Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Iran Welcomes Back IAEA to Dispel Nuclear Weapons Allegations

Keelan Balderson, Contributing Writer
Activist Post

The Iranian Government once again welcomed the IAEA into the country to discuss their nuclear energy program, and to dispel unfounded allegations from the West and Israel that they are pursing a nuclear weapon.

This second supplemental discussion was agreed during a meeting earlier in the month, which was described as “a good trip” by IAEA deputy director general Herman Nackaerts [1].

“The IAEA would not be scheduling another trip unless they had an expectation of progress,” says Mark Fitzpatrick, director of the International Institute for Strategic Studies.

All previous IAEA reports have confirmed that Iran is not producing uranium at anywhere near the level needed for a nuclear weapon.

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad expressly told CBC News in 2010 that:  
The nuclear bomb is a fire against humanity rather than weapon for defense…Its possession is disgusting and shameful…even more shameful is the threat to use such weapons.
Despite this, politicized pressure has forced the IAEA to continually address so called “intelligence” that is clearly propaganda concocted by the West and Israel (who ironically have never cooperated over their own nuclear weapons).

The 2011 IAEA report, which was the first to really demonize Iran (although still concluded that it was not enriching weaponized uranium) suggested Iran had shown intent to pursue nuclear weapons up until 2003 [2]. Ignoring the fact that Ahmadinejad wasn’t president during that time period, the source for this information was not evidence obtained independently by inspectors, but a dubious laptop obtained by the CIA containing supposed incriminating documents that were…wait for it…written in English, with nonsensical graphs produced in Microsoft PowerPoint [3]. The laptop was given to the CIA by the People’s Mujahedin of Iran, an opposition group which now has close ties to the CIA and Mossad [4].

The reason this “evidence” didn’t come out until the 2011 report was because the CIA refused the IAEA access to it. Probably because they had yet to find a way to window dress it [5].

Although the mainstream media ran with headlines claiming Iran must be building nuclear weapons because inspectors obtained satellite pictures of a large steel container for carrying out tests with high explosives that could be used in nuclear weapons, the report comes to no such conclusion. The key word is could. The facility could just as easily be used for non-nuclear tests; without any other evidence the claim is useless. Are we to believe the US and Israel don’t have explosive testing facilities? Not only for weapons development but for protection?

The evil Krytron switches allegedly used for nuclear devices, also happen to be used in many industrial applications including photocopier machines! [6]

At this point it would be worth remembering the “sexed-up” September dossier, a piece of propaganda about Iraq’s nonexistent WMD's used as justification for the Iraq war.

The West and Israel have no credibility and, more importantly, no evidence; yet the IAEA go in yet again, allowing the mainstream media to spin the headlines and continue the agenda.

Keelan Balderson is an independent journalist, documentary filmmaker and Internet radio host from the UK. You can listen to his WideShut Webcast every Monday at 8pm GMT on Resistance Radio. Please support his work by visiting his website: WideShut.co.uk.

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Rosenbaum said...

You see Iran is making NUCLEAR BOMBS! It says so right here in this article. Proof they paln to attack a defenseless and peace loving Israel. THe only hope is to attcak first and stop the NUCLEAR BOMBS!

Anonymous said...

"You see Iran is making NUCLEAR BOMBS! It says so right here in this article."

Is that supposed to be a tongue-in-cheek comment?

Anonymous said...


Bluestocking said...

As it happens, Iran is the last one of the five countries with the world's largest proven oil reserves which we haven't yet befriended or invaded (the other four being Saudi Arabia, Canada, Iraq, and Kuwait) -- and of course, while we were spending billions of dollars on the War In Iraq (which had no weapons of mass destruction but did have oil), we chose to do nothing about the third country named as part of Bush's infamous "Axis of Evil" (which was almost flagrantly building a nuclear weapons program but which did not have oil). However, all of this is nothing more than sheer coincidence, right? Right?

Uh, huh...riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight.

Anonymous said...

And Iran is one of the few remaining nations that does not have a Judaic-controlled central bank.


Iran is part of the dominoes' effect in the elite's ever empirical quest for world domination, control of all resources and continuing global de-population.

Anonymous said...

i remember how easily millions of American were fooled into believing the lies about Iraq having weapons of mass destruction. The pictures showing some aluminum tubes and the drawings presented by the White House.The constant bombardment of propaganda put out by the corporate controlled news media.Visit www.addictedtowar.com. Read the free illustrated book to see why the U.S. goes to war. See who profits and who pays the price.

Anonymous said...

I don't think quite as many people believed the lies about Iraq's WMDs as they now claim. I think many more wanted the fight, and when they realised they got it wrong,for whatever reason, they claim they were deceived.

Anonymous said...

Why can't the people on earth say or do some thing by activating their feelings into motions.Let the rest of the world know how the innocent must be left alone.These Jews say they believe in God but they killed him thus gives the victory to his opponent.So what they saying about their god is actually the devil?Seems that it is!because a god fearing peoples won't do such things plus the US/UK/France with them whom are majorly Jewish.I think the end of the world near since atrocities on the innocent,defenseless and poor are not stopping at the hands of thieving nations.

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