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5 Stages of My Personal Awakening

"Wake Up" by Anthony Freda
Eric Blair
Activist Post

It's clear that there's a massive global awakening happening.  A time when much that has been hidden from the masses is being revealed.  And as this information is increasingly accessed, the perpetrators of lies are being exposed on a grand scale. Their sinister agenda is also coming into clear view for all to see. This awakening has been the source of motivation for starting this website and the success of many other "truth" outlets.

As the controlling elite move at warp speed to implement the final stages of their full spectrum dominance, it seems to be met with an even quicker awakening of the masses.  But this awakening seems to pass through stages. At least it did with me and many people I'm close to.  In turn, sometimes it's difficult to gauge where the audience is in terms of their stage of awareness.

I remember when we started Activist Post over two years ago, I thought I understood enough about the agenda and the current events related to it. I felt "enough already, where are the solutions?" Since that time, we sought to expose the lies, present the agenda as it unfolds in real time, and provide some practical solutions to the best of our ability and knowledge.  But we're always learning and progressing.

At this late stage in the game, I felt it appropriate to share the stages of my personal awakening with our audience.  By no means do I expect it to be viewed as universal guidelines that should be followed by others, but rather it's simply a glimpse into my personal perspective in hopes of showing solidarity with people who may be struggling with the same stages.

Recognizing the Lies: I think this is probably where everyone begins.  One way or another it becomes clear that we have not been told the truth about something by the establishment, which leads to recognizing other lies.  For some it's a profound "ah ha" moment.  However, for me, the process has been more gradual.  In the mid-1990s, I read Behold a Pale Horse which certainly opened my eyes to things I've never considered before like secret societies, but it failed to launch me immediately into more research. Even though, in retrospect, I've been gradually learning more and more over the years, it wasn't until Obama proved to be a fraud that I fully woke up.  I'm embarrassed to have supported him in 2008, thinking Hillary Clinton and McCain were the globalist insiders and naively believing he was a genuine outsider who wanted peace.  It was only then that the true nature of the power structure presented itself to me and a tsunami of research began in earnest.  And, finally, once I took an honest look at the events of 9-11, there was no going back to the manufactured reality.

Realizing Who's Really in Charge: This is where most people who begin their awakening seem to focus much of their energy and time investigating -- as I did.  However, I'm not sure anyone really has the correct answer to who's really in charge, as there are so many layers to investigate.  Yet, many researchers come to certain conclusions which become the source of bitter infighting between truth seekers.  I believe the controllers, whomever they may be specifically, laugh heartily at our bickering about who they are.  Once we move beyond the names and faces of people, corporations, and the institutions that all appear to be in on it, it becomes clear that it's rather unimportant who it actually is versus the philosophy they all adhere to.  Whether the hidden hand is Freemasons or the Illuminati, or the Vatican or Zionists, doesn't really seem to matter.  What's important to me is that 1) there is indeed a hidden hand controlling world events, 2) it's evidently not human compared to you and I, 3) they share a philosophy of extreme prejudicial hierarchy and a sense of entitlement over humanity and, 4) they are ruthless beyond our capacity to comprehend.  Identifying them beyond that seems like a waste of precious time and energy that could be spent on solutions, in my humble opinion.

Understanding the Agenda:  Understanding the agenda was far more important to me than identifying the puppet masters, because by understanding what they're trying to accomplish they will eventually reveal themselves. Their agenda, as I've come to learn it, is no less than complete control of planet earth by consolidating political and economic power including control of all resources, and enslaving and reducing the whole of humanity by any means necessary.  And they're using everything in their arsenal to accomplish these goals; primarily the monetary system via central and world banks, global laws via the United Nations,  aggressive military force, multinational corporations and the absolute control of information by owning the media, suppressing science and technology, and controlling education.

Finally, one of the unseen tools used to great effect by this cabal is their manipulation of our reality through fear.  In fact, there is no way they can accomplish their wickedness if we didn't buy into manufactured fear.

Incidentally, the agenda is fairly easy to recognize in current events.  If an event is used to cause fear, division or hatred, you can bet it's the work of the controllers.  If an event is counter to peace and personal freedom, you can bet the agenda is moving forward.  If an event seems like a massive accident (financial collapse, 9-11, etc.) you can bet it has a purpose.

In fact, if there is an event that is causing harm to people in any way, shape or form, you can bet that it's connected to this agenda in some way.  This is because average humans, let's call them the 99.9%, will not consciously harm others if given the choice of a peaceful way to survive and coexist.  Many may disagree and point to isolated examples of theft, rape, bullying, murder, etc. as natural human behavior.  However, I would argue that in every one of those cases, the social system designed by the architects of the above agenda is to be blamed, not the individuals.  After all, how are slaves expected to behave like humans in such a malicious and unfair system?

Nature of Reality and Solutions:  After realizing that nearly all facets of reality are based on lies controlled for a certain purpose, one may begin to wonder what the true nature of reality is.  Many seek answers in religion, science, or philosophy. Again, given the level of deception in these institutions, I'm not sure anyone can define the nature of reality as a whole.  Although there are many enlightened people presenting amazing theories, anyone claiming to know the absolute nature of reality is highly suspect in my book.  However, I feel it's important for each of us to discover as much about the true nature of reality as possible, because that seems to be where genuine solutions can be found.

In my case, I've examined all of the above; religion, science, and philosophy in pursuit of what reality is to me.  While I have intellectually believed the following for some time, I have only just begun to holistically understand it through experience.  Without getting into labels, here's what I believe are at least some of the rules that govern the nature of reality: We, as individuals, are infinitely more powerful beings than we've been led to believe.  As such, we control our own reality and, ultimately, our own destiny. This power resides in each of us as free will of our thoughts and emotions which are physical frequencies that impact the material world. I have repeatedly experienced this in my own life by, for lack of better words, thinking my reality into existence.  The bigger lesson for me has been that we all contribute to what manifests in the world around us; and changing the world truly begins with changing ourselves.

Our immense power can only be contained by fear, which paralyzes our thought processes.  Despite all the negativity in the world, there is truly nothing to fear if we control our own thoughts and ultimately our own destinies.  Even fearing death seems unwarranted, as I believe humans are bundles of intelligent energy that, by the laws of nature, cannot be created or destroyed -- only transformed.  I certainly don't want to leave this physical reality, but I'm not afraid of it.  That would be a waste of my time and energy while I'm "alive".

The absence of fear is love.  I believe the collective reality in the world would change overnight if love replaced fear in the forefront of our thoughts.  And I think love is the secret ingredient to solve all of the seemingly complex issues of our time.  I may be wrong about all this, but experience tells me there is definitely something to it.

Forgiving the Evil Doers: Admittedly, I have not achieved this stage yet, but I firmly believe it is one of the final stages of enlightenment.  The actions by the controllers are so despicable, so inhumane, and so evil that they naturally instill hate in any decent person who sees them for what they are.  But understanding that this hate is actually something they need to continue perpetuating their sinister plot, then harboring this hate seems counterproductive if we seek to bring the desired change of peace and harmony.  Additionally, if our thoughts and actions in some small way contribute to this reality, even if by lack of action, then it seems we have to accept a certain amount of responsibility for humanity's current predicament.

At this stage, I'm only able to feel gratitude to Obama for helping wake me up, and gratitude in general that as things progressively get worse more and more people have begun to evolve their consciousness.  I know it's a stretch for most people to see this silver lining in the dark clouds that currently engulf us, but it seems our evolution simply must play out this way.  If it wasn't for the increasing tyranny, the masses would still be sleeping through their human experience without even knowing they were slaves, or ever realizing their potential.  Perhaps they would eventually realize it on their own, but I doubt it.

I suppose I won't be able to forgive them until the war is over and the good guys declare victory. Until then, I will continue to pick up my pen and fight on until peace, love, and liberty is achieved.

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Anonymous said...

I also believe we should forgive these monsters.

The envision the process of forgiveness going something like this:

1) strip 100% of their assets
2) hold them in indefinite detention while they are investigated
3) try them for their crimes against humanity
4) impose the only fitting sentence
5) after burial-- we should say a few words over their graves and "forgive" them.

Rog said...

All in all, good article. But, "However, I would argue that in every one of those cases, the social system designed by the architects of the above agenda is to be blamed, not the individuals. After all, how are slaves expected to behave like humans in such a malicious and unfair system?"

This kind of thinking typifies modern thought. The borg, the hive, the herd is somehow greater than the individuals that comprise it. Utter nonsense. We, as individuals, are responsible for our own actions regardless of what the herd may do or believe. Are we so malleable to the influence of the "collective" that we can no longer think for ourselves? The devil made me do it!! Good excuse, eh?

citizen ron said...

that's not how forgiveness works, anonymous. in fact, what you're suggesting actually perpetuates the Elitist Agenda. that line of thinking is exactly what they want from you. in other words, they've got you where they want you.

but before forgiveness can even begin, one must be awake.

and before any changes in the outer world can begin, changes inside of you MUST be initiated first. it doesn't work any other way.

gandhi is an excellent example. gandhi did not employ the five tactics you listed above. he simply changed his mind. look at what he did.

and, yes, it really is just that simple, although for this to happen one must be at the point where it can happen. you are clearly not there yet.

neither is eric, neither am i. i will get to that point, though, because that is my intention. when i do get to that point, i will know in my heart that the evil that's enveloping the world will be defeated through civil disobedience and the absence of fear--- love.

withdraw. disengage. don't play their game anymore. their power lies in being able to make you fearful and hateful. don't give in to it. you're better, smarter and stronger than that. every one of you.

Anonymous said...

Violence creates violence always. I am not saying they can be trusted to remain amongst the populace, but I would like to think we could move beyond the age of cruelty towards one another. The cycle can end, if those who gain power don't abuse it.

buelahman said...

Identifying those who are doing this is paramount to being able to carry forward with the rest of your list. How can one understand the agenda without knowing who it is that instigates that agenda? Furthermore, how can you forgive someone when you don't even know who you are forgiving?

Anonymous said...

It is not necessary to forgive the true architects of this system, but to love and forgive those that are dupes of the architects.

The true architects are so different from us in their basic nature that we simply have to accept that they are what they are, and not hate them or love them, any more than one hates or loves the hurricane that flattens one's abode. We have to endure, shrug it off, and continue on with love for one another.

Accepting that inherent difference between we humans and those others will allow us to perhaps pity them, but even so act as we must to protect ourselves and not feel guilt for our choices.

Love is not a part of their understanding. It is our greatest strength. Our strength will be their undoing and balance will be restored to this existence.

Anonymous said...

Um ... you folks can do the Gandhi routine if you like, but humanity has turned the other cheek far too many times. That's the reason we are stuck with psychopaths running our countries.

My "version" of forgiveness works for me. After all, it's hard for the elite to continue victimizing humanity if they are DEAD. Death is the ultimate effective deterrent no?

Anonymous said...

Psychopaths will be psychopaths for life, even if we forgive, they will not change, they do not feel empathy unfortunately. They should be locked up or kept under control... and forgiven ;)

JV said...

Great article, thank you Eric.

Anonymous said...

There is someone standing on your head. Your eyes are beginning to pop out of their sockets and you're not sure if your ear is still attached anymore under the boot tread being ground into your temple and someone here is talking about "forgiveness"? Ha ha ha ha ha ... Good luck with that!

Anonymous said...

Well said, Eric! Well said, my friend!

Anonymous said...

Bravo! Epic piece! You speak for so many of us! Our shared experience of awakening is testament to the profoundly significant time we have the privilege to be part of, and its grand purpose of manifesting conscious loving awareness. We all have to keep amplifying the Truth Vibes via word, intention and deed--Universe is resonating and the matrix is trembling and starting to crack! Yehaaa...

Anonymous said...

"Um ... you folks can do the Gandhi routine if you like, but humanity has turned the other cheek far too many times. That's the reason we are stuck with psychopaths running our countries.
My "version" of forgiveness works for me. After all, it's hard for the elite to continue victimizing humanity if they are DEAD. Death is the ultimate effective deterrent no?" - anonymous

I think humanity has actually turned the cheek only a handful of times, generally with pretty good results. The problem with finding security in redemption is that you will probably also have to kill their children, and their friends, and you will probably have to kill a few protesters and other conspirators against you to complete your agenda, and before you know it, we have another "great terror". If you can remove someone from being a threat from you, committing violence against them is an abuse of power, no matter what the circumstance. The cycle has to end.

Anonymous said...

The cycle-of-violence can end on someone else's watch. I want the victimization of humanity to stop on our watch.

Turning-the-other-cheek in *my* definition not only includes Gandhi-like activities, it includes populations too complacent (or stupid or dumbed down) to stop the ascent of political monsters. We have utterly failed to protect the republic and so our current dire situation fits my model.

I would be willing to bet that less than 5000 people in the US are totally responsible for our current situation. The loss of such a small number of scumbag criminals would not even be noticed in the grand scheme of things.

Anonymous said...

Great points, I enjoy the personal perspectives from the personalities out there. It helps to serve as a benchmark and to learn as well.

What really woke me up was the meshing of the political and the spiritual. All of what you just described has been written down to the tee in an ancient two-thousand year old historical text known as the Bible (now don't all freak out at once). The only text in mankind's history which contains true and verifiable prophecy.

In this regard, the ultimate hand is Satan.

This would also explain the great hatred for humanity the elites have. This would also explain why Freemasons and other elites worship Lucifer.

Unfortunately, I think too many people are looking to the wrong places for the ultimate solution. The ultimate solution is in Jesus Christ. That is not to say we should all not work for a better world, be it the economic system or political laws.

However, as prophecy has proven true thus far, it must prove true for what lies ahead. It is not all bad news, for again I remind you, the "good news' has already been given to us. The good news is the Gospel of Jesus Christ, as much as detract the sinners, the blinded and those who do not wish to give account for themselves or their sin so they can continue to pleasure in them. These words are true and I pray for you.

Jeff said...

"If it wasn't for the increasing tyranny, the masses would still be sleeping through their human experience without even knowing they were slaves, or ever realizing their potential."

The "masses" have awoken? I missed that memo.

bucketslogg said...

Removing this parasitical threat to our planet and all life thereon for once and for final (for a very, very long time, at least) is an act of love... one could say, the ultimate act of love. Love your enemy to death... it is for the greater good.

If you see Rottenfekker walking across your lawn and you don't use that opportunity to drive a stake through his aorta, you have failed in your life's purpose.

Bohemian said...

You cannot stop the victimization if you yourself will not forgive. It just perpetuates a cycle of violence, someone needs to end it!

Well written article and really what we all should be striving for, if every one could see their reality in these terms then all the victimization would cease!

dale said...

There is no solution, no final solution, only endless struggle.

You can't drop out; there is no place to go. The only option is to fight back, fiercely and with love. As soon as you drop out or turn to hatred, "they" win. They want wars, inequality, unemployment, and cynicism/apathy. Today is the celebration of the Civil Rights march across the Selma Bridge(I was there!), an act of non-violent resistance which transformed America and ended centuries of oppression.

But be prepared to be assassinated. The peacemakers may be blessed, but they are also very dangerous, and from Jesus to MLK (and JFK and RFK) they are murdered. Ironically, this shows how powerful the gospel of peace really is.

@sjsrana said...

Death (physical) is imminent and inevitable,
Death (spiritual) is impossible and improbable,
Why fear then? Why not spread LOVE unconditional?
Those become 'PURE', who are imbibed with 'LOVE for ONE'.

Be the change to change for the benefit for humanity --->

Anonymous said...

I am pleased to know others are starting to see the truth in what is going on in this country and in the world. I have had great concern for a long time. However, there are many who think I am an old person who only gets ideas from listening to the right wing talk shows. The truth is, when I was in school we were taught to think for ourselves. Thinking for one self is no longer taught in our public schools, in fact what is taught is just the opposite. Our schools from grade school through college are not teaching the truth, and they don't want people to know how to think on their own. This leads to everyone believing what those in charge tell them.
Reducing the masses is one of the best ways to control the world. If you push for birth control and abortion one can control the future births in the world. Then you push for gay rights (right or wrong) this means lower birth rates then a conventional marrage. Then you control the medical care for the older generation and those with pre-existing conditions. What was it Mr. Obama said? Something like give them a pill? Once the older people are gone, who is there left to let others know what freedom is? Now you control the food, GMO. You control the price of fuel which is used to deliver the food to the different parts of the country, and to transport people. You control the News Media to only let the people know what you want them to know. You find ways to control the Congressmen and Senators (money does wonders, and if that doesn't work, promises and threats). You reduce the Armed forces because they swore to uphold the Constitution, and you train your own military that doesn't believe in the Constitution. Next, you control the voting polls, even if it takes fraud. They really don't care how they stay in office and in a position to bypass the lawmakers. Oh yes, you have to control the Supreme Court. It may look like one person is doing all this, but it isn't. This has been the plan for many years.

I believe The Tea Party and the majority of Occupy Wallstreet people are working for the same thing. Less Government! More control over our own lives. A helping hand when needed, but not a free ride. They need to come together. But do be careful. I also believe there is big money in the Occupy Wallstreet that would love to see violence. That would give the government a reason to call for Martial Law. Once that happens they can do anything they want to, especially with the new Homeland Security laws. If Occupy Wallstreet people see the violence starting, they need to put a stop to it instead of letting the police get involved.
I think Eric is headed in the right direction when he talks about controlling your thoughts. But I will tell you my thoughts go to the Bible and God Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Jesus said we could do all things including move mountains. That is done with the Holy Spirit that we choose to have with us and in us. Remember too, when our prayers are in the name of Jesus and two or more are in agreement, it will be done. Also, if God be for you, who can be against you? Those who are seeking our distruction through division and control do not believe in the Bible, they do not believe in God Father, Son and Holy Spirit. They mock us for relying on our Bibles and having our guns.
Is this where we need to turn our ways back to Gods ways and bring him back into this country, into our homes and schools and government? Something tells me it is.
May God Bring Us Together. May He watch over you and protect you. And, yes. We are to forgive. The prayer states "Foregive me my tresspasses as I foregive those who tresspass against me." It does not say to let others deceive you, or bring harm to your family and those you love. And, watch who you trust.
Let's pray they don't trace the e-mails and come take us away.

jancee said...

yes, well put dale.

Anonymous said...


Religion must leave first, as it holds us back, against each others incorrect beliefs and is a tool for the elite to push humans and land against each other.

We have one planet.

Anonymous said...

Nice article. The powers that be are masters of 3 things to keep us reigned in: manipulation, intimidation and provocation. While praying for and forgiving these monsters is a noble Christian activity, one nation, under God gave us the constitution to defend ourselves. Don't use forgiveness as an excuse for laziness. Me must act to stop these miscreants together, united in one great force. The people in charge are all cowards and their flurry of recent oppressive laws attest to that fact.
"There's a lot to lose by doing nothing, but nothing to lose by doing a lot."

Richard said...

WHen you hate someone your eyes and ears are on alert all the times. You are aware of what is going on and who to be aware of. You only stop hating a little after they are dead. But keep the hate alive will keep you on the alert for others.

Anonymous said...

"I will put enmity between your seed and the seed of the snake." Who is in charge?

midnightwriter said...

To add my 2 cents, I do not hate a rabid dog or a vicious crazed animal, but I would still put it down in self defense. I see no difference in these monsters we call the power elite. However as anonymous suggests, give them a fair trial. You see there is nothing to forgive, they are a disease and that is all.

Anonymous said...

All the above have spoke well and from your hearts, that's why you are here "Now" because you love and care,regardless of what each of your ideas and beliefs are, it does'nt matter to me because I know in my heart you are all loving BE_ings. Love to All of you x

Anonymous said...

I really related to your article, it happened for me the same way, especially the part about turning my hatred into forgiveness and eventually love...;this is how I did it. If fear is what they feed on than forgiveness and love will destroy them. Love is the answer.

midnightwriter said...

As the old parable goes: The scorpion cons a turtle into catching a ride on it's back to cross a lake. In the middle of the lake stings the turtle and as they are drowning the turtle says, why did you sting me when you promised not to, I was helping you cross the river. The scorpions answer, I'm a scorpion. Well their sociopaths.

Anonymous said...

Hatred may have force, but love has POWER, which can overcome hatred.

Anonymous said...

corporations run it all now, so they will sacrifice you cause they have an entire world as consumers, john trudell indian movement 1980 speech in berkely california. Billions of dollars worth of waste in this country, we could feed so many people in this country and the entire world. garbage warrior is a take action movie also.

Doc Sutter said...

I woke up May 10th 1970 in Cambodia. I was the medic attached to B Battery 4/42 Artillery, 4th Infantry Diision on Firebase Invasion during the Northern Incursion. Almost got overrun. We lost a lot of guys that day. A week later returning to An Khe on highway 19 it occurred to me that: "There's no way this war should have lasted more than two weeks". The Christmas bombings of 1972 proved that and the pilots of the B52's wondered the same thing. "Why didn't we do this in 1965"? Eleven days and it was over. The North surrendered Jan 23rd 1973. Funny how nobody knows that though.
Since then its been one heartbreak after another learning the truth about how the world "realy" works.
Once out of college (Dec 75) and had the time to investigate I learned the whole story. That was 1980. (Thank you John Birch) couldn't say much about all this back then. Iron Mountain I&II, Bill Cooper, Chuck Harder, Eustice Mullens, John Coleman, Spotlight, Contact, Phoenix Journals, Intellegence Review, etc. Short wave radio.
Having developed the "Natural Healing Paradigm" from beating liver cancer from the Agent Orange I now teach others how to do the same.
Being awake is a curse on soooo many levels but absolutely necessary for survival. My emphasis now is on the answers.
Like you I can't find it in my heart to forgive these people either. I remember the screams.
Doc Sutter

Anonymous said...

I agree with the one that wrote @ 5:47 pm We all live in a fallen world that is contolled by Satan. There is one true answer. Matthew 22:37-40. Enjoyed reading the article, and the comments.Thanks

Anonymous said...

Right is might!
Survival of the fitest!
In the begginings of the structure of society they were subject to brutal and blind force, afterwards to law which the same force only diguised. I draw the conclusion by the law of nature, right lies in force. Right is an abstract thought and thereby proved by nothing. The word means no more than give me what I wan't in order that I thereby may prove I am stronger than you. A new right emerges, that of the strong.

Only force conquers in political affairs, not academic discusions!

The political has nothing om common with the moral. A politician that is governed by the moral is not a skillbul politician, therefore unstable upon his thrown. He must have recourse to cunning and make believe.

The word shall not agree with the deeds of the diplomat.

The system is all based on constructive fraud.

The politicians are aiding and abetting a criminal enterprise.

The government are an oligarchy ruled by plutocrats that form a CABAL

There agenda is 1-Break the middle class and reduce them to perpetual debt surf slaves. 2-Population reduction. 3-Control of the world's resourses.

Anonymous said...

The strong survive, the weak parish@!
If you have ever noticed anmimals fighting over a morcel of food, it is usually the strongest member of the pack that gets the largest portion.

Humans are no different It is man's selfish ego or greed that breeds corruption and fraud.

Politics and economics are concerned with wealth and power, neither of which should be the primary, still less the exclusive concern of rull grown man.

If you have a system that is based on fraud it eventually collapses.

In a bee hive you have the queen bee, the worker bees and the drones. The drones keep the hive cool by faning the hive and they fertizize the queen's eggs. when there is going to be a harsh winter and there is a shortage of honey, the worker bees kill off the drones.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Dale at 10:05. You cannot release yourself from the world of struggle. The task is not to renounce it, but embrace it as, what some have called, the happy warrior. Your fight is righteous, and you do not allow it to consume you. To be passive is not virtuous. And the beast thrives even without our consent and participation.

Eric says that absence of fear is love. I don't think this is so. A bit afield, but you ever notice all the dead skunks on the road? They are not accustomed to having to run. They simply raise their tales and get run over. They have no fear. Lack of fear can lead to stupidity.

The opposite of love is indifference. To love is to care, and to care is to persist despite fear. Fear is not something that needs to be done away with. Negative emotions have their purpose.

Activist Post has become a must-visit site. Thank you for sharing your search for understanding and solutions with us.

Anonymous said...

All of you who want to "forgive"...go ahead...knock yourselves out.
As to me...I know one truism and that is;
In this world there are sheep, wolves and sheepdogs.
I know I am not a wolf and I sure as hell am not a sheep(le). There are some of us out here who will "take care of business". You can say a prayer of forgiveness over their dead body.

Anonymous said...

Thanks very much for writing this, Eric.

I believe the key to starting a new golden age for humanity is forgiving the 1% and inviting them to join the 99% in building a new future.

What most motivates the 1% to participate in the current system is rising high enough in the hierarchy to avoid being abused, and avoid having to abuse others. These people are actually more enslaved than we can ever imagine, and their indoctrination begins in childhood by enduring horrific mind control techniques.

I can imagine the waves of defections as soon as these people realize the 99% are on their way to a golden age, and not interested in lynch mobs anymore.

We seem to have a ways to go yet.

Anonymous said...

Forgive but don't forget, especially since the chipping away continues and the pace is picking up. So, save your forgivenesses for the end of the ability to make decisions brought on by design, or forgive a million times. I'd save the energy and apply it to obstructing their ability to sway a politician's decision.

Anonymous said...

Let me help:
1. Wake up
2. Stay Awake
3. Perform your duty for duty's sake only.
4. Guide the execution of that performance with wisdom, justice, and love.
5. Faith at all times - especially during fear and falls.

Anonymous said...

...and on Forgiveness:
Forgiveness is a word that the sleeping use to express an act that brings forth emotional relief.
When you wake and rise, the discussion surrounding forgiveness becomes as insipid as any other form of philosophical 'entertainment'.
What then matters is maintaining the state of 'knowing' so as to perform your duty as mentioned, while remaining aware of the temporal and spatial integration of your physical self in relation to other physical entities.
M L King understood and proclaimed the importance of wisdom, justice, and love in regard to action and interaction.


Doc Sutter said...

Funny thing, I posted my comments on this site March 5th. Guess who came knocking on my door today??? The IRS. I havn't heard from them in 12 years. I wonder if there's a connection. Doc Sutter

Leslie Fieger said...

Well written. Clear, concise, true. Know where you are at; focus on where you want to go. Be empowered.

Anonymous said...

Forgiveness is the way of not allowing into your own heart and self and soul the hate of another and what they have done to you; its how you negate their power over you and do not become what they already are. The problem is, that blackness is already in all of us too, we have our own burden of it, have since the beginning of our existence here. We are already connected and always have been to whatever evil is running the agenda, but some are now just awake enough to try to control and not just give in to it's parasitical life in us. We need to chose the road to forgiveness and our own redemption to balance this out, or we are already destroyed, our choices gone, and Man's time here done. The end goal of this agenda will be achieved, eternal slavery of life, and what animates us, to evil.

Anonymous said...

"Understanding the Agenda" - Wow! You nailed it!

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