Monday, February 27, 2012

Bin Laden Death Coverup Continues: Compound Demolished

Brit Dee, Contributing Writer

The compound in& Abbottabad, Pakistan, which authorities claim was Osama Bin Laden's home for several years before his supposed killing by a US special forces team last May, has this weekend been totally demolished. Pakistani authorities began tearing down the house on Saturday night, working under floodlights, with the local population subject to a strict curfew and Pakistan Army soldiers and police personnel reportedly deployed in large numbers.

The high security surrounding the building since last May, coupled with its sudden and secretive demolition, have naturally led to suspicions that this weekend marked the successful completion of a brazen coverup -- journalists have never been allowed to enter the building, and were banned from going anywhere near it very soon after Bin Laden's supposed killing.

The total destruction of the death scene makes it much less likely independent verification of the official narrative will ever be established, though considering that no evidence proving Bin Laden was actually killed in the compound has ever been provided by the authorities, this weekend's events are hardly surprising.

The official account stretched credulity from the outset and changed significantly in the days and weeks following the Navy SEALS' attack. At first we were told that Bin Laden had offered resistance by firing a weapon at the SEALS, but it was soon admitted that the person shot had not in fact been armed. If the unarmed individual shot dead posed no threat, then it is hard to view his death as anything other than a cold-blooded execution. The claim that Bin Laden cowered behind his wife, who was initially reported to have been killed whilst her husband used her as a human shield, also had to be retracted.

The most notoriously suspicious aspect of the official narrative was the prompt whisking away from Abbottabad of Bin Laden's corpse, and its burial at sea -- an event US officials absurdly tried to claim was carried out so as to be in accordance with Islamic tradition. Islam does permit burial at sea in certain circumstances -- usually when someone has died at sea -- but as the man killed was firmly on dry land and a significant distance from the North Arabian sea in which his body was dumped, such a claim is highly questionable.

Equally dubious were official US protestations of concern for respecting the Islamic tradition of swiftly washing, shrouding and burying the deceased. Not only had this tradition been ignored in other similar killings, such as those of Saddam Hussein's sons Uday and Qusay, Bin Laden was the world's most wanted man -- possession of his body, and evidence of such possession, would surely have been of greater importance to the US than the possible offence taken by a minority of devout Muslims.

US authorities similarly refused to release photographs of Bin Laden's corpse, claiming that Muslims might be offended and Bin Laden's supporters provoked into committing terrorist attacks on the West. That previously non-violent Muslims would become so enraged by a photo of Bin Laden's corpse so as to join Al-Qaeda and commit terror attacks is unbelievable, and, again, inconsistent with the earlier publication of gruesome images of Muslims killed by the US military.

A video was released by US authorities, said to have been recovered from the compound and claiming to show a living, aged Bin Laden, but it was widely ridiculed by locals -- one identifying the man in the video as his neighbour, who he named as "Akbar Khan". Only one local spoken to by the BBC thought that the man in the video was Bin Laden, and many claimed they did not believe Bin Laden had been killed there, or indeed ever lived there.

With the body safely out of the way, and no evidence presented to confirm that the man killed was really Osama Bin Laden -- beyond a claim, impossible to independently verify, that DNA samples taken from the body matched Bin Laden's -- many skeptics quite reasonably and rationally expressed doubt at the official narrative. Those who did question the official account quickly found themselves painted as "conspiracy theorists" by the establishment and the mainstream media, however - despite the lack of evidence of Bin Laden's death, and the substantial counter-evidence suggesting that he had died of natural causes many years previously.

It is difficult not to view the destruction of evidence at the compound in Abbottabad as the culmination of a brazen coverup stretching back over a decade to the September 11th attacks. Steel from the collapsed WTC towers was quickly cut up and shipped as scrap to China with such flagrant disregard for standard procedure that Fire Engineering magazine published an article detailing how the author had "combed through our national standard for fire investigation, NFPA 921, but nowhere in it does one find an exemption allowing the destruction of evidence for buildings over 10 stories tall". 

The author concluded by demanding that the "destruction and removal of evidence must stop immediately." With the mainstream media faithfully parroting the official narrative about both 9/11 and Bin Laden's death, it will evidently be down to independent researchers and the alternative media to try, if possible, to get to the truth of both events. 

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Anonymous said...

I think that the destruction of the compound is tacit proof that ghosts really do exist. Why else knock it down unless it was haunted? Occam's razor to the rescue yet again.

davol said...

I read an article about an eye witness of the event who reported that the helecopter that landed immediately crashed after it took off afterwards. I wonder if that's the real cover-up. Everybody died in the helecopter crash so if they did capture a Bin Ladin there then that body was also destroyed in the destruction of the mission's helecopter. Does the official story admit to this crash during the event?

Anonymous said...

Whats new about this? Oklahoma City building. Tear it down and ship the remains off. WACO, burn it down, WTC buildings, ship it off. The only surprise is how long it took them to do this. Sad eh

Anonymous said...

the whole Bin Laden death story cover up was in and of itself a cover up. Remember the week before Obama and the White House released what experts and amatuers clearly felt was a fake long form birth certificate. It was so fake you could literally peel the nine or so layers away. Then the Navy seals were killed because dead men tell no tales. These demons in Washington then pass the NDAA to imprison indefinitely anyone who does not drink their Kool aid. Isn't America the greatest country in the world?

apeman2502 said...

I saw one photo of a couple of locals standing next to a 'top secret' helicoptor tail rotor assembly left behind by the rescue back-up. This whole operation was to waste money and provide a diversion from building focus on the Bush41 directed looting of the country. Look at the phony posed photo of Hitlery and the rest of the White House crew supposedly watching the raid 'LIVE' on the 'get OBL cam'. The people in the room were so intent on projecting their own vanity that they forgot to pose Obama, who remained slumped in the corner gazing up into space. They forgot to pose him. Lobotomy. Connecticut. 1979.

Anonymous said...

The mission was a dud. The SEALS thought they were off to capture Bin Laden but got neutralised as soon as the chopper landed. Meanwhile a spin story was issued saying they had captured and killed him. Making everyone believe (including the SEALS back home) that he was dead.

Anonymous said...

You guys didn't know? they are building a new set, completion date is between 16 and 24 months for their new film. The capture and killing of mahmoud ahmadinejad, coming soon to a theatre near you!

Anonymous said...

I believe that it was a conspiracy theory to push through the New World Order being undertaken by the Illuminati.

Anonymous said...

I do not believe Bin Ladin died.It was only conspiracy theory

Anonymous said...

I am an American. But the USA has become the most corrupt that the world has ever seen. Wake up America...god is not going to fix this.

apeman2502 said...

The voice of god will be claimed by priests of the Bugger Vatican and the home of satan, The Church of England. Many Americans would get down on their knees and beg out of fear, given the planned HAARP assisted false flag event. People need to be told that if they hide their head in the sand to avoid the lion, she gets the biggest chunk of meat in the first bite.

Anonymous said...

Not too hard to figure out if Bin Laden is dead really... He is dead until proven otherwise. At least 30 people saw his dead body, so good luck is getting them all to cooperate in whatever theories you guys have... If you are against America, then get your bags and go elsewhere, no one is forcing you to stay. :)

howardtlewisiiiffy said...

Bin Laden died in December, 2001 of kidney failure following a prolonged disease. Nobody saw a dead bin Laden in Pakistan 'at the compound' last year. What was witnessed was a dead body that may or may not have resembled OBL. There are AT LEAST three sick misrepresentations in the forms of photoshopping which our own government used to try to convince people that OBL had just been slain. A few morons were convinced. Fortunately a huge number of photoshoppers were NOT convinced and they looked until they found the component shots.
And as for anonymous telling me to desert my country because I do not like what the assholes in charge are doing with the help of the naive and simple among us, to YOU,5/01/12 Anonymous, I say, "Eat a dogshid sandwich". And change the first 'd' to a 't'. Rinse and repeat. That's a good lad.

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