Thursday, March 29, 2012

Australian Globalist Senator Bob Brown Calls for World Government

globalist-bob-brown-global-government-new-world-orderAndrew Puhanic, Contributor
Activist Post

The Globalists have officially infiltrated the Australian Government and have now admitted on record that they want Australia to lead the world to introduce global government and the new world order.

Australian Globalist, Greens Party leader and unofficial leader of the Australian Labor Party, Senator Bob Brown, has been quoted as saying that the “world should be ruled by a new global parliament under the auspices of the United Nations”

Senator Bob Brown then went on the say that "Australia should to take the lead in establishing a global parliament to govern issues such as nuclear proliferation, international financial transactions and poverty."

These comments made by Globalist Senator Bob Brown prove that the government is now actively seeking global government and the new world order. Senator Bob Brown even went as far to describe how a global government will function. He was quoted as saying "a global government should consist of a bicameral (two houses) parliament with equal representation from every nation."

This is not the first time Senator Bob Brown has declared that we should all accept global government and the new world order. In June 2011, Senator Bob Brown was quoted as saying “the issue of a global parliament was "conceptual" at the moment. He then went on to say that "why should Australia not be at the centre of what is inevitably going to be a global parliamentary governance down the line – if we human beings are going to live with each other on this marvellous planet of ours as we go on our joy ride of the future? Of course we are going to have to make consensus decisions."

As concerning as the above statements made by Senator Bob Brown are, what’s even more concerning is that at the moment he has the influence, power and political mandate to direct Australian foreign public policy. As a result of the close nature of the last Australian federal election, the Greens Party and the Labor party in Australia have joined forces to form government with the help of three independent senators.

So what does this mean for Australia and the Globalist agenda? Well, because we now have evidence that the government is actively seeking global government and a new world order, we can use this information to gather support and build momentum in the wider community to campaign and rally against the globalist agenda and global government. We must stop the formation of global government and we must not allow the Globalists to further influence our politicians.

Global government will only benefit the Globalists and multinational corporations. You and I are not part of the globalist agenda and will suffer the most if a global government is formed. There is now no doubt that the Globalists are seeking a formal global government and this is the most compelling evidence of how the government and globalists are seeking to establish the framework of the new world order since that famous speech made by George Bush Senior.

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Andrew Puhanic is the founder of The Globalist Report, a website designed to provide you with the information you need to make informed decisions and understand world events and how they affect you. The Globalists, and those who support world government, can only be halted when their plans for world domination are made public.  You can contact Andrew directly at Andrew @ The Globalist Report.


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Anonymous said...

One world enslavement is what it is. We can't be complacent. History has already told us the outcome.

Anonymous said...

amen brudda

PB said...

Australia's Zionist controlled Labor Government is already working toward this end. It takes orders directly from the Zionist Bankers. The Prime Minister and her faction have all done their pilgrimages to Israel under the auspices of a subversive group called the Australia Israel Leadership Forum.

Anonymous said...

but should they have not made sure to get ALL of our guns first ?

Anonymous said...

This man like all other lying thieves who call themselves politicians have not place in making decisions for squat. They have proved their unworthiness with the absolute sham and betrayal of current "government." These days government is nothing more than collective gang of highly organized predators.

moffin01 said...

Here's some vision of Brown from June last year:

Anonymous said...

Oh, brother! Even the Aussies have been afflicted by the mass mad cow disease that's decimating Amerika.

Anonymous said...

Probably the time has come for all Australians who don't want political correctness rubbish, being dictated to by Fabian totalitarian parties (this includes the LNP), our land being sold and virtually stolen from us by so-called foreign investment, and our rights to be reinstated to rise up together at once and force a new political system to come about - one based on the Swiss system, true democracy. NOT the sham that currently exists in Oz. BB and the greens, together with all the other filthy hypocritical self serving and self interested political parties are clearly demonstrating that they are nothing more than sons and daughters, and soldiers, of satan and the NWO. Time for a political change in Oz.

Alan Ryan said...

Pretty sad to read these blogs, people just spraying rubbish about things they have not bothered to research even on wikipedia!!! I start to wonder if people just don't like democracy. Why would we not want some democracy at a global level, what the UN does better? WTO? International corporations? We have no say in what they do and people don't want that changed? Strange to me.

Anonymous said...

ummmm... doesn't it seem a bit funny that they have 28% primary vote? The media attacks them everyday & the opposition (conservatives)are over in the US getting tips from the tea party & starting up right wing think tanks...
It seems the money, power, media are all with the conservatives.
I personally think Bob Brown is totally AWESOME. There is a difference between a 'New World Orderist' & a 'Globalist". He hates the banks, big media, big mining and big oil - how does that work with your builderberg mates? More confusing mis-information...

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