Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Is Your Cell Phone Killing You?

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An excellent infographic has been released, which covers many of the physical and mental health problems, as well as the financial burden sold to an increasing number of people who feel they "cannot live without" a cell phone.

As shown below, this obsession manifests in a myriad of ways that affect individual health and social interaction.

It's not mentioned in the graphic, but the attachment to the cell phone has led to a number of states to ban cell phones after seeing that their use while driving is actually worse than driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

There is one other area key area that is not covered in the infographic, but is also worth mentioning -- the radiation effects of cell phones, especially on the young.

Experts have said that cell phones are capable of causing a number of health problems, including depression, infertility and damage to your DNA.

In 2011, the WHO/IARC released a report stating that cell phone radiation may have a carcinogenic effect on humans. In fact, the World Health Organization actually said that cell phones are in the same cancer-causing category as lead, engine exhaust, and chloroform. (Source)

The microwave radiation produced by cell phones has been documented in peer-reviewed studies to be harmful to fetal brains, and Mike Barrett from Natural Society writes that:
A recent report with lead author, John Wargo, Ph. D., professor of Environmental Risk and Policy at Yale University, shows just how damaging EMFs can be for children. 
Research shows that due to developing organs, lower bone density of the skull, lower body weight, and a less effective blood-brain barrier, children are extremely vulnerable to cell phone radiation. (Source)
The physical health effects of cell phones are wide-ranging, including the cell phone towers themselves, but there are ways to minimize their impact, as they are now nearly ubiquitous among the populations of the developed world.

With cell phone subscriptions now outnumbering people in the U.S. it is high time to review the catalog of negative information and decide for yourself if the risks are worth it -- the lives of you and your children clearly depend on it.

Cell Phones Kill

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Paul Panza said...

The blood brain barrier is compromised by this device, pace-makers can be made to fault as well. The original research by Dr. Carl is interesting to follow as well as what the government and corporations did to their own researcher after his findings went against their preconceived notions. It is a spy/tracking device that you pay extra to operate to dumb you down on the go. Think of all the fun things your government and phone company can to when they couple HAARP to your location.

Anonymous said...

I am one of those rare dinosaurs that don't own a cellphone and don't want to. Unfortunately I live within a half mile of a cell phone tower, which irks me as it literally was put up overnight with no input from the neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

I have a 'dumb' Nokia phone which I had bought in 2005. Back then it was a new model, a mid-high range product. This summer will be its 7th birthday. It is still working well, although the battery (still the original battery) had obviously lost some of its legendary battery life per recharge. Nokia does make some real hardy phones.

I do want a new phone though. Good camera, good for texting, good battery life and it has my money. I don't care for apps, web browsing, neither do I care for social networking. I don't have a Facebook/Twitter/Google+ account (I'm another dinosaur-Luddite-sociophobe-freak), and sometimes I don't check my phone for days (to my friends' exasperation).

A cell phone is a good tool for convenient communication. However, like fire, it is a good tool but a bad master. Those who incessantly check their phone or think they can't live with their phone need to get professional help.

P.S: I'm in my early 30s. I went through the transition from VCR to VCD/DVD, from dialup to broadband, from pagers to cell phones, from DOS to Windows. I know my tech stuff, so I am definitely not a 'techophobe'.

Anonymous said...

I own a Siemens primitive cell phone which I purchased in 2001,It still works great and I try to limit its use to the minimum. I think it gives me a headache only after a short use. I would go back to the pre cell phone days. Live used to be more fun.Now we are all microchip ed with our cell phones.

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