Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Congressmen, Senators Join Massive Grassroots Initiative to Label GMOs

Anthony Gucciardi
Activist Post

Even many congressmen and senators agree that genetically modified ingredients should be clearly labeled in the food supply.

Joining more than 900,000 individuals who have signed the ”Just Label It” campaign since October -- 55 Republican and Democrat politicians (see all 55) from both the House and Senate signed a letter in support of GMO food labeling. The representatives represent the shockingly high statistic of 92% who state that they support the labeling of GMOs according to a number of studies.

Gaining the most signatures of any labeling initiative in history, the ”Just Label It” campaign asks the FDA to require any food containing genetically modified ingredients to be labeled. As pointed out by the concerned legislators, the FDA currently requires over 3,000 substances to be clearly labeled in food products, so why not genetically modified ingredients?

Furthermore, labeling doesn’t confuse the public, it enables them to make more choices. In their letters, they write:
At issue is the fundamental right consumers have to make informed choices about the food they eat…The agency currently requires over 3,000 other ingredients, additives, and processes to be labeled; providing basic information doesn’t confuse the public, it empowers them to make choices. Absent labeling, Americans are unable to choose for themselves whether to purchase GE foods…We urge you to fully review the facts, law, and science, and side with the American public by requiring the labeling of genetically engineered foods as is done in nearly 50 countries throughout the world.

Perhaps the lack of labeling in the United States has to do with Monsanto’s deep ties with key government organizations and officials. Some key Monsanto officials inside the U.S. government include:
  • Margaret Miller was in charge of preparing the report on Monsanto’s synthetic milk hormone rBGH following its approval at Monsanto, and she was later the official in charge of reviewing her own report as Deputy Director of Human Safety and Consultative Services.
  • Michael R Taylor was a partner at the law firm that represented Monsanto on a number of subjects. Following this position, Taylor became the FDA’s deputy commissioner for policy, where he wrote the FDA’s labeling guidelines for Monsanto’s creations. Taylor then spent a few years working directly for Monsanto, and has been brought back by Barack Obama as the Food Safety Czar.
These are but a few key Monsanto personnel now stationed deep within the United States government.

It has also been revealed that Monsanto has control of virtually all U.S. diplomats, and the company has even used its massive influence to force other nations to accept their genetically modified crops through economic threats and political pressure.
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Anonymous said...

My views on Monsanto and GMO's are that both should be eliinated completely and immediately. and for the judges who support Monsanto, perhaps Monsanto could continue to create GMO's for them and their families.

Anonymous said...

Why would EVERY congressman not support this? Because EVERYTHING has a price tag...even integrity. That's why.

Anonymous said...

the only reason the politicans are changing positions are the mob has learned how dangerious it is.thank jeffery smith dr mercola dr don huber and if you really start digging the farmers who have been standing and screaming about being bullied by corperations and ignored by the governments..the tide has changed becauce no countries even want food from usa grain or meat...this market change will be the game changer..a eu market says gmos are dead. i have to believe it.. the communist countries make them label gmos and the free free fee markets of america don dad said that one day america would be communist and russia would happin like ships passing in the night.. wouldn t no when but it looks like he was right again....i just have to grind my teeth in disbelief.......

Anonymous said...

go to and tell the fda what you think.... almost to a record breaking 1mil. we can't rely on corrupt politition to do the right thing.... also heads up to gardeners... we were recently informed that fedco found hybrid broccoli varieties gypsy and diplomat to be contaminated with has been a major loss to our farm as it had already been ordered and planted...we need more than labeling, we need an outright ban on gmos. i just priced feed for my chickens certified gmo free... almost twice the price of regular feed and basically just doesn't contain corn or soy... next will be alfalfa....there are many who would like to feed their families gmo free food... leaving out corn and soy byproducts is a great place to start, but incomplete....if this label gmo law passes the cost of testing should be put on the producers not consumers.... monsanto foots the bill and pay for their sins of trying to play god miserably for more than 1/2 a century....

Anonymous said...

I love coming to this site...I read in the morning instead of the news, gives me pride to know that I am not alone, that my other and brothers and sisters are aware! Its up to us to spread the word to the sheeple. Its not them its us...its communication! When it goes past the subgroup and into main stream, its no longer tin hat wearing rederick, it becomes noted, and the sheeple follow along. So many areas of concern you could become an out spoken activist, but I feel these issues all have a common theme as stated by Anonymous brother in arms....they are trying to play God! Between the chemtrails, GMO's,& Food industry or education system, financial system, Energy and the out right lies with this belief that the govt is working for us. The govt is working against us,and promoting their own beliefs and until we become informed and united they will not change. They are scared that will become informed, and thus united in a common cause to get back to the real simplicity of human existence....treating all humans as people, protecting all humans, proactively protecting our Mother Earth, and on and on .. We are the only animals on this planet that are destroying our own environment, but its done without our true knowledge. Gain positivity in humanity ...gain peace through knowledge, and become a steward of humanity and our Mother earth by doing your best everyday to spread the word as well as your positive energy to prove that we are the enlightened. I appreciate you all, I give thanks to activist post for bringing these topics to the forum...I only wish I can do more! This is my be the best I can be , everyday! All the best to you all!

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