Friday, March 30, 2012

Money is Not Needed with Energy Abundance

Amaterasu Solar
Activist Post

In order to understand the very basis of money, it is best to contemplate how it developed in the first place.

Once society developed past the clan stage, when barter, trade and so forth arose, it became the practice to place value on the products of human energy expended. If one used one's energy to build a bow, go out hunting, kill an animal, process the carcass, and transport the meat back to be traded or bartered for, this gave that meat value. The bow components were free, as was the animal. The same was true for the farmer, who expended meaningful energy in tilling, sowing, tending, harvesting, and, if need be, transporting what that farmer produced. The produce had value. Even the gatherer expended meaningful energy in seeking things to gather, then transporting the find back to be used as "money" for other things. The miner expended the meaningful energy to find the (free) ore, hew it out of the earth, and transport it.

From these beginnings, the practice of using coin and other objects arose to represent this meaningful energy expended when transporting large amounts of goods, as well using to acquire something another had but not having the specific thing the other wanted. And from this, humans went on to bills when coins and jewels and other objects became too cumbersome. And, lately, we have added electronic funds, as even bills are cumbersome in million unit, billion unit and trillion unit transactions. But the foundation of all these monetary units is the meaningful energy expended, whether human or resource-based (oil, coal, nuclear, etc.) energy.

Given this, it becomes clear that an addition of abundant energy -- in the form of overunity ("free energy") and robotics (to replace human energy in necessary work nobody wants to do), the need for money in any form -- barter, trade, work exchange, coin, bills, electronic funds -- becomes unnecessary.

If one removes the cost of the energy -- human and external -- all down the line, what is left is freely given by this planet we inhabit.

Now, of course, many would say, "But there is no 'overunity' to be had!" And in that, they would be incorrect. There have been many solutions to energy production and distribution which have been avidly suppressed and hidden by the power elite. They are fully aware that by adding energy which is free, their power over others, in the form of money, will dissipate, leaving each to control oneself but no others.

Though there are examples of things such as cars that run on water, extracting energy from the planet's magnetic field, and so on that have had patents bought and buried, or threats to lives (of the inventors themselves as well as their families), to actual murders, I know of one such technology that not only offers overunity, but also gravity control. And, unlike most of these other examples, is negentropic (negative entropy) in its function. Cooling is seen in this technology, as opposed to heating.

That science/technology is electrogravitics.

Back in the 1950s, electrogravitics, with the Biefeld-Brown Effect as its foundation, was being pursued at all the major aerospace companies: Lockheed, Boeing, Convair, Lear and many others were excitedly exploring what electrogravitics had to offer. Sometime, around 1959 or early 1960, this work became highly classified and, though ostensibly for its "weaponization" concerns, the true reason it became highly classified was because of its overunity capabilities. The power elite grasped that that was the biggest threat to their continued control.

As a source of energy, electrogravitics is ideal. From it, We can have energy that is free of pollution, is easily constructed, and does not contribute to the entropy of the universe. Because it is so ideal, and because the power elite seem bent on Naziesque control of the planet -- with "Patriot" Acts, NDAA's, TSA's, and other fascist enactments -- it is vital that the awareness of such technology spread to the tipping point.

If we can achieve that, Humanity will demand this tech and free itself from:
  • Poverty
  • Hunger
  • Slavery (outright or wage slavery)
  • War (most wars are incited to ensure profit for the war suppliers and "infrastructure rebuilders")
  • The control of the many by the few
  • The love of money (the root of all evil)
  • The need to pay for education (going deeply into debt or forgoing education)
  • Products made to fail so as to ensure future sales
  • Hidden cures (cures are not a money-maker in the long run; sick People keep paying)
  • Spam
  • Aggressive advertising
  •  Focus on the material
  • Politics for Self- or special-interest
  • GMO for control of food
  • Water control
  • Hydrofracking, rain forest clearing, oil drilling, coal mining
  • Corporations
  • Corporate "farmers" paid to NOT produce food (so as to keep the prices inflated through supply and demand)
  • Doctors who are more interested in money than patients
  • Bankers
  • Insurance
  • Internet takeover
  • "Voting" machines with proprietary software (why would a simple vote-counting program need to be proprietary? Why do we accept such things?)
  • Waste (presently supermarkets alone throw out hundreds of thousands of tons of food a month, distributing by profit and not need; other waste such as packaging can virtually be eliminated, products will not be made to break so as to ensure future sales)
There's more, but as one can see, just this list is an elimination of most of the problems we presently are beset with.

To the end of achieving the tipping point of awareness, I am offering a petition to the US Military (which presently controls the science of electrogravitics) to release this information. I offer it here in the hopes that you sign -- and not only that, spread the awareness of what I have presented and of the petition itself.  More info on how I know about electrogravitics and its capabilities is at the petition site:

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Anonymous said...

I'm with you brotha!..keep sharing information. Scientist can measure quantum physics of positive thoughts so keep pushing out good positive vibes everyone!!!..share the greatest gifts you possess - Love and Light

Amaterasu Solar said...

Thank You. All I ask of anyOne is for this information to be spread. Send links far and widely!

If We can reach the tipping point of awareness, We can create an awesome place to be for ALL Humanity!

Richard William Posner said...

I've signed your petition. It is a worthy goal.

Please return the favour and sign mine. Until we reach that place where money is no longer required, it will eliminate all the problems caused by the control of the monetary system by private, for profit entities.

It would help put us on the path to the place you describe.

Anonymous said...

the only problem is that this will only further encourage further destruction of lands and wilderness due to increasing population, which now will be able to spread into previously uninhabital areas such as the far north/south. "free energy" is great if we learn to live in balance with all the other creatures on earth, but it is a catastrophe if we don't.

Anonymous said...

Watching one of my favorite shows -"Star Trek TNG', either one of the franchise's pilots or an actual series show, Picard uttered a phrase that has been with me ever since. He stated, and this is by no means verbatim, "we in our century have no use for money/currency any longer". I, for the longest time, could not ascertain the system of trade that one would use with out a medium of exchange. But you make it wide awake clear. Money is not the medium. Thank you. Roddenbery knew - he just could not say.

Anonymous said...

for a wonderful play on this concept, check out h.g. wells's 'a world set free.' it is amazing--especially the ending.

Anonymous said...

Star Trek TNG? Picard was a statist.
No one could leave the federation and live free.

The Ferengi currency was Gold-Pressed Latinum ...

Anonymous said...

Free-energy always existed before urbanization. It was called TREES/WOOD. Worked great. New free-energy technology would never be allowed for personal use, only over the grid. There's no way the PTB would allow people to plunder every last square inch of the planet with personal free-energy devices.

Anonymous said...

THIS IS THE MAIN REASON ANCIENT ARCHEOLOGY HAS BEEN SURPRESSED AND DENIED....ESPECIALLY THAT OF ATLANTIS AND BEYOND. to understand this previous and GLOBAL civilization - that could throw about GIANT blocks of stone to a miniscule degree of a milisecond of an arc -is not only to ask HOW but WHY?.....and also to ask the inevitable question ....with WHAT POWER SOURCE ???????Pyramidal Technology that uses the FREE energy meant a TRULY FREE HUMAN POPULATION....!!!!!!How did they succumb ? What lead to their destruction?? the last 2 times Humanity came close to FREEING itself from slavery i.e the LightHouse of Knowledge that was Alexandria of the Ptolemies was smash by a brutal slave driven Rome......and when the inevitable steam engine emancipated manual slave labour - DEBT labour was introduced........FREE ENERGY is the is the WATER of LIfe drink WATER without price.

Anonymous said...

DR. Mallove (1947-2004) said said shortly before being stolen away from us that we were only a few months from unlimited clean free heat and electrical energy.

Nothing has changed. The technology is here and was here over a century ago.

Nuclear ATOMIC war is the plan of the bankers for us all.


Get hold of the bourse Labor.

Anonymous said...

This technology has been produced and is in production in Belgium. They are building units that produce 3-4 KWh constantly 24/7 in AC to power homes or DC to power electric cars.

It has also been developed by the Iranian space agency as it also produces a form of anti-gravity effect. It has health applications too. Units will be delivered before the end of 2012 but may not be resold or currently allowed to be wired to the grid (government restriction).
You can google the

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