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Is a Fukushima-level Event Inside the United States a Foregone Conclusion?

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Joe Wright
Activist Post

Fukushima has been an unfortunate wake-up call to the planetary fallout that nuclear power harnesses.  As the ongoing meltdown continues in Japan, it is forcing many to investigate myriad similar reactors that directly threaten other parts of the globe.

This past week the San Onofre reactor located in Southern California came under intense scrutiny, as it was revealed that a "small" leak had occurred, prompting a shutdown.

There are clear indicators that other nuclear power plants in the East and Midwest are showing signs of deterioration, which some are concluding increases the likelihood of a Fukushima-style meltdown, or worse, inside the United States if nature were to push one of these facilities beyond its breaking point, as we witnessed in Japan.

The video below outlines a "breakdown phase" we seem to have entered, and the consequences of the release of the radioactive isotope, tritium, which directly affects DNA structure.

Cassandra Anderson recently wrote about the vast dangers of these leaky nuclear reactors, which she highlighted within the ongoing battle over Vermont's Yankee nuclear facility; just one of several that have similarly off-vented radioactive steam.  As Anderson points out, Yankee is "identical to Fukushima Reactor #1," and "75% of US reactors are leaking radioactive material."

Furthermore, in addition to the physical threat to both humans and the environment, Anderson succinctly points out the true economic cost of nuclear power:
Nearly 20% of energy in the US is produced by nuclear facilities. Nuclear energy is far more expensive than other energy sources, but the real cost is hidden because of government subsidies, tax breaks, insurance schemes and legal loopholes.   Nuclear energy is estimated to be 60% greater than the cost of electricity from coal or gas fuel power plants.  Therefore, nuclear energy would die without massive taxpayer handouts because it could not survive in a free market.
It is becoming clear that the powerful interests behind the promotion of nuclear power, as well as the compromised bureaucracy of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, are only adding to a grave threat by politicizing this issue.  The planetary effects of provably increased radiation levels across much of the globe should be one area where we all can agree that a proper solution needs to be discussed immediately, regardless of party lines. We certainly cannot rely upon the very same agencies who have demonstrated that their idea of a solution is merely to raise the acceptable levels of radiation exposure.

The apparent threat of additional mega meltdowns requires all of us to consider this issue thoroughly.  Some have proposed that individual states begin to assert their rights and properly decommission these leaky plants, or declare a State of Emergency that would put the authority back in its rightful place.  It is a costly initiative to implement a shutdown, but the alternative could very easily result in irreparable regret for not having acted sooner.

Please offer your own comments and solutions for how we best can safeguard our planet against ongoing nuclear contamination.

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Ronnie Russell said...

nuclear power is archaic.. until fusion is perfected, fision needs to be dumped and forgotten... we have an ENDLESS supply of energy coming from the sun, more than enough daily energy to power the entire world, and we do not harness it because corporations have stifled the development of this free-energy source. theres no long-term money in aiding people to become energy independent!

toanangel said...

Thank you for the illumination Joe, i have long held, nukes were built for someone's profit motive without regard for the truth of gamma radiation, which knows no national barriers. This old paradigm of profit at ANY cost is dying before our eyes. The one GOOD side effect of the market crash.

As concerns WHAT TO DO ABOUT THE NUKES, their waste and replacement.

There is already a technology developed, have seen it with my own eyes and have video, audio and written documentation, which not only eliminates the radioactive dangers, but replaces OIL, COAL, PETRO/GASOLINE, safe, efficient, and NO negative impact on the environment, the air or biological life.

Contact me privately.
585 217 2191

Anonymous said...

Suggestion: we need to stop suppressing free energy! Nikola Tesla anyone?

apeman2502 said...

If you consider who oversaw construction and decided where to build, and the plethra of underground shelters they built scattered around, I would have to say it is intended.

Vitorino Batalim said...

Attention non Zionist americans! American Zionist are always working for the will and protection of Israel which is their Hiding base. They want to rule the whole world and enslave all the non Zionist people including non Zionist Jews. The wars USA is involved and those to come are prepared, declared and conducted by Zionists and for their private interest and those of Israel. American citizens, about 310 million people are to many for the Zionists take the full political power in the USA and control everything without strong opposition. So they, The Zionists, have decided to kill most americans by diferent ways including mass extermination. All the means, including nuclear likings are good for their purpose. So Zionists have to be fought everywhere to reduce their economic and political power in order they can accept to live in peace and friendly with the other peoples. It's not needed tpo heart them. We just have to do to them the same they do to us. But we have to work hard to stop Zionists plans and blind ambitions. Don't forget that FEMA is an extermination net of concentration camps under Zionists' directions and control and the last imprision act allows them to catch who they consider dangerous and make him desapere for ever. Look at FEMA CAMPS and the millions of collective coffins stored there.

Anonymous said...

With climate change and the land and water already contaminated by nuke and chemical junk, homo sapien sapien is already in a race to the bottom. I figure we will all die of something else by the time the nukes blow up all around us. Because the end is already written and the earth will soon be free of the human parasites, there's no need to get in a huff about nuclear damage. The billionaire/financiers will die with the rest of us, which I see as the biggest blessing of all.

Anonymous said...

I do love the crazies that come out when you start talking about things beyond their pay-grade. Vitorino's anti-Semitic comment was almost cute in its victimized paranoia. I mean, when it gets too complicated, why not just blame the Jews, right?

Ronnie, we've only gotten power from fission for 60yrs - about as long as the microwave. "Archaic" is a bit of a stretch. And, while solar is awesome and should get attention, the question of storage has yet to be answered. The world can't shut down when it's cloudy. The defeatist anonymous above is right about a lot, but wrong in that the billionaires will not die with the rest of us. Money can buy safety from any physical threat; and if we can't hope for retribution in the hereafter, we might just try to help the rest of us make it through the crisis on the horizon.

This video does highlight a problem, but the problem is caused by the video itself. Rhetoric like that in this video, with its unabashed bias and ignorant host (If you don't know the difference between a proton and electron, just shut up and let the guest talk.) makes the public uneasy about nuclear power. That public wariness stalls construction of new plants, to the extent that we haven't built a new plant in this country since the 70s. Now, yes, those plants are old and falling apart. They very much need to be decommissioned... and REPLACED with more efficient, safer plants.

You can't have a discussion of the pros and cons if one party has its fingers in its ears, yelling about apocalypse and Zionism.

Anonymous said...

But there is a new technology that exists for the generation of completely safe nuclear power.

LFTR in 5 Minutes - THORIUM REMIX 2011

The modern concept of the Liquid-Fluoride Thorium Reactor (LFTR) uses uranium and thorium dissolved in fluoride salts of lithium and beryllium. These salts are chemically stable, impervious to radiation damage, and non-corrosive to the vessels that contain them. Because of their ability to tolerate heavy radiation, excellent temperature properties, minimal fuel loading requirements (i.e., easy of continual refueling) and other inherent factors, LFTR cores can be made much smaller than a typical light water reactor (LWR). In fact, liquid salt reactors, and LFTRs specifically, are listed as an unfunded part of the U.S. Department of Energy's Generation-4 Nuclear Solution Plan.

Anonymous said...

feb 6 1:18,
You call others crazies yet you suggest building new nuclear plants. You think the reason we havnt had new plants since the 70s is public wariness caused by rhetoric? Hmmm... Public wariness is much stronger than I thought. Also, being against Zionism is not antisemetic. Look into it. Considering your smugness and ignorance, I'm gonna go head and assume you voted for hope and change in 08 and plan to again in 2012.

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