Wednesday, March 21, 2012

French Murder Suspect Tracked By Intelligence Services "For Years"

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Brit Dee, Contributing Writer

The man suspected of involvement in a string of murders in France, named as 24-year-old Mohammed Merah, has been on the radar of the intelligence services "for years", French interior minister Claude Guéant has admitted.

Police are currently surrounding a house in the Cote Pavee district of Toulouse, negotiating with a man they believe was involved in Monday's murder of four Jews, including three young children, and the earlier killing of three Muslim paratroopers.

AFP reports how Guéant has told journalists that:
France's domestic intelligence agency had tracked the suspect 'for years'...He had for several years been tracked by the DCRI and its agents in Toulouse, but there was never anything to suggest that he was preparing a criminal act.
The suspect is said to have spent time on the Afghan/Pakistan border, even being arrested in Kandahar, and has reportedly stated during the standoff with police that "he belongs to al-Qaeda."

With the suspect still holed up, it is too early to reach any conclusions about the case, but the fact that Merah's monitoring by the intelligence services has been admitted could later prove to be very important. 

How is it possible that they did not know anything about his alleged plans -- especially when he had access to several weapons and it has also been reported that unsecured emails were carelessly sent to one victim:
from the suspect's brother's IP addess...used to set up an appointment to inspect the bike, an appointment at which the paratrooper was subsequently killed, the source said.
In Sarkozy's election year, with France, the West and Israel in need of fresh justification for their military involvement in Muslim countries, this is clearly an important story -- which Resistance Radio will be following as it develops.  

UPDATE: It is being reported that Merah escaped from prison in Afghanistan in 2008 following a mass Taliban breakout.

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stevor said...

Just as I suspected. They found this nut, confirmed he was a nut, and then probably baited him and probably even set him up to do this event because it was the right time for a "terrorist" to do it.
If the CIA and Mossad weren't involved in training terrorists and helping them do their thing, I wonder if there'd be any bombings.

Anonymous said...

Could not agree more. A cynical political manoevre.

Anonymous said...

.....and now he's dead, how convenient!

Anonymous said...

He's an MKULTRA mind controlled slave; they always keep track of their slaves so they know when is the best time to trigger them; notice how they all seem to be Muslim. The Illuminati always playing the religion or the race card

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