There is clearly a wink and a smirk peppered throughout the presentation of these individuals.

Meanwhile, governments the world over seem to be the group most preparing for an End Times scenario as they continue to stockpile ammunition, build underground bases and bunkers, and create fortified doomsday seed vaults.

It's an ongoing double-standard portrayed by corporate media that sees government preparation for disaster as completely sane and logical, while individuals who build bunkers fortified with food and weapons are implied to be dangerous survivalists who might just kill their family, as Peter Keller had been accused of before having explosives detonated on top of his hideout. 

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Anonymous said...

always fair and balanced of course

el said...

Yes, because survivalists are on par with holocaust deniers and the militia...

Mfskinner said...

The more we are demonized the more we know we are on the right track. It is the best way to validate our efforts.

Mfskinner said...

This validates our efforts in spades. Prep on !!

Anonymous said...

Added a link to this on Good post!

Joe said...

Sure enough. People with their heads screwed on straight want to die in catastrophes, not survive them! I guess it's only a matter of time until wanting to prepare for any contingency gets a listing in the DSM.

Then society can commit those who commit preparedeness. Oh happy days!

Anonymous said...

was he on psyche meds? was he a 'targeted individual'? or had he foreseen his own imminent death?

Anonymous said...

How dare they? Trying to survive, even though we have ordered a 90% reduction of the world's population.

Anonymous said...

Nice. No judge, no jury, only the executioner.

Lowenstein said...

What the world population should just be allowed to grow? What can you be thinking?

Billions must be eliminated to make you goy more manageable. Survivalism we don't need. Obedience we must have.

Yes Joe, this irrational dedication to survivalism must be put in the DSM. El has it correct, these survivalists, holocaust deniers and the militia are all the same.

D Greenberg said...

So true Lowenstein. I think prior to that plan anyone interested in hording guns and ammunition, prepping, etc should be rounded up and placed into institutions for our safety.

Anonymous said...

those targeted individuals get pushed into psychotic corners.. and eventually into the prison system...

Anonymous said...

Private prison industry wants more and more and its lobbyists are holding hands with many profiteers singing kumbaya! Expose em. Lamar Smith, Ted Turner, etc

Anonymous said...

It's 20 years since they murdered Randy Weaver's wife and son, he was an innocent homesteader who committed the crime of being a "separatist".

It has only gotten worse since then.

Anonymous said...

I was censored for my comment because I didn't agree. What an activist hypocrite! You are the same as what you hate.

Anonymous said...

To be fair, other networks also portrayed him as a survivalist. Why single out Fox?
Keller is believed to have spent eight years planning and building his bunker, which was built 20 feet into a hillside. The two-level bunker included cement supports and multiple hatches for coming and going.
Keller, who did not have a criminal record, was described as a survivalist by some relatives, West said.

"We gathered he had a doomsday attitude ... family and friends have indicated he thought the world was going to end at some point,"

Anonymous said...

Thank you for adding to the point of the article -- I only said "media" in the title -- not FOX News; I only focused on the first "breaking news" article source I came across in the body of what I wrote. Thank you for reinforcing the bias I suggest, though, by adding ABC and CNN -- they are equally terrible -- J.W.

Anonymous said...

So whats wrong with "holocaust deniers and the militia"?

Anonymous said...

Who in their right mind would want to survive?
Reduce the population and don't be crazy!
Be a fatalist!
I like how his wife and children were killed and then he was dead and I guess we have to take the word of the "authorities"things happened just likethey said it did! I knew as soon as I heard this story developing he would be found dead.
Dead men tell no tales!

Anonymous said...

Actually, this is a dumb post.

The poorly-crafted argument seems to be that it is wrong for the media to point out Keller's survivalism and preps.

How is this wrong?

What do you THINK will happen if a survivalist (allegedly) kills his entire family? That the media would ignore his end-time beliefs?

The media is not at fault here, but you "preppers" are. Your expectations are completely unrealistic about how a serious crime coupled with hiding out and end-time preps won't attract all kinds of negative attention.

Even worse, idiot Joe Wright (wrong) writes: "As if that alone serves as any reason whatsoever why he should have found himself surrounded by SWAT teams."

Well duh! Two dead bodies, house burned down, hiding out in the woods in a secret bunker -- WTF do you think their response is going to be?

Why don't you stupid fools use some common sense and stick to what you know are the facts?

Fact: double homicide. Fact: house is burned down. Fact: husband is primary suspect. Fact: husband disappears into a secret hidden bunker in the woods. Fact: husband barricades himself inside.

SWAT did what they do in any criminal situation. Wright attempts to claim "an apparent implication of what might have led him to murder his wife and daughter".

You're an idiot. The only implications we can read into this is the b.s. you're shoveling.

Anybody that preps, has well-known endtime views, builds a bunker, hides in the woods -- and then commits a double-homicide / arson is going to be met with the full force and response of law enforcement.

Those of you that think that this should not have happened, or are trying to "read into this" case something else are just plain idiots.

It is no wonder that the prepper community is considered lowbrow on the IQ spectrum. You can't even identify the truth when it is staring you in the face.

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