Friday, February 24, 2012

Antidepressants Proven to be Useless, Pushed on Public Anyway

Mike Barrett
Activist Post

The psychiatric community, as well as health and government officials, have been pushing antidepressants on the people for years.

Instead of addressing the underlying cause of such negative feelings, psychiatrists and medical representatives have been making you think that the only answer to depression is an antidepressant drug. However, the claims that antidepressants are the answer are completely false, but many will refuse to admit the truth to the public. Why? Perhaps it has to do with the fact that antipsychotics raked in over $14 billion in sales back in 2008.

Those pushing antidepressants would at least have an argument for their use if the drugs worked, but they aren’t even effective. In fact, the pills have been shown to worsen depression.

The Food and Drug Administration even admits that antidepressants are more than capable of causing suicidal thoughts and an increased risk of suicide.

According to research concerning antidepressant trials, around 1 in 5 patients on popular Cymbalta and other related pharmaceuticals may actually feel worse than those given placebo pills. Despite the evidence linking popular antidepressants like Prozac to suicide, more than 1 in 10 Americans over the age of 12 are now taking antidepressants prescribed by their doctors.

Recently, thanks to the Freedom of Information Act, data was requested and received showing that big pharma has known as along that the drugs don’t work. After studying placebos for over 30 years, Irving Kirsch of Havard Medical School requested unpublished studies which show that antidepressants provide almost no benefit, while placebos prove effective. Seeing as placebos are almost always more or just as effective, the push for antidepressants is both useless and irresponsible.

Even if the drug were effective, as big pharma continues to claim, are the potential hundreds of negative side effects worth the risk? In addition to experiencing the dizziness, mania, impotence, and suicidal thoughts, you may also be causing your arteries to thicken 400 percent faster than they normally would.

Instead of subjecting yourself to this harmful and unnecessary ‘solution’, explore all other options.

Depression is often the result of a much deeper unresolved emotional scar. By engaging in a state of meditation, you may be able to unconsciously uncover the path to solving this issue. The feelings may also be the result of a state of denial regarding what things in your life are making you happy and unhappy. Truly recognizing what makes you feel a certain way empowers you to make the decisions in your life to exclude the bad and embrace the good.
While searching for the core reason, there are also dietary decisions to be made. Vitamin D, probiotics, and omega-3 fatty acids should all be considered to help fight depression. By incorporating super supplements like turmeric and living a healthy lifestyle, you will also be giving yourself greater health, empowerment, and accomplishment.

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Anonymous said...

I suffer from Complex-PTSD as a result of my childhood. I'm now fifty-one, and throughout much of my adult life...I searched for ways to slow my mind, something to calm my emotions and something that would allow me to "experience life" without panic attacks/anxiety that would stop a bull, and what I was told was depression?

For years I told doctors my story and about the weird feelings I'd get, the "spingly" feelings I'd get down my spine and the terrible shivers I would get that could knock me into bed for the day...And I told them of strange tastes and feelings in my mouth at times?

These folks gave me every pill they could imagine...and other than the occasional calming pill, they mostly didn't do a thing...except make me sick on a physical basis and cause me to worry about new, different topics.. the age of 49, my new wife watched me have a grande-mal, or tonic-clonic seizure and it has changed my turns out I had epilepsy all those years, and though my childhood was an abortion from a parenting perspective...I now understood all the strange experiences I'd had in life, and why I "felt" the way I had all my life..

...sometimes they are just guessing...and the med's do stuff, but not necessarily good stuff


RJ O'Guillory
Webster Groves-The Life of an insane Family

Anonymous said...

Often times there are safe and natural medicines that are forbidden to be used by Doctors or even the patient if they choose alternative as so many natural remedies are illegal. For a case on the legal, many times depression and or anxiety etc. can be related to a thyroid condition that is sub-clinical (means blood test won't detect it). So, I can't go into exhaustive explanations here but treating the thyroid will improve the condition.

Now, for the illegal. For true depression not caused by thyroid or other hormone/nutritional deficiencies then Psychedelic mushrooms can make a huge and lasting improvement. For chronic stress induced depression then Cannabis is highly effective (just be sure to use either a vaporizer or make an herbal extract since smoking it is the least healthy option) and it's much safer than alcohol which IS allowed by your masters ... under certain conditions (it is up to you to learn of their rules where you live and it is only for entertainment purposes that I wrote any of this ... understand comrade?)

Anonymous said...

Very much appreciate this article! in ancient meditational traditions, all diseases are caused by one or more factors: external elements, internal elements, mind-states, habit patterns, or combination of any of those. If you can find the underlying cause(s) and treat it the illness will be relieved. Meditation is very useful as you can discern the causes by yourself when you develop insight. One problem with the modern culture is the 'vilification' of Suffering, which is a natural part of living, when we invalidate our experience of Suffering we miss out on a very important Truth.

Dah Joat said...

I have spent months in the swirling sucking eddies of despair, even years! I don't say this flippantly.
Depression is not a disease. You are not flawed, genetically inferior, or diseased. Look around, what a fouled up tawdry mess this is. You have fracking good reasons to be depressed.
Simply put when the model you have of "reality" is different from the one your senses present you, depression ensues. You can change the model or you can change your environment. Goorfing down drugs only makes pharmaswine rich and you poor.
The only thing that has made a significant impact for me is Vitamin D3 2000 IU a day at least, that and cutting out the toxic unsaturated fats: canola, soy, corn. That stuff should only be used for running your car or heating your home. So you can change your model or you can change your environment, keeping you stupefied and masking the real problems with bad drugs, telling you your broken and stigmatizing the effect insures that the latter does not happen.

Anonymous said...

1st comment if I may. RJ O'Guillory most people don't know affects of electronic harrassment. NON LETHAL WEAPONRY OR TECHNIQUES USED. Every symptom commented on can be technically induced. tastes an sensations in mouth,MINE in rear on sides an under sides of tongue. shivers, mental states, anxiety there are also jerks of extremities an spine up to ect quality. understanding techniques used high tech people work off opportunity. to play with their high tech toys an victums. Every pill is an opportunity to play a mind game. psychological weaponry works that way. it's condition response training. people would rather believe in aliens an ghosts then a victum being tortured. depression can be a induced mind set technicaly done right will feel it on skin threw out body internally no thinking involved.

Anonymous said...

This is such a dangerous article for people who suffer from depression. First you are talking about antidepressants, then you change it to anti-psychotics which are a totally different kind of medicine. I agree that antidepressants alone are not the answer: it also should include therapy and sometimes behavior modification. The reason that they say that the meds can cause suicide is due to the people they studied were already depressed. When drug studies are done they have to include ALL symptoms/side effects that occurred with patients even if it can't be proven that the patient would have had those symptoms anyway. If a patient who was studied got the flu when the study was done, then flu symptoms would have to be included as a possible side effect. Be resposible in your reporting--this article could cause a lot of depressed people to stop taking their meds and to then "crash", being inundated with even more depression and possible suicidal thoughts.

Anonymous said...

2/26 4:14 am poster: exactly my thoughts. Thanks for posting. Also. meditation is a great idea but very hard to learn to do even when you are in excellent mental health. In the best scenario, anti-depressants should really be a temporary fix combines with therapy and behavior modification as stated above.

Anonymous said...

not sure if it will help, but everyday at 12 midday is a free healing blessings service (by maybe 200 healers at once) its free to join, just sign up at the link page on (look for the banner (one appears every 15 seconds or so) for daily divine healing hands at the top of the page, click on it) - sign up free and call in (just pay for the phone call) - its not the only thing to do but may help along with all other ways to help. use your intuition to see if its right or not for you

Anonymous said...

2/26 4:14 am poster - THANK YOU! I completely agree with you. I'd also add that the ones who suffer suicidal ideation are children and teenagers (who should never be put on this type of meds anyway), which is stated in one of the author's own sources but he didn't bother to mention it. Anti-psychotics and anti-depressants are 2 different things. I was a psychotherapist for 15 years and saw alot of people being helped by anti-depressants. Since the author doesn't give an URL for this study and neglects to give much info about it, I can't point out the flaws in the study but I can tell you that the conclusion is utter and complete B.S. I myself suffered from sub-clinical hypothyroid (damn MDs for 15 years couldn't figure it out and I had to diagnose it myself after tons of research) and had depression for 20 years. Welbutrin helped tremendously during that time. For one thing, I had alot more energy. But during those 20 years I was very often suicidal. ANTI-DEPRESSANTS SAVED MY LIFE!!!!!!! My husband has endogenous depression and it has SAVED HIS LIFE AS WELL!!! I am furious at this kind of highly irresponsible "reporting" which makes obvious the writer's complete bias against them and total ignorance of depression. It isn't just about feeling bad. Many of us have serious depression and articles like this can cause people to actually commit suicide in despair. And I don't believe the krap about placebos for one minute. Looks to me like the author based the entire article on one faulty sham study. MIKE BARRETT YOU ARE WRONG AND YOU ARE A DANGER TO PEOPLE WITH MAJOR DEPRESSION!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you anon, 2/26 1:53 poster.

This is a dangerous article. Barrett clearly has no medical or scientific training whatsoever. What gives him the right to give people advice like this?

There should be a huge disclaimer on this article saying that:
1) Barrett has no formal training and isn't in any way an expert on the topic (as made clear by his confusing anti-depressants with anti-psychotics which are totally different in chemical makeup, mechanism, etc.)
2) Barrett is not professionally capable for providing advice.
3) No one should stop medication immediately.
4) Consult your doctor.
5) SEEK HELP. If you're feeling depressed or suicidal, don't just try to meditate, call your friends/family and tell people what is going on so you can get some help.

Anonymous said...

Paroxetine ("Paxil") saved my life. I was diagnosed with clinical depression more than 30 years ago. My seratonin reuptake inhibitors are out of whack. The couple of times I have decided to try life without it, after I made it through withdrawal (which was bad enough), I remembered why I was on it. Paroxetine makes it so I can function. No one will ever be able to tell me that all anti-depressants are bad or evil or put out to control minds. Paranoia does not eliminate the fact that there actually are people trying to help other people through chemistry, and sometimes it works.


Anonymous said...

SSRI's are extremely effective and have been a lifesaver for me all my life. Depression can also be caused by a chemical imbalance and have nothing to do with your experiences. This article should not be taken seriously by anyone. Its like sayin insulin doesnt work.

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