Thursday, April 26, 2012

Can You Really Make the Case That We Need the Government?


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Anonymous said...

We know that if America scraps the Kumanovo Agreement, then that is a sure sign to Serbia that it wants to help their Puppets win the Election.

This is because if Tadic and Company win the Elections, then they will sign back onto the Kumanovo Agreement, even though it will be called something Different.

This is what happened to the European Union Constitution Treaty that was rejected at Referendums, and the European Union waited for a while and changed its name to the Lisbon Treaty, and made the Irish People Vote twice for the same Lisbon Treaty.

America, Germany, and much of the European Union has learned from that and they do not want a Second Referendum to make Kosovo Independent, nor even possibly a First Referendum, and they way to avoid that is to Ethnically Cleanse Kosovo of all Non Albanians.

It is then that the Serbs who they views as Dogs, will hopefully understand that Serbia must Recognise Kosovo as Independent, because America and Germany have Decreed this.

This will be done with the full foreknowledge, and full approval and blessings of Tadic and Company, if they win the Elections, and the Serbian People should be fully convinced of that, because there must be no excuses for Stupidity.

Tadic’s Four Point Plan for Kosovo is the Ahtisaari Plan for Kosovo’s Independence, and no Non Albanians will exist in Kosovo if Kosovo becomes an Independent Country.

Obviously, Tadic and Company have kept silent on the Kumanovo Agreement because they do not want it scrapped, because they do not want to have to replace it, and because the Serbian Voters may see that America and Germany are far too eager to help Traitors and Puppets, and they may not Vote for Tadic and Company.

We know that it was approximately 12 days before the last Serbian Elections, which the European Union signed the SAA Agreement with Serbia, to help Tadic and Company win the Election which it did.

However, after 4 years it has not been implemented, and so we should not be surprised if America and Germany try to help their Puppets win the Election, and we now even Closer to these Elections, than we were with the last Serbian Election.

We have seen deceptive signs of how the European Union has helped Tadic leave the Europe has no Alternative Policy, by saying that the European Union might Collapse, but Tadic will pursue Europe at any costs.

Tadic says that he wants Russian Investment, but why should Russia invest in Serbia, when too few Serbs want to invest in their own Self Respect, and why should Russia invest in Serbia if will be a NATO Country under Tadic and Company.

We have seen other Deceptive Signs with Amnesty International saying what they are saying about Kosovo Albanians, but as an American Funded NGO that never critics the greatest Evil Country in this World who pays them their Salaries.

The Serbian People should realize that After the Elections it will be Business as Usual with the Malicious Slander of Evil Serbs, and Pure Albanians, and Pure NATO of course.

I want all Serbs to find photographs of their dead ancestors, and I want them to say to the photographs, that a Vote for Tadic and Company is a Spit in your Faces, and on True Democracy.

I want all Serbs to go to the graves of their dead ancestors, and I want them to say to the photographs, that a Vote for Tadic and Company is my defection on your graves, and on True Democracy.

StopScreamin said...

Apparently you've decided that you like to listen to "yourself" talk.

citizen ron says you need to f*cking wake up said...

true democracy? are you daft? i don't believe you know what it is.

humans need government like slaves need masters.


wake up, humans. wake up.

Anonymous said...

Oh, lord not me. I can't make an argument for needing government. What as smart, well educated, disciplined, peaceful, loving and intelligent as Americans at large are, who needs a government?

Hark, hark, hark!

In fact, a great argument can be made that Americans need full blown Fascism in order to teach them a thing or two about their own ignorance and stupidity.

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