Saturday, March 3, 2012

Libyan Revolution Update: Enjoying "Freedom"

Or, a look into Syria's potential future after UN/NATO operations.  

Tony Cartalucci, Contributing Writer
Activist Post

Here we see Libyans enjoying their NATO-granted "freedom" -- putting black men from the purged city of Tawergha in a zoo-like enclosure and feeding them green Libyan flags. The city of Tawergha was literally emptied out by Libya's NATO-backed "revolutionaries" who vowed never to allow its residents to return to their property, claiming they had forfeited it by supporting Qaddafi during the 2011 NATO operation. Refugee camps containing the tens of thousands of exiled residents have been regularly attacked (another report can be found here, in The Globe & Mail).

Defenders of the degenerate foreign-backed revolution are quick to accuse any persecuted, tortured, or imprisoned man with a dark countenance as being "hired mercenaries," but in the above video the men can be heard calling the imprisoned, humiliated men "Tawergian," as in residents of the Libyan city of Tawergha -- not foreign mercenaries.

This video comes amid reports, including those from Amnesty International, that Libya's "freedom fighters" have predictably turned out to be the genocidal racists geopolitical analysts, including Dr. Webster Tarpley, had warned about since the onset of unrest in Libya over a year ago.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

This is rascism in its purest form, unblemiched and true.

The problem is unversial and this just fals in to a line where Black Africans are considered less than Animals.
Thats the resaon for the displaying in this caves/bars.
Whats trubles me is the silence, not only from the Westen backed regimes, but from the Africans and the Arabs.

The hypocrasy is staggering and also revelating the uglyness in Human Nature. It has nothing to do with religion, nowhere in Islamic teathshings is this behaviour aproved or granted, this is plain Evil and humans without moral or dignity.
For what ever that means.

I am not suprised, Libya just confirmed my unrest this last years of turmoil. Libyans made me realise that our comon road may be mutch longer and the obstacles seems ever bigger and wider, as this year just have started.

Even the so caled Tuaregs are behaving loke a bunch of wacos.

No Libya should be a crim exaple on a seamigly normal nation, disolve right in from of our eyes, and the Libyans seems to more consered about lacking posbilitys to robb and loot than real Democrasy.
And before they start to whine and complain. they should take a long and a hard look into a morror first, before anything else.


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