Wednesday, February 22, 2012

One Too Many In The Cuckoo's Nest -- Shock Therapy Still Used to Control Behavior

Heather Callaghan
Activist Post

Did you know that electroshock therapy is still a common practice? It's true that electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) nearly died out after Jack Nicholson's performance in One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest and the major influx of psychotropic drugs beginning around the '60s.

But just as ECT was going extinct its use picked up in the '90s and continued to grow exponentially. As of 1998, the ECT treatments numbered 100,000, approximately twice the number of tonsillectomies that year, and continues at that rate.

The Judge Rotenburg Institute is under fire once again for its improper use of aversive shock therapy; the use of shock to dissuade certain behaviors.

Young disabled Andre was called into a room after hitting one of the staff members. He was shocked once for punishment, then tied down to a restraint board and left in the room for seven hours with no food, water, or bathroom breaks. The shocks were set to zap whenever he yelled out or tensed up -- he was shocked 31 times. He was responsive enough to beg his mother for help when she arrived, but went into a comatose state for three days until requiring immediate hospitalization. Rotenburg holds that this is therapy.

Andre's mother is imploring that the video be allowed for public view so that people can see that this particular incident, and other electroshock treatments, are an act of torture. Rotenburg sought a court order to keep the video hidden during investigation. Last year, they were caught erasing crucial video evidence during another investigation. They are also responsible for the deaths of five children and numerous lawsuits.

More details from this disturbing story can be found in the video below.

Proponents of ECT call it a safe therapy and life-saving measure -- there are ECT patients who have reported good results. Memory loss, however, in varying degrees, is the most commonly reported side effect whether the jolts work or not.

Little-known fact: Ernest Hemingway did not shoot himself due to alcoholism, although it may have been a contributing factor. His suicide followed ECT after it erased a major portion of his memory. He said the memory loss was “ruining his head” and “putting himself out of business."

Other information:
  • Rotenburg procedures mimic the Skinner Behavior Modification model.
  • Created by psychologist Ugo Cerletti in 1938 when he noted effects of electroshock used to make pigs docile for slaughter.
  • Upwards of 220 volts administered -- the average amount of electricity used to run a home.
  • Heavy use in the US began in the '40s with no sedatives, painkillers, or relaxants, which led to broken bones and vertebrae.
  • Today a GED is strapped to the legs, arms, and torso, and drugs are often administered.
  • Used today on toddlers & pregnant women.
  • FDA reports miscarriages and lifelong developmental damages to the unborn.
  • Consent not required in many cases.
  • No one knows why it might work; brain damage is cited by opponents.
Most opponents (and many survivors) of the practice simply call it torture -- even the UN Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment agrees!


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Anonymous said...

I can't believe this still goes on. Thanks for the interesting read.

Anonymous said...

As an RN working with psychiatric patients for over ten years, I have to say that ECT (electro convulsive treatment) is used sparingly and not at every hospital or treatment center, and that it DOES provide very good results in many cases. When you consider that the alternative is psychotropic medications, many with horrid long term side effects, some patients actually are better off with ECT therapy.

Save the Holy Headland said...

Whilst initiating a campaign against tasers (defined as torture by the UN) I wrote an essay that goes into the topic of ECT as part of the larger phenomenom of what I call 'Electro-Coercion'. I urge everyone to not only get informed on this topic, but to take action to end these barbarous practices. Raising awareness and lobbying the various governments involved is the initial strategy. Please check out the campaign: RESIST CARDIAC ARREST:
Thanks to Activist Post for putting the Truth out to the World!

Anonymous said...

Yup, my Dad went through two series of ECT treatments, and all they did was make him stupid. He used to be very intelligent. He had been having a stubborn depression/anxiety combo, due to very real disappointments and problems. He has slowly healed and is much better, no thanks to the professionals. All he probably needed was some time and comfort, but instead they did ECT, and other counterproductive nonsense. And heaven forbid a family member dissents about these treatments - the psychiatrist will suggest you get 'treatment' too! And they can make various trouble about who is caring for the patient as well. It's all very strange, truly.

Anonymous said...

"...aversive shock therapy; the use of shock to dissuade certain behaviors."---Yeah, it used to be called capital punishment when using the electric chair. I hear the frontal lobotomy is next to stage a comeback. Might ask the Kennedys to weigh in on that one.

Rosenbaum said...

We will be using this treatment on all goy who oppose the Zion rule of the ages.

Anonymous said...

When they locked me up to discredit me after I said I was being gangstalked, I was in the crazy house with a woman who was in there for this treatment. She was in her velour robe the whole time, like she was used to being there once a year or so. She was happy to be getting her electroshock treatment! She said it helped her a lot! I talked to her after she got out of the procedure, and she said she didn't remember a thing, she never does. They must sedate them, so they don't even feel it. She was happy a clam, and not one bit loony!

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