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Farmers Issue Lawsuit Against Monsanto for Widespread Genetic Manipulation

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Anthony Gucciardi
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Farmers are taking a stand against Monsanto, launching a landmark lawsuit against the mega corporation for widespread genetic contamination.

The farmers are concerned that Monsanto’s aggressive agenda to genetically alter the planet will ultimately result in a severe threat to the organic integrity of farms worldwide. It is not hard to believe that many ‘organic’ farms have already been contaminated with GMO crops, as nearly 93% of soybeans are now admittedly genetically modified.

The Public Patent Foundation originally filed the lawsuit in March of 2011  in a case known as Organic Seed Growers and Trade Association (OSGATA) et al v. Monsanto.

The organization launched the suit in the name of the very individuals and organizations threatened by Monsanto’s widespread GMO crops: family farmers, farming organizations, and seed businesses.

The intent of the case is to dispute Monsanto’s patents on GMO seeds and ultimately safeguard farmers from Monsanto’s own vicious lawsuits.

In fact, between 1997 and 2010, Monsanto actually filed 144 lawsuits against American family farmers. In addition, another 700 were settled out of court for unknown amounts. Monsanto has an agenda to take out American family farms and dominate the agricultural industry with their own mutant seeds. This is the same kind of practice that Monsanto operates outside of the United States as well, driving thousands of poor farmers to suicide by ruining their family farming practices.

The first phase of the case began yesterday on January 31, 2012.  More than 50 farmers and plaintiffs have gone to Manhattan to listen to verbal debates surrounding Monsanto’s attempts to dismiss the lawsuit.

You can take action now by voicing your opposition to Monsanto and their corrupt practices. Your submissions are reportedly to be shared with farmers around the globe who will ultimately play a vital role in the determination of whether or not Monsanto will be able to continue its mass manipulation of the food supply.

takeaction Farmers Issue Lawsuit Against Monsanto for Widespread Genetic Manipulation

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Eamon said...

I'd love to see them succeed, but I seriously doubt that they will be able to obtain anything resembling real justice via the Monsanto-friendly and corrupt-to-the-core system. Justice is on the way, but it will not be administered via the system or in the manner that most think. Godspeed.

kdts2002 said...

Don't forget that Clarence Thomas on the Unsupreme court worked for Monsanto.

Anonymous said...

Monsanto is the eugenicist of the crop world. They create seeds which produce crops that bear infertile seed, thus effectively offering the world, crop seeds that contain built-in extinction.

Gemma said...

Let us understand that Monsanto as a business is there to make a profit for its shareholders. Nothing more and nothing less. In this respect it is no different from BNSF or Citibank. To the directors, the means is unimportant - the end is all.

Which is where our problems start.

We live in a world where the limited focus of profit orientated businesses runs in clear contradiction of what we need to be able to sustain a future. That includes the children and grandchildren of the directors of companies like Monsanto.

I really wonder if Monsanto see themselves as doing anything wrong in the slightest! Frankly, this is the very biggest problem. In basing all their motives to one single purpose, they are forgetting the goose that lays their golden eggs.

I have gardened organically/bio-dynamically for the last 20 years. I have learned a great deal about what good husbandry needs. I have also learned a lot from what the very plants themselves teach me: how is it that a weed is so good at germinating when your own packeted seed fares poorly? Understand that the plant is a part of the earth it grows in, and you have a different relationship to it. Keep seeds grown on your own soil and they will be of a higher quality because they are already attuned to local conditions. Do that for several hundred years and you have weed seeds that are very well adapted to local conditions.

More importantly is the issue of modern farming not respecting the soil it grows its crops in. I speak of composting. Without that, your soils are effectively sterile, and any measures - fertilizers and pesticides alike - will not make your plants stronger. You will need ever increasing quantities and qualities of sprays to keep off marauding bugs that in an organic field would find the plants distasteful.

Eamon said...


Well said. Sadly, the right order has been inverted in every area of life. Finance capital is meant to serve production which, in turn, is meant to serve human beings -- all with a view to our overall good (which few even know about or understand any more). The inversion did not begin with the Industrial Revolution, but it accelerated exponentially at that time and since. Now, low-wage slaves serve production and production is subservient to the interests of finance capital. I will not go into it here, but this same kind of inversion, or utter perversion, has taken place across the board. Still, these are the days of the Great Purification. Willingly or unwillingly, sooner or later, sanity will return, smashing all of our illusions and purging us of our disordered attachments to the ocean of useless trinkets that has inundated us during the end of this Age of Materialism. Godspeed to you and yours in 2012 and beyond.

Gemma said...


thanks for your response.

Interestingly the things you speak of are self-destructing. If you look at the things you say, such as finance capital not doing its proper job for example. In and of itself, this misdirection of funds will become the seed of its own destruction. Just look at the toxic assets that caused the 2007 crash - $6tn - and effective default twenty times the size of Greece's (but I do not want to go there, it is rather messier than that!).

The problem is that your "Great Purification" in its truest sense will take us back to what we call the dark ages (c 800AD). That is fine by me: I can grow, cook and do most things a human needs to exist in a world without running water. The bigger problem is that most people can't live now, let alone without their iPad or their cellphone.

Smashing illusions is never pretty; I prefer that people get used to things before things are thrust upon them. The difficulty is that most don't have the interest in plants or soil - or the simple things in life that go to making the Dark Ages anything but dark to those who actually lived at that time. Their lives may have been "nasty brutal and short" as the saying goes, but they had a quality of life that is available to few today.

I do not agree with you that "sanity will return" sanity is a very precious thing, and the destruction of even the poorly formed and weakened human society we have today will not bring sanity to most, but more insanity. That people are unaware of what they have in their lives, does not mean that becoming aware of them will make them happier. I am afraid it won't. Delusion is a dangerous thing to practise: I have enough of them myself and many of them are precious ;-) ;-) ;-)

God speed you to your future too, though I prefer mine slow. Live life in the slow lane, with a bicycle.

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