Sunday, April 22, 2012

American police state: officer may be fired for protecting young man from police brutality

Madison Ruppert, Contributor
Activist Post

The United States’ descent into a hellish police state continues and appears to only get worse as the years go by. The case of Officer Regina Tasca of the Bogota Police Department in New Jersey is a troubling example of just how far gone some law enforcement agencies are today.

In this case, Officer Tasca is being declared “psychologically incompetent” for stepping in to save an emotionally disturbed young man from a brutal beating at the hands of police.

Here at End the Lie I have covered just a few of the troubling things police are able to get away with, such as murdering elderly tourists with pepper spray while they are restrained and brutally beating senior citizens suffering from dementia.

I have also pointed out how when the good police officers out there actually do their job and stand up for justice, they are targeted for harassment or in some cases even thrown in a psychiatric ward.

The things that police officers end up actually getting in trouble for tend to be outright absurd, like mowing the lawn in shorts, yet no one is held responsible for the most egregious violations like those listed above.

Officer Regina Tasca’s ordeal started back in April of last year when she turned on her dashboard camera before attempting to stop two officers from brutally beating a 22-year-old emotionally disturbed man.

It was just a matter of days after Tasca stepped in to defend the helpless man that she was informed she was being suspended without pay. One year later and she is still suspended and awaiting her internal trial. According to WPIX, the Bogota Police Department is looking to see her fired.

The incident occurred when a mother, Tara, called to have her emotionally disturbed son, Kyle, taken to the hospital.

While waiting for the ambulance to arrive, Bogota police responded. Officer Tasca was the only officer on the road – the Bogota PD has a mere 20 officers in total – so she followed protocol and called for backup.

Two officers from the Ridgefield Park police showed up, and that’s when everything went horribly wrong.

Keep in mind, Tasca had just finished being trained to work with emotionally disturbed individuals as part of a state-mandated training program.

“The Ridgefield Park officer automatically charges and takes him [Kyle] down to the ground. I was quite shocked. As he’s doing that, another Ridgefield Park officer flies to the scene in his car, jumps out and starts punching him in the head,” Officer Tasca described.

When viewing the disturbing video (which can be seen here), we hear Kyle and his mother Tara screaming, “Stop punching me!” and “Why are you punching him?”

Astoundingly, the two Ridgefield Park Sergeants responsible have never refuted the claims that they repeatedly assaulted the 22-year-old man as he was waiting for medical assistance.

Even more insane is that Kyle was never arrested or charged for any offense whatsoever.

Officer Tasca says that is because Kyle never threatened the officers, did not possess a weapon and most importantly, was not violent and did not resist.

Tasca was eventually able to pull off one of the Ridgefield Park officers who was striking Kyle and his mother actually called Tasca personally to thank her.

“Thank you Regina. I appreciate you standing up for him, for protecting him while the officer attacked him. I can’t figure out what i would have done without you at the scene,” Tara said in the message.

Officer Regina Tasca says she is “the only female–the first female ever–and the first and only gay female also,” in the Bogota Police Department. When asked if she thinks this blatantly unfair has anything to do with her sexual orientation and gender, she said, “Yes,” unhesitatingly.

Tasca also said that she is being punished for actually doing her job is because she crossed the so-called “blue line” by refusing to support another officer who was guilty of using excessive force. It definitely doesn’t help that she is one of just 20 other officers.

Tasca is going to be assisted by Catherine Elston, an attorney and former police officer herself, during the week-long department trial.

“This was excessive force used against an emotionally disturbed person,” Elston said. “This was an unlawful tackle, this was a punching an emotionally disturbed person whose arms were pinned under his chest with his face pushed into the ground.”

After the incident, she met with her superior officer and, “The next thing I know he asks me to turn over my weapon and be sent for a fitness for duty exam,” she recalled.

Once Tasca recounted he events, the Bogota PD apparently believed that she was psychologically incompetent and thus unable to be a police officer.

She was sent for testing but the Ridgefield Park officers were never so much as questioned.

No investigators from the department’s internal affairs even interviewed the officers and they are currently still on the streets and continue to be paid.

This is all while there is photographic evidence from the hospital showing the bruises the 22-year-old sustained on his head, back, arms and wrists from the assault.

While letting the officers responsible for the beating off the hook completely, Bogota PD opted to suspend Tasca, an 11-year veteran with multiple commendations.

Tasca’s trial, which will be held before a retired judge who will be the only person making the final decision, began on April 17.

“If another officer is using excessive force, it’s my duty to make sure you stop it. And that’s what I did,” Tasca said.

“They’re not just terminating her. They’re destroying her reputation,” Elston said.

It is great to see that there are indeed still police officers out there who join the force for the right reasons and continue to actually do their job, which is to protect and serve the people, not ruthlessly beat them for no reason.

Hopefully Tasca will have her name cleared, have all back pay paid and both of the officers responsible will be stripped of their positions and ideally charged with assault.

The fact that the Bogota PD thought that this decision was in any way rational or legitimate is, in my opinion, deeply troubling and a disturbing sign of the times in which we live today.

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This article first appeared at End the Lie.

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Anonymous said...

I'm not sure whether I'm enraged, or frightened, by this, it's almost as if the police secretly want the public to declare 'open season' on them....
(so that they can play with their new, scary, toys)....

Anonymous said...

You know, this is the second video I've seen where the female cop shows more responsibility than their male counter parts. The other being where the female cop pulls over a male cop because he was speeding for no reason (no lights or siren). They later got her back by covering her squad car with feces.

I do agree with Anon #1 that it does seem that incidents like this are designed to elicit a negative response from the public. But, the joke is on those orchestrating these stunts, because the only 'response' coming is a karmic one, and those aren't the kind you can declare "martial law" because of.

Anonymous said...

That female officer actually did not do the 'right thing'. One blow to the head or any other location can kill a human. She should have opened fire with her service weapon on the two piggies.

Anonymous said...

You think little departments like Ridgefield and Bogota are bad, they are angels compared to the NJ State Police. The only thing worse than a bully cop, is his kids. They will turn on their own, as they did with this woman.

Anonymous said...

So, the thugs are turning on each other now. Kewl! Can't wait till they start shooting each other. Oh, no, wait...that's already happening. :)

Anonymous said...

I agree with Anon 1, and fear that it is all a part of their evil agenda. What better reason to pull the tanks and heavy armory out than have all of us 'Crazies' attacking these poor innocent 'Peace Officers'-'For No Reason Than Peacefully Doing YOUR JOB. The COPS should be the FIRST Arrested when The Revolution Begins.

Anonymous said...

Don`t assume that the only result is what you personally believe in. There is a very real threath of open season & frightened make the deadliest enermies. As to the toys,don`t assume that just because they have these toys that they will win. Most of them are incompetent. Those toys mostly have been examined & a countermeasure has been designed. There are also weapons we have ,they don`t. desastating weapons. at least half a million people died for you non violence at any cost,you may as well be helping the tyrants. I believe in non violence but not at any cost. It is insane & is only moving the violence around not stopping it. It reminds me of cleaning a bench with a dirty cloth,moves the dirt around & looks good but you pay later when everyone gets sick. It is a taken revolution that just allows the criminal Government to gain ground to the cost of huge numbers of citizens in the US & abroad. Procrastination is useless.

Anonymous said...

Last Week near Modesto a 32 year old male suffering from suicidal depression was killed by police in front of his 15 year old son and wife. His wife called the police for help. The man sat on the couch, made a gesture at his own throat. The officer without warning tazed him. As he was struggling to get up the officer fired 3 shots into his stomach. The traumatized wife and son were taken in handcuffs and interrogated for hours. Police then fired 2 more bullets into a wall, claiming they had been fired on. It will not be good to be a cop when the SHTF.

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