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5 Reasons Iran is NOT a Threat to the U.S.

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The Obama Administration, by Executive Order, has moved another step closer to preemptive war with Iran by declaring a National Emergency to deal with this supposed threat.  A National Emergency, which gives the president extraordinary power to subvert the Constitution, is legally defined as "A situation beyond the ordinary which threatens the health or safety of citizens and which cannot be properly addressed by the use of other law."

Given the immense power the executive receives during such "emergencies", one would think the U.S. must face a clear and present danger in order to justify such actions.  Yet, all recent wars fought by America and paid for by U.S. tax dollars were preceded by little more than an Executive Order declaring a national emergency.  And, notably, the president makes these declarations without the need for a vote by the Congress as stipulated by the U.S. Constitution.

So what has changed with Iran that now requires a National Emergency?  It seems the U.S. is just itching for another fight, because it's clear that Iran poses no threat to the 'health and safety' of U.S. citizens that cannot be dealt with by 'other laws'.

Here are 5 reasons why a National Emergency should not be declared to deal with Iran:

Never Attacked US:  Iran has never attacked the United States, or even any of her interests overseas.  In fact, they have not attacked or invaded anyone in at least 270 years. And they haven't even threatened to harm the U.S. unless of course they are attacked first.  Do we want to continue to be a nation that attacks others without provocation, or one that defends our country against genuine aggressors?  Iran is not an aggressor and certainly not a national emergency threat.

No Nuclear Weapon: Claims that Iran is developing a nuclear weapon seems to be the only argument warmongers have to suggest a preemptive strike.  Yet, all U.S. intelligence agencies universally agree that Iran does not have a nuclear weapons program.  Even if they did, why is that a reason to attack them?  Just having a weapon doesn't make a country a threat.  Plenty of countries have nuclear weapons and we don't consider them a threat.

Self Preservation:  Iran will not attack the West militarily with a nuclear weapon, or even conventionally, because they know they would be inviting their immediate destruction.  Iran is a sophisticated secular society, much like Iraq was before America invaded. In fact, Iran has the third largest Jewish population in the world who live in harmony with Muslims and others.  In other words, they have a lot to lose to invite war with anyone, and they know that any move viewed as aggression would be met with swift and overwhelming force. The West wants the world to believe their leadership is primitive and stupid, but they aren't.

Surrounded By U.S. Bases:  Over 45 U.S. bases surround Iran.  These bases are in addition to the fleets of U.S. warships parked in waters near Iran. A picture is worth a thousand words.  Who's the real threat here?

Stars represent U.S. bases
Conventional War is Obsolete: Iran actually has a modern armed forces that could fight back conventionally. However, conventional war is completely obsolete.  It should be likened to sticks and stones compared to the known advanced technology the world powers possess.  Besides nuclear weapons and other WMDs, there are secret weather weapons, space-based weapons, microwave weapons etc.  Russia admits to having a weather weapon that can destroy the U.S. in 15 minutes.  Surely America and Europe have the same technology, and probably China, too.  These make conventional warfare nothing more than manufactured violence for economic control and managed population reduction.  Again, Iran represents nothing resembling a threat to America in the face of such technology.

America was never attacked or even threatened with attack by Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Libya, or Somalia. Yet by executive decree, taxpayers continue to fund the U.S. war machine to murder and maim innocent civilians in those countries.  Conveniently, the "war on terror" has given America the excuse to preemptively strike any nation who is said to oppose them.  And it seems Iran is next unless the American people stop living in fear of manufactured threats.

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Anonymous said...

In speaking with my work collegue she was shocked to find that Iran do not have any nuclear arms, we live in Oxford, UK. Even the public of the UK are being lied to by the media. Now let me try and explain to my work collegue the reasons why they do not, why Iran is trying so very hard to prove itself to America and its allies, that it is innocent, 270 years! Will they listen to little ol' me, the girl full of conspiricy.. NO THEY WONT.

This is why there will be war, because even if we believe in peace, we wont speak up against these american idiots.

Anonymous said...

This is not about any kind of Iranian threat.It's always about the oil and trying to keep the dollar as the reserve currency.

dC said...

To Deny the war hungry are from Europe as well is rather naive. America is the military wing of the NWO. It's not just an American war, we and our military are being used... The troops realize it and that is why Ron Paul 3 biggest donors are Army, Navy and Air Force.

Anonymous said...

For some inexplicable reason you always avoid mentioning Israel, why is that? Israel is the #1 problem in the Middle East and the biggest cheerleaders when it comes to attacking Iran even though they KNOW that Iran is no real threat.

Anonymous said...

americans aren' the idiots, Just like all other nations that want to destroy america, It's our government that gets us in this mess! We're lied to aswell. Hate our government, NOt the citizens!!

Anonymous said...

we must have continuous war to feed profits to the military-industrial complex and their supporters in congress who depend on contributions and other goodies while our zionist mass media's propaganda guarantees public support for wars of aggression. We are the real terrorists. God bless Ron Paul.

Winsmith said...


Winsmith said...

THE FED SAID THEIR SYSTEM "WORKS (US) ONLY WITH CREDIT." When they work us “only with credit” no branch of government spends money or pays anyone for anything, they just pretend. ALL REPORTS OF GOVERNMENT SPENDING ARE LIES. Why would they spend money when all of us are risking our lives for weightless intanible credit that God forbids? De.25:13-15

Anonymous said...

"Iran has the third largest Jewish population in the world..." Last time I counted, Iran had 10,000 Jews, some of whom get hanged every once in a while so they'll know their place in a Muslim society. As do Baha'is, Christians, Zoroastrians, etc. Live in harmony? Get real. If you can't even get the quantitative information right [see:], it's no surprise that you got everything else wrong as well.

Iran has been fomenting trouble all around the world, making no secret of their use of Hizb'allah, Hamas, Syria, and other stooges and agents to conduct their murderous campaigns. That's not even counting the Argentine bombing, the recent disrupted Washington terror plot, the shootings in Britain... G-d knows what else.

Despite the assertions made here, Iran is well positioned to wreak enormous havoc on the US, no matter how many ships and locations we have. To fail to recognize this serious threat is to not understand even the rudiments of complex global economics, intricate food delivery systems, modern violence, and of the potential catastrophic harm of such disastrous tactics as EMP which Iran is on the verge of being capable of.

There are numerous fallacious assertions here interspersed only infrequently with actually correct facts. This is a typical modern tendentious commentary, illusion masquerading as fact. Yeah, the US does a bunch of things wrong. But the rest of the world does much that is worse. Except for my wife, nobody is perfect.

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