Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Big Pharma Creates Resistant “White Plague” Through Mass Drugging

Anthony Gucciardi
Activist Post

Thanks to widespread and unnecessary usage of antibiotics throughout the modern world, a heavily drug-resistant form of tuberculosis is now striking fear into the hearts of scientists and doctors alike.

Affecting both poor and rich, those affected with the disease are put into quarantine and injected with a large number of super drugs.

If the disease were to spread and develop, tuberculosis experts are worried that medical professionals would be helpless to stop it — at least when it comes to more of big pharma’s drugs. Natural solutions do exist, and they don’t involve the very drugs that spawned the ‘white plague’ in the first place.

India is receiving the bulk of the blame for spurring on the drug-resistant killer, as the country is known for its massive overuse of antibiotics. In fact, India has the most cases of multi-drug resistant tuberculosis in the world, with more than 100,000 cases of the disease.

While multi-drug resistant tuberculosis is still quite deadly, it is the ‘extensively drug-resistant’ and ’totally drug-resistant’ tuberculosis that worries many health organizations and officials. 

‘Totally a Man Made Disease’ 

Make no mistake that this is not a ‘natural’ evolution of disease, but a result of excessive drug use made possible by big pharma and mainstream health officials. Even members of the World Health Organization’s ‘Stop TB Partnership’ are outraged over the man-made disease progression, with member Lucica Ditiu stating that the drug-resistant TB “is a totally man-made disease”. Dr. Zarir Udwadia, also a TB specialist from India, had similar statements, explaining that that resistant strains were ”an accident waiting to happen.”

Dr. Udwadia published a report in the journal Clinical Infectious Diseases last year documenting four cases of totally drug-resistant tuberculosis. Currently, he has about twelve cases of the resistant disease with no treatment options left, and three have already died. Each medicine the doctor used to combat the mutated bacteria failed, with the bacteria immune to 12 drugs total.

Dr. Udwadia explains that to even get to the point of developing such a drug resistant strain, it requires severe misuse of antibiotic drugs:
To get to this stage, you have to have amplified resistance over years, with loads of misuse of (antibiotic) drugs. And no other country throws around second-line drugs as freely as India has been doing.
Real Solutions

It is clear that the resistant strain is a real threat to public health, with many experts concerned about a potential pandemic. Unfortunately these very same individuals who blow the whistle over the new resistant ‘white plague’ being a man-made disease are turning to even more pharmaceuticals to ‘treat’ the condition. This is a serious web of drug use, with drugs creating problems that require even more drug usage. There’s simply no room for a cure within this drug paradigm, because even if they make a drug powerful enough to wipe out the resistant tuberculosis bacteria, it comes with an onslaught of symptoms that ‘require’ more drugs.

In one case of treatment, for example, Anna Watterson was given so many drug injections in an attempt to treat the resistant disease that she was heavily bruised, constantly nauseous, and unable to go out into the sun.

Instead of subjecting yourself to this ‘drug web’, you can utilize natural solutions that will also serve to enhance other biological aspects of your life as well. Vitamin D3, for example, can not only boost your overall immunity and resistance to tuberculosis, but it can also help fight the disease once you’ve been infected. Scientists have even found that vitamin D intake can significantly reduce tuberculosis-associated mortality on a global scale. But what if you’re infected with the totally resistant mega bacteria?

Garlic has been found to outpace drugs in the treatment of resistant tuberculosis, putting pharmaceuticals to shame, and of course boosting your overall health in the process. This has been proven by more than one piece of peer-viewed research, with scientists finding garlic to be one of many natural solutions that should be considered by all medical professionals.

Amazingly, there are 43 other natural substances documented as powerful solutions to tuberculosis, virtually all of which most doctors ignore. In the abstract of the study from the University of Health Sciences in Pakistan, scientists state:
Alternate medicine practices with plant extracts including garlic should be considered to decrease the burden of drug resistance and cost in the management of diseases.
Big pharma’s drugs spawned this new plague, so why take them to fight it? Empower your health naturally through nutrient-dense foods, supplements, and pure water. In particular, stock up on vitamin D and turmeric — they will be highly beneficial in the event of a pandemic or disease outbreak.

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This article first appeared at Natural Society, an excellent resource for health news and vaccine information. 

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Anonymous said...

and this is how the human race leaves... not with a scream but a cough.

Anglo Saxon said...

Helpful and positive steps to greatly reduce the risk of global infection would be to:

(1) Internationally quarantine India generally;

(2) Subject ALL Indian nationals to rigorous TB tests before they are given Entry Permits or Visas to enter any other country;

(3) Restrict international visits to India, perhaps by greatly increasing the insurance premiums for those who do so.

Three years ago I caught a strain of Influenza from an Indian National while working in the Arabian Gulf region. He kept coughing (throaty cough) into my face while talking.

Within days, I went down with very severe symptoms that took over 3 weeks to clear (including a visit to a Clinic for lab diagnosis).

I was already a well travelled person. As such, I have been exposed to the germs/viruses of many different places and peoples. Therefore my Immune System is stronger than average. But, when you catch any kind of a bug off an Indian, it always seems to be more virulent.

The country we call 'India' is quite literally an open sewer, upon which over-crowded hoards are obliged to live. It is a petri-dish of sub-continental proportions, breeding new and novel strains of bacteria and viruses every other week.

Anonymous said...

Get out the system and get healthy. It is the best form of defence and we need all the people who are awake alive to stop this onslaught. Peace Love and respect.

wings said...

mms would also work

Anonymous said...

here we go...

Anonymous said...

study gnm.ca marculis

Anonymous said...

I have a rule of thumb; if the FDA has approved it, whatever you do, don't take it.

Missanity said...

Don't forget about high dose Vitamin C, which should be the FOUNDATION for all health. Your body needs Ascorbic acid to create collagen, keep your cells and membranes healthy and your tissues strong. Humans have a genetic flaw in which we, unlike almost all other mammals, can't create Ascorbic acid in our livers. You cannot get enoughtfrom your food either. A therapeutic dose is 2 grams and up, every 4 -6 hours, everyday. You will not get sick. If you feel a sickness trying to get in up your intake to 2 grams every 20 min until symptoms disappear. You may have bowel tolerance issues, but that's a minimal problem, by the time that happens your symptoms will be gone and you will have fought off yet another illness while adding it to your immune system database. Read these papers for more information. You wanna survive this thing, take vitamin C http://www.seanet.com/~alexs/ascorbate/198x/smith-lh-clinical_guide_1988.htm http://www.seanet.com/~alexs/ascorbate/biblio/biblio_a-c.htm http://www.orthomed.com/klenner.htm http://www.seanet.com/~alexs/ascorbate/199x/landwehr-r-j_orthomol_med-1991-v6-n2-p99.htm

jzimardo said...

You need to throw our toxic GMO food supply into the mix. Mycobacterium avium subspecies paratuberculosis (MAP) may be present in the retail supplies of dairy products in the United States.

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