Sunday, February 26, 2012

World Bank Wants Control Of The High Seas

Brandon Smith, Contributor
Activist Post

As a proponent of legitimate free markets, I am always up for a little creative entrepreneurship. However, there is a considerable difference between building productive markets, and engaging in monopolistic piracy. Global conglomerates and the elites that operate them have long been familiar with the pirate’s life, and not the fun filled adventure-time rope swinging swashbuckling brand. In fact, it was elitists like Sir Francis Drake, commissioned by the English monarchy, who embodied this disturbing covert bedlam. We’re talking murder, mayhem, and blood-money, folks! So, it should be of no surprise to anyone that the thieving mercantile swine of our era are returning to the high seas to plunder once again, only in a much more subversive and devious manner.

This past week, World Bank President Robert Zoellick made his organization’s intentions for oceanic regimentation known, at least in a candy coated way, at the Economist World Oceans Summit in Singapore. (Source)

Over the last several years, World Bank has seen fit to insinuate itself into the environmental movement as a “bastion” of green ideology. In reality, World Bank has long used the threats of environmental destabilization (some of them real, some of them fake) as tools for the centralization of resources into the hands of mega-corporations. In fact, if one was to attempt to sum up exactly what it is that World Bank actually does in a single phrase, it would probably be “resource domination”. This domination is achieved through the strict lending guidelines that sovereign countries have to commit to in order to attain financing from the supranational entity.

Like a greasy loan shark working for a hardboiled mob cartel, World Bank’s M.O. is to lend large capital packages (made with money or credit created out of thin air) which the target country and its government obviously cannot afford to pay back. These loans often stipulate that the country relinquish control of its natural resources, the true wealth of the nation, over to international corporate bodies for “management”. Through this process, World Bank removes competition from a market and hands designated companies (globalist front-companies) the keys to the kingdom.

Environmental manipulation has been used in the past by World Bank as a cover for resource piracy. Global corporations including Enron, Bechtel, GM, and Monsanto from the late 90’s onward have been handed coveted water rights to entire communities and nations under the guise of managing “water scarcity”. This control of the water supply has extended even to rainwater collection. World Bank’s argument in the case of water privatization was that monetizing the resource would create “incentives” for populations to conserve water. That is to say, the higher they could increase the cost of water, the more coveted it would become, and the more careful people would be when using it. This feudalistic idea was expressed clearly in a World Water Council (founded with the help of the Vice President of World Bank) document entitled “The Long Term Vision For Water, Life, And Environment”:

In 1998 the World Water Forum expounded a need for control and regulation over the planet’s water supply. This meeting was packed with top multinational corporations and commissioned by a viper’s nest of global elites, including:

-Dr Ismali Serageldin (Commission Chair), Vice President, World Bank, and Chair of Global Water Partnership
-Margaret Catley-Carlson, President, Population Council
-Gordon Conway, President, The Rockefeller Foundation
-Mohamed T. El-Ashry, Chair and CEO of the Global Environment Facility
-Howard Hjort, former Deputy Director, FAO
-Enriquo Iglesias, President, Inter-American Development Bank
-Yolanda Kababadse, President, World Conservation Union
-Jessica Mathews, President, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, USA
-Robert S. McNamara, Co-Chair, Global Coalition for Africa
-Maurice Strong, Chair, Earth Council, member of Commission on Global Governance, and a chief adviser in charge of the UN reform process
-Wilfred Thalwitz, former Senior VP, World Bank
-Jerome Mondo, Chair of the Supervisory Board, Suez Lyonnaise des Eaux

In March of 2000, the forum made the following statement:

“Water is an economic good and its economic value should be recognized in the allocation of scarce water resources to competing uses. While this should not prevent people from meeting their basic needs for water services at affordable prices, the price for water must be set at a level that encourages conservation and wise use...”

This methodology of artificially raising prices through the issuance of securities to enforce a particular environmentalist ideal, in the end, has NOTHING to do with protecting the environment. Essentially, it creates the derivitization of natural resources that is the calling card of globalized tyranny. Cap and Trade programs were designed to monetize air usage. Energy derivatives were used by Enron to allow easier manipulation of electric and oil prices. Water privatization was designed to corporatize a free flowing resource and create artificial scarcity. And now, World Bank wants to apply the same con game to one of the last economic commons; the ocean. The only beneficiaries in these schemes have always been large conglomerates, along with a smattering of stock investors who revel in the idea of erecting entire markets out of absolutely imaginary products with no real inherent value.

As with water privatization, the flood of massive bureaucracy in the guise of corporate management over oceanic usage will only create a mind boggling maze of red tape that will thwart all business interests except the largest. This is entirely deliberate.

Not only does it cause prices to rise to levels beyond what the impoverished (a global majority) can pay for a commodity, but it also squeezes out small business owners whose only advantage was the level playing field of an open resource. On the oceans of World Bank, a small fishing outfit will have no chance to make a living, because the permit process, new taxes, and new legal requirements, will empty their bank accounts before they ever get started, leaving only the big boys to ravage the seas at will, and legally, because they will have paid the exorbitant fees for the right to do so.

There is also a very good reason why Zoellick at the World Oceans Summit mentioned fishery issues so often, and why he is so keen on the idea of international regulations on their operations.

On dry land, companies like Monsanto are the slavemasters of food supply. The centralization of national farming infrastructures has given these companies unrivaled power over how we eat, and thus, how most of the populace survives. However, the ocean, an unparalleled food source, is still a decentralized region of production. Anyone can fish it, almost anywhere, without having to ask permission from the government, or a private company. This obviously does not sit well with World Bank, not because they fear overfishing, but because it provides a sovereign means of survival, allowing people to remain independent from the globalist system.

By utterly corporatizing resources that have through all of time been freely accessible to every human being, World Bank and the elitists they serve hope to build a framework for total centralization of all means of production and sustenance on Earth. Does this sound like mad scientist stuff? Absolutely. Does that make it any less factual or terrifying? Not a chance.

The real cleverness in using the environmental aspect of ocean management lay in the reality that there is, indeed, severe damage being done to many parts of the ocean’s ecosystems. Cap and trade is based on the lie of anthropomorphic global warming and highly misrepresented data on the effects of CO2 (just ask any global warming enthusiast why NASA and the CRU have never released the source data for their experiments to prove that their claims are true). The monetization of the air we breathe can be defeated in the minds of the general public for this reason. But with the oceans, legitimate pollution is occurring. This gives World Bank a much more tangible argument for supranational regulation in the name of environmentalism. What people must realize, though, is that this regulation will have no effect on the deterioration of the seas. In fact, it will likely hasten their destruction.

The international nature of how the oceans are utilized also opens the globalization door to World Bank. When a supranational entity is given de facto governance over a region that is used by all sovereign countries, it gives that entity the ability to interfere in the decision making processes of those nations without any input or respect to the people who live within them. For Americans, this means being susceptible to laws created by men far outside our borders who we cannot vote in, vote out, or chase down with our pitchforks when the voting is rigged. This has always been the goal of globalists; to create the most dominant and unaccountable ruling body in history, while at the same time convincing the masses that we cannot live without it.

At bottom, centralization is the foundation for the collectivist fallacy; that there is a “greater good” that must be maintained by the establishment. This process makes the establishment indispensable in the minds of the public. The elites in power today have chosen environmental dogma as their version of the “greater good”, because the “end of the world as we know” can be used to rationalize almost any brand of despotic behavior, from food and water rationing as a method for social conditioning, to population control or even depletion in the name of “saving the planet”. Always beware the true motivations of any governing institution that seeks to assert itself as the purveyor of all that is “best” for the people. Such groups are rarely if ever what they seem…

Brandon Smith is the founder of Alt-Market is an organization designed to help you find like-minded activists and preppers in your local area so that you can network and construct communities for mutual aid and defense. Join today and learn what it means to step away from the system and build something better or contribute to their Safe Haven Project. You can contact Brandon Smith at:


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Anonymous said...

Well said Brandon, it goes a little deeper, the globalists want the whole world with few people on it for a reason. They don't mind destroying the environment, destroying our DNA and our ability to reproduce. They have technology that can allow themselves (read as the Elites) to live through the pollution. They own the human genome. It is not perfect yet, but almost there. Hint; have you ever seen a human with jet black iris?? It is known that some Asians have black irises, however, you can still see the pupils.

apeman2502 said...

Yo ho ho. That Jolly Roger flag in the photo above is the EXACT SAME flag as that flown by the contemporary Skull and Bones society, for the German blooded English royalty. Henry Morgan, the pirate, was knighted and later made governor of all Hispaniola in the English empire. This is for his CIA type of murder and mayhem for England. Blackbeard the pirate had a flagship named "Queen Anne's Revenge" as tribute to his queen. Bluebeard, another pirate who flew the Jolly Roger for England had a song they sang to recruit and kidnap street kids for pirate duty.

Six pence. Six pence. A pocket full of rye. Four and twenty young boys baked in a pie. When the pie was opened, the boys began to sing. Wasn't that a dainty dish to set before the king?"
Today's American Skull and Bones Society performs the exact same depraved functions. Rapine, pillage, burning and buggary. Hence the term, 'Buggar off!" George HW Bush is the ranking member. if you would please note Bush41's participation in 9-11 including overseeing the nuke placement in the basements as ambassador to the UN under Nixon, his fathers punk. The siting of the Fukushima plant and its commissioning and final license and location of all the spent fuel pools and exterior placed cooling systems, all signed off on by Bush41, knowing of the eventual meltdowns and supercriticality resulting from the meltdown explosion from the next major tsunami. Also, the Bush41 Wall Street deregulation and the derivative fraud, offshore accounts industry and the formation of the Medellin and Calli cocaine cartels. Not to mention the build up of 'Fast and Furious' beginning in 1952 as Veep Nixon's 'drug czar'.Plus this Operation 40 crew's assassination of JFK and Bobby Kennedy and numerous South and Central American leaders. Plus two unsuccessful attempts on the life of France's Charles DeGaulle. The blowout of the Deepwater Horizon oil well in the Gulf of Mexico was judged to be intentional by the U.S. Senate and many top geologic and operations engineers in the oil drilling profession. Fellow pirate Obummer gave England's BP and Bush's Halliburton a 'free walk'.
Yes, Bush41 has been a naughty, naughty little pirate, but Americans are too busy sucking to notice the $16 trillion debt he and his crew(including Obummer) are running up, as well as all the genocide and damage. And too full of crap to see the damage and pain he and his crew are racking up with their permission. Every time you try to explain HAARP technology and how Bush41 and crew have been devastating farm land to be carpetbagged by their friends while gaming the 'weather derivative' markets, they go back to sucking. Look up that word, permission. Tacit permission still is permission.

Anonymous said...

Guess I will buy more mountain water runoff which will include the land as in adjudicated
water right----with an ancient priority date. No stopping the global mafia end game except for defecating in their collective coffee cup periodically...

apeman2502 said...

Like I described above, The world bank is the City of London. Stupid and sick and violent, but they have the federal reserve system in their pocket.

Anonymous said...

Of Coarse they Do: PIRACY is their specialty, Rape, ROB, Molest, PLUNDER, STEAL, Usuary, Lie, Scheme, Thefts, Extortions, Racketeering, privateeering.
They Brought The Talmudic Legalsleezy ruses of the Sea; onto the Lands, should Not They Practice their: Stanic WitchCrafts; on the WATER too?

Anonymous said...

You have said it all Brandon.... rape and pillage is in their royal blood!

Anonymous said...

I think its time to get rid of the World Bank and let them go out and fend for themselves.I am amazed that these people actually get away with running our lives and putting rules an regulations in place for us,by whose authority? they are not elected officials. The UN is another buch of cut throats that need to be put in their place, Obama already signed the law of the seas treaty giving them the rights to all of our water and adjacent property including the caribean. who are they to have those rights, when we were put on this earth there was food for us to eat and water for us to drink, or we wouldnt be here, now the bankers want that too? I don't think so, their rule is over as far as I'm concerned, let them eat cake.
I am ocnstantly hearing the likes of Bill Gates on you tube and in the papers saying he would like ot depopulate 3/4's of the world, he can start with himself and really do us all a favor, one less Jackass to worry aobut, if I said those things I would be arrested, where I come form thats called premeditated murder, why aren't they stopping him or David Rockerfeller, the King of Eugenics, and putting them away for good. When the poweer elite think it's OK to kill large groups of people then they should be put down themselves,put them in those FEMA caps they built for us, good place for them. Make it clear to all of them we are giving up nothing without a fight anymore. They hav eno authority over us, they know what they cvan do with thier filthy money.

Anonymous said...

the People can destroy these monopolies at any time they choose to exert themselves. The monopolists have had to accustom people to their tyranny by a constant stream of praise for great corporations and of "free enterprise" according to their own interpretations as well as discrediting of liberal movements and thier leaders by ever increasing control of the press, and other news outlets. Ya Basta! Indigne! Occupy!

Goldneasian1 said...

This is not something new it has been going on for a long time. Example: Deep sea fishing on the east coast of America as a sport was free at one time I know because I use to do it. Now I can not tell you. In 1982 I transferred to the west coast with my job. The first time I went on a sport boat to go fishing out of San Diego California I had to get a ocean license which was free to do on the east coast of America. So what was that money being used for? California falsely charged people for something they did not do, and that was go out into the ocean and take care of it. How would you take care of an ocean anyway? Maybe I am stupid because I am a laymen.

Anonymous said...

Brandon... excellent post. May the good hearted readers spread this info virally before they put a hit on you! Lulz. SPREAD THIS EVERYONE!!! LET'S MAKE IT THEIR ENVIRONENTAL DISASTER. KARMA IS YOUR AUTHORITAR!!!

Anonymous said...

I have long thought about patenting air and oxygen so that everytime you inhale I get a penny from your bank account. I will contaminate the world with carbon monoxide to achieve my goal. The only way to survive is to buy one of my special carbon monoxide filters and place it in a respirator of your choice, or to get the ENT surgery implant which is being made right now in my offshore company. I will soon be the richest man in the world.

Your pets and livestock would also need my special filter, but the wild animals will unfortunately all die unless they have access to a bank account.

I also own the moon. I claimed it when I was a boy. I was hoping to charge people for moon light, but I have not figured out a way to turn it off for non-payment.

Affinity Net News said...

Excellent article! This is why it's so important to understand Admiralty Law (law of the sea) and Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) and the endless fraud that our so-called legal system is. We have been lied to about everything and it will never change until we all scream truth into the ugly face of corrupt collectivist power. These elite parasites are terrified of truth and exposure. The Columbia Faction or District of Criminals in Washington D.C., are the mortal enemy of humanity along with the Vatican, and Financial District of London City, known as The Empire of the City or Empire of the Crown. Every judge and lawyer in America serves the Crown under the BAR = British Accredited Registry. The highest signet on the Queen of England's Crown, is the symbol for the Knights of Malta under the control of the Superior General (Black Pope) of the Jesuit Order.

Anonymous said...

The International Bankers should be tried before the world court and charged with instrinsic and constructive fraud, conpiracy to commit fraud, check kiting counterfeigting.

The Final Soluttions
Banking Reform
1-Abolish the Federal Reserve and restore monetary authority to the U.S. Treasury to create and extinguish honest debt free money based on a 3 legged stool of precious metals, barter exchange contracts and labor treasury certificates for work performed, goods produced and services rendered. International trade and balance of payemnts could be conducted with barter exchange contracts. For example; A bushel of wheat for a barrel of oil. Thus, no trade deficit, no debt.

Monetary Reform
2-Pass a revaluation bill limiting paper currency debts to 1% of their gold dollar value of $2,000 and ounce, reevaluating the currency and issuing new currency at a 100-1 exchange rate, pro-rating all prices, incomes, debts, and charging a 10% exchange rate fee to pay down the legitimate debt.

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