Saturday, March 3, 2012

Geithner arrested? 116 major bank resignations? What The Finance is this?

Carl Herman, Contributing Writer
Activist Post

Judge Napolitano testifies of Treasury Secretary and Federal Reserve-insider Timothy Geither’s arrest in this 4-minute corporate news show. American Kabuki lists the daily-increasing bank resignations. David Wilcock and Benjamin Fulford explain and document history and deceit at the top of US and global finance, leading to current and imminent arrests.

What does this mean?

Anyone with intellectual integrity and moral courage can affirm that the Federal Reserve system is guilty of financial fraud at its core. The “emperor has no clothes” reason is they lie in omission and commission with a fiduciary responsibility: they create debt for what we use as money, charge the 99% increasing aggregate interest, and then tell us this is responsible leadership for the public good.

I teach college-level economics; the facts of a debt-based “monetary system,” unpayable and increasing aggregate debt, and increasing per capita interest costs is conservative textbook information. If you want to understand, I’ll walk you through here.

There’s more to the charge of financial fraud at the top of US economic and financial policy, of course. I recommend the documentation of Matt Taibbi and David DeGraw to dive-into details of the crimes, and Ellen Brown and American Monetary Institute to explore solutions.

Is current news of Geithner and bank “leadership” resignations evidence of an “emperor has no clothes” breakthrough? The people I work with and I, don’t know. What we do know is that until we have justice with the 1%’s crimes centering in war and money, we’ll continue to document the facts and demand their arrests. These crimes kill millions, harm billions, and loot trillions of our dollars every year.

Until we have justice and policies for 100% of Earth’s inhabitants, it’s just another day of civic activism. 

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Carl Herman is a National Board Certified Teacher in economics, government, and history. His hobby is research, education, and lobbying for improved public policy. He can be reached at


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Anonymous said...

Karma is coming!

Anonymous said...

We use their funny money and we swallow their lies. We've been Occupied all our lives, now what?

Tom LaMar said...

where are all the comments ? Judge, please run for office...the higher the better !

Anonymous said...

as much as i want this to happen, this video is from 2011 and does not say anything about Geithner being detained.

Dave Mowers said...

Everyone does understand that the only reason Fox is going after the U.S. government is to gain leverage for their criminal case?

Fox News and Rupert Murdoch are under federal investigation and may be shut down so "we" as Americans may finally find out how it really works in this country because the elites are attacking each other. This is the beginning of the end of America as we know it.

Anonymous said...

Devvy Kidd says Geitner was Not Not Not arrested

So Who is telling the truth???

Volma said...

Straw dogs, scapegoats oh my...When they start going after the true master minds hidden from view, I will have a little hope. This seems to be nothing more then posturing for posterity. The kings nephew murdered a few hundred of his playmates for fun, he gets sent to another school, his hands symbolically slapped and "Bob's your uncle"
And now that the senate has declared it illegal to peacefully protest against the bankers, now what? Who are the people who passed this bill? They should be going to prison for being terrorists against all free people in the US and the world, they and a cast of thousands world leaders, corporate emperors etc.. Who are the people behind 911 and the militarization of the US, illegal invasions occupations world wide. The US is the New Nazi Germany if you hadn't noticed. The bankers are just fodder, pocket change, the real bad guys are behind the curtain protected unspoken unidentified officially. The bankers are only the "Wicked Witches, flying monkeys!"

Anonymous said...

all lies

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