Thursday, March 15, 2012

Australia May Declare Homeopathy ‘Baseless and Unethical’

Andre Evans
Activist Post

Homeopathic medicine practitioners may have to defend their practice in Australia after the National Health and Medical Research Council decided that their practices may be ineffective and unethicalA statement issued claims that it is “unethical for health practitioners to treat patients using homeopathy, because a homeopathic medicine or procedure has apparently been shown to be ineffective.”

This statement is based on an evaluation of homeopathy by the British House of Commons Science and Technology committee, who came to the conclusion that the whole field of homeopathic medicine is no more effective than a placebo pill is.

Similarly, the statement suggests that all homeopathic medicine is actually just joke medicine, and that “safe and effective conventional treatments” should not be delayed in favor of homeopathic ones.

The researchers who support this statement maintain that many homeopathic treatments are wrongfully being covered by health insurance companies, despite the fact that they are largely ineffective and sometimes more costly than conventional methods.

Many cases cited to support this statement showcase the use of outlandish medicines like animal blood and milk, which in these cases lead to the deaths of those who used these methods of treatment.

Due to the nature of the untested and absurd treatments, the researchers would like to establish a formal registration scheme in the manner of conventional doctors, so that no quackery or dangerous “medicines” are covered by insurance.

Currently, the Australian Homeopathic Association has a self-governed registration model that is not subject to more conventional scrutiny, and thus the methods stated can sometimes be encompassed within the scheme of what is called homeopathic medicine.

Interestingly, what is called ‘conventional medicine’ is also in the realm of the outlandish and has similar tested proof backing the fact that it is dangerous to individual health. Despite this, a careful examination of legitimate and proven natural methods of medicine should not be discouraged or classified within the same category of bizarre treatments that should more properly be called fake homeopathy.

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Anonymous said...

Medicine has become a monopoly, a racket, a fraud, a political football and thinking that any one of these hucksters has the answer may be very damaging to your health.
First, go with nature. Thereafter, find the approach that makes the most sense to you. It's your body. It is your choice.

Anonymous said...

Funny. Fake poliicians outlawing so-called fake medicine.

Anonymous said...

This would not surprise me. Australia has jumped headlong into a full-blown nanny state faster than any other country I have witnessed.

The one thing that does surprise me is that the citizens of that great country have just rolled over and are letting it happen.

Anonymous said...

It is beginning. First homeopathy, then all herbs and supplements. I purchase vitamins on-line and have for years. This year, when I go to order, there are warnings in big red letters on the order form telling me of the dangers of supplements. They now require that you click on a box that states that you know the dangers and have been warned. Meant to intimidate.

Anonymous said...

"Funny. Fake poliicians outlawing so-called fake medicine. "

Truer words were never spoken.

I'm surprised that the rank-n-file citizens have allowed these state-actors to continue to breathe.

Anonymous said...

All I can tell you on this is that homeopathy cured me of severe allergies, whereas "conventional medicine" could only mask my symptoms and make my mind cloudy. The choice for me however, is clear.

moffin01 said...

I'm from Australia. FYI Anonymous, yes it may seem that we're rolling over (as it seems in most western countries) but there are many of us who are both aware of what's going on and are attempting to expose the lies and stop the rot.
There is a group of skeptice here who are representing the interests of the pharmaceutical industry. Their first assignment was to try to put the Australian Vaccination Network (AVN) out of business, they almost succeeded. Have a look at their Facebook Page (Stop the AVN) to see what a lovely bunch of people they are.
Now the same forces are setting their sites on Natural/Traditional Medicine, you can see some of the results in this article.
Currently Modern Medicine is the third leading cause of death in the U.S., I'd suggest it would be similar here in Australia.
A review of therapies that included mainstream medicine would be fair, then perhaps we could really see where the damage is done.
But then we'd be asking the "Evil Empire" to tell everyone just how evil it really is, which just won't happen.
While msm caters for the needs of the corporate world, this will remain an uphill battle.
It is after all a battle for the "vote" of every individual, and too many of us remain asleep to the true reality around us, forming their opinions from the headlines delivered in their daily newspapers.
The good news is however, that person by person, the world is waking up.
Thank you Activist Post for playing a role! :)

Anonymous said...

They will continue to do what they want until we say NO!

Anonymous said...

Science! We don't need no stinking science!! We have voodoo science called homeopathy.

Anonymous said...

C'mon! Homeopathy is a complete fraud!

Anonymous said...

100,000 killed each year by "science" medicine. Number killed by homeopathy???

tal said...

Read Dana Ullman's articles:

The Disinformation Campaign Against Homeopathy

Disinformation on Homeopathy: Two Leading Sources

The Swiss Government's Remarkable Report on Homeopathic Medicine

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