Monday, March 5, 2012

Australian Bill Allows for Sterilizations Without Parental Consent at Any Age

Anthony Gucciardi
Activist Post

Following the call by ethicists for after-birth abortions and the press explosion surrounding the ‘Euthanasia Coaster‘, new legislation from Australia is now paving the way for children of any age to consent to sterilization — without parental consent.

That’s right, if a psychiatrist determines that a child under the age of 18 years is ‘sufficiently mature’, they will be sterilized without any say from the parents. Again, there is no age minimum, as long as they are ‘mature‘ enough.

The legislation, known as the Draft Mental Health Bill 2011, also allows for 12-year-olds to consent to psychosurgery and electroshock. You can view the bill for yourself on the Australian Mental Health government website.

Written by the Western Australia Mental Health Commission (MHC) and overseen by Mental Health Commissioner and clinical psychologist Mr Eddie Bartnik, objections can still be submitted to Australian parliamentary members in each state until March 9th.

Some main points of the bill read:
  • CHILDREN OF ANY AGE TO CONSENT TO STERILISATION: If a psychiatrist decides that a child (under 18 years) has sufficient maturity, he or she will be able to consent to sterilisation. Parental consent will not be needed. Only after the sterilisation procedure has been performed does it have to be reported and then only to the Chief Psychiatrist. [Pages: 135 & 136 of the Draft Mental Health Bill 2011]
  • 12 YEAR OLDS WILL BE ABLE TO CONSENT TO PSYCHOSURGERY: Banned in N.S.W. and the N.T., psychosurgery irreversibly damages the brain by surgery, burning or inserting electrodes. This draft bill proposes to allow a 12 year old child, if considered to be sufficiently mature by a psychiatrist, to be able to consent to psychosurgery. Once the child has consented it goes before the Mental Health Tribunal (MHT) for approval. Parental consent is also not needed for the MHT to approve the psychosurgery. [Pages: 108, 109, 110, 197,198, 199, 213]
  • 12 YEAR OLDS WILL BE ABLE TO CONSENT TO ELECTROSHOCK (ECT): Electroshock is hundreds of volts of electricity to the head. Any child aged 12 and over, whom a child and adolescent psychiatrist decides is “mature” enough, will be able to consent to electroshock. Also, once consent is given, there is no requirement for parents or anyone, including the MHT, to approve the electroshock. Electroshock should be banned. Its use on the elderly, pregnant women and children is especially destructive. [Pages: 100, 101, 103, 104, 194, 105]
Action will need to be taken to make sure the bill does not pass. Objections can be sent to the Mental Health Commission and to Australian state legislators. Feedback options come to a close on the 9th of March at 5pm, so it is important to voice your opposition today. Here are a few ways to contact the Mental Health Commission and state your objection to the bill:
  • Mail: GPO Box X2299 Perth Business Centre, W.A. 6847
Madhouse Medical Tyranny: When Health Becomes Sickness 

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Anonymous said...

Can't wait till the have school pep-rallies and assemblies on sterilizations at schools. Kids will be exposed to some horrendous movies about birthing process, the risks and horror stories, birth defects and severely handicapped children, and late term abortions. Then after showing this traumatic film offer free sterilizations without the parents consent (Of course the parents paid for it with their tax dollars)

And this will be mandatory as part of education just like they make it mandatory for much of the controversial pseudo-science propagandized sexual education outside of biology and parenting.

Dr. Thomas Sowell wrote about the failure of such programs where pregnancy and abortion rates actually increased after such programs instead of decreasing which went largely ignored because it did not fit with the propagandized agenda. I can only see the same tactics being irresponsibly to the sterilizations.

dogismyth said...

they own you and you still don't believe it.

Look at philosophical arguments vs. being innoculated/vaccinated.

You either offer your life for a noble cause, or they'll take your life. In other words, fight or be what they want you to be.

Phuck all the issues. All the BS about asteroid, religion, nuclear war, weather modification and on and on. You are being distracted every minute of your life.

Its obvious what they are doing in the background yet you are content to deal with these trivial issues they convince you are either real or important.

Wake the phuck up! They will succeed unless you and others are focused on one thing...

FIGHTING. Fighting for your liberties, freedoms and pursuit of happiness. Those are your rights as a human being.

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