Sunday, February 5, 2012

Australia Becomes First to Ban Travelers Who Refuse Naked Body Scanners

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John Galt  
Activist Post

Australia continues trying to outdo America's march toward authoritarian control over its population.  The two countries seem to be trading salvos to see which can eradicate the rights of their citizens faster.

Australia appears to have taken the lead with their latest proposal to ban travelers who refuse being subjected to the full body microwave radiation scans that have proven to be a horrible invasion of privacy, as well as a legitimate threat to one's health.

The list of assurances from the Australian government via its Orwellian-named Privacy Commission echo similar false guarantees issued by America's TSA: passengers will not appear nude, and the images will be discarded.  However, there is no mention of the cumulative negative health effects (particularly to children) of receiving a mandatory mega dose of radiation each time one exercises their right to travel by plane. 

Australia's transport minister, Anthony Albanese, cites the unsubstantiated claim that,
...the public understands that we live in a world where there are threats to our security and experience shows they want the peace of mind that comes with knowing government is doing all it can.
Adding for good measure that,
For this technology to work effectively, obviously there can't be an option to refuse screening.

What is more obvious is the blatant disregard of a public which wants very little to do with this technology.  The website Airport Body Scanner Truth, reveals the flawed polling techniques that have been used and manipulated by the corporate media and the tyrannical powers they serve.

In one CBS poll that revealed 81% of people approved of full body X-ray machines, their simplistic methods demonstrated that:
  1. They asked a random sampling of Americans -- not American flyers, or American frequent flyers.
  2. They did not follow up with questions regarding the likeliness of approval if the subject knew that the machines were potentially harmful, that graphic images were being stored, that they violated child pornography laws, that security experts believe they are ineffective and wasteful, that you may be subjected to sexual molestation even after using the machines, or that pilots and flight attendants recommend not to use them. (Source)
The devil is in the details once again.

When people are properly informed, instead of being subjected to fear mongering and hyperbole of an exceedingly rare event like a terror threat to airline travel, the results are far different, as seen in an poll, which revealed:
"...that over 90 percent of respondents will not use commercial airlines if airports continue to subject travelers to deadly radiation emitting naked body scanners. 92% said they would avoid airports while 8% said use of the devices would not stop them from flying."  (Source)
These results from an educated alternative media source with a global readership (and nearly 14 times the number of respondents as the CBS poll cited above, incidentally) is evidence that people the world over can see through the scam of the decade known as the global war on terror if they are permitted to properly evaluate available information that can lead them to a more rational conclusion.

Australia's attempt at a "no scan, no fly" policy is surely to be cited as a precedent for global travel, including the United States, as the journey from "opt-out" to "mandatory" continues unimpeded.

We must continue to expose the corrupt authoritarians that are forcing this dangerous technology upon us even as we make our voices heard that we see through their lies and distortions.  We must also reach out to airport workers who are being affected the most by these X-ray machines.

The corporatist political structure will never stop without mass outrage, mass non-cooperation, and a mass stand-down by those on the front lines of the war against human dignity and human rights.

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Activist said...

A comment at Reddit: Australia and new zealand are the "test beds" for new products and services on a westernised population.

It's ironic now that in order to avoid the Orwellian Airport scanner, I'd have to get a boat to Malaysia (an islamic country with sharia law) and fly from there.

Anonymous said...

I believe that the best way to resolve this, is everyone refuse to fly. The airline industry may, at that time, have some influence over this Nazi, 1984 situation. And I bet it wouldn't take very long. People, we can't continue to put up. That's what happened in Germany! jan

Anonymous said...

This from a country that can't even protect one of it's own from trumped up charges of marijuana smuggling into indonesia and will allow her to rot rather than admit it's police and airport security are on the take. I would not travel now to the land of oz if you paid my flight ticket. Let the new land that is trying to outdo our facism do without my support. Damn another potential place to move to having to be stricken from my list.

stevor said...

Anybody would be CRAZY to go to Australia since that woman, Schapelle Corby, was thrown in PRISON because somebody slipped 5 kilos of drugs into her baggage, they blamed it on her, and there's LOTS of evidence that the POLICE are the guilty party.

Check it out and write a letter to their embassy to tell them how AWFUL it was and how you will NEVER consider going there now.

You tool said...

Schapelle Corby did the crime.
She wasn't arrested in Australia.

She and other members of her family are documented as being dealers or associated with the drug trade.

The woman was just an idiot, traveling through an airport with drugs in her bag, an airport which has posters of nooses on the walls that leave no room for claiming that you don't know the penalty.

That's Darwin award winning stuff right there.

sentientwolf said...

Sometimes you feel like a nut,...

Maybe if we all take a dose of rads in the nads, we can stand together to battle Rodzilla. Surely, he will soon arise from the depths, just off-shore from Fukushima. I hear he's really steamed and heading south!!! ;-)

Aussies, this is your brain on FEAR and PROPAGANDA!!! Welcome to the Newt World Odor. Can't you smell that smell? No thanks, mate! I'm going to pass the gas chambers AND the radiation "therapy" and just stay home. OZ (Oceania?) needs to be taken to Room 101 for Re-education, stat!!!

Isn't it a riot making fun of mankind's utter stupidity? If you seez sumptin, sez sumptin, erkay? PEACE!

Anonymous said...

@ You tool
You obviously missed this vital info

Anonymous said...

Sorry @stevor

This was meant for You Tool

Monty said...

Australia has a real chance to set the moral pace on the planet, instead we have chosen to do what we always do, grovel. The blame for this must be placed at the feet of the dominant Anglo Squatter component of our soceity, who still dream of "Mother England".

Anonymous said...

Bend over and take it, you can't stop it. It will be so much better if you relax and think about something pleasant.

Anonymous said...

Last time I fly over the ditch. And now I suppose NZs actors in power will implement it also.
A bunch of total scumbags.

Anonymous said...

Will the Australian political class and their fellow travelers the tax feeders from Canberra be irradiated before they fly? I doubt it very much

just george said...

We call Australia "the clever country". And here I was, laughing at the US for calling itself "the land of the free".

Anonymous said...

@sentientwolf: The radiation levels at the worst of the contaminated areas in Fukushima are lower than the levels of radiation while flying(not even including the scanner)!

In response to the actual post, this is another example of legislation out of control, forever needing to instate new BS so they can keep their jobs. It's time Australia stands up and demands legislative reform, downsize that section of government and reinvest those tax dollars in something actually helpful to the people.

Anonymous said...

All multiracial countries become authoritarian before collapsing into open racial conflict.

This is nothing new.

Anonymous said...

Yay! Cancer for everyone! Big money for big Pharma. Cut retirement costs. More efficient society.

Radiation is GOOD for you!

Anonymous said...

What's the bet that the scum in Camberra will be exempt from this? I'd say 100%

Anonymous said...

I was visiting relatives in Australia and discussing the Middle East. Not conforming to the neoconservative vision of the world I was labelled an anti Jewish (religion per se was not the issue). What has happened in the land of the secret ballot, universal suffrage, preferential voting, etc? Going to jail for for disagreeing with the official WW2 history? This was an unpleasant surprise.

Anonymous said...

"...the public understands that we live in a world where there are threats to our security ..."

Virtually 100% of that threat comes from state-sponsored terror from Washington and their proxies/"allies".

Anonymous said...

OH - now they are going to ban tanning beds too. So you won't be able to get any vitamin D in Australia once they start stealing your sunshine with aerosols. At this point, who the hell would want to live there? ALso, I agree with NZ and Oz being land of guinea pigs. I live in NZ and the people are really deaf, dumb and blind sorry to say. MOST (I should not generalize) do not question authority, so you can see why the elite get away with murder in these 2 countries.

Obadiah 1:18 said...

Oh how the once great (and white!) Australia has fallen. You can't call anyone a "wog" or a "poof" anymore, unless a $10000 fine and/or six months in prison is your idea of fun. And now we're going to penalize people for not wanting to pose nude for Airport pornographers and their x-ray machines. But look on the bright side, folks, when China finally gets around to invading our "heavily" armed country, they'll put an end to all this nonsense.

Goldbug36 said...

I refuse to fly as long as the blue-gloved TSA weirdos are in the airports. Folks, pick a week and stay home .. things would change fast!

Anonymous said...

I will never visit Australia.

Anonymous said...

I'm already doing my part. Since I was a kid I disliked the thought of flying and decided long ago that I would never travel via airplane.

Anonymous said...

comon guys join us in our New World have got us....I'll never fly anywhere ever again....Gillard is from the Fabian society which is an illuminati front.

Anonymous said...

do you think an American enterpreneur could make money in Australia selling inflatable sex dolls of Ms. Gillard?

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