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Unmasking the Real Terrorists

"Missing Peace" - Anthony Freda
Julian Rose
Activist Post

For so long we in the UK have been asked to believe the governmental proposition that combating 'the threat of terrorism' is a national priority for which our hard earned taxes are indispensable. We have repeatedly been told that it's for 'our national security' that the US/UK and other European accomplices send their military into Middle Eastern countries to topple heads of state, destroy infrastructure and subject tens of thousands of men, women and children to an untimely death from bombs and bullets.

We were, in Libya's case, even told by serious looking politicians in grey suits, that the invasion was a 'humanitarian intervention' and that the death and destruction which accompanied it was a necessary part of 'protecting civilians' against the edicts of their own ruler.

All the while, here at home, a steady build up of high-tech surveillance equipment has been tracking us as we go about our daily business. CCTV cameras, emails, text messages, telephone conversations, cash machines, credit cards, satellite images, all these and more can now be accessed in the supposed interests of curtailing potential home-based 'terrorist' activity. So much so, that it appears we are now all viewed as potential threats to the nation.

Ever since 9/11 and the pinpointing of its perpetrators as a handful of penniless Arabs somewhere in the mountains of Afghanistan, we have been paying out of our own pockets to be protected from mythical 'evil empires', demagogic tyrants and crazed despots, only to find that we are also now conjoined with them on the suspect list.

Yet, in spite of this discovery, hardly a British whimper has been registered in response. The majority of the population of our island appear to be saying “Take my money, I trust you to know what to do with it Mr Blair, Brown and Cameron. We know you care more about people than about money and power. We accept that you have only humanitarian considerations at heart and would not allow the prospect of cheap oil, minerals and foreign military bases to cloud your vision. We are grateful for the protection you accord us. We know that there may be nasty terrorists plotting to overthrow our Country at this very time. This is a democratic Country; we are civil people. After all, it was we who spread democracy all over the world in the first place wasn't it? How ungrateful those people are who now want to seek revenge on us!”

Such a reaction, should it stand up to reasonable scrutiny, bears testimony to one of the most problematical features of British society: its refusal to look in the eye its own long record of conquest, pillage and murder. A record so often callously portrayed as a great crusade of empire building. There remains a lingering, stubborn determination, particularly amongst the upper classes, to see such British barbarism as nothing other than the valid expression of an unquestioned racial superiority. The moral presumption whispered around the coffee tables of the British bourgeoisie has been that other less 'developed' countries should be helped to 'come up to our standards'. Whereas, the reality was not even one of patronising morality; it was grand conquest and all that entails.

The reason why the British ruling class is still operational today is because of the largely passive acquiescence of a society ordered on the principle of 'haves' and 'have-nots' of 'lesser' and 'superior'. This suggests an unspoken moral assumption in favour of class divisions which are, in certain ways, equatable with Darwin's theory of 'the survival of the fittest'. Divisions in which one part accepts – albeit grudgingly – its subjugation by the other; based not on the attributes of wisdom and example, but on a hierarchy of wealth and power.

By uncritically accepting such subjugation within one's own society, the basis is laid for the condoning of foreign invasions and the same process of subjugation being applied to the victims of these invasions. In this way war becomes rationalised and accepted as a natural part of preserving the status quo. It is just a short step from here to accepting the unimpeded imposition of a 'big brother' totalitarian-style control system. The type so prophetically foretold by George Orwell and Aldous Huxley in the first half of the 20th century.

So long as the majority of citizens hold onto a sense of nationalistic pride when their country sets off to invade a foreign one – then they will be perfectly conditioned to have this same 'war state' imposed upon themselves. And this is where we are today in Britain. The same symptoms are of course strongly borne out in the USA and beyond, but I am concentrating on Britain in this article, not least because Britain still plays a key role in masterminding the strategies behind such conquests and has considerable experience in perfecting the controlling techniques necessary to keep the subjugated from rising up in defiance.

If 'the people' were able and willing to recognise the heinous levels of impoverishment and slavery that the British ruling classes imposed upon their vanquished populations - we would at least have a chance of understanding the origins of the present crisis. If it was also recognised that the divisive repercussions of these actions are still being played out in Africa, India and beyond, then we would be in a position to put the groundwork in place for a genuine resistance to the establishment of the 'surveillance society' which is closing in upon us today

As the ominous beat of war drums herald preparations for yet another invasion (this time the Persian Gulf) so do our political figureheads once again straighten their ties, stiffen their necks and reel-off the well rehearsed war-speak agenda: in this case the 'inevitability' of having to take action if Tehran refuses to bow to the will of the West.

We live in thrall to an almost perpetual war state. It has a cruel, crushing and conditioning effect on the human psyche; breeding suspicion and fear, where what is called for is clarity, understanding and courage. The cabal of countries at the forefront of the sabre rattling are those least willing to examine their own failings. Their historical records have been carefully written to disguise the bloody truth behind their own acts of terrorism, conquest and empire building. History is only allowed into the national curriculum if it somehow manages to gloss over the horrors carried out in the name of aid, education and honour.

The insupportable misadventures of modern-day invasions of Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya, are still being defended as rightful incursions by those who swallow the political rhetoric of the 'war against terror'. And even when the motives for the invasion are proved false, other alibis are invented to try and give a veneer of authenticity to the true motives for invasion.

With the tacit permission of the electorate, a whole raft of infrastructural elements of the repressive control state have been put in place in the name of protecting against a 'terrorism' which is nothing less than a grand hoax. A hoax carefully constructed to pave the way for the imposition of a lock-down on any elements unwilling to conform to the creeping strictures imposed from above.

The police have already gained access to technologies so sophisticated that they are able to 'monitor' in real time the exact whereabouts of any individual they wish to track. Not only this, they will soon be applying for the right to fly CCTV-equipped 'drones' over homes and businesses anywhere in the country; and if any resistance should unduly manifest itself, they can TASER those deemed responsible into comatose submission.

We have moved far beyond the territory which constitutes 'infringements of civil liberties' and are now in the domain of what amounts to an autocratic dictatorship masquerading as a caring democracy. The national and international war criminals who stand as unflinching totems of this 'democratic dictatorship' and its 'war on terror' are merely mirrors of the evil they claim to be fighting. They have yet to be seriously challenged.

What was once called “The Peace Movement” has gone into hiding and appears to be incapable of raising a coherent voice in opposition to the drum beat of war. Left-leaning citizens and Greens, who might be expected to raise their voices, have so compartmentalised their interests as to appear oblivious to the breadth of the social engineering takeover going on in front of their noses. What should have incited a people's revolution, has instead been assiduously allowed to establish itself as the necessary price to be paid for keeping the CIA-sponsored Taliban as far East of the English Channel as possible.

The real terrorists are still at large. Those who have so cynically contrived to use the fake threat of terrorism to put in place the building blocks of the modern surveillance state. They have been able to do so because the citizens of 'Great Britain' have for far too long averted their eyes from misdeeds both past and present, and have continued to brush the accumulated bloodstained dust under the colonial carpet. This, rather than honestly and rationally face up to the unpalatable reality that stands behind the events which made the small island of Britain one of the wealthiest nations on this planet.

So the real terrorists walk amongst us. They hold high office in our lauded institutions and come together to hold a missile to the head of any nation which does not conform to the agenda required of it. They will apparently go to any lengths to maintain the power structures to which they are accustomed, and by which they acquire the oil and mineral wealth deemed necessary to maintain and expand these structures.

Britain and the USA stand shoulder to shoulder in their role as purveyors of this terror regime, scheming up the most effective way of upholding this 21st-century version of colonial conquest. They have, between them, engineered the domination of vast tracts of this planet under the guise of what is euphemistically named 'the special relationship'. A special relationship forged out of the collaborative art of conquest, suppression and theft and sold to the world as the means of ' maintaining global stability.'

Only when a critical mass wake up to this reality and see it for what it is, without taking the evasive action of denial, will we finally be in a position to turn the tide and set in motion a whole new agenda for the future of mankind*. There is no time to waste. We are either going to be complicit in the launching of a 3rd world war of disastrous proportions, or we are going to become the masters of our destinies and genuine peace makers -- throwing off the chains of serfdom in the process. In the capacity of being masters of our destinies we will become purveyors of a new kind of justice for those whom we once enslaved and whose wealth helped bestow the title 'Great Britain' upon this island once known simply as Britain.

Britain still can be 'Great' but only when we Britons have set aside the false vanities and misappropriated pride that has been the historical passport for conquest and suppression. Freed of this karma, Great Britain can instead come to the aid of those countries still struggling to rise above the perverse forces of repression, aggression and greed for which we, wittingly or unwittingly, established such a tragic template.

* see

Julian is a British pioneer organic farmer, writer and activist. He is currently president of the 'International Coalition to Protect the Polish Countryside' which is leading the fight against GMO in Poland. He is author of "Changing Course for Life - Local Solutions to Global Problems"  

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Anonymous said...

Nice thoughts, but the plea is contrary to human nature. Humans typically avoid contemplating impending peril until the threat actually strikes.

Right now, there is a preponderance of humans concentrated in centers that authorities find quite easy to superintend and presume on the citizen's natural passivity. Human population appears to have entered into period of "critical mass", where conditioning is infectious and rapid.

The only viable method of reversing the situation is a massive reduction in population and the dispersion of humans into smaller political units in such a way as to make surveillance and indoctrination impractical.

This may be the Achilles' Heel in the plan of the NWO. WWIII would only be the beginning of the devastation.

Have a nice day.

strabysmal said...

It seems that people in Britain love to moan and whinge about things that they can't change (like the weather), but when anything like a workable outside-the-box solution is offered to them they back off and dig their heads back into the sands of apathy.

Anonymous said...

It just like the Matrix and they're looking for everyone who swallowed the RED pill.

Anonymous said...

To strabysmal:
Your comment suggests an endotropic affliction that limits your depth perception.

Please share your thoughts on a resolution.

Anonymous said...

Britian and America are tied at the hip. Those of us that are awake in both countries need to come together and partner to figure out how to break through this coma both of our countries are in.

The person that wrote this article and those of us reading it are largely awake. We need to talk to each other. I do not know the next step but I'll help figure it out.

Anonymous said...

British citizenry screwed themselves when they let the Parlimentaian elitists take away all their privately owned fire arms in the name of the queen! no wonder we gave "Crazy ole King Goergie the Third the bloody nose the EMPIRE SO JUSTLY DESERVED. Remember England: what goes around comes around and pay back can be a bitch to get over. Maybe it's time to give up your incredible ego trip. and get a real life, wake up and smell the coffee!

Anonymous said...

'Britain and America tied at the hip'

I very much agree with your comment. Somehow I feel that phase 1 of 'what to do about it' is to confront those who try to shy away from reality.
I wrote this article from the perspective of coming from an upper class British background myself.It is with real horror that I witness the cowardly way many others in my position evade the truth and hide behind a rose tinted reading of the British Empire. This gives the nod to those in power to carry on as if nothing had changed except the loss of the colonies.

It is still a real taboo to even raise the subject in upper class circles. Orwell, Huxley knew this, of course. Huxley spoke as an insider as well. Yes, we need a solution.


Anonymous said...

The solution is to do everything opposite of what the Powers That Be want you to do. Never vote. This will expose the tyranny like nothing else would. It will also delegitimize the entire false "democratic" paradigm. Never be a solder, fighting their wars. Avoid banking and only join credit unions if you must. Shun the consumer society and only buy what you must. Barter whenever you can. Produce your own food whenever possible. Create alternate institutions whenever possible. Organize and resist as a collective their tyranny in taxation, vaccination and any other forced measures upon us "the people."

Anonymous said...

You only need to go on tumblr to see that the next generation, us early 20 somethings and younger are realising what is happening, seeing it is wrong and spreading the message of hope, peace and a better tomorrow, Fear not. We the children will learn early, spread the word and create a future for ourselves away from this absolute poppycock of a 'democracy' WT.

Anonymous said...

Strength is found in compassion and wisdom, not in material conquest. After all, when we die, we don't take our wealth and power with us. We are weak in the face of it. I'd rather maintain a happy healthy planet free from war, and be friends with other countries rather than 'fear' them. Our 'leaders' are leading us to hell. Who wants another war. Not me. Strong people do not attack others, they love them, or at least learn to live with them in some sort of harmaony. I dread living in a dangerous society. I have always been aware of the short falls of this nation, but most of those who are ignorant and don't want to look outside the box will say 'nya nya's a conspiracy theory' Shit excuse for ignorance and closed mindedness. I wont say 'I told you so' when the shit really hits the fan, as it will. They wont let go without a fight. I wont stop learning.

Michael Kinsey said...

I believe in humble pie in the sky by and by,or stated differently, we reap what we sow.God has a total war planned against us in the Revelation of St. John of the Apocalypse.God is Good and He does not lie.I believe in humble pie in the shy by and by.It's just a matter of time.

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