Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Anders Behring Breivik: Shades Of Gladio, 'Deep Events'

Brit Dee, Contributor

It is the third day of Anders Behring Breivik's trial for the shocking murders of 77 people in Norway last July, and prosecutors have been questioning the ultra-nationalist terrorist about his associates in the radical counter-Jihad movement.

Perhaps we should raise further troubling questions, and ask: could there be powerful individuals and criminal political networks operating above Breivik, who enabled his brutal attack, in order to further their own agendas?

Breivik, in his 1500-page manifesto, and in statements given to the police, claimed to be part of an organisation called the "Knights Templar", which he says has cells across Europe who are ready to commit similar atrocities in their war against "cultural Marxists" and Islamic immigration. Whilst Breivik has admitted creating an exaggerated image of the network, describing the manifesto and his wearing of a uniform in photos as a deliberately "pompous" "sales tool", he has been insistent that the network really exists. He says that its four founding members met at an inaugural meeting in London in 2002 (his presence in London at the time having been confirmed by a credit card receipt), and that the network now consists of "more than 15 people", with numbers of up to 80 claimed in his manifesto. Breivik warned today that there are two cells in Norway, capable of carrying out attacks similar in scale to his own.

Norwegian authorities say they have found no evidence to support Breivik's claims, with prosecutor Svein Holden telling the court on Monday that "In our opinion, such a network does not exist". Their position appears to have shifted slightly in the last couple of days, with prosecutors now saying that a network does exist, albeit not "in the way he describes it."

Something that is not disputed is the fact that the Norwegian intelligence service (the PST) were aware of Breivik months prior to his attack; his name had been on a watch list, but the PST had
failed to follow up on a tip about...Breivik’s acquisition of materials that could be used to produce explosives. PST also came under criticism for failing to pay enough attention to Norway’s right-wing extremist groups, and failing to pick up any suspicions about Breivik.
The PST say that they did not act on the information because they did not think it "relevant"; Breivik regrettably "slipped through the net", a predictably standard excuse that we have seen offered many times by other intelligence services following successful terror attacks - after the 7/7 London bombings, for example, and more recently following Mohamed Merah's murder spree in Toulouse.

There have also been reports of contact between Breivik and other European intelligence operatives. Though unsubstantiated, a Belarusian opposition politician claimed that Breivik received paramilitary training from a former special service officer in Belarus.

Whilst there is not enough evidence to make any firm assertions about whether or not Breivik was indeed being "handled", the case very much brings to mind the widely-documented state-sponsored terror operation known as "Gladio". Operation Gladio, also called the "strategy of tension", was a clandestine European-wide NATO "stay behind" operation launched after the end of the second world war, and which ran for decades. 

Its aim was to prevent Communism from gaining a foothold in Europe, and far-right militants in various countries were given funding, weapons, and explosives by state security services, with which they were encouraged to commit domestic terror attacks.

These attacks were classic "false flags", blamed on left-wing and Communist parties, politicians, and sympathisers, serving to create widespread fear, and turning domestic populations against those espousing leftist political ideologies and towards the supposed protection of the state - ensuring the continued power of the controlling elite. Operation Gladio is not a "conspiracy theory"; it was admitted to the Italian senate by prime minister Giulio Andreotti in 1990, when The Observer newspaper described the revelations as the "best kept, and most damaging, political-military secret since World War II".

Many innocent people were murdered during Operation Gladio. The Bologna train station bombing of 1980 killed 85 and wounded more than 200. The "Brabant massacres" in Belgium during the early 1980s, when 28 people died during indiscriminate shootings at restaurants and supermarkets, are also believed to have been part of the murderous "strategy of tension".

Whilst we cannot make any definite assertions, it is certainly a possibility that Breivik's attack was similar in nature to Operation Gladio - a covert elite-sanctioned atrocity designed to ratchet up tension, and instill shock and fear in the Norwegian population, and amongst the population of Europe more widely. Fear and disorientation can be exploited by those in control and used by such rogue elites, operating outside the publicly visible political sphere, to further consolidate power.

Professor Peter Dale Scott has characterised Breivik's attack as "systemic destabilisation", a "deep event" influenced by, and furthering, the agendas of a shadow elite. 

Rather than such dark forces working "in the structures of the state itself", however, Scott looks to "the demi-monde mobilized outside and against the state" - and in particular, to international drugs and arms networks. 

Scott perceptively notes that the video Breivik released onto the internet immediately before his attack bears striking similarities to a video made by the German anti-Jihadist Nick Greger, and that most of the "Christian freedom fighters" featured in Greger's video "are united, not by ideology, but by their involvement in the lucrative arms-for-drugs traffic" - with six having been directly identified as drug traffickers. 

States Scott:
It is not surprising that Greger’s militia leaders should become traffickers: illicit paramilitaries usually have to acquire and pay for their arms through illicit arms-for-drugs networks. The video’s line-up of Christian drug traffickers reminds us of the current symbiosis between non-state violence (whether that of revolutionaries or of militias hired to fight them) and the drug traffic: the drug traffic now thrives where there is non-state violence, and those involved in such violence (whether of the right or left) support themselves by drugs. Today the global maps of major drug-growing and of non-state violence are virtually one and the same.

Scott concludes by suggesting that to identify those who may have enabled Breivik's attack, we might look "beyond the parastatal structures of nations (including the CIA) to a more unstructured and paranational deep force or dark force, or forces, colluding with, and sometimes perhaps manipulating, these parastatal structures".

Breivik is scheduled to stand trial for his terrible crimes for the next 10 weeks. During that time, more evidence will hopefully be revealed that can help shed light on such troublingly plausible theories; theories that will no doubt be dismissed by some as ridiculous, even obscene, but which, given the many proven examples of the murderous capabilities of powerful criminal elites, are certainly worthy of consideration and research. 

This article first appeared at Resistance Radio. 

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Anonymous said...

Finally a good article instead of more Koch-Brothers inspired Austrian school claptrap. Keep up the good work and REJECT LIBERTARIANISM as a petty-bourgeois mental defect. More stories on GLADIO and its contemporary offshoots (like Al Qaeda) and less crap economics.

Jeff Simpson said...

That was my first thought when I heard about this Breivik shooting- that they had gone live with GLADIO for some reason -esp when I saw those initial reports of second and third gunmen which mysteriously vanished down the memory hole.

starviego said...

Eyewitnesses clearly identified more than one shooter was involved.

Anonymous said...

Since when was the London bombings a terrorist attack?

howardtlewisiiiffy said...

I sure hope the chosen prosecutor goes after the local precinct police captain who directed neighboring precinct officers to proceed to his precinct station before attempting too stop the carnage. I applaud the police reinforcement units that disobeyed this illogical command and went directly to the park and stopped Breivik, who had just recently received considerable financial backing from someone in Naples, Florida. This smells like a paid hit to facilitate access to oil in the contemporary and historical American tradition. Cui bono?

Anglo Saxon said...

@ Anonymous 9:03 PM.

Good response! Yes, the bombs that destroyed carriages of the London Underground exploded from under the carriage floor. Therefore, they must have been planted in situ while the carriages were being given a routine (overnight) maintenance check.

At least one authentic photograph illustrating this simple fact (i.e., the upward direction of the explosive force) has been in circulation since late 2005.

This fact has also been corroborated by eye-witness accounts, including at least one woman casualty who had her legs blown off.

Tony Blair, Ehud Barak, and the head of the Metropolitan Police at the time, should all be dragged in front of a Kangaroo Court and hanged in public for taking indirect part (including the planning) in this murderous and conspiratorial outrage.

Anonymous said...

Of course the powers that be can't make up their minds what they want. They flooded Europe with immigrants in an attempt to get rid of whites, but the immigrants brought Islam, which they also hate. So the obvious answer is to get whites to kill Muslims and their sympathizers and hope that the two groups will finish each other off.

Anonymous said...

A Person like Breivik must only be tried for any crimes that he is proven to have committed in a Court of Law with a fair trial; because that is due process, even though the Judge or Judges will hear the stated reasons that could be either true or false.

In this world a Person who looks poor, may in fact be rich; and there are People who look rich, but they are poor, because they are have debts, and a Person who appears as Left Wing may in reality be Right Wing, and a Person who appears as Left Wing may in reality be Right Wing.

European jails accommodate both Right Wing and Left Wing People, and that fact should not be used to generalize on all Voters or some of their Political Policies.

If I wanted to discredit an organization, then I would have my People infiltrate that organization, in order to give the organization a bad name and reputation as far as the gullible and easily deceived Public were concerned, who regrettably happen to be the majority in most European Countries.

We know that opinions, thoughts, and beliefs if kept only in a Person’s mind, cannot Only Of Themselves inflict anything what is bad upon others; neither can they Only Of Themselves perform anything good toward others.

It is Only By Acting upon any opinions, thoughts, or beliefs that a Person or Persons can inflict anything bad toward others or toward themselves; or that a Person or Person’s can perform anything good toward others, or toward themselves, and that depends on what is going on in the mind of the Person or Persons.

An example of this is that of smoking tobacco, and we know that there are People who continue to smoke tobacco even though they know it is bad for their health, and their wealth.

They know that smoking tobacco costs them Money that is desperately needed, especially if they are poor.

Furthermore, it is an inconvenience for those who do not smoke tobacco, and I would never employ a smoker, because they waste time, and time is Money for any unsubsidized businesses.

The danger lies in the fact, that even if a non smoker who has never smoked cigarettes were to constantly think on tobacco and smoking cigarettes, then he will certainly smoke his first cigarette, and this may lead to him smoking more cigarettes, and he may end up becoming addicted to nicotine.

This principle can be applied to other areas of Crime, and while the American Government should make Laws to preserve Liberty, Freedom, Freedom of Speech, and the pursuit of Happiness; too many of their thought patterns are for a Police State, a Military Dictatorship, and for being against the American Constitution.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous: Since when was 7/7 not a terror attack? It was clearly a terror attack, whoever you think was responsible for it.

Anonymous said...

Breivik’s manifesto titled: 2083, a European Declaration of Independence, made mention of Slobodan Milosevic, and it falsely claimed that Milosevic was waging a War against Muslims; because, Slobodan Milosevic was waging a War against Separatist and Racist Albanian Terrorists who had a long history of ethnic cleansing, and had wanted an Mono Ethnic Greater Albania ever since their 1878 League of Prizren Public Declaration.

At this same time, President Bill Clinton desperately needed a diversion from the Monika Lewinsky Scandal, and President Bill Clinton Illegally and Immorally began a War to obtain that diversion, and falsely claimed it to be a Humanitarian war.

The Breivik manifesto has the words Independence declaration, even as the Leaders of the Kosovo Albanians have unilaterally declared independence on 17 February 2008, but Kosovo remains part of Serbia, and the American led West and their Albanian Terrorist Allies are continuing to try to pressure the Serbs to sign away Kosovo, using the Experience they gained with the Native American Indians.

On 19 June 2011, the Serbian Audience in the Capital City of Belgrade booed and jeered the singer Amy Winehouse who was only mumbling through her songs, and who occasionally left that the concert, and had trouble standing on occasions during that concert, and she only managed to mutter a few lines from her best known songs.

The rest of her European tour was subsequently cancelled, making much of Europe’s youth blamed those Serbs for not being able to see her concerts, and just setting the stage for Anti Serbian sentiment from Europe’s young People.

It could be that this was set up like this by America, because and we know that the Western Authorities had known what the natural reaction of the crowd would be, but they would use it in their Anti Serb Campaign to steal Kosovo.

Perhaps those who were in favour of Kosovo’s Independence may have been responsible for the drinking, or the drugs, or her death, and the British have certain Doctors who will lie as to the causes of her death because they are told to.

We know that on 22 July 2011, Breivik is alleged to done what he is alleged to have done, and it could be that Breivik’s manifesto was designed in part to Slander the Serbs, and to help Kosovo become Independent.

The next day on 23 July 2011, Amy Winehouse was found dead in her London apartment, and only one month before her death, the pop star appeared to under the influence of booze was met with jeers and boos and at her Belgrade concert.

Two days later on 25 of July 2011, a team of heavily armed Albanian Special Police Secretly entered into the North of Kosovo and tried to take over the Administrative line between North Kosovo, and the rest of Serbia, but they left after claiming that one of their Police Officers was killed by Serbs.

The West and the Albanian separatists may have pretended that an Albanian Police Officer was killed, and we should not be surprised if the Albanians were ordered to provoke a situation where someone had to defend themselves, and then claim victim status, because those are their tactics.

America and the European Union are Experts on how to secretly and subtly install their Puppets in Continental Europe; and President Bill Clinton, NATO, and the Male European Union Politicians started a war in Kosovo using fallacies in order to try to steal Serbia’s Province of Kosovo, because they needed a place in Europe where they could more Secretly do their Dirty Things and be the Harem Masters.

The Muslims of the Balkans have installed their Puppets in the Balkans and European Politicians and High Officials, including Breivik should be asked if they have Secretly converted to Islam with a Secret Harem, and are keeping it Secret, and Unbiased and Unbribed Doctors should examine them to see if any of them have had a vasectomy to have a Secret Harem in order to betray their People because their Secret Desires, are Greater than their desire to serve the Citizens of their Country.

Evil von Scarry said...

Operation Gladio is alive and well. Although it received exposure due to Italian Parliament subsequent investigations across Europe either never got started or were dropped shortly after they began.Good to see others are keeping on top of the false flag attacks especially with OP Gladio not being something that is in the past but ongoing.

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