Sunday, April 15, 2012

Antidepressants Could Cause Harm to Heart, Brain, and Bones

Patrick Gallagher
Activist Post

Did you know that roughly 10% of the American population suffers from depression? It isn’t exactly a coincidence, with the FDA approving a wide variety of damaging foods and drugs that many millions of Americans consume each day. The FDA isn’t helping the population with their approval of the dozens of antidepressant medications on the market – it in fact is doing the exact opposite.

The beneficial results of antidepressants have been under the spotlight for quite some time in the health world, and the validity of giving them out like candy to patients in need of a quick and easy solution is under question as well; just how useful is medication for depression?

At best, the tangible results felt by patients are comparable to sugar pills. That is to say, the medication itself does virtually nothing to improve the mood of the patient directly. At worst, antidepressants cause decreased mental stability. Wanting to kill yourself or others around you are feelings which antidepressants have been shown to ignite.

There is even the possibility that while on these terrible drugs you can become even more vulnerable to more serious mental illnesses – all whilst other legitimate non-medication methods for treating depression are being tread underfoot by the FDA.

In more recent studies, there has been surfacing evidence that antidepressants cause arteries to thicken at a faster rate. Research specifically points to an increased thickness of the lining of the carotid artery by up to 5% in men, thereby increasing the risk of heart disease substantially by putting more pressure on the heart.

This occurs when taking either selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitors (SSRIs, the primary form of antidepressants), as well as antidepressants that affect other chemicals in the brain. The evidence isn’t completely concrete, but it points towards the change of serotonin in the body caused by the medications.

Another study in women who have gone through menopause unveiled that women who take either variation of antidepressants were up to 45% more likely to suffer from life-threatening brain damage from a stroke. This same study also found that women’s death rates rose 32% more whilst on the drugs.

Other documented side effects are much more prominent, but certainly no less detrimental to your health. These include those suicidal/homicidal thoughts mentioned earlier, as well as an increased risk of diabetes, an increased possibility of stillbirth, lowered immune system support and reduced bone density -- resulting in a higher risk of fractures, primarily in the spinal column.

There are also a few long-term risks with using these detrimental drugs: a conversion from unipolar depression to bipolar depression, and an overall cognitive decline in most users. If becoming bipolar unnecessarily does not steer you away from these, then the overall loss of your mental capacity should be enough to raise a warning flag.

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Anonymous said...

SSRI's are fraudulent poisons made to make us dumb and sick. Everything about them is a sham. Also, Occupy the American Psychiatric Association May 5 in Philadelphia where America's most arrogant charlatans meet. These are the people who hand out these poison pills like candy.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps they are harmful in some situations. However, it has been my experience that they have been a lifesaver. It is true that a psychiatrist must diagnose and dispense the medication and monitor the patient.
The problem begins when the medication is dispensed without a diagnosis and without monitoring and by someone other than a psychiatrist. But for many many people it is not true that this medication is a fraud.

Chris said...

Back when I was in 9th grade I became severely depressed. I would have constant panic attacks, cry, cut myself, all the normal things someone with clinical depression would do.

It wasn't until 11th grade that I went to see a psychiatrist (mom wouldn't believe me, she isn't smart) and I got prescribed 20mg of prozac that things started to change.

I took it as prescribed for two weeks, and then one day in school when I normally felt depressed I realized I wasn't anymore. Everything was the same, I just wasn't depressed.

After that they stopped working (they said it's common) and upped the dosage and eventually I became normal again. I feel fine now, I'm not depressed nor do I think of suicide. I'm a regular guy now in college.

So before you make a post criticizing a pill do realize that they do have legitimate uses, and I can vouch for it that Prozac worked fine for me and did it's job.

Not one of the best articles on this site... By far...

Anonymous said...


What Chris said. Mostly the same story I've been through and it's true. Things are wrong with them, sure, but for the most part they help people with serious problems.

Curlybird said...

I am also weighing in as agreeing with Chris, for the most part. Depression runs in many families as it is a reaction to stress. Anything can be a stress reaction as stress goes for the weakest link in the chain.

Some people have internal organs that are the weak link, stomach, pancreas, kidneys, liver, heart and lungs, even. With others it is neurotransmitters, metabolism and other autonomic nervous system functions. It does not mean they are weak, just the other components are stronger.

Each system has agonists and antagonists that can stimulate the system to a balance within the body. Even if it is a deep dark familial secret, it will eventually will out. Ignorance is not necessarily, bliss.

Medication has proved beneficial for me in dealing with my hereditary manic depression. I had no clue about it until I was diagnosed at age 58. Suddenly, much of my life made complete sense viewed through the lens of bi-polarity.

During my 10 day voluntary hospitalization, I had time to reflect on much I had heard about my mother's family and much that was unspoken. WTF - No wonder I was manic depressive, I came by it naturally.

Good care and medication was what I needed. You have to monitor yourself to see how you are being affected. You have to own up and claim responsibility for your own mental health, just like anything else in life. You also have to do the work yourself in order to strengthen or rejuvenate your neurotransmitters naturally.

I'm still taking medication, but I have reduced consciously over the years. What has happened to many people is that they quit cold turkey. Bad idea. Horribly bad idea as we have seen time and again.

Personally, I believe that anyone that is not, at least, somewhat depressed, is simply not paying attention. There is a great deal of, what could be construed as, bad stuff going on in the world today. If your radar is attuned to that, you will pick it up.

I do agree that medication is given out like candy at a carnival as the be all, end all. It's not, no matter what your doctor says. There is a great deal of personal investment in your healing process. You can find ways to supplant the taking of meds, intelligently, with care or you could live the rest of your life taking more and more pills, getting more and more remember... doctor knows best (aaAaa)...These are good for fade to black --->

Chris said...

Indeed. The reason people are depressed is because of a lack of dopamine in their brain (I think it's dopamine. That or seratonin, I forget which).

Psychologists don't know why (yet) people have less of it, but they do and what the anti-depressants like Prozac do is regulate inhibitors that stop or start the flow of dopamine to your brain.

It's a proven science and it works and has been for decades. There IS no conspiracy here. This article really is BS.

And since I missed it last time:


Typo from the very end of my last comment.

Anonymous said...

Wow, the comments from people recommending this "horrible drug"
(prozac, by the way is 50% fluoride) prove to me once and for all why u.s sheeple are considered the most dumbed down people on the planet. These drugs are evil and anyone who would recommend them will have a Karmic backlash

Anonymous said...

One has to wonder how many theories there have been in the past concerning this topic. FOR NOW Can medical people prove THAT CHEMICAL IMBALANCES ARE THE CAUSE OF MENTAL AILMENTS. I'VE READ ARTICLES WITH PLACEBO AFFECT IS EQUIL TO TAKING DRUGS. When a person listens to adds on medications notice on tv or advertisements of prescription drugs. a common word is >>might<< help, it is never, WILL HELP. So in my estimation medical people their working on CHEMICAL IMBALANCE THEORY till the next one comes along. For people who have a need to know nature, look up how seritonin reuptake medications actually works. Then wonder why their on the market. hint>> they shut off the utilization of seritonin an your told chemical imbalances is the problem.

Anonymous said...

I was grieving and depressed for half a decade. Every day I thought of death as a welcome relief & was helpless to take things in hand and live an active life. ...... Prozac was no help. But finally a doctor saw that my digestive system was the weak link that could be made better by a mild antidepressant of another variety. That little pill gave me back my appetite for food and a new life. I am now motivated to DO things instead of not being able to get out of my own way.
If I die a bit sooner than I would otherwise, it's a small price to pay for living the life i do have in front of me.
Scare stories based on no clinical references are no help to those in pain. Try harder to stop writing like Faux.

Anonymous said...

My fiance and I were on many different types of SSRI's and she stayed on Cymbalta for many years. I tried many SSRI's bet ended up on Welbutrin for 4 years, an SNRI similar to SSRI just hinders the re uptake of different neurotransmitters. We have both come off the medications and feel NO DIFFERENT except for the horrible withdrawal of the SSRI's during first month. We did taper very slowly though so do that if possible it may save your brain lots of damage.

Many doctors don't believe SSRI's have withdrawal but they are sadly mistaken. Look at at the prescribed deletion article with insider documents from GlaxoSmithKline employees with a conscience. Taking these antidepressants leaves many people a shell of a person who can no longer feel any emotion especially when they try to come off their medication. We are lucky in that neither of us are effected by the lack of emotions and general 'zombified' state they leave you in. This was known by GSK before they released on the market. Paxil is a huge problem as well as most other SSRI's, even wellbutrin was named by a few people as leaving them totally blank spiritually and emotionally. I sometimes have difficulty recalling certain words and am forgetful more often but other than that I have noticed not too much of a difference, we both feel better not taking them and I'm just glad we stopped before it got any worse. The SSRI's calcify your frontal lobe therefore allowing you to do your everyday logical thinking for work and other tasks but leaves you a zombie like emotionless person. Fluoride calcifies your pineal gland (This is a fact and its in almost all our water) which makes you even less spiritually enlightened. This mixed with contaminated food provides a good sheeple mindset for the government to have its citizens in and its very effective at keeping people apathetic to politics and life in general. I believe the surge in antidepressants has led to this apathetic state we are in more than anything else. Many people wish they had never started these poison pills as the depression was nothing compared to the actual withdrawal and shattering of ones soul that's done to certain individuals by these drugs. I hope this helps you guys, please do the research before being suckered into starting these drugs, I wish I had.
PS They cannot measure a the amount of neurotransmitters in your brain so its a guess to put you on these drugs to begin with and these doctors receive nice benefits like vacations and cash for prescribing these newer medications to a certain number of people. I think you can see its ripe for abuse.


Anonymous said...

If you study patterns of depression globally you will realize that this is related to the thyroid and general endocrine imbalances, which is basically chemical imbalances. Everyone has propensity for mental illness as everyone has cancer in their bodies. It is just that many people have systems that can regulate and rebalance as the natural tendency of the body (biological system and all systems) is toward homeostasis. Recently we see that this epidemic of bi-polar-ism, depression, obsessive/compulsion in many industrial countries. This is due to influence of the diet mostly - and that is influenced by environment. If you study the diet of the highland tribal people of Nepal for example, or the pastorlist in east africa, you will see then as devoid of mental health issues. Our chemical (drugs) on top of chemical imbalances just nocks the whole system even more out of whack, but it fuels an economic (greedy, in my opinion) machine for pharmaceutical industry (and medicine). So our societal system is out of balance as well. Basically we need to regulate our diet back to something healthy through changes in legislation within the industrial world. We need to stop GM, antibiotic and pesticide use. The contamination of our food supply is too generic for it to be a individual decision. It a planetary one at this stage. For anyone depressed or with any mental health issues I recommend yoga inverted positions to bring blood supply to the thyroid, change to a vegen organic diet (with no alcohol or extremely marginal amounts, such as one glass of wine a week), and slowly wean yourself off all chemical over 3 months, under medical supervision. Your life will transform before your eyes! With much love, "considered citizen" .

colleendvdsn said...

As a patient with severe mental illness that has attempted suicide and been hospitalized in psychiatric hospitals multiple times, I find your article to be complete bullshit. Sometimes I forget to take my meds, and I don't realize I haven't taken it until I spiral completely out of control. These medications have saved lives and its people like you who are the reason severely mentally ill people stop taking their meds and kill themselves. I hate these pills. I hate taking them. I hate how expensive they are. But the truth is I will die if I don't take them and its not just in my head.

Flavia said...

Agree with Colleendvdsn. I don't think I'd be here if it wasn't for anti-depressant SSRIs. I couldn't go out, kept having panic attacks and couldn't sleep before I went on them. Now I can be a mum, be optimistic, have motivation and I still feel emotions very strongly. I don't get the de-motivation /apathy thing, my meds keep me motivated and I find things more interesting than I used to. People with mental health problems need help with medication to function. Yoga and meditation may relax you temporarily, but it's not going to restore a chemical imbalance!
Stigmatizing medication isn't helping the people it helps !

Anonymous said...

I went from being a calm, nurturing mother to a tortured, emotionally unstable heap on anti-depressants. My children have suffered greatly. I originally refused the prescription but was given benzodiazepines instead for my sleeping difficulties due to chronic pain. They caused random and inexplicable panic attacks but I didn't realize at the time the drugs were at fault because my doctor had described them as 'like taking a glass of wine at night but safer'. He also described the SSRIs as very safe, and failed to warn about the occurrence of discontinuation syndrome. Basically he was completely ignorant and careless. Here is another example of his carelessness:

Anonymous said...

The thing is they may seem to be helping at first, but while you may feel better in the beginning of taking them, they are slowly destroying the brain by overstimulating certain parts of it. After these parts of the brain die off, you then notice the drug stopped working. Then you need to increase the dosage or change to an other antidepressant... just to feel good for some time again and to destroy even more of your brain. When you at some point decide to get off of the drugs, you then notice you are much much worse then at the beginning. Only those people seem to be saying antidepressants help them that are still on them. Many pregnant women have babies with birth defects if they took these drugs during pregnancy. I've been on these pills and they stole from me the joy I felt from doing my favorite activities. There is nothing worse then psychtropics and lobotomies, in my opinion.

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