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Obama Doubles Down on BRAIN Project and Military Mind Control

Royal Society - Brain Waves
Nicholas West
Activist Post

In April of last year, Obama announced a $100 million brain-mapping project, which is being promoted as essential to unlocking the secrets behind degenerative brain conditions and kick starting job growth.

Despite a U.S. economy that is sliding ever faster toward complete implosion, Obama is doubling down on the initiative with another $100 million dollar commitment even as very little of the assertions about job growth have been proven.

In light of where the funding is coming from, it is worth re-examining the darker payoff potential.

According to the latest from LiveScience:
Under the proposed budget, released Tuesday (March 4), the National Institutes of Health (NIH) will contribute an estimated $100 million to the effort; the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) will invest $80 million; and the National Science Foundation (NSF) will provide another $20 million. (Source)

The NIH plans to develop a "toolbox" of technologies to map the brain's circuitry, measure activity in brain circuits and probe how these circuits lead to unique human cognition and behavior.
DARPA will continue to develop memory prostheses as part of an effort called Restoring Active Memory, to create medical devices that measure and stimulate neurons to ease the symptoms of diseases such as PTSD and depression, a project called Systems-Based Neurotechnology for Emerging Therapies (SUBNETS); and to develop prosthetic limbs that would restore control and sensation to amputees, known as Prosthetic Hand Proprioception and Touch Interfaces (HAPTIX).
The NSF will focus on three main areas: interdisciplinary research; new theories, models and tools to guide research; and technologies to handle huge amounts of new data. The NSF has already provided $25 million in funding to an MIT research center for "Brains, Minds and Machines," as well as funding to support scientific collaborations.

Since this all sounds so positive, and we are apparently to believe that DARPA just wants to cure Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, we might want to re-visit some of what has been discussed previously in order to put this into proper context.

As The New American has rightly highlighted, whenever DARPA is involved, we can expect that there will be creepy military applications . . . like mind control. This mission has actually been around for some time within the halls of elite think-tanks, and now appears to be coming to full fruition. We've even seen the recent exposure by a whistleblower at the University of Arizona who came forward to reveal a connection to DARPA's desire to recreate through narrative the results from Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation. In short, affecting thought patterns and, in particular, changing religious views in order to thwart the fanaticism that supposedly underpins the War on Terror.

A closer look at the area being invested in by the National Science Foundation reveals what Big Data and the merger of human and machine intelligence is really about. Please read Medical Nanobots Will Connect Brain to Cloud Computing to get a better understanding of where this part of the initiative is headed, as well as the article Big Government Seeks New Ways to Manage "Big Data" to see how heavily invested our largest federal agencies are in collecting and analyzing data in order to find ways to predict human behavior - something that is already taking shape in "predictive policing" as we see it being rolled out in Chicago. Departments such as the National Institutes of Health, Department of Defense, National Science Foundation, the Department of Energy, the U.S. Geological survey, and DARPA are all right there.

As government data collection ramps up, the Obama administration through the Office of Science and Technology Policy has announced a $200 million investment in taking this information "from data to decisions." So that's now a total of $400 million in this overall data-brain initiative. All to make our lives more prosperous and healthy? Let's look at other possibilities....

The UK think-tank, The Royal Society (which has openly admitted to studying how to play God with the climate) kicked off a program in 2010 that revealed its multifaceted investigation into the identification of organic brain function and potential control over human behavior.

The Brain Waves project is divided into four modules, each tasked with studying the impact of developments in the field of neuroscience and neurotechnology.  

The titles of the modules reflect the areas of examination:

Module 1: Society and policy
Module 2: Implications for education and lifelong learning
Module 3: Conflict and security
Module 4: Responsibility and the law

The results from these modules have been published, and clearly illustrate how this panel views the lower public masses in light of their status as the elite arbiters of human destiny. The dual approach to this investigation must be kept in mind as the U.S. government is now rolling out the BRAIN initiative as the next great thing since the human genome project. The ramifications are potentially even more momentous.

We often hear from critics that these think-tanks are an essential part of scientific discovery, and that drawing conclusions of a nefarious nature about their intent is paranoid conspiracy theory -- they are only thinking, after all.  I would submit that objective scientific inquiry is absolutely necessary and that the proper role of science is to disseminate results to the public for open debate, prior to their implementation.  However, think-tanks such as the Royal Society betray, by their own language, subjective biases (and corporate connections) that have no place in true science.

The Royal Society funds over 700 private ventures, which undoubtedly are directed by findings from studies such as Brain Waves.  While their studies might be couched in scientific terminology, there is always a philosophical overlay that indicates a desire to study the sciences specifically for use toward a purpose that a relatively small group sees fit.  Furthermore, given that many developments in neuroscience are already being forced upon the public in a negative manner, the claims of open debate and "welcoming comments from the public" seem disingenuous.  Rather, what we have is a another think-tank blueprint that is merely stating the current course planned long ago, as well as what is to be rolled out in the near future under projects like BRAIN. 

Just as we have seen from other think tanks such as the Project For a New American Century, Council on Foreign Relations, Brookings Institution, and a host of others; their thoughts translate to reality on a less-than-coincidental frequency, so we would do well to listen to what they have been saying.

The Project (an elite view of the brain)

As an initial aside, perhaps lending insight into their philosophical perspective: the image they have chosen to represent Module 1 of the project is "a drawing of Purkinje cells (A) and granule cells (B) from pigeon cerebellum." Slightly odd given that their results are directed toward humans, but this would be consistent with much of elitist statements and writings from Bertrand Russell to Aldoux Huxley, Henry Kissinger, and others who literally refer to the masses as a lower form of animal.  (Are we to assume we're viewed here as bird brains?)

Module 1 (108-page PDF) An overview for subsequent modules in "neuroimaging, neuropsychopharmacology, and neural interfaces – and discuss(es) the translation of this knowledge into useful applications . . . as well as the ethical questions and governance issues."

Their statement of intent reads as follows:
Increasing understanding of the brain . . . will increase our insights into normal human behaviour and mental well-being, as well as enabling other enhancement, manipulation, and even degradation of brain function and cognition...
The array of 'neuro' disciplines lend themselves to applications in diverse areas of public policy such as health, education, law, and security.  More broadly, progress in neuroscience is going to raise questions about personality, identity, responsibility, and liberty, as well as associated social and ethical issues.  The aim of the Royal Society's Brain Waves project is to explore what neuroscience can offer, what are its limitations, and what are the potential benefits and the risks posted by particular applications. (page 1) 
Similar to their discussion of weather control, this study seeks an all-inclusive approach that spans the full spectrum of society, begging the same question they asked previously regarding the implementation of scientific discovery, "Who decides?"  

Module 2 (36-page PDF)  "The report authors, including neuroscientists, cognitive psychologists and education specialists, agree that if applied properly, the impacts of neuroscience could be highly beneficial in schools and beyond."

From the summary:
The emerging field of educational neuroscience presents opportunities as well as challenges for education.  It provides means to develop a common language and bridge the gulf between educators, psychologists, and neuroscientists.
One group is conspicuously absent from this particular part of the summary: parents. Rather, we are given a small glimpse into the mindset of technocrats and scientific dictators everywhere who have a worldview of central management and social engineering as the solutions for society at large.  In this new world, it is the state and its scientists who are to hold the key for humanity's next stage of evolution, not the individual or family unit.

Module 3 (75-page PDF)  "This report considers some of the potential military and law enforcement applications arising from key advances in neuroscience."

From the summary:
This new knowledge suggests a number of potential military and law enforcement applications.  These can be divided into two main goals: performance enhancement, i.e. improving the efficiency of one's own forces, and performance degradation, i.e. diminishing the performance of one's enemy.  In this report we consider some of the key advances in neuroscience, such as neuropharmacology, functional neuroimaging, and neural interface systems, which could impact upon these developments and the policy implications for the international community.
This is nothing less than a justification for the military to become the guinea pig testing ground for what will eventually trickle down to the rest of us.  Everything from drugs to erase traumatic memories, to transcranial ultrasonic helmets, to complete computer-brain interfacing. But, remember from the press release: it's just to cure PTSD. Sure it is.

Here is a video of the Chair of the Royal Society's new project, Professor Rod Flower, who has some interesting things to say about how the military applications are "very, very exciting and potentially very useful for us," as indicated by their study of neuroscience applications. For me, Brave New World comes to mind.  This video is specifically related to Module 3, but provides a good overview of the general areas of study.

Module 4 (46-page PDF) "Neuroscientists seek to determine how brain function affects behaviour, and the law is concerned with regulating behaviour. It is therefore likely that developments in neuroscience will increasingly be brought to bear on the law. This report sets out some of the areas where neuroscience might be of relevance, along with some of the limits to its application. Specific issues discussed include risk assessment in probation and parole decisions; detecting deception; assessing memory; understanding pain; and Non-Accidental Head Injury NAHI)."   From the summary: 
Many questions have been asked about what neuroscience might offer for the law.  For instance, might neuroscience fundamentally change concepts of legal responsibility?  Or could aspects of a convicted person's brain help to determine whether they are at an increased risk of reoffending?  Will it ever be possible to use brain scans to 'read minds', for instance with the aim of determining whether they are telling the truth, or whether their memories are false?  It has been suggested that "for the law, neuroscience changes nothing and everything"(1).  This report takes a different position: that discoveries in neuroscience (or in genetics or psychology) will not completely revolutionise the theory of practice of the law in the near future; but there are already some important practical implications of recent neuroscientific discoveries, which should impact on the law, and there will certainly be many more over the next few years.
Here we see an indication of the endgame, which we already see being played out in the latest high-tech phase of the War on Terror.  Technologies like FAST are being touted as mobile lie detectors that all people will be scanned by for "malintent" regardless of any presumption of innocence.  Scientists will decide the markers, the computer will provide the reading, and a bureau of State agents will make the final threat analysis.  The only function that "law" has under this type of scenario is which prison or rehabilitation center to assign to those marked as trouble by the scientific dictatorship. The area of brain study being conducted by the world's most elite think-tanks poses a central problem for self-determination.  We already have seen how the establishment think-tanks dictate their policies regarding "normal behavior." For example, the  list of new "disorders" coming from mainline medical sources are actually normal human behavior for people of sound mind and, yet, the global Orwellian initiative to declare everyone mentally ill is already well underway, as shown by the skyrocketing prescriptions given across the board to both adults and children.   The conclusions drawn by think-tanks can very easily transform the rest of society, as they are disseminated down through the institutions and private ventures that they fund, permeating outward to the general society at large.  Add to this the military and legal implications, and even a bird brain can envision where we might be heading next.     *An important resource for background information about the Royal Society and Neuroscience is Alan Watt's website Recently from Nicholas West:

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Paul Panza said...

This reminds me of The Monroe Institute and their relationship with the Stargate and Grill Flame Projects of the US military and intelligence community.Bob Monroe's Brainwave Generator and his series of programmed lessons help people have OBE and develop other psychic skills. This is suppose to be a short cut for development, my concern at the time of my experimenting with this was the possible use of subliminal messaging which the institute denies as being part of the aural processing. The techniques of the program combine many forms of eastern temple training wrapped in Bob's conceptualization of levels of focus stimulated by dual simultaneously broadcast frequencies to your brain via the ears. As a Daoist, I was already familiar with OBE as a personal tool and did not need the use of this technique. I was not comfortable with this method as I thought I could discern some subliminal messaging as I stated before and the second reason for not continuing is the relationship with the CIA and the Fed. Thank you Mr. West for your reportage I will study this further.

Activist said...

Great info. Paul. In fact, I had a friend who attended the Monroe Institute and saw (and heard) all sorts of weirdness. His impression was that it is not there for development, but more as a testing ground and information-gathering project, as an extension to those you have mentioned. It's not something that I have read enough about, though, so now you have sparked my interest. Thanks for that! -- N.W.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Trancendental Meditation (Magic), OBE - Astral Travel, all the same. Part of Satanic control.

Anonymous said...

Satanic mind control, indeed!

The elites try to give the impressionm that the discoveries they have made in the field of neuroscience are still in the developmental stages. Instead they date back to the late '40's and early 50's when mind control research was pioneered by the Paperclip Nazis through the CIA's MKULTRA program.

[quote]"Why is Kundalini Tales all of a sudden "too conspiratorial" to talk about? I broach the topic of highly secretive, covert mind control programs run by United States intelligence agencies..."

1) I provide hard, documented evidence of the direct involvement of ex-Nazis at the very highest levels of NASA.

2) I provide documented evidence of the direct ties between military intelligence personnel, the Army Intelligence agency, and the Monroe Institute, a New Age sacred cow for many people.

3) I provide documented evidence of the sort of electronic mind control technologies that are now available -- like a patent that permits the direct, electronic transmission of voices into the human auditory cortex via pulsed microwaves.

4) I talk about the kundalini -- the natural, cosmic, supremely powerful spiritual power that is in all human beings.

5) And, I talk about the out-of-body phenomenon.

Of course, these are very similar to many topics that have been discussed for years on Dreamland. So why is Kundalini Tales all of a sudden "too conspiratorial" to talk about?

I think it's obvious: I bring in the United States military intelligence connection. I provide hard evidence of the patents that have been granted, on the open, public literature, that have potential nuts-and-bolts mind control applications. I broach the topic of highly secretive, covert mind control programs run by United States intelligence agencies. I talk about the documented, years-long connection between Robert Monroe, the Monroe Institute and United States military intelligence. I briefly allude to the possibility of using mind control technologies to influence human spirituality. And, don't forget those ex-Nazis at NASA.

These are the big no-nos. Not because they are "too conspiratorial," but because they hit too close to the truth![/quote]

Paul Panza said...

The mind can direct "chi" to heal or destroy it depends on the intent of the wielder. This is not "Satanism" anyone can train and learn how to possess an others mind for good or for ill; just look into the world of advertizing. Meditation is not "Satanism" it is a naturally occurring phenomenon in life forms. Without meditation you would not be able to keep yourself grounded in Reality as oppose to running around in fear, as the destabilizing forces of your lifestyle lead you into making hurtful decisions and assumptions. Assumptions for example: that there really is a "Satan" or a "God". The forces that are perceived as "good" and/or "evil" come from the same source which is neither bad or good but divinely neutral. The centering effect of meditation is a method of aligning yourself with this neutral positioning so as to divine the false from the true which is one use of meditation. The center of educating yourself and aligning with the higher non-ego controlled "Self". It's not Satan or God that is paying those tax dollars into the War Chest of Greed and Corruption - it is you!

Anonymous said...

Any technology can be used for good or evil purposes. The people who first developed these mind control programs did it solely for their own benefit. Many high level elites are members of the Brotherhood of Saturn. Do you ever wonder why there are so many missing children?

[quote]"Theta was where they used - I don't like the word 'psychic' because I think it's been so misused - thought energy," she said. "I just knew it as magnetic-type energy from the individual to do a number of different things that they were experimenting with, including long-distance mind connection with other people - even in other countries. I guess you would call it 'remote viewing' - where I could see what a person was doing in another state in a room or something like that.

"It was both actual programming and experimentation. Because what they did - they kept it encapsulated in several parts of me, several altered states. It was a lot of training, a lot of experimentation."

Theta programming also implies the use of thought energy to kill someone at a distance.

By the time the technology “trickles down” to us, it only represents a ghost of its true potential for either good or evil.

After all the microwave ovens in our kitchens are a “commercial application” of the microwave weapons developed by the black budget.

[quote]The black awakening is a term told to me by a highly trained military psi warrior. It is about the plot to bring massive chaos to the USA and other nations. It is all about breaking down society and unleashing a new order, thus globalism. At you can hear about and click the links to gain deeper insight into this international and global agenda.

This book is about satanic ritual abuse, mind control and the creation of what they call 'chosen ones'.

This book is written by Russ Dizdar who has worked with getting victims out of underground satanism for over 25 years. It all includes satanic rituals, super soldiers and the plot to unleash 'hell on earth'. They want a globalism and seek a super world leader to guide them.

Created with dozens of inner sub personalities they have been programmed to kill and take out targets who oppose this agenda.

Some say that we are only a few years away from a chaos and anarchy that will bring down the United States and other nations.

Thousands of these 'chosen ones' have been placed in government, military, law enforcement and in churches. They are waiting for a call or activation as they call it that will 'trigger' all of them so the programming and powers within them will come to the surface and do what they are assigned to do.[/quote]!

[quote]Is the greater body of Stanley Kubrick’s films an exposé of a hidden elite obsessed with dark Saturnian sexual rites, paedophilia and the planned ritualistic transmutation of mankind?[/quote]

[quote]In Stanley Kubrick's final film, Eyes Wide Shut, are numerous veiled allusions to the CIA's MK-ULTRA mind control experiments and Monarch sex slave programming, subjects which readers of The Konformist should be well familiar. According to believed victims of Monarch abuse, their ranks number literally in thousands, and it has been alleged that these very same victims have been used extensively as sex slaves, drug mules and assassins.[/quote]

Eyes Wide Shut- The Death Ritual

Anonymous said...

Your posts of the PDFs are screwed up
Check it out for yourself
Part 4 is posted as Part 3 and Part 4
Parts 1 and 2 and 4 are correct
You do NOT have Part 3 posted at all.

Anonymous said...

"Think-tank" is another term of misdirection. These tanks don't think. They privatize government policy and get a tax deduction for doing so. These directing research dollars are as malignant as the ones who brought us the Iraq War under the guise of helping the government think about foreign policy.

And Obama is abysmal. He's a total tyrannist, globalist, sell-us-out to his corporate sponsors, cia-fed rat. How dare he talk about jobs while trotting out this crap, just as he used the stimulus money to build out the TSA. There is no investment in the people, only using our wealth to further enslave us.

Anonymous said...

It's instructive to look at what we know, as fact, about the underwear bomber and chertoff's rapescans. Brennan let it slip that the undie terrorist was under cia supervision and posed no real threat. Nonetheless, they let dhs and chertoff destroy more of our freedom while making millions off of making people get x-rayed to travel. Brennan is a principal with chertoff group.

Brennan also stood down thinthread prior to 9-11, but that's a different chapter. The point here being that our money will be used to develop brain science to be used against us while transforming our wealth into certain people's profits.

Bush III continues the concept that he must "keep us safe" instead of defending the constitution that keeps us free. As the saying goes, we wind up with neither freedom nor safety.

The other thing worth considering is that when Lieberman originally whipped out the Patriot Act, the auctioneers in Washington said it would NEVER be used against the American people. Several weeks later it was applied to animal rights activist, but that went mostly unnoticed. Now the alleged acts of the AB of Texas are being used to justify more broadly defining the dhs mission as being against citizens. Anyone who doesn't think brain research won't be similarly applied to us just isn't paying attention to the now well-established pattern.

Anonymous said...

Interesting article and comments.

I suppose flooding the country with guns would be a good way to enhance the chaos factor if that is the plan. It would explain the sensationalist hype and fear mongering which is driving gun sales to record levels.

We all know that Obama Democrats are the same as Bush Republicans when it comes to serving the new world maybe all this hype about gun laws is just a clever way to sell more guns, take more money from Americans and to give them the tools they need to destroy each other when TSHTF. Clearly, the guns of the people will not compete with the sci fi weapons outlined in this article.

Anonymous said...

Think Tank, DARPA, MIT, Monroe Institute, etc, etc, etc.

I like how people are perpetuating the reverence we MUST all feel for the minds behind these great institutions.

Rubbish. These are just people not GODS you fools. Get your heads out of your conditioned backsides and see them for what they really are.
Paranoid freaks whose only tool is a hammer and all problems are therefore nails.

How bad does it have to get before you realize these idiots are not in their right minds.
Look at their pursuits. If you feel you must map, analyze, control and manipulate everything around you there is something terribly wrong with you. This is the very problem with our society. We have been conditioned to view anyone with a PhD, or is a Fellow, ( there's a made up bullcrap title, as if we needed more) as if they walk on water when in fact the worst of us has risen to the top.

Start seeing the reality of a naked Emperor, and display the backbone and brains to openly state it.

abinico said...

For a happy, healthy brain, eat foods high in cholesterol. The brain is around 90% cholesterol, and needs the stuff to be healthy. In fact, the Alzheimer epidemic is an iatrogenic disease courtesy the idiotic medical/pharma industry.

LadyRavenhaire said...

Whether people will believe me or not I don't care. Stevens institute of technology, one of the top engineering schools in the country also had a military presence there. instead of khaki uniforms, the men wear suit & ties. Back in 2010, a large percentage of the town experienced freaky dreams for 3 nights in a row. All similar to each other. While about to enter a local food store, I mentioned to my friend who I happened to see how the US government has finally perfected its mind control program. When he asked what I.meant, I explained how I had 3 freaky dreams 3 days in a row. The first dealth with my mother cursing me for being a bad daughter and not being there when she died. She told me I deserve to be poor & suffer in life. i told my friend I was so disturbed in my dream that.I was having conversations in my dream as if I were commenting on a film. After all, I lived with my mother & held her hand while she died.Moreover, my mother as a Christian didn't believe in cursing anyone. The whole premise of the dream was unreal. Then I mentioned how on the 2nd night, I dreamt my car broke down & how God was punishing me by causing my car to break down , becaus of the I'm not a good person & don't deserve to enjoy the fruits of this world. that's why I'm poor. poverty exists as a punishment from God, whereas rich people are rich, because its God's reward & I don't have the right to question God's will. I told him I immediately woke up from this dream as soon as I could, because I knew this was some sort of mind control. on the 3rd night, I told him, I dreamt I had no family, no friends. That no one loves m and how people smile in my face, but stab me in the back once I turn around.. Why do I bother going to anti-war marches, waris an inevitable part of human life? Again the reason Why I have no friends or true loved ones is because I'm.a bad person & don't deserve the fruits of this earth. Again I told him, I woke up from the dream right away. When I asked if he had any strange dreams & why hasn't he picked up his phone in over 3 days, he told me it was because he was so depressed & felt so guilty over having similiar dreams. He said he dreamt his father cursed him, but that he deserved it because he wasn't with him when he became ill & died. However, it was just a coincidence, we must have been watching the same TV program or something & in his case it was his father & the next night, his computer which.broke down not a car. I insisted it was not the influence of a TV program, as I rarely watch TV & certainly not any discussions we may have had together to create this pattern of dreams. Ad he insisted it was a coincidence, a Chinese woman came over & said "are you talkin g about those dreams everyone in town have? I Chinese. my mother still alive, she 97. Why some Christian European God punishing me. We Confucionist, we no believe in Christian God. you believe her. I too had dream with mother dead, computer problem, and how I lonely with no friends or family, when I live with loving family." All of a sudden, another guy on a bike stops, who my friend knows &asks, "Are you discussing those freaky dreams everyone in town's been having? " No lie he said he documented over 200 cases! They are already testing the technology & probably using it. Look what it did to my friend. He locked himself for 3 days not answering the phone, feeling depressed & guilty. This is probably why America has such a drug & alcohol problem, because they want us to be unhappy & feel we shouldnt even strive to be happy, because we don't deserve to be. Goethe said that the devil uses despair to control us into being submissive.

Anonymous said...

Thought provoking article and discussions.

With regard to questions about "Satanism", I've often wondered whether the power elite at the very top of the pyramid truly embrace the occult as a "religion" and verifiable supernatural force they can influence or control. My guess is that they are merely exploiting the human primal instinct to be obedient and receptive to mind control under the conditions of viewing themselves as part of a powerful otherworldly force. Hence the rituals at Bohemian Grove and elsewhere serve to reinforce the group bond and delusion in minions already predisposed to psychopathic behavior.

Clearly, TPTB have a keen interest in the advancement of neuroscience technologies that will further the goal of absolute control and monitoring over our thoughts - way beyond anything in Orwell's 1984. If we manage to keep the internet or some version of it free, open, and decentralized, then someday this knowledge will come back to haunt them when the masses achieve a nearly complete understanding of themselves and our manipulators. Those enlightened souls riding the crest of this steep learning curve have already achieved a level of consciousness that surpasses TPTB (given that theirs will always be hampered by the distortions of malice and hubris/ego).

Anonymous said...

obama and his regime are the ones who need their brains (or lack of) studied, mapped and put under control. People can't see what he's doing because he glorifies himself with all his narcissistic lies and tells US how bad WE are. Our government has degenerated since he took office, and we have been dumbed down into thinking we are bad, stupid Americans, and his followers have proven that and are just like him as they slander, smear, bully, poke fun of everyone who exercises their freedoms. He's made good into bad, and bad into good as they follow his example and then he blames it on us. Obama is the text book example of pure evil.

Klaudio Vinkerlić said...

America's "gray eminence", so called Illuminati, after end of WW II toke over the supremacy-domination, from British Crown (after giving up its military supremacy over colonies.
Supremacy was done with monetary system, financial exchanges, energetic, trade.
Rising economy of other countries not depending on US, further Western alliances, are now stronger a stronger competitor (BRICKS) to which Western system should compete and accept as a partner, offering World equal wealth development. But not willing to lose its monopoly ind the last decade Westerns became a military threat and danger for World's Peace, so this system is lately trying,doing to, actions of mastering the mind of humanity (media "brain washing", drug in nutrition, spraying from sky and else).

HereAmI said...

The underlying reality behind all this wickedness is man's fallen nature, and the wilful opening up of his spirit to satan.
Who wishes to establish his kingdom upon earth.
"For thou hast said in thine heart, I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God, I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation in the sides of the north, I will ascend above the heights of the clouds, I will be like the Most High..."
Paul Panda is keen to tell us about a non-dualistic ultimate reality, but this is Satan's wisdom speaking through him. Satan is evil, "For thou wast a liar and a murderer from the beginning..." and he wishes us to believe that evil is merely the other side of good, and we can transcend this duality to achieve what the Bible spoke of as being the knowledge of good and evil. And look where it has got us to. A complete destruction of the very fabric of the earth we live on. Birds dying, bees dying, sea animals dying, the oceans of the world inches thick in non-biodegradable plastic waste and radioactivity, humans dying...whilst all the while Paul is meditating and having out of body experiences, courtesy of satan himself, and the "temple training" he offers to the initiate.
Other commenters refer to the micro-management of our affairs. Disgusting entities in the "Royal Society" seek to advance the agenda, and place their controls ever more securely around our necks. This agenda, seeking a complete breakdown of society followed by the imposition of a new world leader; is this the spirit of antichrist referred to in the Bible as the Beast? The False Prophet? The entire paradigm is jewish. This is exactly what they do, and what they seek. They do it via communism/socialism/fabianism/libertarianism; all "isms" are jewish; anyone can see all the planks of communism well in place. They start with that essential element of the plan, the central bank, and go on via their well-entrenched blasphemy of Christ, who is their central and undefeatable enemy. The BBC transmitted a special programme on Good Friday which suggested that Christ was married to Mary Magdalene. The Talmud is all about micromanagement of your affairs. Look at the people promoting the agenda; Chertoff, Lieberman, Feinstein, Bernanke, Bloomberg. Notice any unifying theme here? Or is that being antisemitic, ie telling the truth? These people hate you, they want you dead, or enslaved at best. Read Menachem Begin's '82 speech to the Knesset, beginning "Our race is the Master Race..."
And do you still not understand?
You are now beneath the yoke of the Noahide Laws. Bush Junior accepted their pre-eminence in the Oval Office in 2004, surrounded by a murder of rabbis. There are seven of these, not 10. No "Remember the sabbath day, to keep it holy", which is binding upon all mankind. Instead, the jew wishes to keep this day for himself, to worship his Shekinah-god upon. If you read the New Testament, or worship on the sabbath, you wiil be given an early appointment with the guillotines which are now in place all over the US.
Brother Nathanael, a converted jew, that rarest of creatures, will spell it all out far more compellingly than I am able to do.
Check out his "BroVids" site, and support him financially. He is worth a billion PaulPandas.
Tim Webb.

Anonymous said...

The problem is the USA.

wishbone said...

maybe Mr adolf o'bama should have his brain (if he has one) mapped, maybe we'll find why he is such a warmonger intent on pushing the world in to a nuclear conflict, then making slaves of the survivers.?!

Anonymous said...

Obama needs to drop a hit (or two) of LSD.

Anonymous said...

Couldn't Homeland Security's lie detector gizmo be undermined by taking a few blood pressure meds?

A.H said...

Wake up people. This program was already going on in non consenting americans and still is. Look up videos on the bio ethics committee on human experimenting. Think about what technology is being used, ie neural monitoring, microwave technology etc. They addmitted in the committee meeting that americans have been experimented on for years and without consent. The great thing is that its ongoing. They are allowed to use the technology on your children also and are using it. This will once again be a issue of could have done something,should have done something, and now can't do anything to undo the damage. I am so ashamed of us as so called americans. Nobody cares about an issue until it directly affects them. It isn't about right and wrong and standing up for it. We are lazy and complacent in our country falling apart. We don't keep the checks and balances in place and now its a mess. Well then again it is our children who will suffer because of our indifference in humanity.
Hail Omighty Government.

Anonymous said...

Correction: it was Gen. Michael Hayden who nixed thinthread, leaving the cia blind 3 weeks before 9-11.

brad said...

Examine the actual practices and policies of the self - appointed, self - annointed, allegedly "elite" and i think you will convince yourself that they are basically less than average in intelligence, quite unwise, patently uncompassionate, and truly, the Morons of Morality.

Yes, because they have tons of money, they have parallel influence, but it is NOT the rich people doing these studies or making this groundbreaking research, AND when you look closely the human genome project was kind of a bust.

No doubt some made a ton of money, but much of it is used to "prove" their superiority - and that is total shyt. We've all read or heard the news story about the genetic cause of XXXX disease, or depression, alcoholism and what are some of the other crapp i've heard named as genetic in origin? Lots of stuff. It turns out that the retractions are printed in the back, and very small.

We HAVE found a very few things with direct DNA causation, but actually very little. Virtually every time you hear the _____ DNA on Chromosome 24 is the culprit, it's had to be retracted because the symptom/problem was found without the DNA issue. Or vice versa, not found with the same genetic anomoly.

It is the new eugenics, so that they can genetically label everyone, but they ignore that EVERY individual has some genetic material that is suspect as in the rich themselves. (hemophilia in Euro royalty from Queen Victoria = example)

One group proposed that the shortest 12%of boys be genetically altered to grow taller in young age. Never asked: will you grow tall later? Will you be able to stop their growth? When you do this, there will still be a 12% shortest boy group, etc. No solutions, but lots of problems.

This is hopefully going to be more of the same shyt.

Anonymous said...

They're trying to figure out where and how to cover the reptilian/lizard DNA and reptilian/lizard brain. Maybe use tin foil.

Anonymous said...

You Tube
leslie Williams Remote Neural Monitoring
and Understand the Computer to Brain FeedBack Loop and Mind Hacking / Mind Up-Loading the Cross Reference it to CERN SpaWar and The Blue beam Project-She is a Good Woman Thru Gods Grace and Jesus Christ She Exposes to Inform Please Say a Prayer for her Saftey
Thank You

Anonymous said...

Wresearching the sandy hook "narritive" I looked as so many have done at the Crisis Actors site and found the required reading material for members which had not been removed like all the photos. The author of the still posted prerequisite last I checked was Andrew S Gordon of the Intstitue of Creative Technology USC (Darpa funded) affilitated with the Dornsife Lab where the neuroboilogy of narritive framing is studying Culturally specific reaction and sacred values by placing culturally specific specimens (persons) into MRI machine while telling them a story to map their reaction. What the hell was Sandy Hook people !!!!

Anonymous said...

All "scientific research" is for mind control - there can not be real progress!
We need to eliminate power and profit before we start scientifc projects

Mark McCandlish said...

Programs designed to use this technology and manipulate politics and corporate decision making are already in place. Hasn't anyone wondered "why" no one in either party has stood up to Obama and challenged his repeated violations of the Constitution- over and over again? It is precisely because the tactical advantage of this weaponized study of brain function is being used RIGHT NOW to intimidate political opponents and thwart enforcing constitutional guidelines for the operation of the United States government. And yes- they can reach out through time and space and kill you with this technology- or better yet, just make your heart skip a beat- so you'll know they're as serious as hell.

Anonymous said...

How about they just stop going to war all over the world, close up all the military bases around the world and get back to being normal, loving human beings?

Living contrary to our natural state of being is the cause. There's nothing natural about war. It drives people crazy. Stop problems at their source, not mask the symptoms.

And there's another thing that's very odd ....Government is broker than broke, but we keep seeing millions being spent. If we are personally broke, that's it, there's nothing to spend.

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